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Can /sci/ence explain why the Sun never runs out of fuel?

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Not Tesla batteries, they burn hot af and the fire lasts a long time

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This is about 5 billion years worth of hydrogen at the current rate of hydrogen fusion reactions in the sun.

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You're completely wrong, but stars do have cores of heavier elements that are made during fusion and iron building up in the core of the star causes it to cool and larger stars to go supernova. The iron is said to be "poisoning" the star.

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It runs on green energy.

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It's not fire, it's just hot to the point of incandescence.

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I'm trying to understand consciousness from a scientific perspective and I came across the qualia problem. Maybe I'm stupid, but I just can't think of a way how you'd explain to a blind man what the color blue looks like. Can /sci/ help?

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You can't explain blue to a blind person

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yeah. but why tho?

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It's like saying "explaining to a brainless person what the color blue looks like"or "explaining to a nonexistant person what the color blue looks like"
His brain is simply missing the implimentation of the color blue. He hasn't seen the color blue, never even thought about it, hence the color blue does not exist for him.
It would make sense if humans for some reason had the capability to invoke and deactivate qualia at will or if our brains included a model of qualia itself so we could reverse engineer our own qualia and create new qualias on the spot. But we can't so that question makes no sense.

The brain does not know how it works.

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it's weird, because if a blind person never visually experienced reality, and their brain just cannot build any kind of images and colors, that means that the qualia of red is transmitted (continually) by nature, in a way. and your brain "learns" of it at that point. if red does not exist in your mind in any way shape or form, it must exist outside it. it must come from somewhere, to you. which is still weird.

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Red wouldn't exist if there wasn't at least one consciousness who experiences it. The qualium itself is not what's transmitted by nature, only the stimulus that evokes it in an observer. It doesn't exist immaterially (literally nothing does; if it did, thermodynamics would be violated), it exists only as instantiated in the physical substrates of minds that experience it

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Can a mathfag run the numbers at what point buying powerball tickets maximizes my odds of winning? I know the odds are basically 0, but if I wanted to min/max what are the break points?

Here are the rules and given odds. https://www.powerball.com/powerball-prize-chart

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>hope makes you an NPC
Look what they did to you.

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As long as you spend far more money than what is possible to win your chances to win will get very close to 1.

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>Gamble if you want to win.
I can't afford to gamble that much brain attention this shit would cost me, added through the whole of my life. it's expensive cope.

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What are you even talking about? I've spent maybe a few hundred dollars over the course of my life who gives a shit? As an American adult if its under 1k don't even talk to me. If you happen to be out and like stop for gas and its over 300 mil just get a ticket. Of you happen to hear the powerball is at like 1 billion which it sometimes gets to go buy a ticket and a snickers. Its not fucking hard.

Also you're forgetting there are less people in the US than the odds but people still win all the time. Figure that math out college boy!

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Check the catalog you asshole OP
I am the only one that makes lottery threads here
Get on up out of here with my lottery threads

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Is this true?

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Vegans did

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vegans are not white

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its very popular amongst jews, its a way to demand kosher food without admitting to being jewish since vegan food is kosher by default.

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So is this saying that other animal products are not necessarily bad? Or is it just vegan propaganda which is trying to say that you should just be a vegan, period?

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Start implementing a minimum IQ to post?

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Why is everyone ignoring the elephant in the room. Aging.

Aging is the leading cause of death. Not only is it deadly but it's responsible for the systematic disintegration of your entire body and causes significant harm to an organism's quality of life. You might think..
>Oh I'm still young, let me not even think about it
But oh buster, as an adult it's happening to you. You might not notice it now if you're still young but soon you will start getting hit with the signs and effects of aging. It is the biggest existential threat your body faces.

So why isn't humanity focused on curing aging and finding the Fountain of Youth? Instead it seems people are busy arguing over petty bullshit when we should be figuring this out. The negative effects on quality of life because of aging happens at any age and happen in your 20s and younger even with some highschool kids balding. This isn't funny.

>Become adult
>Learn a lot
>Rinse and repeat
Bullshit I say. Imagine how much more advanced humanity would be with the average person having the wisdom and experience of a 200 year-old but the body of an 18 year-old. That would be sick.

