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Nuclear is 10% of world power
But 28% of first world nation's power supply

Which is saying a lot considering that there's only 50 countries with nuclear plants (400)
There's about 60,500 coal and gas plants

From that, we can conclude that it takes only 2000 nuclear plants to power all first world nations


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Use Nuclear.
It's literally the only power source that could allow for space colonies. Both fission and fusion.

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Historically, USA had the greatest total contributions to CO2 emissions.
Developing countries are just on the messy process of growing up.
As far as I can see, China and India are investing on clean nukes whereas the west are being scammed by Renewable lies

Can't lose weight without sweating.

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Yeah, sure. But here's a truth bomb:
What differs a man from an animal and a machine is the ability ask questions.

All because in order to have the ability to recognize your shortcomings is to also have the ability to recognize that other beings have information that you don't. Any animal that was able to do so is considered sapient.

To this day, we have no idea how the conciousness works. And they delved down at the quantum level of investigation

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Different quantum state = different brain = different neurological pathways = different consciousness = different person

A perfect copy of anything breaks the quantum state and the 3 laws.

Shut the fuck up you illiterate fuck.

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>no controls
Then that makes it useless for vital transport of humans and resources because no one's gonna trust that there would be no errors in the initial calculation

I'll take it for launching mass scouting drones for gathering information both within the Oorth cloud and beyond. But for human transport, the risk far exceeds the benefit.

Money is cheap
Lose humans and your entire name get tarnished and you lose budget

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>Bro just die
Space is right there to harvest
Harvest for uranium, methane, and hydrogen (for fusion reactors)

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I'm sorry, what?
You are paying for a class and you are also paying for someone to do you exams?

Might as well just pay for a diploma, you dumbshit

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What the fuck is this image saying?
That you are genetically linked to someone of the same color?

Jesus Christ!
All colors are correlated to how much sun your environment is having. Carribeans, Papuans, Central Africans, are all blacks but never genetically linked. So are Eskimos and Slavs

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Combined arms exists because every weapon has a flaw.
You can raise that exact same argument to every single firearm ever invented but if it can kill at an effective manner, it would be studied for future use

No one would ever look down on a weapon that hits at the exact moment you fired the trigger. In fact, laser weapons would be amazing defensive weapons in space due to the lack of atmosphere.
You can reach hundreds of kilometers before the square law renders it ineffective

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No, intelligence is not the future but creativity.
Most jobs are always just as monotonous and brain dead as the sweatshops of the industrial revolution and that is because it's the only way to make a working system - everyone works as a machine

The IQ ceiling would never rise because every single job in the world shall be taken over by automation except the fields of politics, art, education, technology, and entertainment

Sports and entertainment require huge amount of athletic individuals in order make a show that guarantees money. Some of which does not even have to be too lucky. Gym managers, body builders, and martial art practitioners are a big hit in the current age where people are extremely health conscious precisely because of how little value is given to having a good physique

Every trait is favorable. If it doesn't, natural selection would prune it.
This includes asexuals and gays by the way.

>you probably work at McDonalds.
I am a published author

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Do not trade your humanity for some pseudoscience, people.

Belittling the definition of "Life" out of convenience is just one of the few cracks in society that would grow into fractures in social cohesion.
We've been there. We all dehumanizes our enemies.
And this time, our enemy is our own children

Tell me how you can still call yourself a human at that point

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