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New manmade horror beyond my comprehension just dropped

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I suffered through ackadummia for many years and it was traumatizing. The actual contents I learned were all trivial, so it was no problem effortlessly passing my exams with best grades. However, the general anti-intellectual atmosphere at university was horrible. Extreme forced midwittery, social conformity, identity politics. Ackadummia has become an antithesis of truth and intellect.

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>tfw /ourguy/ wasn't even mentioned in the Oppenheimer movie

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Is quantum field theory smart or stupid?

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What do I do guys? I just got my rejection letter from Cambridge for CompSci & Maths and I want to die.

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What is the science behind a broken heart? It's been six years and it still hurts to think about her sometimes.

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>tfw realize I was only an exceptional student from elementary to undergrad because of all the childhood fear-based conditioning I went through.
I feel like a total fucking brainlet in my graduate studies. I think my IQ halved when my subconscious finally stopped associating bad marks with psychological trauma. Anyone else with a mildly fucked up childhood go through a similar “brain drain” after they struck out on their own?

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Why are we so weird?

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>be me
>electrical engineering fag
>4 years in, not graduating this year cos i failed papers
might potentially be graduating next years end but without the honors due to shit grades. Is is still worth getting the degree? Even without the honors on front just Electrical and electronics engineering?

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>TFW smart but can't find a job

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I don't know what you mean

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>TFW Mentally retarded

Is there a place to start in say, mathematics for the intellectually disabled?

I have trouble with basic highschool mathematics and I'm a NEET so i have lots of time and i want to "git gud".

What would you advice as the starting point and progression for someone with mental retardation?

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