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How many of you have worked in quality industry? Either pharmaceutical/chemical, med devices, or software

Did you ever encounter an environment where quality associates were not encouraged to bring to light events and deviations? I know there are politics that evolve from quality statics at every major corporation, but some of them seem to be particularly "choosey."

Is it better to compromise your integrity and ignore details that may lead to a lack of compliance, or is it better to be 100% open and reveal any event that is observed?

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Like using those shitty plastic boxes instead of the metal ones that are grounded.

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if you find yourself in that kind of situation, you should start looking for a new job right away
on the one hand, even though all companies say they want 100% compliance, no one is going to hire a whistleblower
on the other hand, if you worked quality at a company that had a quality violation, you just proved your incompetence
really, you should get out of quality altogether

t. GMP phara guy

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>quality industry

what? This isn't a term used.

>Is it better to compromise your integrity and ignore details that may lead to a lack of compliance, or is it better to be 100% open and reveal any event that is observed?

noncompliance is met with lawsuits in almost every industry, especially ones where people rely on your products to live. So this question is stupid.

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Only master electritions understand the importance of pumping 120 volts AC through the exposed screws on a switch.

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Why would you need to ground a plastic box when they dont conduct and there is a ground wire in Romex cable? If you were anyone who knows jack shit about electrical installation, or electricity for that matter, you would know how retarded your post sounds.

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We all know the positive and negative effects of ingesting or absorbing sperm for human females, but what are the effects for human males? For example, if a man swallows sperm, will he get less depressed? Are there any negative short or long term effects?

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Actually, why the f**k does it hurt like hell if part of the load hits your eye? (Asking for a friend)

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Does it?
H-how do you know this, anon?

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she is clearly a dick sucking roastie

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each sperm has enzymes in the tip to break through the wall of the egg.
it's digesting your eye, faggot

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>At my brother's apartment
>Discussing time travel paradoxes
>His gymfag roommate chimes in "Well, time and space are actually the same thing", like he was correcting me (Physics major)

PopSci was a mistake.

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Anon probably is against homosexuality. /fit/ types are very gay.

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if you took the time to frogpost on /sci/, it's because his psyque triggered your skinnyfat ass

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Calling him a gymfag was to illustrate his incompetence on the topic (studies sports science or something)

I'm not jelly of his gains

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We all know situations like this. Being wise in a world of brainlets is not always easy.

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He's right tho

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Hoy, /sci/

This is stupid comic book and thought experiment shit, so feel free to ignore it. It's poorly worded word salad anyway, so only bother if you like theoretical nonsense.

Lets talk forces.

There's this guy. We'll call this random rube, "Ruben." Ruben has this amazing power. Ruben's power is not unlimited, so there's a finite expression of what he can and cannot do. Ruben has just enough power that he can suck kinetic energy out of objects with small mass and reduce and minimize impact and penetration by bullets before they penetrate his skin.

How? Comic book science. He can because he can. What are its limitations? Small caliber pistols and hand guns. Whether they're single slugs or shotgun blasts makes no difference so long as each individual object impacting with his field equals less than the kinetic energy he can cancel from each.

And yet, Ruben has a problem. Ruben's power is really good against objects that were given a single shocking amount of energy and don't sustain themselves, but he could not do more than subtract a little from the incoming forces of a rocket, which has its own propulsion, or a knife. Ruben could not really stop some dude with a spear intent on impaling him. Reduce the thrust that touches his aura by the amount of a handgun round? Sure.

Now we could easily calculate and give numbers to HOW MUCH kinetic energy Ruben could stop cold in newtons or joules, I'm sure. For extra credit, we could do that. But,

What specific imaginary comic book superpower would let someone do the same thing for stab attempts, arrows or things relying on their mass to stay in motion? There's a difference between a missile fired from a gun and, say, a safe falling from the sky to crush a dude.

Short of absolute control of gravity itself or magnetism, what sort of make-em-up superpower would let a guy like Ruben stop a dude with a steel mace from caving in his skull? That would use the abundance of mass against it?

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You could make him like electricity and he zaps the abundance of mass away from his head as it touches his electric skin from his electric eel accident from his backstory also his favorite color is blue.