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I know but all that comes from aging. The bad part is you cant be old and just die one day, no, you have to slowly rot away. If you are lucky you get cardiac arrest because then you painlessly die in seconds

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Here's a thing to understand about immortality
It's actually the worst thing imaginable when you think real through.
There would be an inevitable point in life where you'll consider that would have lived enough experiences to satisfy your soul.
Now imagine you'll have to live the rest of eternity in complete boredom.
This is worse than anything you could imagine.
Now that obviously doesn't mean we shouldn't stop research in reversing aging.
A slowly decaying flesh prison isn't fun after all.
We will allow people to live fulfilling healthy lives until the day they consider they have lived enough.

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People aren’t ignoring it, it’s actually getting a huge amount of funding because governments consider it a high priority area of research due to their ageing populations

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>because governments consider it a high priority area of research due to their ageing populations
Did you mean "because the people in those governments want to rule forever"?

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the fact its not being visually pursued does not mean it isnt pursued, in fact its evidence to the contrary

top elites are already getting switcharoos and have been for a few years

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Dual N Back works?

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if it worked no one would be doing adderall

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Where are these shiny pepes coming from?

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>Dual N

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Where is his math?

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His math is regular dude level. Most of his intelligence is in bullshiteering.

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I bet if you looked deep enough into his backstory , you would find his tests were not properly proctored

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The fact that /sci/ is constant;y spammed with these threads about goyslop popsci shill just goes to show you how low brow and unsophisticated the people who post here really are.

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NOT asking for help
I've already solved it (pic related)
I'm just wondering how /sci/ would have solved it
The question is:
>given the boundary conditions as shown in the figure (red box enclosed because 'tism) find temperatures at T1, T2, T3, and T4
basically, two sides of the plate are at 100 Celsius and two sides are at 200 Celsius, and you have to find the temperature at 4 points in the middle
The grid is square and equally divided (say 15 x 15 cm grid divided in 5 x 5 squares)

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Just solve heat equation numerically. Pretty easy to do in python. It meant use a python library to solve DE. I would've done it but it's night and I'm in bed trying to get some sleep.

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I can't tell if it's supposed to be like a plate of metal with lines drawn on it, or just the grid shown. I guess you've tried to solve for the grid shown, but I think you've got it wrong. There is a symmetry, which shows that T2 and T3 should be 150 (for either problem), in which case, T1 would be 125 and T4 would be 175. I think your initial equations are right, and I don't think your solution satisfies them.

In the case that it's really a 2d plate with boundary conditions along the edges, you are actually solving Laplace's equation, which is the time-invarianct version of the heat equation. It's not hard to solve numerically using a fine grid and solving a big linear equation. Analytically, the solution will be the real part of some complex analytic function, which I don't recognise. Near the TR and BL corner, the solution will approximately depend linearly on the angle from the corner.

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Materialism vs. Panpsychism?
Which side are you on?

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What do you think, Nerevar? What a grand and intoxicating innocence.

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This post makes no sense because you can be (I am) a materialist and a panpsychist and an open individualist

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Idealism is the only correct answer

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HLS mockup - edition

previous >>15775534

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go back to leftypol

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Labelled Release experiment more or less proves life is active, when the perchlorate discoveries are taken into account.

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Which is why NASA never did a follow up. If they discovered life, they knew Mars program would be defunded

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It doesn't though. If there was life, why did second and third doses of nutrients have no effect? Crazy ol' Gil Levin never could answer that one.
It's clearly some superoxide being used up.
>but anon where is the trace oxygen in Mars' atmosphere coming from
>and the methane fluctuations in Gale Crater
I don't care. I'm not trying to solve a puzzle.

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What are your predictions for those gene-edited babies in the wild?

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Not any great difference. He merely added CCR5 to the gene mix. Immunity to HIV and a minor learning improvment is all it affects. Nothing notable. You would need to edit a hundred genes for a gene edited human to have clear noticable advantage over baselines. Modifications on some genes like MSTN would be more noticeable though.

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for what purpose? just to see if it would blow up and give them cancer?

>> No.15778835

>for what purpose?
Excellent health. Longer lifespans. Greater Fitness. High Intelligence. Increase in life quality and enablement of more life choices/possibilities.

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But said gene edits were not notable.
I'm still confused because immunity to HIV seems like a huge advantage. The learning improvements would likely be difficult to measure but never getting AIDS? Considering how sex-positive societies are getting in this century, that would seem to be a breakthrough for public health.

>> No.15778865

Did you meant the CCR5 modification or in general? Because I understood that you asked for the purpose behind gene editing in general.
While no chimerification is known such modifications still need rigorious testing before such method can be implemented for medical praxis and then there will still be some resistance from conserative and preservationist groups.

