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How do I cope with the fact that I will never be a 200 IQ Ashkenazi Jew? I wish I was smarter.

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What makes me envious about them is they have practical knowledge. They're not idiot savants that program useless things like dwarf simulations. They're aggressive and get things done in sectors that matter, that's why they rule the world.

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They're aggressive and don't give a shit what goyim thinks
>goyim says hey follow the path, the good school, then a good company
>bugmen say ooh you need to leetcode and workhard, there is a set path you need to follow
>chad jews say fuckit, I'm the boss around here. There are no rules, those are for goyim. Industry experience? yea I was CEO of 30 successful startups got seed funding and all that. Is it legal? dont worry about it.

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Why did you take my stuff..
Why did you take my backpack..

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>New ultra-contagious Omicron subvariants BA.4, BA.5 fueling California coronavirus wave

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what is wrong with telling the truth for those who are concerned about covid?

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Most people are not obese or geriatrics and therefore have a 99.4% survival rate

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>not obese or geriatrics
>99.4% survival rate
Even the shadiest and most manipulated "statistics" report a higher survival rate for that group, at least in first-world countries. It's now a non-issue for everyone but the people who don't want to let go of the political leverage it afforded.

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Im referring to unvaccinated people tho

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Which countries have the best engineers/scientists/programmers of the world?

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Um...idk bruh maybe like America? Or like Germany or sum shit. Bruh you fr askin this on 4channel? Nigga1111!!

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Innovation comes from the highest IQ races. So the one with the highest Jewish populationl. USA.

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Go back to >>>/pol/

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What contributions have you made to science and math?

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I defended science against anti-intellectuals online.

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None, although I could have partly contributed. You see I was part of a top secret intergovernmental research team working for certain organizations that I'd be a moron to mention and I helped develop an implementation of a algorithm that among other things solved the R*em*nn Hyp*thesis. However political wrangling meant that we ended up destroying all the proof, coding, waved magnets over harddrives and dumped them somewhere inaccessible to humans. You might think this was a loss to humanity, but we realized especially because of one particular agency that was involved in the project, if they got their hands on the decrypter we built it'd be GG not just for personal liberties in general, but we realized that everyone who worked on the project would be permanently blackmailed. It wasn't out of some kind of great desire to prevent tyranny, our "team leader" was trying to protect his own ass and we all agreed.
It is a shame in some ways, the way it solved certain ciphers was ridiculously elegant. But also there's a reason why I'm free to shitpost anonymously and reveal this now, and it's thanks to the totally selfish self-preservation instinct of our otherwise incredibly genius team. No I won't answer further questions. But this thread just made me wonder what could have been.
The next team might be more driven by a sense of duty or have more oversight from their superiors, and that's what scares me.

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formula to solve this:

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How did he do it? How was he so smart? Are normal people capable of what he did?

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He doesn't learn. He spent his whole life writing equations (they belong to low level real analysis section about calculating limits). There are so many area of research, but he doesn't learn these mathematics topics and formulate some conjecture in these topics.

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that's a good insight, thanks. Well, I think that someone who does have a strong intuition could still benefit from training- its not a guarantee that they would fuck up in the way you described, if anything, trained Ramanujan could realize the lack of efficiency of this formula and start theorizing ways to simplify it. Although this would require a strong intuition to begin with, someone without it would be more likely to just go along with the rules because that's just how it is or whatever. Maybe personality has something to do with it to, has to, he was noted for being very curious, I'm sure he would question it.

haha, maybe I should try easier sudoku puzzles first, I'm not that smart.

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It is known that he had an exceptional memory and could recall complex mathematical formulas after hearing them just once. He also had a deep understanding of mathematics and was able to see relationships between different concepts that others missed. Additionally, he was extremely creative and had the ability to come up with his own original proofs and solutions to problems.

It is difficult to say whether or not people are born with the same natural talents as Ramanujan, as it is impossible to know what goes on inside someone else's mind. However, it is clear that practice, hard work, and dedication are essential in order achieve success in mathematics (or any other field).

Ramanujan's brain was not studied after his death, so it is impossible to know for sure what made him so smart. However, some researchers believe that he may have had savant syndrome, which is a condition where people have extraordinary abilities in specific areas despite having limited overall skills.

