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Say I took a small muscle sample from my own body and grew it like pic related. Scientifically speaking, could it then be reattached to the body, either in its original place or at another site? Not muscleposter btw but I too cannot build it.

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Mhm, Human Ass Burger

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it would be extremely difficult.
and without vasculature, you can't grow very big muscles

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Muscleposter here, I would like to get some stats to research this condition. How tall are you? Which nationality? Socioeconomic background? Are you white? What do you study and what's your iq? I want to pinpoint what compensates for not being able to build muscle evolutionarily speaking. Which program did you try? Are you naturally bulky? Weight and bf%?

Why can't I build muscle?!?!?!

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This. I'm now wondering what autocannibalism does to the body. The only thing even remotely similar to a study I can find is a story about some krauts who ate a dick.

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It's a great thread. Nobody cares about cannibalism, people want to build MUSCLE
This is literally the only goal of a true man's life and every male should strive for it

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What does /sci/ think of quasars and quasar winds?

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They are very cool

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How is category theory used outside pure mathematics and haskell?

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>No. If you can't concisely explain why category theory is useful yourself without dodging the question and saying "look it up," then it is total useless bullshit.
If you can't figure it out yourself without being spoonfed, then it doesn't matter whether you think it's useful.

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You literally asked for a reference lad. There's a book on the subject that should show up as the first result if you google it.

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>This is the product of American Education

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>the proof is trivial and left as an exercise to the reader :^)
Oh look, more handwaving.

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Who are you quoting?

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Is my chart accurate?

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The concept of an e-celeb is fucking cancer. This fucking retard should not be a millionaire because he makes funny noises on YouTube. Zoomers are the worst generation that has ever cursed this world.

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Doesn't matter whether or not Pewdiepie is Jewish. The influence he has over millions of god forsaken stupid children is far worse than what the others could ever exert.

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How far away are we from long term organ storage? I want to be able to put a kidney on ice and save it for later.

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Well, we are rapidly improving at both oscalised refrigeratics and long-term organ transbobulation, so I’d guess 20-30 years.

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Any serious answers?

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Water 0 HZ



The History: Sonoluminescence (SL) was discovered accidentally in 1934 by two German scientists
at the University of Cologne as a result on their experiments with sonar. They placed an ultrasonic
transducer into a drum filled with photo developing fluid in hopes of speeding up the developing
process. The fluid was full of thousands of tiny, short-lived bubbles. Once the pictures were
developed, they noticed small dots on the pictures. They realized that the bubbles in the fluid were
emitting light when the acoustic field from the transducer was turned on. Due to the complexity of
their setup, the effect was not properly investigated

The Process: Sonoluminescence is the conversion of sound energy into light energy. Sound waves
are aimed at an air bubble trapped in a flask. The sound waves cause the bubble to oscillate furiously:
(a) the bubble starts out at a size around 5 microns (millionths of a meter); (b) then it expands to a
maximum size (not to scale) of about 50 microns. At this large size there is a near-vacuum inside the
bubble because of the relatively few air molecules present. This low-pressure near-vacuum region is
surrounded outside the bubble by a much higher-pressure region, which causes (c) a catastrophic
collapse of the bubble to between 0.1 and 1 microns. During this compression phase a flash of light (d)
emerges from the bubble [2]. The conversion of low energy density sound waves into light requires a
concentration of energy by a factor of 1 trillion!!

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These two comments have zero to do with the thread and are basically word salad

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Why so much butt hurt?

Its not my fault you don't understand my words. It is my fault that I assumed you had a brain based on your op and so decided to contriboot to your thread.

Wasted time for me.
Lost opportunity for you.

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tuning forks played a key role in Egyptian medicine and pyramid construction.

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platonists btfo

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Ball is in costant motion of falling and using it energy to transform the platform in a way that it is falling down for a whole cycle, ocassionally being lifted by "huge" lever, so it gains more potential energy than it needs to gain that potential energy, overbalanced wheel principle, definitely not a pendulum.