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Taylor or Fourier. Call it.

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The mid 20th century abandonment of eugenics and subsequent acceptance, even celebration, of disability is what lead to the disaster we call modernity, which will inevitably worsen. It's why IQ's are falling, why genetic ailments are increasing and why we will see another dark age. It's responsible for my creation and misery. God knows how many others have been forced into lives of inadequacy and suffering by the scitards who rejected Galton. Every single major issue in society can be traced back to the acceptance of dysgenic practices.

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You got bred into a low IQ mutt, that's eugenics for you.

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I'm white.

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>I just read the wikipedia of dutton's at our wit's end, the post.
I too am also a nit wit and I too agree.

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IQ has increased in every country on the world, about ~15 point from the 40s to 2000s - Flynn effect

You're just a brainlet

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I apologize for the banality of this question, but I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what would happen to human genitals, both male and female, if exposed to the vacuum of space?

I know that the pressure difference might wreak havoc on the circulatory system, but I couldn't find any publications on the subject to confirm.

Asking in case I might someday need to explain to a normie why astronauts can't simply unzip the fly on their spacesuits to take a leak during a spacewalk and need to wear a diaper during EVAs.

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Is it possible that the media is innacurately reporting an increase in droughts as the fault of climate change, whereas the true cause of an increase in droughts is due to increased demand.
Demand in 3rd world countries has increased immensely. For example, Pakistan's population in 1950 was 40 million, now it is 220 million. Without any chance in flood patterns of volume, the number of people exposed to flooding has increased.
The media then might state "the number of pakis exposed to flooding has increased five fold since 1950", and then in the article go on to talk about some unrelated aspect of climate change. Both statements would be factual, but deliberately misleading.

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Pakistan has over 240M people tranny, and the available water had gone down per your graph

>> No.15778403

>The Colorado River is in Pakistan
It must hurt to be this stupid.

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I gave Pakistan as a hypothetical senario, try reading my post again tool.

>> No.15778572

Try looking at the graph again. You will see how the supply though highly variable has no particular trend. Notice how demand starts well below the supply of water, and steadily increases until it surpasses the supply of water.
The demand then drops around the year 2000, but remains above the supply.

During this time where demand outstrips supply, the media will bitterly complain of droughts, how the cause of these conditions are climate change, and not simply an increased usage of water.

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W-why is there no physics general??

Anyway I feel like I had a momentary comprehension regarding energy and electricity.
what is is energy and what is electricity, even though I have heard of this before and was taught a version of it but just now I "got" it. Electricity and energy aren't electrons, it is not movement of electrons, it is **movement** that carries particles or make them move, to be useful, this energy has to be 'converted' but esentially an action that makes/forces a particle to change its position in space is energy..

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Why does everything need to be generals. Make a thread about things.

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What's with these new shiny pepes being posted?

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The ultimate redpill is the realization that energy, momentum, etc. aren't real things, they're just mathematical constructs that happen to be extremely useful for describing systems and interactions, sort of like how fields aren't real things either.

It's just forces all the way down - shit pushing other shit around from the micro scale to the macro scale to the wumbo scale.

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I wouldn't call that a redpill, all that I was taught in college, that is like a basic blue pill, ultimate redpill is understanding the concept, when you are confused and in your head can't see anything just this fog that is surrounding you, and then suddenly light bulb goes on in your mind and you suddenly understand, that is the ultimate redpill moment.

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Where are all my mech bros at?

Are you getting ready for the next revolution which is generative AI for CAD design?

What are you building/designing/working on?

(There should be an /eng/ board...)

>> No.15778366

Part of generative design dominance is the AI having access to tools the user does not. CAD drawing software is all cumbersome hot garbage, similar to image editors.

>> No.15778373

I believe you meant degenerative.

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You can be a hater but it's gaining traction.

>> No.15778426

I think the future is going to be CAD tools integrating generative design to assist designers in coming up with design options, there are already some tools that are starting to offer this. CAD designers and tools will not go away of course, but some of the design study part will get easier/automated.

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No one wants to make the part from generative design.

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>the fuck? who invited that ball-earther to the party?

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Interesting molecules that make you question existence

>> No.15778242

That molecule is just a diagram. If that makes you question existence, you're doing it all wrong.

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The windmill

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>Interesting molecules that make you question existence