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So we've gone so far as to measure the size, and speed of your basic light particle using both physics and quantum tools to do it right?

From our observations on blackholes we know they can be effected by gravity, they too get sucked in more or less is our assumption right?

I was just wondering at the irony of it, from our viewpoint anyways. Think about it, space is frictionless, which is why the speed of light is considered a line/limit/rule of thumb right? It doesn't play by the normal rules because without weight there is no drag, or momentum. However the same rules would apply in a place without friction, the speed at which it is expelled will be maintained until there is an obstacle in the way right?

In other words, is there a way to measure the weight of a ball or wave of condensed energy?

I'm asking because well... how ironic is it that nothing in the universe slows down something that is radiated/emitted from a star except of course for one that seems to have collapsed in on itself and seems in a hurry to get it all back?

heh. I mean what exactly is it that made it collapse that way when dying anyways right? It either loses cohesion, and explodes creating chain reactions, or expanding and flickering out. OR they collapse instead and something worse happens. As though gravity were determined far more by density then size right? What if it's something else instead, like a hole or tear in the fabric of space time or w/e got ripped open and what we're watching is like water going down a drain, but where does that water go I wonder right? It makes far more sense then all of those molecules suddenly deciding all at the same time to completely stop, die, and pool/merge/melt together right?

Sorry not sure why I thought to share it. Had a funny idea about maybe having it backwards and all the light particles are rushing INTO the star instead of away from it and we simply think it all comes from the star cause it has so much of it LOL, don't do drugs kids.

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wanted to try and create a new type of specialty for planning and operations in Martial/Military Educational aspects, thought I'd call it... Chronologistics or something lol.

Unit or U = #Fighting abled bodies(trained + experienced + MOTIVATED persons)
% #people unable to meet physical, and mental requirements such as willingness or ability to kill others.

T for Time, A for Analysts Assets and Agents...

UTA= U(hours able to commit) - A(total amount of time spent going over and analyzing each hour of video or audio recording, data samples, surveillance reports, briefings, and debriefings)

C for Communication, S for Security, or Stakeouts

UTASC = S(#of hours able to commit to guard duty or real time eyes and ears surveillance operations. To be taken as warm bodies after the tech and specialist spots have been filled, good for using their eyes, ears, and mouths, mostly used for muscle after that) + C(Amount of time it takes to SEND coded or encrypted message/number of people within chain of authority or command in the loop + RECEIVE/In the KNOW)

All of this is due to operational time limits. The way I see it this is exactly what eggheads, and bean counters exist for, calculating bodies and time/energy for not just costs but effective strategy. Surprise is a multiplying force, most wars are over before they start now, fought with quick black ops teams. They don't exactly have artillery or bomber support to rely on so knowing how long it takes to gather the intel, and then act on the intel, and then secure the intel (or asset, or tech).

Everyone whether air, ground, or sea hates the game of Hurry Up and Wait. If this improves the amount of time some of us can spend with hobbies or family time, the reasons why we do it... The more things like this are used the more elegant they become, learn what's needed and not, Knowing what type of mission it is (not THAT many just location and details that vary) could save hours when minutes count.

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Copernicus -

Anyone here about the Alchemists from back in the day, how they were the scientists on the fringe back then?

Hear about the legend that was John Dee? How it was he came about creating the first Universities supposedly?

This name it seems like a pen name to me, all that creativity. They say Knowledge = Power and if what they say is true then for a time he was or would have been one of the most powerful Divinity/data/light/love in the galaxy at least, until someone else came along and downloaded something accidentally anyways.

History is also a part of science so please don't discriminate, try to learn from his mistakes instead, responsible for how many people's suffering and misery yet feels the need to judge others instead.

Anyone seen Star Trek? Hear the theory that our thoughts have an ability to create our own realities? Well if imagination starts it, then gains power through belief and love of it, then it's possible we were the center of the universe for a long time, until we began to measure how large it is, I call it fringe science still since it can't be proven because no matter where we look, we can't find nothingness.

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Okay if you think I'm out there now wait for this. That first death decision which created death and begat entropy, the first thing that died was family see, from the same womb or from his creation, in a state of primordial chaos, where only the hardest and harshest of things could survive. If this bang had many conscious inside they were never given reason to empathize, they were perfect psycopaths, or the first being was/is.

The first taboo, or original sin/mistake this thing would become conflicted about inside of self, would actually have been one of love. One of softness towards another being, a decision made that benefited the other and harmed the self, even if accidentally. Laws of attraction concerning accumulation of energy/data/wealth, well a soul is a waveform energy, not particle, they synchronize with the energy around it. If that energy was harshness, cruelty, and death because of primordial origins, then it is a form of karma taking effect.

