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How do I learn enough to pass a calc 3 exam in 1 day?

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How come Terrance Tao have higher IQ than Euler and the likes yet produce almost nothing new?

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Strange isn't it how things like this only appear obvious to one after being shown? Turns out, we only see what we want to see until shown otherwise.
Almost as if the hoaxsters knew they couldn't trick everybody, so they didn't have to make an air-tight story to float on, just one good enough to cover themselves until the first generation of liars died, leaving their offspring to pay the consequence?

>implying keeping a deception private doesn't involve creating a hierarchy where only the few at the highest level know everything, and that a mere five decades would be some kind of unparalleled achievement. History is riddled with lies that went on for much longer, revealing you are either naive or simply pretending.

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By reminding them that unbiased observation is more important than emotionally charged, fear mongering propaganda.

>Fears that CO2 increases can deleteriously impact temperatures should be scuttled as well. CO2 can only absorb a narrow wave length of the radiation returning to the atmosphere from the Earth, which initially absorbs it from the Sun. That wavelength is 15 microns or millionths of a meter. It is a fact that the atmosphere’s 410 parts per million of CO2 today has already absorbed essentially all of that heat’s wavelength the Earth has to give. Therefore, further additions of carbon dioxide can have no measurable impact on the Earth’s temperature or greenhouse effect.



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