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Imagine how butthurt neo-nazis, SJWs, extremist Muslims, and other vermin will be if Israel is the tiny state that makes the most important medical discovery in human history. Comedy fucking gold.

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Israel does in fact invite Arabs to live in harmony you mindless incel. That's why they have a sizable Arab/Palestinian population. They don't allow terrorists in. The rest of your mental gymnastics are fucking hilarious. It's unbelievable how stupid all of you pol incels are.

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You mean like wood? Honey? Cinnamon? Chocolate? Why are you incel retards who talk about this always scat fetishists?

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>fucktard stormfront shill not in his containment board

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Yeah but not in the way you're thinking. You're just another retarded incel neckbeard that needs to go back to his SJW hugbox.

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