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I could, but I was more thinking 'living embodiment of a concept or principle in physics' than 'radioactive man explains every superpower with radioactivity'

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What's the evolutionary advantage of death?
Why didn't nature get rid of it?

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Exactly. 'Life' is indifferent concerning matters other than survival and reproduction. Nature does compensate for death by maximizing survival or reproduction, but that is all.

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Has nothing to do with overpopulation. The Telos of all organisms is population growth as much as possible. While this has variation in r and k reproduction strategy, it's end goal is the same. Humans have no remaining natural predators on this planet, at the current time, and our population is growing exponentially.

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Ming (clam) Ming ( c. 1499 – 2006)

507 years old and killed by the scientists studying it by accident. kek.

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What's the evolutionary advantage of retards who watch too much TV asking retarded questions?

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>still being a pathetic mortal


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What should I learn to git gud at online poker? Probability obviously, but what specifically? I want to reach a point where I can make some pocket money in my spare time.

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>Isn't online poker just shitty gambling?
Yeah but I've known people who profit from it before. From what I understand as long as you have a reasonable head for maths and a willingness to wait for prime online times you can make money.

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Look into card counting.
And buy a rabbits foot?

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online poker is a sucker's game, because you
cannot read nor bluff your robot opponent.
source: I live in Las Vegas, and I know a professional poker player here.

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watch poker streamers, lex, doug polk, (((jamiestaples))), tonkaaaa, kevin martin, jnandez
buy doug polks course
study game theory
study plo solvers
buy tonnes of the standard books and read them
find one game and stick to it
grind rakeback (not on stars)
don't play spinngos
tourneys are probably the most profit, along with sng's
study icmizer

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I know someone who dors it a lot and told me some things about it (I was sceptical obviously). He's Ukrainian and if he wins 50 bucks at some tournament it's quite significant for him.
It seems to boil down to game theory and psychology.
The way he described it knowing the probabilities is a given. What makes you win is paying attention, taking notes about how players play, generally taking many notes etc. Poker is a game of chance but humans arent random.
He also said there are the people who know poker and there are always the clueless ones who judt want to gamble. And the "sharks" can identify eachother and empty the other people's purses over the course of an evening.
So it is a lot about game theory and actually trying to win. Success is obviously not guaranteed.
Might be bullshit but I found it interesting.

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Does anyone know how to fix all the griefing on my google doc?


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All you have to do is go into the revision history of your document/chart and then go and revert it back to its previous un-griefed state. Have fun!

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How can i give a smooth manifold structure to a discrete set? take for example [math]\mathbb{Z}_{12}[/math] (mod12).

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Brainlet here, with a brainlet question:

If what I am seeing on my computer screen right now is basically ones and zeroes, why are the ones and zeroes from watching a 3D animated film less stress on hardware than playing a PC game on 4K? Isnt just one pixel of the screen I am looking at basically just gonna be a one or zero regardless of what I am doing?

On that note, can a computer create a random scenery that is "real?" Technically, when I take a photo and store it on my PC, it's not like it's making a mental note of how it looks like. It basically writes instructions on how to recreate the image when I copy it right? Does it then possess the ability and instructions on how to create a real photo that was never taken (or done in CAD)?

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movie is prerendered
game is rendered on the fly

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Well, for FPS games the like, it's quite a bit more complicated than that. The computer has to do raycasting to figure out what you can and can't see, then try to minimize the work to process the objects you can see, while prepping those you cannot that may enter the scene, then there's anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering on angled surfaces, lighting, shadows, and post-processing, all that other crap. It's literally building a chunk of a universe as you go through, placing in every little prop you see as you are angled to it, and all the physics behind the motion of everything in the scene and just beyond. It's kind of amazing all the insane math that goes into it all - and indeed, things like PhysX have opened up whole new fields of math just to deal with those sorts of calculations that go into making these virtual worlds. (Although it's also a little embarrassing how much math has been dedicated to "breast physics".)

A movie, on the other hand, is just a series of images and sound. It's amazing how much work goes into those as well - between the props and special effects and all, millions of dollars worth, but by the time it gets on your device, all the work's all been done. In a game, the computer actually has to assemble the whole scene, figure out how everything in it is going to move, and "film" it as you play.

