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This is closer to math than physics, but I doubt you are a decent physics student if you really understood 0% of what is written there, given you guys are supposed to have enough of a g factor to deal with abstract concepts, and that physics gets ridiculously abstract after entry level. If you are not interested in the theory, it's clear you are here for something else. I'm going to post this meme just to piss you off.

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Friendly reminder that if you study biology then you're practically a humanities major. You're not a real scientist

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so TicToc normies are debating what is math, so my question is does this comic get owned by the following harry potter comic I am going to post?

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Hello friends, I'm starting a math degree with a specialty in CS next year and I'm wondering what do you guys think about the classes:

Year 1:

Computer science 1
Discrete mathematics 1
calculus 1
physics 1
liberal course
Linear algebra
Discrete mathematics 2
calculus 2
physics 2
liberal course

Year 2:

Computer science 2
Computer organization(digital logic circuits and such)
introduction to mathematical inquiry(Intro proofs class)
probablity and staticts 1
liberal course
Calculus 3
probablity and staticts 2
differantial equations
applied linear algebra
liberal course

Year 3:

data structures
intro to unix, c and c++
numerical analysis 1
real analysis
math elective(Intro to stochastic processes)
complex analysis
math elective(Graph theory)
computer science elective(Computer networks 1)
computer science elective(Computer graphics)
liberal art course

Year 4:

Abstract algebra
math elective(Finicial math 1)
math elective(Crpyography)
computer science elctive(Computer networks 2)
liberal course
math elective(Finicial math 2)
math elective(Combinatorics)
computer science elective(Compilers and Interpreters)
computer science elective(Intro to A.I course)
computer science elective(Database class)

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this is a math board you faggot

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sup /sci/ - I've made a post like this many times in the past to the point where I'm exhausted to even type it again but whatever. I don't want to shit up the board with a retard 'plshelpme' blogpost, so i'll try to make it concise. I'm a 25yr old loser. absolutely horrid academic history, as in, barely graduated high school and barely graduated community college with liberal arts degree. "Not dumb just lazy" type. I'm just about a little below average at all things, but not amazing at any, that is, when I apply myself.

My question is this: I want to work my ass off and study something related to math or physics, or just some sort of science. Right now, I know about as much math as a lazy 6th grader. I'm excellent with arithmetic, and I know very very very basic algebra, meaning I can solve for x with things like 5x+10=20. Where should I start? I've tried Khan Academy but I keep jumping back and forth. I start in arithmetic/pre-algebra and it's too easy and I feel bored, then I jump over to Algebra I & II and it's too far ahead for me, don't have the prerequisite knowledge.

TL;DR what resources to start from a middle school level in mathematics if I want to learn quickly? I'd like to be able to do pre-calculus in the shortest amount of time possible, as in, I went in over my head and took a precalc class right now and I'm like a fish out of water.

I really just want to get my foundation laid out and cover all bases. I keep jumping back and forth in KA because I feel like I'm gonna miss something, but I just can't figure out where to start. I'm also worried about missing something in the middle of those dozens of boring lessons that i'll end up actually needing in the future.

I've found this: http://djm.cc/library/Algebra_Elementary_Text-Book_Part_I_Chrystal_edited.pdf
what do you guys think of this? is it too outdated? does it cover EVERYTHING i need to know about algebra?

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Has this ever been disproven /sci/, or is it 100% correct???

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Physics is the study of reality itself. This physical reality gave birth to a brain that created (discovered?) the field of mathematics--and the corresponding axioms and theorems that apply to all possible worlds that we can conceive using the same logic.
So which is higher in the pecking order? Which one is studying the purest and most fundamental truths of existence?

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Are there any webcomics that you enjoy which capture the joy of science 'n shit the same way xkcd does?

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I plan on majoring in Computer Science, however I need to decide between a minor in math or in physics. So which one should I choose, I want to know the pros and cons of each major.

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Math is the only field where we can be sure of anything.
Every other field is jut "trust me bro, i know what I'm talking about"

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farthest to the right, most hard science
farthest to the left, most soft science

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If you want more than a surface level of knowledge you must. Chemistry is just applied physics after all.

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Theoretical physics gets so much limelight than many other fields. We know that it's mostly brainlets that watch pop-science anyway, but what fields do you think deserve more attention and glorification?

If you ask me Chemistry is overlooked a ton. There's some much potential there and no one seems to care until a new medicine shows up.

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Mathematics MSc here.
Feels good to be on top.

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> Math is just a subset of computer science now, anyway.
computer science doesn't completely describe math in the way that math describes physics, faggot

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When brainlets call undergrad level cs/chem/physics hard they almost always refer to the parts that are mathematical or mathematical in the way you think about them. Even math majors consider the proof based math hard because you finally can't plug and chug formulas anymore. Is this because of our awful math education/math standards or is this because most human brains aren't optimized to do math.

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daily reminder if you're not a Math major your field of study is literally filled with errors ..

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Because you know, it's been a worldwide joke for decades that peaked in 2014 when xkcd drawn upon it.

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