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Hey All, thought up of a problem and gave it to some math teachers. None of them could solve it. The problem is in the image.

I hope people find different ways to get to the solution, so once you find it show me it! Explain it!

Extra Info:
The actual question is what is the 10th number in the sequence. Warning, it is big. Really big.

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n | g(n)
0 | 1
1 | 2
2 | 5
3 | 16
4 | 65
5 | 326
6 | 1957
7 | 13700
8 | 109601
9 | 986410
10 | 9864101


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How did you get that?

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I think this one is still wrong because it has a 4 drawn in.

I think your problem seems like a small discrete mathematics problem. You might enjoy reading a book on the subject.

I wish they taught discrete mathematics in high school.

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uh, if g(n+1)=g(n)*(n+1)+1,g(0)=1
then g(1)=(2)*1+1 => g(1)=3???

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if n =0

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Do you find it regrettable that scientific studies based on race are defacto banned? Good luck finding funding to analyse the difference between the brain of an East Asian and the brain of a Negro.

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Same here dude. Personally, race is the only thing on my mind 24/7 so to see it so tragically understudied in the sciences makes my blood boil.

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It is currently the greatest tragedy in modern science, after the subjugation of climate change truthers.

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They aren't banned, and are actually pretty common.
But /pol/tards aren't going to allow reality to get in the way of their persecution fetish.

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Engineers and computer scientists can code programs for fun or play with electronics in their spare time but what can I, as a biochemistry student, do as a hobby?

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Cure cancer

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Let food sit in a jar and get moldy

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The variables [math]t,k[/math] are the coordinates [math](t,k)[/math] of the vertex.
Finding [math]k[/math] I can find [math]t[/math].
I wanted to find [math]t[/math] first, translating the parabola and imposing it to be symmetric.
It doesn't seem to work though.

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2 is not the x-coordinate of the vertex

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>2 is not the x-coordinate of the vertex
Yeah, you're right.
[math]t=-2[/math] in my example so I guess I missed a minus.
I see that you can rewrite the parabola as [math]y=a(x-t)^{2}+k[/math].
Still I'd like to know If I can find [math]t[/math] from the idea in

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[math]t = -\frac{b}{2a}[/math]
Like, what else do you want?

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You don't say?
It's [math]y(f_{t}(x))=y(f_{t}(-x))[/math] the right condition and it works.
Imposing [math](x+t-2)^{2}=(-x+t-2)^{2}[/math] I find [math]t=2[/math].
Indeed [math]x\mapsto x-2[/math] makes [math](x+2)^{2}[/math] symmetric.
I only need to have a better look at what I wrote in order to keep the sign of [math]t[/math] is consistent.

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Fucking hell.

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What does the future hold in store for life on earth?

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Pic related

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probably some cool stuff too bad we won't be around to see it.

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Is it the circle, for being unique? The triangle, for its architectural strength?

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The general quadratic form

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The hexagon and decagon, because if both are inscribed in a circle and added together, the line is magically cut in extreme and mean ratio.

Shapes, man.

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klein bottle

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fractal timewave

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My dick.

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What's the science behind uncommonly large breasts?

Is it a natural or artificial selection thing, or just luck of the draw?

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No, it just makes you a faggot. Or a pedo. Or a combination

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>Men sexually select women with larger breasts because it makes them look fertile and able to provide lots of nourishment to offspring.
It's another episode of Evolutionary conjecture!

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there's a reason that teens like tits and grown men are more attracted to the backside.

progesterone makes big tits, estrogen makes big hips.

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>It's probably a fairly recent thing.
..."recent" as in 25,000 years ago?

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breast /sci/ence is best /sci/ence

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What is the best book to understand logics?
I want something very complete, with lots of stuff.

thanks /sci/

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"complete"+ pic related

nice joke

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nice post, have a bump

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where are the books?

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good post
>no replies
/pol/ bait post
>tons of replies

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How reputable is forensic science, /sci/? Is it an actual, rigorous, established field? Or is it just a way to artificially inflate the credibility of the court?

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Forensic science involving a bunch of different things. They tend to vary significantly in terms of rigor.

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So which are rigorous and which aren't?

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Depends on the investigator. You're basically just asking 'how corrupt are cops"

Forensic science can be very good, or it could have a corrupt cop behind it.

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forensic counselors are probably on the lower end of rigor

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I hear fingerprints aren't as conclusive as most believe.

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Why is it that we don't dump rainwater into depleted aquifers? It's a naturally formed reservoir, we wouldn't have to make dams, only a few pipelines into it, maybe using preexisting wells. It can prevent land from sinking that results from depleted aquifers as well.

The only things I can think of as reasons not to pump into aquifers is that if any water is chemically or biologically contaminated it may ruin whatever pristine water remains in the aquifer, farmers in the valley would get mad about not being able to freely pump however they please, depending on whatever restrictions may hypothetically be implemented, and you can't sell an aquifer as a recreation space like you can with an above ground reservoir.

but overall, could something like this be feasible or wise? what do you guys think?

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>pump into aquifers
...from where? The problem in the coastal cities of California is the lack of rainfall collection, due to the failure 85 years ago to plan for its huge increase in population, and mass conversion of farmland to industial and residential use.

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In a year or so there may be a nice piece of freshwater to harvest and tow elsewhere.

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perform function(humanity)

humanity = (you+me) - suffering

Create function (reduce suffering)




What ya donna do with the flavor reggae-reg?


