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I like that theory, but it fell apart if you are a type 2 or 3 civilization, at that point you will have something FTL travel, so you will no need to kill entire species for a Planet/Solar system, only if they want to kill you, but that's a galactic warfare, something we cannot even imagine, that scale.

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Or it could be pic related

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this infinitely many times over

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>TFW aliens exist but they're probably hiding for fear of their own destruction

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Anyone that thinks interactions with aliens will be like star trek, are fucking low IQ 12 year olds.

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>Do they have even a 10% chance of being out there /sci/?
I think they definitely do. They probably don't just don't look like classic ayys. Microbes, bacteria, plantlike sure.
>As things stand do you think it would benefit the earth if we did make contact?
With less intelligent ones I hope there's nothing out there like a face hugger from Alien
With more intelligent ones hopefully not pic related

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Don't need combat with a relativistic bomb.

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always like to read this one

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Fuck wrong pic, I just wasted trips on an irrelevant picture, I am a faggot and will proceed to seppuku nowm please rape my face, here is the correct pic.

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Our best hope is that we're either alone or the most advanced so far.

Otherwise, we better start on spreading out those solar colonies...

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That we're the least advanced

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