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Are IQ tests to be trusted or is the system flawed in how they are scored/admission of the test? Basically, is labeling everyone with a number always accurate? Are there any highly accurate IQ tests floating on the internet, or is the internet just a recycle bin of 145 IQ facebook tests?

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Spoken like a sub-180 IQ retard.

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>Are there any highly accurate IQ tests floating on the internet

> is the internet just a recycle bin of 145 IQ facebook tests?

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Probably, 180 is very high. You never know though, I've never been administered an IQ test.

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Oh...I know.

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Pure math plebs. Just because you study research mathematics and in a PhD program does not mean you're smart enough to pass Goolge interviews. How does this make you feel?

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And people that work at Google wouldn't pass interviews to be a math professor. What's your point?

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>How does this make you feel?

I don't know. I do not think I can feel anything about it. I cannot figure out a good reason for why I'd go to an interview to become a corporate cog in the machine, so I cannot really process how I would feel in this unimaginable scenario.

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>being a academic cog in the machine

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99% of job interviews (99.999% in the case of tech giants) are all about networking, a normalfag term for nepotism. Math majors are usually more introverted, so their networking skills (read: nepotism) are weaker.

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Google interviews are given by mega autistic savants. No amount of networking will cut you out of not being able to answer their optimization questions 5 interviews straight

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That French guy Jacques Benveniste, they bashed him hard, maybe not too fair:
He dead, but recently got some support from French Nobel guy Luc Montagnier .

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brainlet here, did number 51 for about 10 times yet the solution kept giving me
y = -16 and I know for a fact that ain't the solution.

I provided the LCD which is 20, got rid of the fractions, distributed, just don't know what to do next since it'll give me the same wrong solution.

It sucks being stupid.

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>how come canceling out the denominators...
You have to multiply the ENTIRE SIDE by the LCD
You can only make the mistake you made because you've memorized tactics of "cancelling numbers" and "moving numbers around" like you're doing modern art

Take a step back and think about what an equation actually means. The whole left side equals the whole right side.
If a = b, then 20a = 20b, right?

Then if (a+c) = (b+d), 20(a+c) = 20(b+d).

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>10th grade
>Still can't do basic calculation

lol American ''''Education'''''

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there we go!
this is some world changing mathematics,on the edge of fucking innovation right here.

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In Asia this is what we call grade 6 maths you cunt
>either a terminal brainlet or (REALLY)underage

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its -40

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Looks flat to me. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

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>Looks flat to me.


>I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Not necessary.

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How would you explain this?

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The sun rotates above the Earth

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What is it rotating around?

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The centre of it's rotation

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Why are high iq people psychopathic?

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Psychopatic is "psychopatic" and not conjoined with intelegence. Neurologic evidence shows that connections within psychopatic brains allow them to process IQ test information at a higher level than their functional IQ would suggest. Your example is a good one. He got caught, although he didn't want to stop...

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B-but my edgy fantasy

i want to pretend to be like refined sociopath and tip my fedora :(

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Did you get diagnosed with an avoidant personality disorder?
That's what they told me, and I have a similar story.

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>override their own evolutionary psychology
>innability to communicate with females
>not being religious
>having strong political opinions

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that's actually not even bs.

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Just knooo0w that m1lk is ac1d

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I still haven't heard what happened to my cousin. I hope it was brutal. Like a shotgun suicide.

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Vietnamese Punji Pit.

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>6 / 2 / 2 / 2
(You) and (You) please (Go)

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What kind of category theory is this?

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Why are shorter people usually smarter?

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Yeah in general over the whole spectrum of humanity.

But maybe in a university setting there is some truth to the whole short=smart. I think it is just that those people have nothing else going for them besides their brains. That's how they manage to be here despite their shortcomings.

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The whole IQ correlates with intelligence/wealth/attractiveness/health is true but you need to realize that the correlation is strongest on the lowest end of the spectrum.

Basically, if you are ugly as sin, you are probably very unfortunate in your circumstances and happen to not have the best of health and probably that also means you have low IQ and are poor.

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It's the opposite. ON average, smarter people are also taller.

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See you tomorrow

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how long until children brain are scanned and then put into diferent classes acording to their natural abilities and IQ?

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How long until brain scans can differentiate p-zombies from real human beans?

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I think America has too many rational, forward-thinking minds to not completely trap its youth into a system they can't escape from. And the fact that IQ is such a terrible system/test.
Why do so many people value IQ anyway?

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Never. At least, not in western countries. Its a social taboo, and would make people more than a little uncomfortable when a racial divide becomes apparent.

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We already do, it's called standardized testing which highly correlates with IQ. Do you not realize that it's already happening by your article? The headline is literally saying that this already happens.

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Lmao you can tell just by watching someone.

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What's your experience with academic conferences?

I'm currently at my third one and I've found that they all have a lot in common, mainly:

An over abundance of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean presenters who are obviously intelligent and have come up with some valid research but are too autistic to convey any of it. Apart from terrible English, they are unable to respond to any questions from the audience because it's not written down on paper for them. They often read word for word what's on their slides at a gruelling pace, yet are unable to convey the gist of their research or deliver it in a way that makes sense for those who don't study that particular field.