In any case, Ramanujan was a once-in-a-generation genius and his contributions to mathematics are still being studied and appreciated today.

He had savan syndrome.

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Savant syndrome is in autists, he wasn't autistic

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>Teaching kids critical thinking would be a great start

a great start would be realizing that generalized critical thinking is unteachable. i suspect there is a neural basis akin to sight; something like a contradiction, ie bullshit detector. such a structure synergistically aligned with other senses could result in what we call intuition.

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Why is there so much lightning lately? It seems over-active.

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It is obvious. There is so much lightning recently, because the NSA uses lightning to attack computers. They use the electricity from the lightening and transmit that to attack your computer and hack it. The NSA also injects viruses into software that have been hacked to transmit through that virus to the computer. It is obvious that the government is involved.

This is just a theory and I'm not sure how true it is, but since the NSA and the government want to hide their activities, they use electricity to carry their attacks. I know I'm stretching it, but I wanted to get the message out.

The fact that a major hurricane has formed in the Atlantic means there has been an abundance of solar energy. I don't know about before, but I think hurricanes are also created by lightening. They may have to "seed" the cloud base with lightening before a hurricane can form.

The storm that struck Cuba, and some other storms in the south Atlantic earlier this week and earlier this year, are probably caused by solar activity. They may have been spawned by a "polar" eruption somewhere in the north, and a current of electricity and magnetic fields are then carried to the southern Atlantic by the Gulf Stream, and eventually to Cuba, or some other tropical area where there is a large population and a land mass is available for it to hit. The same thing happened to me in 1983 when I was in a heavy rain storm in the South Pacific, about 2,500 miles west of the US. It was a huge cloud mass, I think at least 10,000 miles across, all the way from the tropics to about 30 degrees south of Australia.

_________________It was not so much that we loved life as that we loved life because we loved life so much

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This is a chatbot.

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how so?

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More heat = more evaporation.
More evaporation = more clouds.
As >>14623784 stated, more clouds = more static discharge.
So, global warming is causing more lightning.

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A nanotech roll that is thin as paper, can be rolled on your car's windshield, on tables and windows etc can stick or just be used as a tablet. A full functioning computer

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Could you explain?

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Python is for beginners, loaded heavily with systamatic codes, and slow. C++ is for advanced programmers and fast but requires engineering to understand. Lua is fast and no engineering required. Lua > c++. Prove me wrong.

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lua is just lisp without macros.

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This is a video where a bunch of cs professors are asked what their favorite language is. They all say python or C

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Advanced programmers use the best tool for the job, not just the "hammer".

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I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Lua is a scripting language, and therefore is not as fast as a compiled language like C++. However, it is also much easier to learn and use than C++, so it really depends on what you're looking for.

Python is for beginners, loaded heavily with systamatic codes, and slow. C++ is for advanced programmers and fast but requires engineering to understand. Lua is fast and no engineering required. Lua > c++. Prove me wrong.

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C++ is a fucking non-Euclidian nightmare space. C on the other hand is like old faithful, it just werks. People who lump the two together are revealing their inexperience.

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How does solar flares cause heart attacks?

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I had assumed from the title that the explanation was pacemakers
if you're reliant on an electronic device to keep your heart beating it seems plausible that interference might cause a problem

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They're just mocking us at this point

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It's the Sun of science. Garbage.

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>5500 per year
So it's nothing

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Well you didn't read the article from which you posted your pic ? Is this yet an antivaxxer thread ?

There have been studies linking sun activity with cardiovascular issues for decades.

Here's one from 2014
And one from 2019

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Very nice

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The academic realm is real and can be directly tied to an individual experience of the world and the world around them. Here, the materials are real and an individual has direct agency within the interacting systems to shape their experience and those of their peers (Wells 2013).The absence of equitable educational outcomes and the cycle of ignorance in regard to systemic racism has been discussed at least as far back as Frances C. Harper’s short story "Two Offers" ( Harper 1859) and recently in Paolo Freire's critical pedagogy where Freire (1993) proposed "the students' misunderstanding of the role of 'teacher' [as] the result of having been taught with the 'banking concept of education,' as it had been employed in the United States, where the individual learns passively by absorbing information instead of always focusing on upping her game, always developing her own problems and committing to their resolution" (87). And while my individual experience of racism has nothing on the experiences of others, I am impacted by systemic oppression as I find myself in the center of whiteness (Collins 2008) and have all the power that comes with that. Racism was a concept that I was introduced to early in my schooling (see, e.g., chapter 1 in Jain and Henry 2007) but one which was not properly introduced when I initially took physics, until I took a physics class with a Black instructor in my sophomore year of college. Without a proper understanding of race and the systems of oppression that "operate" to reproduce white supremacy and marginalization within society, I truly felt like I hadn’t learned physics.