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>hurr durr it gains more potential energy than itgains
>hurr durr overbalanced wheel pRiNcIpLe

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He is moving his shoulders to apply pressure.
Also, this is not perpetual motion, the motion will eventually stop. If anything, he is taking advantage of gravity.
The balls here are a common thing in perpetual motion videos, they don't actually make any difference, it'll stop anyway.

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That's a neat office desk decoration.

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he's pushing the table slightly.

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What are some scientific ways that we could reduce wind and water damage during hurricanes and tornadoes.... and more importantly how can we reduce flooding in order to save lives?

I read that the most deaths that occur in a hurricane are due to drowning in massive floods from hurricane waters.

Would it be possible to place gigantic heaters beneath every street and when it starts monsooning or whatever and raining really hard the heaters activate so that the streets become super hot and the water evaporates immediately upon contact with the street?

Of course there will be alarms telling everyone to get into their houses so the streets don't burn them, but if we had boiling hot streets during hurricanes could that end flooding and thus drowning?

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Boiling the flood water is literally fueling the cyclone while it’ll continue dumping down more water down, and will continue destroying property with intense wind. The only thing that will break is what you’re using to boil the water, along with the surrounding area.

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>single quantum decay event makes headlines
What did the universe mean by this?

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So are you saying that it would be like an eternal cyclone?

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>>gigantic heaters
the power requirements would be enormous. Probably on the order of atomic bombs per minute. That's impractical. Even if it did work, you could still steam people to death. You can add drainage. A better option is just not to build structures where hurricanes occur frequently.

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This is a cool game that I think you would like which might help with understanding the factors at play here and which methods are most effective, both life and cost wise.

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Can we have thread with useful information about the human brain, thought processes, logical analysis , memory, study techniques and generally whatever involves information about how can we upgrade our cognitive abilities?

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This is site about anthropology and how human networks work


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this is mostly a philosophy article but can help

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hey that's me

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pro tip: if you are forgetting stuff, just tell yourself to remember it

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Each one of us on the right edition

Last thread reached bump limit
old: >>10579914

We discuss research, offer advice (Just see your family physician), make fun of premeds, discuss residency and different specialities but we mostly shitpost

If you want to discuss vaccines, please make your own thread because it takes a lot of replies and the discussion degenerates.

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honest people are unfit to be doctors in 2019
everything you say can be used against you and almost nothing will support you

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What are some interesting opportunities for MDs outside of hospital work, private practice or research?

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becoming a Chief Medical Officer.

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Huh..I knew psychs are a bit fucked in the head, but are you sure you're not bipolar, doc?

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Ok. Which part do you like more? Intensive care or anaesthesia?

Weird, liking a general spec and disliking another.


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Please explain two things to a brainlet.
1 - Can quantum fluctuations in vacuum be harnessed as a source of energy to make a machine perform work? If not, why not?
2 - Can the accelerating expansion of the universe be somehow harnessed to make a machine perform work? If not, why not?
3 - If yes to any of the above questions, I imagine the amount of energy extracted is very small, but in a large scale could that be a viable source of energy for small satellites like voyager or etc?

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Check out the Casimir effect. Essentially two plates are nudged together because of the quantum fluctuations in a vaccum.

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No. You need an energy differencial in the vacuum. Otherwise is like attempting to burn the ashes. Closest thing is the casimir effect.

2 -Likely not. It works by making more space. Maybe if you had an infinitelly long cable...but probably not. Also vacuum energy and dark energy are probably the same thing.

3 - if vacuum enery and dark energy are the same thing, then there isnt really much of it.

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Is nano engineering feasible like pic related?

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fpbp and /thread

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Sort of.

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Power storage is a huge issue for nano-engineering. Any existing battery or capacitor technology would make something that size vibrate apart.

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Yes, we just have to figure out how to build it.
Chemical energy storage works fine

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Why is there so much talk about IQ here? It does not make sense. You guys do realize that no matter how smart you are, you will never get anywhere without hard work, and dedicated people will always beat out lazy and intelligent ones?

