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All we need to do is build some fucking habitats there and we're sorted.

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>which is somewhat of a big deal on the real estate and tourism industry in case you didn't know.
I confess, Martian tourist resorts are not what I was considering.

>Suddenly domes are not such a crazy idea.
They seem less resilient and provide less shielding for more effort.

>Depends what you mean by intact.
I was really referring to the "all your eggs in one basket" aspect; A large dome is a very big thing to evacuate and deal with if something DOES happen.

>the visuals from within a transparent dome would be just that of a grim deserted wasteland,
It's still a less claustrophobic view than a wall of iron and rock on all sides.

>top that with days that don't match our 24 hour schedules
It's actually pretty close: 24 hours 37 minutes. People would adapt.

>Fuck underground bases everyone will just complain of claustrophobia
>Alright how about small dome modular?
Small domes at least aren't completely ridiculous. You could build them out of radiation-shielding materials like lead-borosilicate glass (not plastic!), and if a dome breaks you could just seal it off from the rest of the base while you repair it.

Unfortunately something like that isn't going to be cheap compared to iron-based underground construction. The labor will probably be similar (manufacturing + assembly vs excavation), but the materials will require far more effort to gather and turn into a usable form. Also, the radiation levels are still going to be significantly elevated, especially compared to underground.

I could potentially see domes being used to provide living space or meeting areas ("parks"?), with more utilitarian areas built underneath. That may help to prevent cave adaption in the inhabitants. You also can't sleep in domes - the radiation levels will be too high.

I'm still not sure they're practical.

>What is even the point of a transparent dome?
Being able to see outside could help with moral.
They're not terribly functional though.

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