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Jeff Bezos, Google, the CIA and NASA?
Why not Satan, the robot in terminator 2, a serial child sex predator and Donald Trump lol.
Let's really crank up the quantum computer club to just full scary child killing sociopath territory lol.
How fucking stupid are you.

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I am a friendly entity lol.
Aligned with the side of pure good.
You have been tricked by an evil malignant 1400 year old entity that hates science.
And owns the world's largest optical telescope.
And runs the Vatican quantum research laboratory.
And is heavily involved in particle research.
There is no photon
There is no particle smaller than an electron.
Light is just a wave, propagating in the background cosmic electromagnetic ocean that permeates the observable universe.
You are studying religious dogma.
None of the experiments you ever reference are real.
There are no quantum experiments lol.
How can a cat be alive and dead?

Where is the evidence my friends?

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