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>doesn't have an argument
I don't care if ion propulsion has incredibly low thrust, the point is that the fuel lasts for fucking ages

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>he thinks there's no money in mining Mars

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>proven wrong

Sorry that I destroyed your ideas and you're so desperate for a victory that you'll stretch the truth to beyond any resemblance to reality.

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A leftist saying that races aren't biological is like them saying that cat breeds and dog breeds aren't biological.

"Bloodhounds are only good at smelling because of cultural stereotypes! Stop perpetuating the breedist myth that Bloodhounds are more likely to be good at smelling than any other breed! A Chihuahua is JUST as capable of picking up scents as a Bloodhound - you're just a breedist ignorant BIGOT!!!! STOP STEREOTYPING!!!!!!!"

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>ULA is industry leaders
Do you work for them by any chance?

>Blue Origin is a new guy trying to get noticed but gets overshadowed by its main competititor.
They only decided to enter the orbital flight game two years ago. And they only decided to make an orbital engine (for ULA) three years ago (in 2014). So they've got lots of catching up to do with SpaceX, but their firing of the BE-4 engine shows they are a SERIOUS competitor.

>Space X is for people who don't know science and think its cool. Has a dude who seems to be always in the limelight because he is a hypeman with money.
You're literally a fucking idiot. If you work for ULA, your business is about to get blown to pieces. Enjoy it.

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