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>SRB for the abort stage
Anon.... I.....

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I have come to terms with my brainletism. I'm probably stupid since I doubt my intelligence all the time and will continue to do so, but there's really nothing I can do besides work at it by trying to solve problems and doing things that boost brain function through excersise and other activities. Nothing I can do besides that.

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>high intelligence
>this website
lol no

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>"me trade one thing and you give me another thing" constitutes as science

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>bro laws of psychics and cause and effect
>b-but the human brain is the only thing that can get outside of this because I feeeeel it

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What is the best way to filter brainlets?

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How can anyone use mathematics without even having so much as an idea of what a proof is?

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>haha guys I didn't understand a single word in this video
>loooool it's like he's speaking a different language
>you lost me in the first few seconds hahahahahahaha
>I'm so confused right now guys hahaha
>lul my mind has been blown
>[insert stupid joke]

Why do brainlets pollute the comment sections of interesting videos with such asinine replies? Why do they feel obligated to signal their ignorance? It makes me irrationally angry. Instead of finding some novel or interesting commentary about the video you're faced with a wall of stupidity.

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>shitty resume and GPA less than 3.0
Take note of this shitter >>10055549

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"Dude" you are administrating a drug in the most efficient way. The drug has social stigma around it and I am unable to prove how it is harmful in any way but I'm gonna use the pre-established social stigma to disregard all your logic. Not one study on low dose (normal light dose with no redosing) has shown the development of tolerance, dependence, or any other harmful effects except the reduction in a persons ability to filter out information. All other effects are positive (neuroprotective and other benefits).

when someone goes from calling you "big guy" to "dude.." you know they are losing confidence in themselves (not sure it's the same person but still making the point)

see >>10032592

None of what I said argues against the laws of thermodynamics. My argument was that calories out become reduced due to metabolism, compensatory behavior. And calories in increase due to substantial and exponential appetite increase. please review the evidence and try to refute it if you want to voice your opinion.

And probably same fagging. I haven't seen so many posts at once all of which are lacking any evidence to support their argument.

see figure in >>10032911 and neck yourself

I've explained the many variables that could affect weight loss (see >>10032287
). I am talking about a fully controlled environment for just exercise and diet. Your anecdotes mean nothing. If it was possible you'd be able to replicate the results or understand why it is possible in some and not others. But so far all the evidence point to factors outside of ones control such as changes in metabolism, hormones (appetite/behaviour).

>Make a thread to discuss pharmacological approaches to modifying your bodies performance.
>end up dealing with /pol/, /fit/ and other brainlets.

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Concept is: DNA make proteins, proteins make thing happen in cells. That is the simple version.

So, small change in genes make for difference of produced proteins in cell, which can then behave radically different with a small change. Also everyone is at least you 36th cousn

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Have you found a job yet?

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I recently took an IQ test and got a score of 98. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised because I never really had the intellectual curiosity to study math/science. I also lack any creative ability so I am the type of person who would rather play video games rather than design them.

What about you /sci/? What did you do when you found out you were low IQ?

Apathetic? Relieved? Suicidal?

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>gravity is real

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>that shit is way too confusing

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The Brainlet Meme started here on /sci/
then spread to other boards

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What are your opinions on our current education system in regards to logic based learning? Currently I think humanity in general just doesn't have a strong enough grasp on logic to teach concepts and topics like physics efficiently.

It's obvious that most people intuitively understand emotion but have a hard time understanding logical concepts. Of course there are exceptions to this and people who intuitively understand logic much better than emotion. This makes me wonder why do we not have a better system for making logic more intuitive for our human brains yet?

When thinking about this simply our most common methods for teaching logic are usually just numbers, letters, and symbols to represent theories and ideas. Obviously this works but surely there is an easier way to make stem topics easier for the average man isn't there? Education is one of the most important aspects of society and it seems like there should be more emphasis and theory on how to teach people more efficiently because currently its as if we are still cavemen using sticks and stones in our teaching methods.

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Just finished interviewing a few people today. If you claim you are "Experienced with PSpice" you better not ask me about the notation of the components like "Is that the resistance value right there?".

Also if you have an electrical engineer degree, you better be able to draw the four standard types of filters and solve a basic current division problem. Fucking brainlets, no point in asking my harder more interesting questions if you don't even know the fundamentals.

And if I see you list out software or some kind of coding experience, I will ask you a question and I might even present you a problem within the software or coding environment. There is no room for frauds in my department.

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>this thread
The absolute state of /sci/.

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