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What was the most expensive experiment that turned out to be bullshit, or that failed?

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There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only new givens

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you laugh, but it is the truth. For example, the failed searches for magnetic monopoles have allowed us to place bounds on their mass and occurrence. Even a failed rocket launch tells us something is wrong with our engineering and procedures.

Now one huge problem is that some experiment failures aren't getting published because they failed. This is really bad, because it means people might repeat the same experiment over and over again without success.

In addition, in materials research knowing conditions where a process fails can tell us more about what is happening in the process and help us train machine learning algorithms.

A talk I recently saw went through all the literature on this one process and found a gap in the data collected. This is probably due to said results not getting published because things are very bad there, but it could also be due to the fact that no one has tried such things. Quite an unfortunate situation.

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sup guys, I've been making a diy air filter and tried to calculate how much coal I am going to need.

At first I though this was going to be easy, cause cmon, it's a simple formula, there are shit tons of calculator online, but the numbers don't make any sense and I am ready to check myself into a mental institution.

So, here is a problem, I try to calculate volume of the outer shell which is made from a 6L water jug, that I cut down to only 20cm heigh.
The base is 16cm so it makes i
yeah nevermind I've been using d instead of r

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If you guys are so smart why arent you in the most difficulty field of all cognitive science. Little boy and his mathematics. IT's not even like you understand thats just a non responsive language.

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why does psychology get Ψ ?

Ψ is for quantum mechanics/quantum chemistry

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Lol cog sci is just for people who can't into comp sci

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>why does psychology get Ψ
I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually

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thoughts on this guy?

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What benefit am I actually getting from being able to solve this?

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You can add precision to someone's design later

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We wouldn't want imprecise water-glycerin interface gates, now would we?

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I actually had a design problem where part of the design needed to have a one-way valve that would dilute a solution that's essentially sludge whenever enough of this sludge was consumed by the system. The system would consume sludge, the sludge level would go down, that would decrease the pressure on the sludge side of the valve, and the valve would open to dilute the lowest elevation of sludge with water so it could be consumed more easily. There was a conveyor at the bottom to begin the mixing, and once the diluted solution reached the boiler input on the other side, the conveyor would stop, and you'd have what's essentially the system that's on your paper.

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Pick a motor to place at point A to control the gate. Nothing too big or too small.

You should be able to solve this.

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Intellectual maturity, you dickless peon

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the face of science in 2017?

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>mix vinegar and baking soda
media monkeys can't into science

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>Bill Nye worked for boeing as a graduate 'celebrity'

No I'm not 14, but you're clearly a moron.

Learn to read.

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15? I'd throw back on you, but I don't believe in child abuse.

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Yeah, he designed a damper tube. I suppose it's somewhat impressive because CFD wasn't as advanced then, but still.

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Have you ever heard musk speak? He's cringeworthy

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hey /sci/ ,
I don't know where else to ask this, so here goes
>friend and i bullshitting one day
>some how his gf comes up
>gf has metal earrings that she can take to this place and some how they have a machine that changes the color of the metal
>she can change them from pink to purple to blue etc
>fascinated by this
>spend hours googling for color changing earrings
>just get endless tarnished silver tarnished gold results
>start looking metals and other materials that can change colors with current
does anyone have any clue what kind of metal can change its color and retain the new color if given a current?
was my friend mistaken and its some kind of polymer?
I'm interested in knowing about color adaptive materials

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>Hilbert space
>gauge symmetry
>vector calculus

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Is vector calc tough? I have it next year

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>not taking vector calculus in first year.

Engineer faggot detected.

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based 13-year old smarter than all of /sci/ (put together)


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The comments section is the best part. Also the video is a sham.

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>mandela effect

The "solution" to this "mystery" is simple: People forget stuff.

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that being said I am legitimately upset about c-3p0's silver leg.

like what the fuck

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> Cern destroyed the world within he past 15 years

> Explains Mandela and Berensta/ein

kys if you think this is "smart". It's more retarded than black science guy reviewing movies.

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Can /sci/ tell me what lies beyond the event horizon? Or are you a bunch of brainlets?

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>t-the pseudo-scientists in my popsci documentaries say we don't know
>t-they'd never just say that to sound cool and mysterious

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At the center of this 1/4 BPS d=5 N=4 one is just an open string attached to a D-brane wrapped in some interior dimensions.

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>what lies beyond the event horizon?
The Cauchy horizon, obviously,

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According to GR naked singularities are possible, we could discover one any day if GR holds in this respect.

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>It has taken nearly four years, but mathematicians are finally starting to comprehend a mammoth proof that could revolutionise our understanding of the deep nature of numbers.

>The 500-page proof was published online by Shinichi Mochizuki of Kyoto University, Japan in 2012 and offers a solution to a longstanding problem known as the ABC conjecture, which explores the fundamental relationships between numbers, addition and multiplication beginning with the simple equation a + b = c.

>Mathematicians were excited by the proof but struggled to get to grips with Mochizuki's "Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory" (IUT), an entirely new realm of mathematics he had developed over decades in order to solve the problem.

This guy basically invented his own realm of mathematics to solve a seemingly unsolvable problem. How does one become a genius like him?

I don't get how come some people can just work for hours on end without procrastinating or burning out.


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wow rude!

