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I appreciate the pictures sent by scientists but their interpretation causes harm to Science.

The holder of Physics is pretty mad about it. Scientists are fooling us too much, I would call it another thing. Pay me a lot and I would tell.

Please stop this Einstein stuff it's going too far. I need to start things from the basic Physics can't trust any lesson it pisses me off.

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Space-time doesn't exist, this is a game of words.

There are pictures of space bending (gravitational waves).

Good, but this is not the case of ordinary gravity, which is an attraction force exerced from one object to another. If space get's disturbed around it's because the object is moving and space getting out of its route.

Would two objects out of space exerce gravity? Good question. Maybe the force is related to attraction of particles for some reason, I don't see space as something fundamental for the force to exist.

Do you have any evidence that space is necessary for gravity to exist? Would it exist in case we put 3 stars in real vacuum?

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