Plus, in a movie, when you blow something up, physics takes care of it for you. In a game, the computer actually has to work out those physics in an abbreviated enough fashion to both do it in real time and make it immersive. Games don't just show you a tweaked recording of reality from a single angle, as movies do, they actually have to build that reality and figure out how you're going to interact with it.

Thus, any computer can play back a movie, but not every computer can play Fallout 4 (or whatever the latest high-end game is, I'm a bit behind.)

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By the way, the computer does not 'write instructions on how to recreate the image' unless it's a vector image. And even then, it's all ones and zeros on the drive. Technically, with an infinite amount of time, a computer could generate an image randomly that would resemble a real world location. It could also, technically, randomly create an image that would show how Lincoln really looked like (assuming the paintings don't portray him absolutely right) or what the core of the Sun may look like if imaged in some way. Check out the Library of Babel.

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Everyone here is giving retarded answers so let me, a computer scientist (nowadays know as a faggot) explain...

Each pixel is not just a one or zero each pixel is a collection of atleast 32bits (ones or zeros) with 4 sections of 8 for describing the amount of red,green,blue and brightness. At least this is how it is on modern screens.

Movie's do take a shit ton of more hardware to create, in fact a single frame of a movie would take likely many months to render on a normal desktop computer if we were to truly re-render the movie from scratch everyone. There is a key difference between a movie and a video game too. A movie, once rendered to its final form (mp4, alv, etc), is just a snapshot of images from one perspective. A video game is more interactive and you can look around so the computer has to render everything from scratch. Not only that it has to do it 60 times every second to look smooth so we have to severely cut down on how good it looks.

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>truly re-render the movie from scratch everyone.
truly re-render the movie from scratch everytime

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>when the whole universe is a dank meme

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There's not evidence for "everything", which the universe is a term for, it's a belief.

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>when the whole universe is just one dank wave

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The myths like the one about the Holy Grail, or the Fountain of Youth are still found quite interesting even after all these years. But, it is no secret that there are many living people that live longer than the rest of us. There are even people that were never ever sick in their life.

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Not wanting to burst a bubble, but aren't those actual myths, I mean the guy in the pic looks like his teeth aren't not sick.

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how fast can a number be added or multiplied with a number? is there a speed of light to binary operations?

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technically the speed of math is faster than the speed of light since the universe has to calculate all that shit before it happens

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yeah there's a lot of physical limits to computation implied by quantum physics and thermodynamics. See:

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Not at all: it is trivial to posit a model in CS so that a computer can correctly know the sum x+y without ever having to spend time to inform itself of the values of x or y, nor needing to spend time to exhibit to anyone the answer.
Obviously that kind of model is totally useless in real life. But this is /sci/ and nobody cares about that here.

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>we don't know the computational complexity of multiplying numbers
>kolmogorov thought it would be n^2
makes me kek everytime

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how is that trivial it would need to set the values of x and y to a sum value then output it. you're literally saying nonsense.

imagine someone came up to you and asked "what's x+y". you'd say "what are the values of x and y". would you expect an "it's trivial dude just go off of it being x and y."?

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I'll just leave this here.

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>quantum computing is only useful for a very narrow field of application

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Isn't that about quantum annealers? I heard about universal quantum computers.

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do you have any working examples?

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Religion ad science is the same thing.

Sky-worship serves navigation in time and space, and has in its most dense form developed in nomadic steppes populations for whose lifestyles it's most important and manifested into it. As an example we can mention nomadic dwellings, which are directed along the cardinal lines, functioning as a clock and structured like a holy house sometimes referred as a ship.
The opening time dimension from tying life ensuring decisions onto reliably, frequently and constantly in intervals recurring celestial phenomena and the verbal sharing of the subsequent values, granted them the ability for transcendental thought to pull themselves up from the emotional trappings of the animal kingdom, allowing a sense for truthfulness, justice and beauty making planing possible, thus science and increased survival likelihood.

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>Religion ad science is the same thing.


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This doesn't confirm the statement but only expresses any kind of confronting science with philosophy, with the notion that errors usually occur when attempting to do so.

