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What is the purest field of study?

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Doesn't this imply that those who use empirical data are dirty, and those who use pure logic are clean? Is that a flawed way to think about the world? Or are universals still the best way to find truth?

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Post an edit of this comic

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It's all in the hierarchy...

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Hi Ireland
I have a basis that I'm using to make my college decision, OP
I. The courses with the least variation from one institution to another are the most "pure" (see pic)
II. Jobs in STEM are earned primarily on the merit of the applicant(or at least I try to believe this)
III. Tuition is supremely relevant when finding the opportunity cost from one uni to another.
For me, what I get from these three ideas, it makes the most sense to find the most value-oriented schools. Ivy leagues are definitely NOT one of them. I assume you're planning on living in the US after getting your degree (like my Irish brother-in-law, funnily enough).
I take if you're concerned with the name of your school, then a good mix of reputation/cost would be a UC or CSU, or you could attend a community college and transfer whereever you please, potentially saving your up to 100k usd

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Oh look it's another "everything is applied physics" thread

Fuck off

How about curing cancer you dumb fuck


Because if you're gonna say that then fuck off

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yay I'm in the top tier.
btw what's the difference between biomedical engineering and classical pharmacy?

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re-post from /co/ to ask how /sci/ feels about this

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Im going into my final year of undergrad in Math and Physics. Im torn between grad school and looking for work. If i do choose the grad school route i am primarily interested in aerospace eng or particle physics. What are some career paths I could take coming if I didnt go to grad school? I am well versed in MATLAB, R and Python if that adds to anything. Thanks!

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1. Math
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
If you're not smart enough for math, then you go into physics. People who aren't smart enough for physics go into chemistry. Math is at the top of the food chain and biology and psychology aren't sciences.

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This explains it

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On the subject of the spirituality of science....

I've been thinking about this picture. What if we put psychology on the right side of mathematics. Now I'm NOT suggesting psychology is more pure than math, but hear me out.

Think about it this way, all those fields, other than math and psychology, are based on 100% physical reality. Math is a bit of both, meaning you can have real numbers and quantify the universe with math, but you can also do stuff with math that's physically impossible in reality. Math can exist in the physical universe and purely as thought at the same time.

Now psychology deals with things that have no corporeal state in this reality. There is nothing in psychology that can be 100% accurately quantified with biology or chemistry. With this in mind I think psychology belongs on the far right side, and math would be the exact middle ground between the physical world and the world of pure thought and spirituality. Mathematics has more in common with our souls than chemistry and physics, and this is why science hasn't been able to prove the existence of a soul. Science has been trying to quantify something that exists in the world of pure thought, with the tools used to quantify stuff in the world of physical reality.

Since math is the bridge between both, what if we tried quantifying the soul with pure mathematics?

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/sci/, help me pick between physics and maths. I already have a degree in CS, however that shit was easy and not interesting at all, so I wanted help in choosing between the aforementioned.
thanks in advance

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I should note that I'm going to probably have large chunks of the week open during the summer. So I'll have time to do stuff you guys tell me would be beneficial.

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>i disagree.

You don't get a choice. It's not a mystery, the meaning of the original comic is very clear. I'm going to quote the explain xkcd article for it here.


>Now, mathematics has the classifications Pure mathematics (the maths you learned in school, and the subject of the field of maths,) and Applied mathematics (physics, chem, and so on.) Taking this to its logical extreme, the comic arranges the six scientific fields according to the Hierarchy of science, represented by a person on a chart of purity, saying that a field is 'more pure', than the fields depending on it.

Pure maths vs. applied maths is an important distinction for understanding what "field purity" means. You would NEVER call accounting pure maths. Accounting deals with actual instances of money in the real world. Pure maths deal with ABSTRACT objects like functions. There is no real world exponential function you can pick up and examine. It's the abstraction of a concept away from the real world instances that participate in it.

Engineering is all about application. You are completely misunderstanding the meaning of "field purity" by trying to see the discipline of practical, real world application as somehow MORE pure than other disciplines.

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What is the purest field?

Mathematics? What about Philosophy?

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Does anybody have any extended versions of this?

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Isn't memes just sociology?

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How did one panel of a stick figure comic made by a guy with no graduate degree who went to an unranked liberal arts school make /sci/ permanently shit themselves?

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