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Is the enthalpy of dissociation of H2 over the electric arc in langmuir welding sufficient to justify the energy output of the process? What is the hydrino states of hydrogen, the sub harmonics. Could it be a medium by which energy can be extracted in vaccuuo?

why does the electron have an undecaying spin?

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I consider the natural dissipation of charge density into the environment, especially from a geometric algebra perspective that charge density is a current flowing not in L but in T. Charge density, as one is aware by the mass-energy relation, coincides with gravitation, or perhaps mathematically, the re-geometerization of the environment.

such theorizing's lead me to consider electrons, or perhaps wider varieties of subatomic particles (I'm still filtered by Cohl Furey's bioctonion stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E2iiuunK-E&ab_channel=QuantaMagazine) are like self recursive warp bubbles of charge. the electro and magnetostatic forces dissipate, but the concentration of charge density warps the environment back in on itself. I believe this analog to be equivalent of the model in

where the apparent charge of the electron is dissipating equal to a Casimir vacuum effect generated by the frame dragging of electrostatic forces inside the particle. When i was greeter with your idea of looking for zeros, my mind jumped here for some reason

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