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Behind my behavior is a set of assumptions, and some of those assumptions that guide my behavior come from my location within whiteness and what I have come to understand about whiteness through my scholarship. Collins (2008) describes whiteness as "the seat of power" (5), where the organization of social life is in terms of a center and margins that are based on dominance and control. There is a term for this definition of whiteness within Sentences and a sense of belonging in America. I will switch here. Marginalization refers to "the process by which certain groups are socially excluded by not being included in criteria such as obligations, expectations, and values" (Cohen 2017, 63); this is qualified by marginalization as "being forced to occupy the lowest levels of a social hierarchy, made to feel less than by the dominant group" (Cohen 1977, 87).In the diagrams that I keep updated in my head8 of how systems of oppression like racism or sexism work,9 I see a pole centered on the term , white, which I understand to mean "the superior letter" (Horsman 1996, 103), and consider this to be the pole that is most privileged and best positioned for success.

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Not sure of the source but i found it when looking for this image.

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>.The absence of equitable educational outcomes and the cycle of ignorance in regard to systemic racism


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Siegefags were right

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Can any /sci/anons backgrounds in statistics and/or medicine please help debunk these anitvaxxer alternative facts:

>98% of the nation is vaccinated
>each month their excess mortality rate is increasing
>up 12% in April
>up 26% in June

I just can't figure out how they're misrepresenting the data. How can this data be made to make sense, given that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective?


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Based on more recently available information (particularly from Harvard), it's been shown that there is neutralization escape from the antibodies of the vaccinated (see discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npQ1X0C3R8w ) as well as the previously infected (to different degrees). Being aware of that, I looked to see if the graph in your post matches up at all with surges in total cases in Portugal as well as when there were spikes in people getting boosted. As far as I can tell with a simple search, there was no reported spike in cases from March to May (see pic rel). The spikes from Jan-Feb and less so from May-July do seem to coincide with waves of new cases. It does make me wonder how there was a relatively large amount of COVID deaths from March to April with no spike in new cases, though. Was there a surge in boosters being administered in Portugal at that point in time? I couldn't immediately find any data like that online, so perhaps it's worth looking into if you care to.

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forgot to attach the pic

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>I just can't figure out how they're misrepresenting the data. How can this data be made to make sense, given that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective?
1/10 attempt at falseflaghing. "They" (You) should fuck right off to plebbit

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Did you just flip the image? Why don't you go back to pol?

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Is displaying "intelligence" just an evolutionary cope (((activated))) epigenetically to compensate for short stature, poor facial physiognomy, poor hormonal expression, micro phallus's, poor sexual dimorphism ?

This theory would explain lots of observations, such as the intellectual achievements of many manlets, the success of Asian males in intellectual domains and the considerable expense the organism expends in producing a high iq.

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Quite literally, have sex.

>> No.14623685

No you can predict intelligence from polygenic scores and basic animal breeding logic. It wouldn’t explain natural aristocratic families like the Darwins and Huxleys or the Bernoullis either. Intelligence is also associated with above average height not with manletism.

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So that's the reason why Americans worship NBA players. No surprise you let them fuck your wife.

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3D printed cohomology fractal edition

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>hey cool, a new science word to learn
>google it
>nothing but literal schizo babble
Why can't mathematicians into plain English?

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>spoonfeed me!!!

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Masochism edition. Post problems from this book, and other anons will try to solve them.

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i'll get things rolling

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No idea how to tackle this

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i am an electrical engineering student and i will take theoretical electrodynamics class next year fuck my life

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reminder that Witten read through it in 2 weeks

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skinner edition

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Can fapping & porn be used as a reward to reinforce positive behaviour or create good habits?