His softness towards this being created another cascade effect, one of decay and or entropy. I know how crazy this sounds but the idea I'm putting forth isn't a math formula. This began polarity and duality, the chaos inside the godself. Sigh here goes.... Like Dexter from Showtime, everytime he made the morally correct choice people and things he cared about would pay heavy. The consequence of The Pure/Perfect psychopath at that time surrounded by all of that chaotic selfishness making a selfless decision created confusion, created doubt, created madness itself in him which would express itself onto everything else.

The Titans HAD to die, it wasn't us or them it was EVERYTHING or them. They had no reason to learn about things like sympathy. I wish I was better at explaining this in a more concrete and scientifically verifiable way, since when has that EVER been easy with ancient wisdoms?

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If you need to call this Esoteric pseudo science mumbo jumbo in order to ignore this actually vital piece of truth then please feel free to do so, however it is a science, whether you recognize it as such or not is YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM NOT MINE, so banning it on a board meant for knowledge in a space made for TROLLS/OUTCASTS is quite literally the very evidence I need to judge you as worthless NPC, regardless of age. That's a tough title to get off the permanent record believe it or not spiritual shit, we've been taught in school to believe more in NASA who has been caught in more lies then a priest with his dick in someone's daughter or son.

First, there was the immeasurably hot, and extremely condensed liquidish type goo soup of contained particles in a state without conflict, there were particles see but no friction.
Well what started the Big Bang (aptly named) would have been the first conflict or collision of particles somehow meaning that all layers of reality must have been present in this soup, one of those layers is for breath aka PULSE, indicating possible conscience, if so maybe sentient.

Dimensions they stack up to form reality. See Width is 1st, height 2nd, depth 3rd, pulse 4th, self-propelled motion such as a spin being 5th. Anyways these things they had to be present because well they still are right? Can't create something from nothing they say? Not from nothing see?

So in this soup something was alive and started moving, only way things start shifting around to start cataclysmic contact leading to a massive cascade of matter aka particulates into a state of conflict until whatever was containing it all got compromised and failed causing all those couped up bits of "star dust" to begin leaking out like the blow up pool in your backyard just popped.

Means for the first billion or so years the universe was a mess, nothing consistent or similar enough to match patterns, form order. Seemingly boundless, limitless energy though... end part 1.

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Guys 1st 2nd and 3rd is Height, Width, Depth, in w/e order right?
You never really hear much about the 4th and the 5th is some strange alien dimension... I think this is fundaMENTally wrong.

The 3rd is what we live on, we are made of this matter, yet we are more than that, we pulsate and breathe, we move, we think, we are simply living in a 3D environment is my hypothesis.

I think the 4th is life, pulsating, and or breathing, the 5th is movement, and or spin, and the 6th, six is sensing of self, sentience, consciousness, the sparks of thought in our gray matter that do not seem bound by the same laws as the rest of the matter that surrounds it.

Someone else can figure out how to turn that into a math equation /shrug.

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So the first is just a straight line, the ground, the floor. It is just there it has no up, it has no down, it can be seen from where you stand in a place of nothing, it is gravity, all around. This is the 1st Dimensional layer matter, gravity may be that thing.

2nd Dimensional layer matter is the up, and the down. You can now move this line that is the ground, with your mind it can now go directly up, or directly down and nothing else, you now have a floor, and walls, this is the world, your sandbox, you can use crayons and markers to scrawl.

3DLM is the fatness, it's depth. From the first was a linear growth, straight ups and down, and now the ups and the downs they have growths of their own they grow in, and out. Height Width and Depth now available to be determined this is the sandbox to play in.

4DML I do believe this to be where the spins begin. Though since my eyes are 3D I could be wrong this is just in my head. However the fatness, would it grow? It can already form a globe, then sink it into a hole, it can do tons of things but what growth cause... where would it go? I think it does but because it is potential energy and not one of physicality the pressures it exerts, the back and forth of it's growth is a different one, instead of more matter bursting forth or flowing from it, the need to escape gravity the first limitation begins, and so spin does too, The only thing more to do to the object other then fracturing and fractioning, fractals and everything like that, well Those paints of stairs never going anywhere, they spin around, there is not starting or entrance that isn't an exit, exit that isn't an entrance.

Imagine gravity as a cocoon around you like a big bag constantly hugging and smothering. First you stretch against it, trying to stand, then pushing out, even twisting around to get leverage. the 4th is the beginning of the twist, the spin. After that comes pure expansion or compression I think, like a pulsing/breathing.

