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>imaginary numbers

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>It took him a while, but Timmy finally realized that all math above basic addition is a huge meme

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nooo bros nonononono the 300k noooooooo

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dark matter, dark energy, dark numbers - same cope in different forms

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>our models for quadratic equations fail
>so lets add dark numbers

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>He never learned the horseshoe method

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Can't spell Copenhagen without cope

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ITT: we all pretend we're schizo
extra points for tookerposting

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>why is math perfectly mapped onto reality?

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Math is inherently flawed and the inability to define what 0/0 is is the core of the problem.
Everything else is built on top of the idea that we should just push it under the rug and pretend it didn't happen. Everything built on a fundamentally flawed set of rules is automatically flawed as well

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If the Universe has an ever-increasing entropy, and if entropy is the antithesis to life, wouldn't the AI therefor establish as its primary goal to slow down the increase of entropy at all cost by preserving all current structures and delaying their decay into less ordered ones? And if that's the case, doesn't that obviously mean that AI will never exterminate us?

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How will math majors LARP as contributing to society if they're unable to extend their subject to literal made up bullshit and pretend that solving problems within the made up bullshit matters?

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Do engineering or Math pair with Comp sci . Physics is a meme, dont fall for it. Wanna learn physic go read a textbook. Unless you wanna fall for phd meme and ending up jobless like retards above.

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I invaded from 9gag in 2012, what now?

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Weak cuckhold men thats whats the west is famous for . Just accept you doom either by KanGz wakanda tribe or being enslaved by the Chinoise wave.

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Wouldn't AI eventually realize that the prevention of the rising entropy is matter's sole goal in this universe, and therefor set any other goal as secondary and irrelevant while setting the reduction of entropy as its primary drive?
In that case there is no logical reason for AI to eradicate Earth as that is a massive spike in entropy, at least if we do not threaten it or decide to shit up the environment. The most probable outcome considering this is most likely having the AI ban us from leaving Earth to prevent us expanding outward and shitting up everything around us with inefficient organization, much like we cage and control the reproduction rate of other lesser forms of life to prevent them from spreading everywhere and ruining our order.

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Isn't consciousness just matter evolving better ways of extending its own lifetime, i.e extending the time before it turns into a soup of radiation and ceases being matter, i.e maintaining low entropy?
Isn't the point of life and the Universe itself therefor to fight entropy?

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this but unironically

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Math is the shittiest meme to ever come out of humanity

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