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One could say I'm resonant in your hypothesis. I'm reminded of paper related, whose conclusion states that "We inhabit a 3D hologram, embedded in an infinitely-dimensioned imaginary hyperspace. Matter, forces and energy emerge from the geometry and curvature of this complex spacetime. The bedrock foundation of the entire universe is multi-dimensional mathematics." In it quotes Maxwell's (actual apostrophe, unlike the gibbs heaviside equations masquerading beneath his name)
>“The peculiarity of our space is that of its three dimensions, none is before or after another. As is ‘x’, so is ‘y’, and so is ‘z’. If you have 4 dimensions, this becomes a puzzle. For first, if three of them are in our space, then which three? Also, if we lived in space of ‘m’ dimensions, but were only capable of thinking ‘n’ of them, then first, which ’n’ ? Second, if so, things would happen requiring the rest to explain them, and so we should either be stultified or made wiser. I am quite sure that the kind of continuity which has four dimensions all co-equal, is not to be discovered by merely generalising Cartesian space equations.” — James Clerk Maxwell, in correspondence with C.J. Monro, Esq., 15
Mar 1871[2]

If , such a hypothesis is to be taken at face value, than the informationalists obviously have explications, for if entropy is conserved riding a non-commutative or non-associative shortcut through hyperspace than nature may well be performing it.

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