Beep boop.
HAHHAHA I doxxed that cunt Simon! Found him! He's a useless autistic living off governments funds! LOOOOSEEEEER!

Who will find me first now?

Hell. Simon.


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Simon function(name)

Hello world.

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bump for autism

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I hope the memory of this self-embarrassment keeps you awake tonight.

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Topkek embarssing cunt.

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You're living on government funds? Fuck, I hadn't realized this by now. You lost the small bit of sympathy that I had remaining for you. Off yourself.

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What is the best source to download books of science?
I need to donwload this:
Aging and Life Prolonging Processes, Ward Dean

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Holy shit you are worse than Heaven

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Thank you!

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Has anyone read On Conics? What a dense work this is. The definition of a hyperbola is complex indeed.

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And how.
Look, don't take this the wrong way, but you don't exactly exude the air of intelligence into my thread.

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I agree.

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Why don't you stick to reddit or lesswrong then? You clearly don't belong here.

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Why? Because I'm not negative?

Absolutely ridiculous. Cultures change, retard. Ive seen this place go from avidly atheist to creationist almost overnight.

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well yeah atheism is subjective as hell
the bible says god created the world, a fact. when you see the world objectively, god created the world, because that is a fact, thus creationism is more rational than evolution

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How much energy would it take to theoretically break up a Hadron?

If so, how much energy would be released by such an act? I feel due to the nature of the strong force, it would be immense.

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go check with RHIC or something

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Pol here to ask a question. What does this mean for politics?

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Last year I had a course in macroeconomics that used the notation. In that course we mainly focussed on growth rates, so it saves a lot of writing.

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top left is childish and inconvenient outside of a certain situation (few multiple derivatives of a variable)
top right is pedantic and you would never use it unless you are actually doing a proof
bottom left is relatively goofy but the easiest solution
bottom right is the most proper and logical format in the vast majority of situations

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>Pol here to ask a question. What does this mean for politics?

What it means is that you are seeing if we focus on:

1. The colors
2. The math symbols
3. The labeling of the axes

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>top left is childish and inconvenient outside of a certain situation (few multiple derivatives of a variable)

Why is it inconvenient?

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Oh god, I feel quite guilty now for replying in a /pol/-bait thread, but this is just too fucking funny.

The picture literally says that all politics is essentially the same and you rampant faggots still desperately look for a way to say:
>B-b-bbutt MY retardedly judgmental point of view is WAY better than this other arbitrary ideology.

I rate 9/11, /pol/.
Can't make this shit up.

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Why do the retards on /pol/ think climate change isn't real?

The pseudo-science circlejerk mixed with batshit conspiracy theorists is palpable.

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From wiki itself!

With regards to something like man made climate change, with taxes already imposed and many more set to be imposed along with very powerful political and religious organizations on board and no gain for "deniers" to get into edit wars, you are going to get an extremely biased view.

Wiki is good for anything that is not controversial. An anonymous shitposting image board like this however is great for all things controversial.

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how does any of this have to do with skepticism/denialism?

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It's real, but any attempt at addressing it would raise the price of energy and therefore lower the quality of life of people today. Considering even with our attention climate change is still going to suck in the future, I think it's preferable to plan to radically adjust our lifestyles in the future and enjoy cheap energy now rather than radically adjust our lifestyles now and never enjoy that cheap energy, but no one who thinks global warming exists says that, so I let the denialism slide.

>> No.8606180

The problem with that mindset is that we can't adapt to a moving target. Global warming isn't a binary thing that is either avoided or happens full force, its a spectrum of consequences. Carrying on without reducing emissions won't just make things bad - it will force things too keep getting worse and worse until emissions decrease.

Better we start winding down emissions now, in an intentional and controlled way, than we leave the task up to nature.

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You posted the wiki link to climate change denial? You tell me. The page is heavily biased and unbalanced. It even has a section on media driven climate change denial campaigns? lol please...we have all been inundated relentlessly with pro man made climate change propaganda from our media for more than one generation now, almost to the point where man made climate doom is implicated in every storm, drought or weather anomaly.

>radically adjust our lifestyles now and never enjoy that cheap energy
Well the plan is not about leaving that energy unspent, it is about who gets to spend it and I am sure it will be radical. Good thing you believe you are responsible for the climate change though because it will make those radical plans easier to swallow should you find yourself on the short end of that stick. If you are shitposting here I am afraid that's where you will be.

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Place your bets.

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do it. i'll be surprised if it won't crash.

>> No.8606013

So would Bill Gates, I'm sure.

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OP here. I doubt anyone's waiting on the edge of their seat for this, but if you are, I'd (very roughly) estimate seven more hours to finish. Could be a lot more, given the increasing intervals between primes... hell, depending on how the isprime function works, it could already be in an infinite loop.

If it's still going in twelve hours, I'll kill it and see what it got to.

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i determined the result using a sieve of eratosthenes in C

your program will never terminate

>> No.8606548

haven't been into programming lately but i think your inner while loop will never end

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Does posture affect one's ability to process information? How do you sit when you're concentrating?

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Very weird but if I uplift my shoulders I articulate better, eloquent. It's mostly when I put my 'man' mode on low-profile, so for example: when I have an internship I go into this mode and it works very well. Can't do it in my private life for some reason becouse I'll feel naked and not accepted. It's more for the corporate world.

Hope you guys understand what I'm saying.

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Makes sense.

>> No.8605671

i have posture just like your pic related.
i can straighten up during active lifestyles but most of the time i slouch because its more comfortable

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Is that Martin Shkreli?

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