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First of all, these days the oil companies & states are getting worried about peak oil DEMAND hitting before 2050 - between the steady improvements in electric vehicles & slowing population growth, they are projecting that demand for oil will start declining before the supply does.

The Japanese have been doing some interesting work with extracting uranium from seawater. While not quite as cheap as regular mining, they have gotten it low enough that it would make nuclear power only hair more expensive (since fuel costs is such a small portion of the overall costs of a nuclear plant). And when you figure in continental erosion, that gives us enough uranium for tens of millions of years.

And for that matter, lithium is common enough in seawater as well - and there are some groups working on that now.

And of course, that nuclear power (or wind, solar, hydro, ect) can be used to create synthetic fuels from water & CO2 to power anything that isn't suited for batteries. There is this Canadian outfit, Carbon Engineering, that have a working test plant now, and is building a full sized plant; they claim it will be able to produce synthetic gasoline for $1 a liter; sure that is about double the current pre-tax price, but isn't ruin the world economy high.

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