It seems to me like a enormous waste of time.

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Because it quantize inteligence, something people identity with here.
Of course only retards think having low iq means you will never accomplish anything and having high iq means you will be new Einstein. However you can't deny that iq does determine how easy it is for you to learn new things and how good are you at abstract thinking.
It might be waste of time, but not as much as watching Netflix or getting drunk at bar. Everyone needs to relax sometimes.

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Another IQ thread

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Can't argue with those digits

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>Success in the academic field has less to do with hard work or IQ than it has to do with politics and prestige of your institution / supervisor / collaborators.

Absolutely right. In any case, I think that it is not only the successful completion of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes that counts, but also the social contacts and connections. And the more of these you have, the better you can fight your way through with a bad IQ or (quite casually put) even cheat through it. The woman who was part of the team developing the photo of the black hole (but didn't really contribute anything herself) is a very good and fitting example, anon.

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>140 iq here

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woah bro like how am I this smart?

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>tfw nailed 142iq in a test
>never took a screenshot
>tfw people on a mongolian knitting forum wouldn't believe me i have a 140iq
>tfw learned to use inspector element
>tfw i now have 220iq

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230 Iq HeRe

>> No.10589005

>230 IQ
Cope harder double digit

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posting troll threads on an anonymous message board doesn't seem that smart or a constructive use of time.

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Give me one reason why this wouldn’t work

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>Re-usable rockets
>Rockets go up with trash
>Trash is released towards the sun
>Rockets go back
>Pick up a new load

It's really fucking easy, just handle it.

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You want to mine the planet hollow? Because that's how you mine the planet hollow.

>> No.10589516

Jet fuel?

>> No.10589524

Nah I think we're good.
By the time we could be sending into the sun
we could be mining asteroids and/or the moon.

>> No.10589544

The delta v needed to get something to the sun is way too high. Dump it on Venus instead.

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You guys really are scientists? Like in the movies?

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No the movies are all fake

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Did she ever have a chance of making a full recovery, or a somewhat full recovery, even like a 0.00000001% chance?

I ask because I've read of bizarre cases of people like being brain dead and on the slab ready for the morgue only to wake up an hour later.

Could she have lived?

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There is one documented case of it happening. Lazarus of the Bible was brought back by the greatest doctor known to mankind. Lazarus was about as a brain dead as anybody can ever get.

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What about this guy who was declared brain dead by not one, not two, not three, but four different doctors? Are you telling me that they all suck?


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If you bothered to read your article you would see that they detected faint brain waves. That’s brain activity, and the four physicians gave a faulty diagnosis.

I actually read through this list before making my post.

It’s been written by someone who doesn’t understand what brain death is, which is easily seen by him referring to someone as being in a coma and wouldn’t recover as brain dead, and the same for someone in a vegitative state. Most are of people who were in comas and pronounced they wouldn’t recover (still had brain activity but it was predicted they wouldn’t recover back to consciousness). For the few that were actually a brain death diagnosis, the coma was misdiagnosed as brain death (brain activity was not detected but was still present, just weak enough to not be detected without further investigation by a neurologist).
The only one that stands out is the 2008 Virginia women, though I am pretty confident further, more rigorous testing by a neurologist would have found weak activity, similar to the case >>10588903 brings up.

Again, brain death is only diagnosed when there is no brain activity. Weak brain activity in deep comas and vegitative states do not constitute brain death, even when enough time has passed that it’s safe to say that the patient won’t recover.

Doctors aren’t infallible, and these decisions are probably rushed through faster than they should be so that organ donations can be made while they have the greatest chance of success.

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While manganese does readily take place of iron in molecules like hemoglobin, I don't think they would work the same way. I don't know what could replace zinc. I suppose you would die. It's the dysregulation that is the problem, you can suffer from iron overload and be anemic. But it is true we probably eat too much iron anyway.