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>was trivial
a piece of cake

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>why don't you say the same for the proof of fermat's last theorem?
The proof was studied in great detail and simplified.

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Meanwhile I'm awake all night because I literally cannot get a correct answer on webwork for a fucking Laplace transform of a step function.

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I share your exact pain.

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((They)) do not want us having optimal hormones. It is quite serious. Most males today have below 600 due to dietary and environmental factors. The natural levels of our ancestors were 1100.

Btw testosterone does not strictly speaking cause baldness, it only speeds it up if you are already genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. Many take testosterone to get their levels in a normal range and do not go bald.

1200-1600 is Putin/Trump range. 900-1100 is normal range. 400-800 is cuck range, which explains the modern male in America. 0-400 is antifa range. Going past 1600 and beyond gets closer to steroidal range.

Reposting because the mods are good goys.

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I don't think taking steroids is a permanent solution to this problem.

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kys op

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Do cell phones cause cancer? Is there any plausible way for micro waves, radio waves, or infrared waves to cause cancer in any amount or location?

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anything higher frequency than visible is getting shifty, but anything lower level shouldn't be any more dangerous than visible light.

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That sounds like bullshit

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Can the power from dozens of cell phones inside of a train car accumulate and be powerful enough to cause cancer if you're there for hours and hours?

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those assume SAR effects

Not what is talked about, might be more about resonance

see >>8855914

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Doesn't it depend on if wavelengths are low enough and energies are high enough such that they fuck with electrons?

I thought that was the idea.

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((They)) do not want us having optimal hormones. It is quite serious. Most males today have below 600 due to dietary and environmental factors. The natural levels of our ancestors were 1100.

Btw testosterone does not strictly speaking cause baldness, it only speeds it up if you are already genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. Many take testosterone to get their levels in a normal range and do not go bald.

1200-1600 is Putin/Trump range. 900-1100 is normal range. 400-800 is cuck range, which explains the modern male in America. 0-400 is antifa range. Going past 1600 and beyond gets closer to steroidal range.

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good thread

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What will happen once science runs out of American and Greek alphabets?

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We'll be using braille and morse pretty soon, don't worry. After that, we'll have to use numbers for letters. Any day now.

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We reuse them in different systems and make new symbols.

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>not using weird letters from unknown alphabet for hipster points

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[math] \lamba_1 [/math] Subscript

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[math] \lambda_1 [/math]

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speak for all of you? Where's the fucking push back already? Grow some fucking balls!

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Real scientists are too busy doing research to care about this type of shit.

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>mug nostalgia
That's just about it. He had the charisma to make science topics entertaining, but that was when we were all in elementary or middle school.

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Prove to me that you're not a stupid fucking freshman or a worthless NEET and then I'll consider what you're saying.

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Never been to this board before, I see.

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How much time does one have to spend in space before they evolve space flippers?

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Rocket diarrhea is more advantageous because it actually provides impulse.

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Yeah - the impulse to get out of this wet suit and clean up.

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About a week.

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Will /sci/ go back to normal soon boys? With this stupid march thing and the Bill Nye show it's been nothing but shitposting for days.

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>it's been nothing but shitposting for days.
/pol/ will get bored and move on eventually. Not for good, but until then we'll have some respite.

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>don't let your memes be dreams kiddo...

Post recent snags and built collections, show us how hard /sci/ memed you. Also textbook recommendation general.

Pic related is less than $350 due to local bookstore pickups and online snags

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the works of plato

you got me even tho its hard to read and on top

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Gotcha, will have to cop one soon. Living in the rural south has its benefits when it comes to hidden gems at bookstores

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>tfw poorfag third worlder
Why is shipping so expensive lads

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>java and environmental engineering

B..but why anon?

Also, do you like susskind?

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Lol those two were $1 each at a book fair at my college library, I haven't read the quantum one yet, but his classical was very good, was able to transfer over well to goldstein

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>uni bans calculators in all math and science classes until calculus 3
why live?

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It can only do definites.

You'd need an 89 or CAS NSPIRE for indefinite

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be in calculus 2, need to do basic division, haven't done long division since middle school, no calculator, jesus fucking Christ fuck my life, basic question now takes ten times longer because cant do the basic arithmetic on the calculator.

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I remember that back in Calc 1 when doing limits I was so paranoid that after every exercise in a test, even the trivial ones, I would use my calculator to check my answer.

>The lim as x approaches 0
Lets plug in 0.01 into the function
>The lim as x approaches 1
Lets plug in 0.999

kek. It was a nice way to keep my sanity in the time the professor graded it. Otherwise I would be anxious as fuck, I don't know why. I do not like it when I cannot check my solutions, even for petty shit. So I feel bad for you OP.

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>even a ti84 can do that

even a $15 Casio scientific calculator can do that too, but as >>8855469 said, it can only do definite derivatives/integrals

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Wtf do you brainlets mean when you talk about things like the geometry of space?

Space is not a thing, its where things are. It doesn't exist, so it doesn't have any geometry or shape.

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Why do you think space doesn't exist? Why do you think it has no properties? How can we exist in something that doesnt exist?

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Best video ive found on the topic


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Is he wrong?

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Einstein proved that space can bend, which means it has a shape and structure. This has been explained countless times in numerous science documentaries. How thick are you?

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