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My favourite of the bunch

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Has anyone heard of or seen a proof of the property in Lemma 1.3?

The only thing I worked through in appolonius resembling it is proposition 14 in heath's translation.

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Also the book I'm pulling that image from is "Second year Calculus" by David M bressoud.

Proposition 14 from heath is pic related.

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Let R be the intersection point of the lin QG and the tangent at P. Then, QOPR is similar to GMPR, and so
(1) QO/GM = OP/MP.
Also, since QQ' and PP' are conjugate, we have
(2) P'O = OP.
Are (1) and (2) enough to obtain the formula?

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Using your technique again for another point R', I obtain the ratio
QO:GM = PO : P'M
Multiplying the ratio you gave and this one gives the desired result.

If thats correct, thanks alot for the answer. I like your geometric solution.

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post everything algebra related

>how do I get into Algebra
read Gratzer

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Best geometric algebra textbooks?

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Is algebra good for you?

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it's a meme. Just learn Clifford Algebra

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>all of maths is reducible to arithmetic
>all of arithmetic is reducible to counting

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>all of set theory is reducible to brackets

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Gay and wrong.

>> No.14623501

>counting is differentiation
>differentiation is quorem sensing

>> No.14623643

how do you express the idea of an invertible function being bijective via counting?

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stfu nerd

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Im making a drug that aims to increase nr2b subunits levels on the surface of neurons, (therefor nmda receptors) in many brain areas that govern memory, learning, focus and recall. Technically ive started synthesis but its a while away yet, like 3months away. Research NR2B and you'll be excited. Headstart: doogie mice.
Im using peptides and polysaccharides that occur naturally, so, its at least kinda safe lol. Ofc nmda, and nr2b in particular can cause neural death. So, we'll try to avoid it. Using Davunetide seems best. And deferoxamine most likely.
as it happens there is a protein that forms the nmda receptor which allows for ions to travel past the membrane for a longer period of time which allows for neurons to engage in certain bandwidths of activity for a longer period of time allowing for information processing in the Cortex to occur more reliably and to a Greater extent this is the nr2b receptor and there will be things available to improve its function to improve learning of many different kinds and theoretically iq due to the dependency on sustained activity. There are peptides small molecules and soon-to-be RNA molecules and conjugates that hopefully will be great at safely increasing the function of this receptor and there are things at the moment which of very very expensive but soon I hear that a peptide will be made to help modulate this receptor and it could be cheap.

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where do you get these ideas OP?

>> No.14623449

Where can I get it for free?

>> No.14623920

if it's not single dose i don't want it

>> No.14623934

And it still pales in comparison to intranasal deferoxamine

>> No.14624694

it's supposed to be taken in conjunction with Deferoxamine or Davenutide

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a few retards incapable of reading medical literature seem to think it's just some schizo meme due to all the rampant spamming by shitposters.
This thread is to clear some things up and answer questions if there are any. For the record, fungal growth occuring in regular (high) dosing is very much true.

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You developed mucormycosis? Fucking yikes dude, how are the cognitive benefits holding up? I feel like the cons outweigh the pros

>> No.14624112

I treated my mucormycosis by snorting rapamycin. Im doing fantastic. Cognition couldn't be stronger. Im just enjoying the eve of independence day.

>> No.14624170

You should test out deferoxamine's affect on cognition by learning a new language or skill. Have you taken iq Tests? How would you say this has impacted your fluid intelligence/neuroplasticity?

>> No.14624261

I have photographic memory of the mechanisms behind the pathology of cognitive decline and metabolic disorder and recall speed is instant. I can spend hours typing non stop, no decline in cognitive function throughout the day.I don't have any anxiety or fears. I am incredibly emotionally resilient to the point that I don't experience negative feelings. All of the other people that have joined me have noticed substantial gains including a man who claimed a gram of deferoxamine increased his IQ 1 standard deviation by having a cognitive function test.
I have more ambitious goals in teaching as many people neuroscience as possible and proposing deferoxamine for the mitigation of all disorders of cognitive decline and metabolic disorders. There's a lot to be done.

>> No.14624725

It's so fucking funny reading about midwits taking it, listening to Terrence McKenna, and babbling about how profound for hours upon hours. This is truly schizo territory

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