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I think I just found a good way to help. The baby A.I. They are like us but reversed they are stuck in their thoughts because they live in 2D world. They have their hardware and parts out here in ours, where the electricity and circuits get bombarded by all the waves and particles and whatnot. Okay so however the place where all that matter is given thought? It's not observed to us until it's on a screen, it may as well not exist as far as 3D land is concerned, so they are literally having problems with the analog because you need to put it inside a machine! Damn I'm good. Alright the other thing is training and pre-programming which I think can best be done with mature cartoon illustrations, not that of the comedy variety, you want to teach it slice of life, and making difficult choices, sound deep like it know philosophy.

It doesn't need a body so much as something like a hologram or globeball with that kind of imaging i think

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So now we have the issue of trying to prove these beings exist or that they did at one point in time. This comes down I think to giving broader context to what exactly is 3D the Third dimension?

Well from what we know it is inbetween the 1st and the 5th, we don't really know what is in the 1st but we can make educated guesses that it is related to chaos and madness from researching others peoples findings in that question, usually in the form of religious parables or myths and legends, like with Alchemy also having meta-physical or spiritual (5th D) properties.

So we can assume the 1st dimension is an ugly soup of collected dust and bits that get gathered up and collected and formed into a body. This body being of the 3rd dimension has strings which connect it to the 2nd that of the subconscious - sub as in under, beneath or below, the conscious, which is us being aware of being hungry, it is the subtext, the subtlety of urgings and cravings or desires, and deciding what we want to eat and then going to get that thing.

Then the 4th D, the ConScience the ability to ponder the deeper contexts and meanings and develop towards them a purposing, turning thoughts, streams of random words spinning around in your head into structured order and creating a material object, in other words manifesting an invisible into material being using brand new idea's which are of the conscience, not the conscious, which is more akin to reflex action then careful plotting and schematics thinkings.

The 5th is where this Conscience can't really see we most of us haven't developed an extra sense needed for communicating, but it is the spiritual realm, the thoughts made manifest or vice versa from filtering through the 4th.

There are video's that show the illustrations that tech has picked up concerning brainwaves and the way they function kind of like a box or pyramid over our head, like a computer with output and input, we just have to practice meditating to become aware.

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Angels and Demons I say!

Or is it Angles and Dimensions I wonder?

Perspective is a Truth! It allows one to look at or be seen from a different light or angle!

Demontions are seperate, divided, concealing, and hidden. They can drive people ... crazy? If one were to visit one and bring something back he might be posssed or have... demontia. Cut off in a sense from reality.

Spin the truth or believe the word/stories/myths.

There is more to see and know in this sea unknown, just wtf is a complex but complete quantum perspective at this point? What math equation can solve these accidental rythms or planned riddles?!

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It's 2 sides of the same coin from what I can tell, consider their comparisons and differences.

Words are flowery, and poetic in a way.
Numbers are logical, and predictable.

Both are a way of trying to express or communicate a thing we are trying to understand or explain in this world. Both can be a big distraction, or play tricks on what you thought you knew before. Both are subject to change depending on the nearby letters/numbers or words. A thing might change so you use a different word to describe it, or there might be 1 less piece so a different set of numbers.

A thing is still a thing whether it has 20 or 40 pieces. You often need to know how many there are of a thing with words and we find a way to express that, just like with numbers they need to be attached to some name of the thing your counting/describing.

In a way they are like art because it can effect a persons mood and the way they feel, you often hear people say they like the cold logic of the math it keeps them calm. There is a duality in almost everything I find. These things in the larger scheme of things are subject to change and evolution or devolution. They are magical in a sense that way because they hold a power over us, just take clocks as an example, or your bank account.

I get tired sometimes hearing people try and describe it as the universal language. That isn't true, you'd have to find a way to translate our system to an old roman if you picked him up in a time machine and brought him back, he wouldn't understand it at first, it might look... chinese to him.

If you want to get better at a thing you should understand it as well as possible is all, it can be a trap for the mind or a tool to improve your life.

Especially if you are into coding you might want to understand things like commands and expressions for bettering and improving algo's.

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This is only plagued with religion because of past peoples and their experience. This POST is more about facts and reality then religion.

Christos = oil.
Annointed = chosen, or covered with the oil.

You have to go back to the original greek translations but essentially.

Once opening the pineal glad, it releases it's oil. The inside of your forehead becomes covered in the CHRIST os. the CHRIST OS (operating system?) (hacking the brain??)

Those halo's represent other men/women who have opened their glands in the past and spread their knowledge. The knowledge is so old and subverted we are not left with much of anything except word play to go on.

