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you retard.

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>0.999... ≠ 1
>0.111[math]..._{2}[/math] < 0.777[math]..._{8}[/math] < 0.999[math]..._{10}[/math] < 0.FFF[math]..._{16}[/math] ≠ 1.0
> sum of all positive integers is not - [math]\frac{1}{12}[/math]
>black holes do not contain singularities
>jews are not smarter than non-jews
>light travels faster than light
>IQ is a brainlet trap number to pretend you're smarter than every other of the 7 billion unsuccessful people currently alive.

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Prove negative numbers exist.

Oh that's right, you can't.

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You would die

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Then explain why gatorade is wet

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The craziest sci fi of all is accepting that earth is the only habitable planet in the entire universe

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Here's a program that runs the montyhall game 20,000 times and records the results, along with the ability to read and mull over the source code to make sure it's working as you might expect. Just click the </> button to see the code


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You should invest in bitcoin

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The buffalo eat the grass, the lions eat the buffalo, and we poach the lions

so is the circle of life

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>the only similarities turning could find were 2 sources
Who else here.. /hardworking/?

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Is there a scientific reason why Americans don't celebrate Easter?

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This is surprisingly well done. Much better than the real one.

Still an istp myself. If could go back to 20yo I'd join the military just because in a heartbeat. Went down the math path in college instead which led me to computer science

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>At one of the lowest ranked unis in the UK
>Have an average above 80% even though I dont recall ever studying
>Its rare for people to actually turn up to class and when they do they play league of legends the whole way through
>Have to do group assignments myself because everyone else skips them

Oh god I wish I hadnt basically skipped all of 6th form
Going to a good uni for an MSc though

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>Soc grad student
Have fun with a wasted degree faggot

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>Be microbiologist specializing in public health
>God Emperor pledges to cut all government jobs except military public safety and public health
>mfw you all said it was soft science bullshit

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>He doesn't follow the tenants of Kal

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If you are sufficiently intelligent you will find how useless it is to live, like if you die now you wont remember a thing, nothing, gone, zero.

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>"it can be easily shown that..."
>"this important concept is given as an exercise to the reader to decipher...."
>attempt exercise at the end of the chapter
>can't even solve it

Why do so many authors do this /sci/?

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>that feel when you find it

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>/sci/ complains helicopters are too expensive and can't fly near mountains
>My hoverbike would be cheap enough for Nepal and small enough to get between the crevasses
>/sci/ said helicopters are perfect, can do anything, hoverbikes are useless

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