What's /sci/'s experience with working with Asians in general, in scientific or research type work?

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It's probably because 75% of them have someone else take the qualifying English exam for grad school and as a result, they've found themselves in a society they can't effectively communicate in. Aka why all Asian professors research partners are back at Peking university

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What does sci think about vertical farming technologies like: Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Hydroponics?

In addition what do you think about the advancement of LED technology especially with application to growing plants. Such as unique rest/light timings for faster growth.

Will genetic engineering and synthetic biology be huge for optimizing for vertical farming? Do you think the future is instead in vitro meat and vat-created foods rather than "grown" through natural processes? Does Vertical Farming counter some fears of climate change making farming unpredictable?

This thread is for discussion of Vertical Farming
Video on Aquaponics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26xpMCXP9bw

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But they were dumb enough to call it "cricket" flour...

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That infographic is poorly made

Im all for bugs, nothing wrong, but usimg facebook-tier pics no way to promote them

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Why is this veggie farming thread getting bombarded with pro-entomophagy? The two are completely unrelated. Don't you realize you need to feed those insects? Where do you think the food for them comes from?

Insects don't really taste all that good. You really have to grow up eating them to enjoy them. I prefer to feed them to my chickens as part of a permaculture system where the chickens clean the crops free of insects, and fertilize the fields & orchards, all without me doing a damn thing. I get veggies, fruit, meat, and eggs.

There are papers on plants uptaking plastic leached chemicals. It is the only reason I don't do aquaponics. That and the fish also take in the same thing. I've worked in several hydroponics greenhouses. I personally utilize vertical gardening indoors in the winter. Though, I use soil-based techniques. I have 40sq feet of growing space per 4x8 shelving unit. Electric for the LEDs/fans cost about $40 per shelving unit per month. I only do this for "starts" that are set out in spring for normal gardening, but it saves me several hundred dollars a year. When I get a greenhouse up, I won't need to use the LEDs and I'll be able to grow year round crops instead of just starts.

Vertical farming is a good thing, but I think the further you remove something from a complete ecosystem the less value it has.

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I like how most of these infographics' ratios and amounts are all different from each other.

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>op asks some honest, interesting questions about a sustainable method of growing food
>two posts later: EAT BUGS, GUYS
>and it gets worse from there

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Was Tesla right?

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Why can other omnivores eat raw meat just fine but we get diseases if we do?

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Because they die at about 10y old

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You only have a high probability of getting diseases from eating raw meat from farms where animals are crammed together, which facilitates disease spreading. If you eat raw meat from nature reserves then you'd have a similar chance of catching diseases as any other animal.

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Try this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpaccio

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They get soooo much disease, you have no idea

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they get more diseases than us, our meat is safer and we have immunisations/modern medicine

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>muh singularity


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Who or what enforces those laws? And if we find out what enforces that? You can go on and on with that endlessly.
I think the case is that nothing enforces reality. Reality just follows its own tendency without any restraint and I believe there is no limit to that.

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Everything is impossible with the magic of contrarianism.

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>singularity fags think the world is better than it really is
>if you were never born, the world would have been closer to perfection

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Wouldn't we risk having one of the creators, creator-creators, etc. shutting us off if we started breaking out of too many realities?

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>Who or what enforces those laws?
space police

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The cosmological constant is the energy density of empty space. It's positive.
Space is expanding, distant galaxies are all redshifted etc. There's now more empty space than there was before.
More empty space than before means more energy than before with positive cosmological constant.
To make matters worse the expansion is accelerating. The universe's increase in energy is increasing at an increasing rate.

The universe is creating energy from nothing.
How is this allowed?

Could you seal a cubic meter of vacuum in a strong steel box to keep it at a constant size and siphon off the expansion energy to power a small city?

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Wow, just wow.
Put down the pipe and read a book kiddo

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I have been reading, that's why I have questions.

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Reminder that 0=infinity and everything else is just autism.

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>If you refuse to consider it there's nothing else I can do.
You could give arguments. Do you expect me to take you at your word? You've been dismissing discussion, not me.

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Like I said, I can't be bothered. I've pointed you in the right direction, and the rest is up to you.

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>larp more

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Quite logical.

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hes right though

if you spin a circle fast enough it makes a sphere. same thing

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Hi guys.
What has to be the shape of the diffraction grating if we want to get a spiral-shaped profile like this?

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homework >>>/hm/

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If everything is all scientific and logical where does consciousness come from?
And what started the universe (before the big band)?
Why do laws of physics exis, how are they set?

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I had a philosophy class in college.
Our first assignment was to answer "What is Truth?"

>>"that which is"
is the answer I settled on.

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the brocollie made me laugh. that is all.

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Does it matter? If I answered you that question you would just say "ok, but.... why?". And then, when I answer that question, you say "ok, but.... why?".

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In other words, the problem isn't the answer but the nature of human thinking.

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