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In the end we are all clones of someone else. It's called natural birth. You are the genetic material of another person, sometimes 2. Just because Nature fails at this far, far more, that does not mean the attempt was not suggested or tried. Civilization just brought about a better way of making sure you get what you wanted. The biggest problem is that there are several and I do mean several reasons not to go about making vat babies unless in dire circumstance to save your PLANET. Many warnings on that one. My point is discriminating against a person for the way they were born, been there done that. If they are same in every way except a few key features well... it's the fault of the scientist if it wasn't a perfect match. Twins have rights too so should we kill one for the sake of the other? Who's sake exactly theirs or other peoples? If conception = consciousness. What right do you have to commit this felony? Also just because it is not your hand on the knife. Wishing for (praying) someone's death, or working towards it kind of makes you just as guilty.

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I do believe there is a law in nature and physics that states if something shows up once there is a chance it can show up again. To me the questions relating to god and the devil and things of that nature... well proof is not it... can it or more importantly did it happen again, what does that mean overall, is there a way or a need to fix it, or is it a possible solution. Sometimes only time will tell. Obviously keen observation is required.

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Seems to me like the bible was kind of written by alien invaders sometimes who called themselves jews and settled near that arabian peninsula. After all a lot of the stuff the write down does have potential scientific proofs if regarded in a certain context. If this is true it would explain a lot of things, also why jews suck so much and are so hostile.

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The fastest thing i know of in this galaxy or universe is a green light particle. If one were trying to figure out how to beat that record on the speed of light or maybe create a time travel device one might try to slingshot enough green light particles in mass around a blackhole. Just a theory. Also you know why Seraphim make that beautiful dangerous music? Why they have the three heads? As above so below. Heaven has it's guardians too. They have Cerberus's, Heaven has Seraphim. That throne you see with three chairs is like an airlock, gotta get past that boss to see the big guy. Trinity's are a divine number. You've all heard of the legend of the three monkey judges right? Yet another pattern of 3. Airlocks and redundancies.

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Did Prager U honestly just post an ad asking when did sports become political? I mean honestly that's something a 4th grader can answer... In Greece... When they made the Olympics.... Everything gets stolen from Greece.

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How often while deciding what type of experiments to use you find yourself in the predicament of trying to figure out which came first the Chicken or the egg? Well if one believes in evolution the answer is actually right in our faces.... the egg did, the chicken was a mutation. Simple easy math /shrug.

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I would suggest from a self diagnosis perspective that if a person had a balance between these 2 chromosomes in whatever strange pattern would bring forth a human snake/reptilian disability then the male half is not the insecure or unstable one, he is still not immune to emotional abuse but is able to take it way lighter like being teased barely bothers him, the female side however would react very poorly to emotional and sexual abuse creating a huge psychosis and large amounts of unforgiveable ptsd. The male side is the whore the female side is not /shrug.

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Dna is weird and everywhere, the smallest bits can have large effects sometimes unseen anyways...You know I saw an online article I gave no credit too atm, kind of freaked me out at the time too because of some weird noises and things going on in my head. something about how it's like there is a woman and a man in my brain constantly bickering and at odds... man that was some good drugs too... ouch... anyways I found it weird because right after I got done with this thought while I was watching a show I pulled up my web browser and this is one of the first things I see... a man married herself... cut a cake and everything. They said it was "demonic" activity because if it scares someone I guess just put that label on it? anyways I was listening to someone talking about a genetic condition related to being bi. He was a scientist so I just took it as a given he knowing him he looked into these kind of things, anyways human beings have amphibian dna. Things like snakes and things lay eggs. It is mammals who crossbreed all the time splitting their dna between each other. Some creatures do not have separate sexes to reproduce, just 1, they are both gay and straight. male AND female not just their brains but all of it... interesting. Anyways this could be the kind of stuff people were wondering about with bi's and trans or Hermes or stuff like that, ya know makin the frogs gay and whatnot heh. weird huh? (I'm the dumbest big snake I think :(. how to cope with that :/ I'm not gay exactly it's really weird :(… maybe the female part of my brain is a lesbian or something talk about drugs AM right?

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