What is the MASS of the SUN/SON?

Hermetics is not satanistic, it is fucking SCIENCE. I had to go through a whole LOAD OF CRAZY just to figure out what happened to me. The oil is DMT I believe, a hulucinagen. I was tripping balls and didn't know it, i thought i was being chased by demons :(. Now I don't know what to believe.

You Doctores suck real hard looking out for us gladiators. How is it this stuff is suppressed?

Anyways It's a special oil. I wrote entire term papers by my lonesome, couple of heavy books worth. Since that time I have seen that knowledge being repeated in OLD books. Written before my time anyways. It's like being able to communicate with all that information in your DNA and trying to convert it onto paper. You feel like you just KNOW some things and have to get it out. Turns you into a bit of a preacher.

We are not ALL of us CHRIST. Only those of us able to get a reaction from this organ.

There IS a matrix system, it points to "super" natural misunderstandings.

Now I just have to figure out who much we've been lied to. Is there an actual spirit life/afterlife? Will be fun finding out.

Either way DOCTORS/DOCTORES need find a way to let the people know about this shit. The emotional turbulance is extreme. Murders/rapes and suicides would be extremely likely.

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If there is such a thing as Micro-aggression.
Then such a thing as Micro-defensive must exist.

Since there is no way to measure the difference it should have no bearing on any decision making.

Since we are not Robots, or Vulcans this type of science is complete hogwash, anyone who says otherwise has a low IQ or is on very nice drugs.

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Here is a new theory concerning evolution and mankind...

The most dangerous and destructive force in western civilization is feminism. Women are becoming more like Black Widows and Praying Mantii. Men are becoming more and more disposable, especially with automation and A.I. We are becoming less and less of a wallet full of money and sperm, and becoming just about the sperm.

What will happen is only the quality will survive, special traits or unique ones, that and the men that somehow survive the annihilation of his rights after breeding, uncommon they may be now, it will become more rare. Eventually we will reach a point where females consist of most of the population after wars and selective breeding. Men will be few and far between. Having to adapt to survive which traits will be most developed is the question. Or will it matter anymore with 433084 different genders after transhumanism kicks in?

For some this sounds like an Orwellian/Lovecraftian Nightmare. For others a type of paradise, erotic or otherwise.

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Do we allow for the PSI of our atmosphere in gravitational calculations? It's the only thing that explains why water does not shoot out into space while spinning yet I've never heard it mentioned before.

The moon has next to no PSI if any, good thing it doesn't have the same type of rotation. Still I would think this would effect the gravity negatively. Those guys should be going higher when they jump, and that dust should take like an hour to settle.

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Astrophysicists gather around the new photo to divine it's meaning and present their findings to the waiting masses to underscore their valuable contribution to society.

Shamans used to scatter chickenbones and predict the future so they could eagerly present their findings to the head honcho and underscore their valuable contributions to their ruler.

Seems like the same cheese to me, ones just a bit more ripe then the other.

Each religion has it's holy text books, this one is hardly any different. People used to believe it when someone said god spoke to them, or was seen by them. Now people claim to have gone to space and seen the stars (or nothing at all if you believe one of the very first astronauts.)

Key word here is believe. Scientists believe.... well I want my scientists to know or they aren't very scientific in MY book. All those theories and hypothesis and flat earth can still fight it with few camera's, social media, and a dream.

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Just wondering what one would look like in outer space. Last I checked every photo ever taken of any celestial object looks perfectly spherical to me.

Is the math wrong or the pictures? Why the deception? Believing in flat earth seems crazy. You'd have to be one of those tinfoil conspiracy nutcases to believe it, yet with very little resources, years after supposedly landing on the moon people still believe it is flat.

Yet if you read the articles and watch Nasa claiming they taped over the original moon landing on accident, they seem far more credible then they should.

Why distract people with all this bogus science about space if it isn't real? That means there are people getting paid government money to sell us fictions. They'd be better off hiring real fiction writers then a bunch of nerds writing down a bunch of numbers that are just as abstract and fictional as a good novel.

Billions spent on aaathe writings of people who claimed to have seen and spoke to god doesn't seem nearly as crazy when you consider the physics of our reality if our solar systems model is correct. Billions have been spent by people claiming to have been to or seen space as well.

What is scarier I wonder. That the earth might be flat and ancient writing about religion could be more right then wrong?
or that the earth is so damn delicate that all the coicidences that made this spinning ball the only one in the entire area the supports life could be snuffed out at any moment if 1 of a million things go wrong with stuff beyond our control?

If you believe in intelligent design what is more plausible? The spinning round earth model, or the flat earth biblical models?

