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If anyone into electrodynamics or complex analysis or both could help me out, I'd be really grateful


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If we are asked to tell between RED or GREEN our brain perceives the difference.
We then see the qualia and are able to tell.
A machine can do the same using its sensors.
Does the machine perceive qualia?

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How come it's so difficult to prove such a silly conjecture?
Looks like there's something wrong or incomplete about number theory.
Someone explain.

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Assuming that in some universe, 2nd dimension beings exists, how would they see? Let's assume they're human like us. They look forwards at another human, they'll see them in the first dimension because they don't have depth, so they see a flat line. Would they see everything in the thickness of an atom (even though an atom, as small as it is, is a 3D object)? How would they know what they're looking at?

There probably isn't an answer that isn't hypothetical, but I couldn't stop thinking about it the last couple nights.

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I need to learn ruby and ruby on rails really faaast. So i you could give me sobe good tutorials or courses to help i would appreciate it. I tried to use google but failed :(

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