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inb4 >xkcd

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Math is finding ways to consistently move numbers around. Physics is applied math.
It gives names to numbers, picks rules for moving those numbers around by name, then does unit conversions until you have what you're looking for.

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How true is this comic?

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Engineering is no science on its own, it's just an umbrella term for different applications of sciences in the field of technology.
This means that engineers (have to) know some science, but that does not make them scientists.
It's odd that some want to measure "how much of a science" something is by the amount of math involved. Technicians and bankers also apply math every day, does that make them scientists?
As for the question on what skills you need to get a biology, I think that highly depends on where you study. It certainly involves more pure memorization then, say, a math degree.
Anyway, biologists are of course scientists.
They make hypotheses to explain (a certain region of) the universe and they then check if the implications of those hypotheses are in accordance with the reality.

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What major you think I should choose, Math or Physics? Why?

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Philosophy isn't the same as logic, OP. There are SOME mathematical concepts that can get really philosophical. You can also have some pretty philosophical answers to some math questions. Ex: Why is zero factorial 1? Because a factorial can be defined as how many possible ways you can arrange a set of things. If you have zero things, there is only one way you can arrange it. (btw, I know that you can mathematically prove that 0! = 1. but this answer also works).

However, MOST philosophical studies aren't really logical, and you can't apply them to math or physics. I'm a double major student studying CS and math, but I have taken some sociology and philosophy classes because I'm not a pretentious fuck. My favorite Socrates quote is: "Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people." This quote is absolutely mind blowing. If you look around you, you can tell it's true. Look at all the idiots in your college classes, they spend all day on Instagram and discussing dating drama with friend. The average kids are talking about the party they went to, or a game they watched. The smart kids are discussing their future plans and aspirations. I think it's incredible that Socrates was able to notice this pattern in human behavior during his time, and how it holds true for today, in 2015. So we established that it's true, but now what? We can't apply this knowledge anywhere practical. Most of philosophy is just that, ideas, they can be true or not.

Logic on the other hand is different. Let's take the basis of Trigonometry. If we have two connecting lines with a set angle, we cannot change the length of the third line without changing either the length of the other lines, or the angle. Now what is the relationship between all of this? Pythagoras. That's logic not philosophy.

So OP, I do agree with you that there is an even purer form of Intelligence that Math (pic related), I don't think it's philosophy.

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Ew, this is a board for science and math, not something as impure as engineering...

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What are the most useless concepts in math?

>i will start with long division.

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only a step above

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What other popular media shows that mathematics is the best field of study?

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>this other field also exists in the physical world and therefore uses measurements, quantities and whatever else vague topic is put under math
>they are just too stupid for real math

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I am taking graph theory next year. What is the best textbook to buy and how should I prepare for the course. Note: highest math class I have taken is Calculus II.
Yeah it does tbh

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How does it feel knowing that if you're doing a STEM degree that isn't pure Mathematics you're wasting your potential?

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So here's a silly question, /sci/:

I have a BS in Biology and I've used it working in the laboratory and field. I've mostly done wildlife stuff with fish and invertebrates. I've done some technical writing, a shit-ton of statistical analysis, and a metric shit-ton of data collection in the lab and in the field. My job titles were usually "technician" or "taxonomist" or "researcher."

I went back to school and got an environmental engineering degree. I've had a couple of interviews and am getting offers for jobs working on designing water and wastewater treatment plants. I want to point out to the places I'm applying in salary negotiations that I'm not a 22 year old fresh engineering graduate, but do it essentially in a word. Something like, "I may be an entry-level engineer but I'm a mid-career ____."

But what's in the blank? I don't think I can call myself a "biologist," since I don't have a Ph.D., but "technician" falls short too.

Do you have any advice or mockery for me?

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>All mathematicians do is sit around and make equations that scientists and engineers use to do real work.

Define 'real work.'

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A "softer" science, but still a science.

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And all the time they show such fucking movies and comics and stuff, so that everyone thinks this would be reality.

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you forgot the pic, anon.

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