That's why in the OP I didn't mention Turks so you won't get triggered right away. How is it not interesting and what's half baked about it?

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Shouldn't you be pointing out more specifically what's not logical or seems unlikely to you or in the reverse case what you can confirm?

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This won't happen I guess >>9186573
because you guys come from the forum I posted a link to here.

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I will explain it further how science is the same thing and didn't pop out of nowhere but stands in an evolution... in relation to the given example.

Science isn't infallible but only speaks of likelihood and increases likelihood when forcing events. Principally there's really no difference if I call a certain star constellation the grey wolf or give it a Greek name when using it for navigation purposes. The guy increases the likelihood to get where he wants to, even if a more complex body of mythological aspects is attached to the term. Now you could say for example mythological symbols attached to the term and hence constellation unnecessary to getting the results shouldn't exist in the approach in order for it to claim scientific validity, but this would have to apply to current scientific approaches the same way which isn't true. In the scientific world never a most reduced architecture is being applied because we simply can't do it. Numbers could be written in a more reduced form, terms could ever be made more elegant... so where's the difference in a Shaman hitting a drum while increasing likelihood of survival of a diseased and a doctor wearing a white collar? You could say we're aware the white collar isn't needed, what about the things we don't know that aren't needed for the realization of increased likelihood? What about the approach we don't know of yet that works better?
It's rather magical thinking and dogmatism to draw clear cut lines and thinking the scientific method pops out of nowhere and its current state stands on nothing prior.

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[Image not entirely related] Before I begin I apologise for the lack of grammar in this post as English isn't my first language. Anyways let's begin. I was attending a school football game and noticed a bright orb of light in the sky out of nowhere. To describe it I would say imagine the brightest star in the sky but brighter and larger in size. The brightness and size is so out of place it just don't seem like it belongs to a star. That's not the only thing bizarre about it, the strength of its light quickly fades out and then completely vanishes in about 20 seconds from when I first noticed it. But beyond that it seems to be stationary. I've googled a bit and the explanations just don't seems to match, satellites and aircrafts should appear to move across the sky. I was in a bit of shock at the moment and was unable to get a photo in time. I'm really baffled and confused by I just saw. What are you guys' thoughts on this?

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I wouldve guessed satellite but like you said it should have moved. Can you maybe find a video on YouTube where something similar happens?

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Is Climate Change real or fake?

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The economy is transient; climate change is, after a point, irreversible. The climate is a much bigger issue precisely because our actions now will have an impact in a century.

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>california drought has something to do with cultivation of almonds and avocado
Yeah, it's called agriculture, it's pretty important.

I'll stop when you stop lying.

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Shortage of water is what Californians had, they can blame their wasteful society for that.
Cultivation of almonds however doesn't make the rainfall small.
The drought is real. They have just had a good year, but as coming decades will show, that is just a blip in the radar.

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>oh, another great point... what does this has to do with the fuel oil industry?
Burning fossil fuels is the main source of CO2 emissions, which is the cause of current global warming.

>I mean, obviously they want you to keep buying their oil, but even if they didn't exist, these industries would still contaminate.
These industries would not be emitting as much CO2, because they would be getting energy from cleaner sources.

Stop trying to conflate CO2 with consumption.

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>weird aimless rambling

wtf are you trying to say exactly?

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Are You In A Simulation?


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what fucking argument?
the notion doesn't hold under rational, logical or scientific scrutiny.
saged and reported

>> No.9185948

By definition reality is real. If it is indeed a "simulation" then that's just part of reality. Reality is an all-encompassing term

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How fast does light have to travel, in a circle (or straight line), for a photon to crash into itself from behind? Could this theoretical process continually multiply photons, creating an infinite light and energy stack?
Update me on the physics and mathematics of this.

>> No.9185915

Why would it ever do that?

>> No.9185967

The photon will be in a spot, then be in that same spot some time later. As the speed of the photons cycling increases the time separating the individual instances of the photon (or photons, distinct due to their locations in timespace) decreases. Eventually, the separation time approaches 0. Which is where multiplicatively singular photon overlapping could occur.

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You should read about how lasers work.

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I'm not gonna do it for free.

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Aww man...

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Let me guess, social "sciences"?

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