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the truth about race. we are different species, indeed.

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Not just white people have neanderthal admixture - East Asians & Native Americans actually have slightly higher levels of neanderthal DNA than Europeans or Middle Easterners.

Australian Abos can fairly low amounts of neanderthal ancestry, but are something like 4-5% Denisovian. And smaller amounts crops up in some other places in Asia, and oddly, possibly in a small group of natives in Brazil.

DNA testing has shown that Africans also intermixed with some other yet undiscovered hominids as well.

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Objectively so, certainly if you're measuring your Neanderthal percentage as "humanity".
Do you know why?
Because they have MORE Neanderthal admixture than Europeans.

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Can Whites and East Asians be scientifically described as subhumans due to their relatively amount of genes shared with animals and archaic hominid species, as revealed by both genetic analyses and some of their cognitive traits, such as a high preference for visuo-spatial thinking?

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>In 1296 or thereabouts, Marco Polo described Andamanese generally as “a most brutish and savage race, having heads, eyes, and teeth like those of dogs. They are very cruel, and kill and eat every foreigner whom they can lay their hands upon.” Historians believe that he based this on hearsay, and did not visit the islands.

>Toward the end of 1867's summer monsoon season, the Nineveh, an Indian merchant ship, was wrecked on a reef near the island. The 106 surviving passengers and crewmen landed on the beach in the ship's boat and fended off attacks by the Sentinelese. They were eventually found by a Royal Navy rescue party.

The third one is after the expedition. I can still say that I'm wrong about the causation, though, so you can feel good about that.

I mean, there's also a case to be made that the people who joined with society at large are those who aren't so hostile & isolationist, so the uncontacted tribes that remain are often going to be the hostile isolationists.

Since the European lands were taken in by a succession of control-hungry political powers, we just don't have a control group for uncontacted people of European descent, so we really can't take a rigorous scientific look at it with race being the independent variable here. It'd be disingenuous to say that different races are different in many regards except in brain chemistry, but at the same time, people from many races have managed to successfully integrate into Western society and its values. The values are more sacred than the race, because the values can demonstrably cross racial lines.

Besides, the melting pot is inevitable in such a connected world that's getting increasingly connected by the day. If hostility and isolationism equate to savagery, I'd suggest you don't resort to hostility and isolationism for your own race.

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