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> make eugenics cool again
> go to city with people who you disaggree with
> make preggos take toxic medicine (strong sedatives and opiates which are neurotoxic) during pregnancy
> poison infants with opiates
> the ones who survive end up retards
> the rest will be coerced into taking mercury based teething powder
> which makes them retarded

> point with fingers to the family with retard child
> scream: "Its ther dirty genes!"
> get everyone of their bloodline sterilized or euthanized
> because muh eugenics
> go to village
> see people you don't like
> SELL them poison (paris green and ddt) to spray on their food by telling them it protects it
> its neurotoxic arsenicals and organo chlorines
> people become retarded
> infants crippled
> point with finger at them for eugenics reasons & get everyone sterilized
> do this with every group of people you disagree with
> until only your dysgenic bloodline is left
> and those who already agree with you and not resist beeing cucked by you
> the end
This is our reality btw.
> since 200 years

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>That's why the average life expectancy was 40 in 1900

The reason why the life expectancy was so low because it was the AVERAGE life expectancy.

With the rise of Allopathic Medicine they introduced a shitton of arsenic & mercury based medicine alongside with strong opiates and sedatives as "symptom supressors".

> mercury teething powder for the children
> beginning of "hospital birthing" because of the marketing "painless birth" which was acutally
> give the women in labor or who are breastfeeding opium and ether
> which caused neurological damage in the newborns
> which then died with 0 years old (hence decreasing the average age of lief expectancy)
> the oversusage of petrochemical derived "medicine" lead to death
> especcially in children because
> "if symptoms don't go away just take more opium"
> thats it
> picrel

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