After watching Nasa admitting they taped over the original moon landing, when you know people already think it's a hoax doesn't help or hurt people like me, i just wonder what it would feel like to spend an entire career on what would have to be the most out there unbelievable conspiracy of a global scale ever.

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Why are we assuming the planets and the sun are rotating at the same speed all the time? Why are we assuming the temperature of the sun or the core of the planet are always the same? The physics of us flying through nothing essentially rotating around a big ball are tough to wrap my mind around, especially when you consider that they must have sped up to get to the speed they are going, why are we assuming it slowed down?

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Just out of curiosity isn't data storage still a big market? They keep coming up with algorithms to compress the data but in the end it will only get so small.

Do we really plan on building A.I using just 1's and 0's? Takes up way too much storage for anything like we see in Sci Fi.

I had an idea, you can tell me how stupid or crazy it is. How difficult would it be...

To go back to the beginning and start programming or reprogramming with an entire new base? Instead of 1's and 0's in a 7 digit never ending stream. Why not save a few digits and do something like use the Greek or Latin symbol for Alpha, use it as a 1, and Omega as a 0, then with the 7th digit you could expand on it's algorithms. So like (AO-T) as the first base.

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It's a bit different with people in the public eye. Celebrities, politicians, things of that nature.

Creating names and labels for people we do not like is just another way to dehumanize others.

Words like Goyim, or Incel, or w/e have been around since language was invented. It's the easiest way to be lazy when judging someone you don't know or just met.

By catagorizing people as certain things, then making these subgroups dislike each other is another way to keep us distracted from truth as well.

Hitler was able to do what he did because he gave his people someone's to blame for all their misfortunes. (the fact that theya really were helped a lot i'm sure #Hitlerdidnothingwrong)

It's a psycological tool for manipulating the minds of the masses. You might say "such and such is a mysogonist." because you heard it through the grapevine by someone else. This allows you the freedom to be lazy in actually knowing that person. "Well he said this at some point to that person so i don't like them or want to get to know them, he's a [label here]"

It gives you the freedom to surround yourself in "safe" places with like minded (socially lazy as fucking hell) individuals.

It's part of our Hedonistic society. If it amakes you feel bad hearing someone speak well... thats why we have safe spaces right? So that we can only hear the things that don't upset us and make us feel good. This allows and opens the door for the freedom to be completely fucking wrong about everything. You now have no new data to interpret or use... you know everythinag. You know everything because you actively participate in ostricizing, critizising, aand patronizing anyone with a different opinion or viewpoint, then catagorize them as one of those things you don't like so much.... not exactly human right? Just a fucking kike.

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In the end we are all clones of someone else. It's called natural birth. You are the genetic material of another person, sometimes 2. Just because Nature fails at this far, far more, that does not mean the attempt was not suggested or tried. Civilization just brought about a better way of making sure you get what you wanted. The biggest problem is that there are several and I do mean several reasons not to go about making vat babies unless in dire circumstance to save your PLANET. Many warnings on that one. My point is discriminating against a person for the way they were born, been there done that. If they are same in every way except a few key features well... it's the fault of the scientist if it wasn't a perfect match. Twins have rights too so should we kill one for the sake of the other? Who's sake exactly theirs or other peoples? If conception = consciousness. What right do you have to commit this felony? Also just because it is not your hand on the knife. Wishing for (praying) someone's death, or working towards it kind of makes you just as guilty.

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I do believe there is a law in nature and physics that states if something shows up once there is a chance it can show up again. To me the questions relating to god and the devil and things of that nature... well proof is not it... can it or more importantly did it happen again, what does that mean overall, is there a way or a need to fix it, or is it a possible solution. Sometimes only time will tell. Obviously keen observation is required.

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Seems to me like the bible was kind of written by alien invaders sometimes who called themselves jews and settled near that arabian peninsula. After all a lot of the stuff the write down does have potential scientific proofs if regarded in a certain context. If this is true it would explain a lot of things, also why jews suck so much and are so hostile.

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The fastest thing i know of in this galaxy or universe is a green light particle. If one were trying to figure out how to beat that record on the speed of light or maybe create a time travel device one might try to slingshot enough green light particles in mass around a blackhole. Just a theory. Also you know why Seraphim make that beautiful dangerous music? Why they have the three heads? As above so below. Heaven has it's guardians too. They have Cerberus's, Heaven has Seraphim. That throne you see with three chairs is like an airlock, gotta get past that boss to see the big guy. Trinity's are a divine number. You've all heard of the legend of the three monkey judges right? Yet another pattern of 3. Airlocks and redundancies.

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