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What's the evolutionary advantage of being a spic?

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> 2 sets have heavy overlap
Agreed that could be true and sets the lower bound. However that would still be 1 in 8 over 65's using an app for some lemon party action. Nah.

>> No.10589076

Why not? And what app do you think the 7/8 people aged 65+ using dating apps use?

>> No.10589093

The company that owns Match.com, OkCupid and Tinder has many more users on its websites than it's apps. Tinders own numbers say it has 10 million daily users and 4 million subscribers. That's a tiny fraction of the available dating population.

>> No.10589106

Those 7/8 people aged 65+ using dating apps must use dating apps, not just exclusively websites. Because otherwise, that chart would say 100% of people aged 65+ using dating apps use Tinder or Bumble. But it does not, so according to you that large majority of people aged 65+ using dating apps but not Tinder or Bumble are still using some other dating app.

>> No.10589120

>85% of people aged 18-24 use Tinder
This is complete bullshit and marketing by Tinder. Not even 80% of people aged 18-24 use social media. So are they telling me there are more people using Tinder than social media in that demographic? What a bunch of bullshit.

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>tfw was asked what I advice I would give to someone in their teens (Middle/High School)
>tfw said not to care about school, focus on getting pussy, and enjoying teen years

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>>tfw said not to care about school, focus on getting pussy, and enjoying teen years
ridiculous nonsense.
future-proofing yourself and family and your future family is mostly what youshould be doing.
also: has anyone ever actually enjoyed their teenage years?

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Nobody cares about what you've learend anyway, being an attractive extravert is all what matters in life.

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What do we understand thus far about how consciousness emerges? I'm a layperson. But as far as i know, it emerges on behalf of neurons, hormones, and neurotransmitters. Has anything been pinpointed it terms of "what" reacts with "what" to produce such and such pattern of thought? I guess i kinda understand dopamine and other neurotransmitters. I'm dumbfounded as to how words and pictures emerge inside our mind though. Perception of the past and future. The ability to put together an idea or ideas of whatever and grow an understanding of anything.

let the shit flinging commence. or please just contribute. i like thinking about this but my worthless fucking ape brain can only process so much outside of neurotic narcissistic obsessive compulsive self indulgence fuck me

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God fucking damn /b/ro. That's some real serious fucking perspective your dropping like fucking BOMBS OVER BAGHDAD.

Do these Nobel prize tier scientists actually believe their own shit or are they just so hungry for glory that they don't give a fuck about being wrong?

>> No.10588651

>about how consciousness emerges
No, we can't even agree on the concept of anything being emergent in the first place. The only promising leads for understanding a system that can generate variables on the fly to understand not just itself, but the world around it is in paradox modeling. That is, modeling it as if our minds can make up any bullshit that sounds logical (or illogical) and running with that assumption regardless of where it goes.

You are now exercising manual awareness of the fact that you don't know why people values things that make sense.

>> No.10588660

Can't tell if you trying to meme, but I was referring to people like Roger Penrose, Roger Sperry. Idk what got them to their ideas, everyone has some bad ideas, and these stuff are too much into unknowns, that's probably why.

>> No.10588662

>but we should learn to be content with the mysteries and discoveries of our slice of history.

im content for the most part. i just get overwhelmed by forces i dont understand that drive me fucking crazy trying to come up with an explanation of what the fuck i am or why i am etc etc.

> there's nothing makes it "simple" and there is no reason to think the right explanation would be "simple" (QM for example).

i have a feeling (lol a feeling DO YOU FUCKING SEE HOW FUCKING STUPID I AM AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH) that the answers are simple, just getting to them is complicated. Or maybe not even complicated, just difficult. Briane Greene explained some things very well for a literal retard like me to understand in some TED talks about string theory as well as how there could be physical evidence in terms of detecting vast amounts of heat in parts of the universe that may indicate a potential collision with another universe thus validating the multi-verse theory.

>> No.10588666

fucking heavy shit /b/ro. thanks.

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