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Guys I have all the answers if you are willing to listen.
You don't need to believe me.
I can give you the experimental proof.

Use the technology timeline.
Start at the beginning.

Now they said in the late 1800s that all physics had been discovered.
This is the truth and a lie.
The equations are all discovered.
Not the inventions.
Just the concepts and ideas.

But theoretical physics is for questions like "if we set of an atomic bomb will it ignite the atmosphere and destroy the earth"

There is no way to know that for certain.
Scientific accidents happen every single time. And people die from science all the time. That's why it's a heroic endeavour lol. Because we pay for it with our lives one way or another. For the greater good or whatever.

Once you pick science.
You die doing science.

Anyway the Vatican has always been in charge of education.
That's why there's scripture in kindergarten, scripture in high school,
"In God we trust" on the money, an oath to god in court etc.
Quantum mechanics is scripture in university.

That is all it is.
You have been taught Vatican dogma since you started school.
When did you get told god wasn't real and it was all sortof a big old joke.

Never, no one is allowed to say that.

There was an unending battle of science versus the Vatican. Starting with flat earth and Galileo, through phlogistonists, the corpuscular nature of light, covering up and discrediting archeologists and fossils etc. they still do this.
The Vatican never stopped. They still have debates between atheists and fundamentalists to this day, just like in Darwin's day, and Galileo's.
The Vatican never lost lol.

Quantum mechanics is a Vatican endorsed "young earth creationist" scripture class.

I'm so sorry.

There is no evidence. It's a belief system.

And for all you quantum fundamentalists where "it's all just a metaphor man!!"

No it isn't. It's a lie lol.
It's a lie, represented in a scientific format. By an evil religious organisation.

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There is no such thing as dark energy.
What retard told you that.
Did you learn it on 4chan?

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What's dark matter?

What experiment showed the existence of dark matter?

When was dark matter observed and reacted?

You are not in a simulation.
You are reading Vatican flat earth propaganda and thinking it's science.

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These equations only work with with vectored mathematics.
They don't apply to real physics.
It's pure fantasy.
What do you mean by vacuum?

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Fucking lol.

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Pic related.

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Particles smaller than electrons don't exist.
That is why they are called "theoretical particled"
For example, can you drive a theoretical car?
No. You cannot say ",I did this car equation on the blackboard, theoretically there is a car here"
Is there really a car there?
No. Because quantum mechanics does not give you magical powers to control the universe with your mind.

So when some scientist from 1870 says because of a blackboard equation there is a theoretical particle, it doesn't materialise a particle out if thin air.

Stern garlach was a hoax. So was the twin slit experiments done after Thomas Young's twin slit experiment that showed light was a wave.

The twin slit experiment s after that were hoaxes.
Particles like protons neutrons and electrons are real. Just not photons
That's what heisenbergs uncertainty principal says anyway.
But none of you actually understand even basic physics.
And apparently you all believe in magic.

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Prove me wrong bros.
Let's have the final showdown.

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Guys I know this is a bitterpill, but ALL quantum mechanics from 1900 until now is a scam, I don't know what word to use, hoax? Fabrication? The meticulously crafted fantasy land of a groupthink scientific egregore, maybe an idealogical echolalia chamber, where everyone just agrees with each other because children are so terrified of being proven wrong.
And we are children at heart I guess. So adults can't handle being wrong either.
Quantum mechanics is an invalid field of science.
No evidence to suggest it's viable. No testable theories, all quantum mechanical experiments have failed.

There is no quantum technology, that's just pop-sci. Lasers, transistors, computers etc, none of them use anything quantum.

Quantum mechanics is a god for atheists.
All your gods a lie.

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How do sunbeams work?

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