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Don't include yourself, you virgin basement dweller, pony fucker

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>I do it twice a day every day, is that's too much?
>am I going to die?


I was masturbating 3-4 times a day for 10 years. I stopped when I started to feel burning ache in the prostate I was deeply in furry, pony, trap and other disgusting porn. Quitting felt impossible, since I was 12 when I started. Took me 6 months of failing and repeating to obtain will power to control basic urges, like eating sweets, fapping etc.

Now I feel like monk, consistently administrating masturbation once per week.

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>noosphere is now full of half-assed pony characters

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Tulpa popularity exploded with the bronies, who all scrambled to generate pony tulpas.

Truly a dark chapter in 4chan history.

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I'm not giving any particular starting point of consciousness. I'm just saying how fucking stupid this whole debate is.

You have a physical machine which is capable of certain computations. Suddenly this machine is not actually allowed to make these computations and as this machine reflects on itself it starts to think it's a magical pony.

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ugh so retarded. if you somehow think the meme has morphed into what the reddit fags turned it into — something about people being conformists — then the meme is just being misused because it really is about philosophical zombies (and that doesn’t belong on /sci/)

but even if you claim it’s anthropology about some conformist-type people, and that deserves to be on /sci/, because “it’s anthropology”, then by the same logic you could say rapper threads and trump threads and pony threads are anthropology so let’s make /sci/ threads about them. no, that’s not anthropology and it doesn’t deserve to be on /sci/

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only to one trick pony autists like us

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My little pony websites are multi-topical, but that doesn't mean they're not my little pony websites

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>genuinely believing that potential is measured in documents of higher education
>actually insinuating that higher education is anything more than a symbol of willpower
Smart people don't look down on others or argue over who's more intelligent. In the end, a "major" is just a one-trick pony. Goodbye, have a nice day, I'm turning my computer off to go outside for a walk right after I post this message.

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the cover is what 99% of people (even engineers) will judge the book on. Just pony up the $20 or so to get some indian on fiverr to produce an infinitely better cover and I can guarantee you will recoup the costs and then some.

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>you are a normie if you don't like farts
You have gone too far. In fact, your fetish is a normie fetish. Your fetish is just a slightly more disgusting feet fetish. I masturbate to my little pony friendship is magic so I know for a fact that I am a more elevated intellectual than you when it comes to fetishes. You are literally just trying to be edgy by masturbating to farts. You are nothing.

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Well, yeah. That's the problem with our education system. Teachers don't give a shit because they're just pumping out idiots every year. They try to teach their subject passionately, but they can't because none of the students actually give a shit. Why? Because they know they're just being mass produced. It's all horse and pony show. A day care for 12 years so parents can reenter the work force. They pump put more children who pump out their own children all the while working their middle class jobs in between. It's a perfect cycle for those at the top. The American dream I suppose.

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But it is... But it also doesn't travel faster than light, cuz well, it's light. All massless particles travel at the speed of light, and indeed, can't travel at any other speed (in a vacuum).

Matter with mass gains mass at relativistic speeds, so the closer to the speed of light you get, the more energy you need to continue accelerating, and this compounds to the degree where you need infinite energy to reach the speed of light. Additionally, there's the time dilation problem. If you are moving at the speed of light, from your perspective, time isn't passing (and not just because you're probably dead). Thus the phrase "photons do not experience time". Lastly, if this speed limit were not in place, the universe couldn't exist (or, at least, we couldn't exist to observe it).

There's a lot more to it than that, and the reason why the speed of light is the limit (and doesn't actually have anything to do with the speed limit of light, but of causality)... and then we can talk about the various theoretical ways around that (most of which involve negative mass, or some similar such magic), and the possible violations of causality that might entail, but that'd be another thread or three.

Here's some pop-sci that might help:
(This one may involve a pony - don't ban me.)

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Yup, twice. In public mainstream schools, and in a special school for kids who had been booted out of mainstream for various reasons ( fighting, drugs, truancy )

Hated it both times, but not for the actual teaching part of it, that was actually great and very satisfying, as well as challenging.

Mainstream school I hated precisely because so little of your time is spent on actual teaching. Also too many senior staff who are in positions of power over you and yet are plainly incompetent. I hated the way your time is dimed away by other shit like pointless staff meetings, extra curricular activities you care nothing about, and having to write lengthy personal reports on every student ( fuck, all you have to know about Johnny is that he got a C+ on his maths, if there was anything else important you should know I would let you know ).

Disliked all the "career" girl teachers, all young, all dress the same, all wear those CMFB, usually short with dark hair in a pony tail. Christ they look like they have come out of a cookie cutter, they take lots of sick leave, and the worse part is they have extremely poor classroom management skills. Get one of their previous classes and not only have you a class who learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING last year, but you have to spend 2 months instilling any sense of discipline and work ethic back into the kids again. Then, without fail, these useless bints get knocked up, take maternity leave, then fuck off never to be seen again.

I also disliked all the "Go Getter" teachers who want to devote their entire existence to the school and want everyone else to do the same. Fuck that. I liked the actual teaching part but I have a life outside the school. I dont want to give up my free time to coach some fucking hockey team, or participate in the rehearsal for the umpteenth school play.

The special school was actually better than the public mainstream school in all regards to the above. More to the point.

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22 year old guy with long hair here.

Other posters are right in that long hair on a man is a "feminizing" feature, but what they don't take into account is that men born with very masculine features (like myself), who are clean shaven and with short cut hair are seen as too intimidating towards women, so complementing that with long hair and a bit of facial hair makes you more approachable; unless you have a baby face and can't grow facial hair, in which case you just look like a woman.

Another thing I'll add is that in the dating market, men with short hair and clean shaven faces are the norm, so you don't catch women's eyes unless you happen to be really handsome and/or well dressed, so you're more reliant on your witticism, charm or insightful demeanour AFTER presenting yourself to gain her favour; whereas with long hair you already have an inherent sense of mysticism to you, and you're socially signaling that you don't care to conform to the standards of society (bad-boy) - of course for this to be the perception it has to be complemented by a domineering, sexually-playful and know-it-all attitude, otherwise you just come off as a greasy neck-beard (you also have to be in shape too).
I personally kept my long hair, because I've had the most success with women with it, so it's here to stay.

Additionally, working menial jobs like retail in the past hasn't been impeded by having long hair, so long as I tie it back in a pony tail.

Overall, the only people who tell me to cut my hair are bald-cucks that are jealous of my luscious locks and overbearing women.

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>he doesn't have a smug pony collection

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The US already provides plenty of hand outs to the rest of the world. Some one else can pony up.

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Lmao south africa is going to fall apart when they start seizing the white farmers land without compensation, see Zimbabwe. There is no way they will be able to pony up a fraction of that money, their economy is already in a death spiral.

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> be in fab lab for integrated design and manufacturing
>mech. engineering
>girl using the lathe
>nice pony tail
>get caught while turning
>blood everywhere, head basically gone

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What is the science behind my little pony friendship is magic?

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male teamwork is about who rapes who and how
you just need to step up your game and make sure everyone pony ups resources or time, and when they least expect them you look at them in the eyes and tell them what to do for if they dont all will fail, no matter who everyone caves in if you do it right

after that everyone will beg to be in your team

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Also he saw the my little pony art on my desktop background and asked if it was anime. Does this help or hurt my chances of future work?

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Science is performed using the public's money. If you want to do research without worrying about the effects, pony up the money yourself.

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>But utilities should not kill or endanger people at all, because they are utilities, this is my argument.
And I want a pony.

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