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Just realized most of /sci/ or at least some of /sci/ is the white/satanic version of lucifer. Didn't even know one existed as I was the black version.

I hope you enjoy your time at harvard, and whatever other cesspool's you'll be going to since when the christ comes for you, it won't be easy or short. Both my condolences and hatred goes out to you, its do to your "Superior genetics".

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???, fuck off to >>>/x/

/sci/ is a catholic board.

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1. Kèk why are you assuming that none of us believe in a higher power? And then you act as though hatred is at all appropriate with your religious tone? The Messiah would instruct you otherwise.

2. You should realize that knowledge of hard science has a fairly steep learning curve right? Just keep working on it, friend.

3. Unless you've done a thesis on genetics and epigenetics across various geographical locations, you can only make a very thin claim about it. "superiority" of genes is relative to the evolutionary needs in a given environment and IQ is determined by your Performance on a specific test. If you suck at taking tests, like me, then that measure is going to be an unfair assessment and your results will likely vary if you take the test more than once.

4. You should drop the intellectualy lazy (racist) attitude. The playing field is leveling in North America so if you apply yourself you could probably thrive as a scholar since universities really want multiethnicity in what's still a predominantly pale-skinned institution...which means you get a slight advantage.

5. Not all pale skin is the same. Some of us have been brutalized by imperial forces over the past century, especially Eastern Europe. Much of that region was basically enslaved to Nazi and then Soviet control for upwards of 60 years. Many of us feel solidarity with your group and others. Don't spit in the face of potential allies.

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So can the astronauts who colonize mars bring marijuana with them?

At some point, somebody is going to be listening to 'Dark side of the Moon' stoned as fuck, floating in zero g and looking into space.

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no you stoner faggot

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What are your favorite stereotypes about different types of mathematicians, like the algebraist vs. the analyst vs. the geometrician

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>no trap porn tabs

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>all 4.5Mb of calculator memory is girls' phone numbers

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Say I had a population of 10 people with ten scores.
The mean comes out to 900 with a standard deviation of 100.
That obviously means that one standard deviation is between 800 and 1000.
That said, assume I had two outliers of 799 and 1001.
Evaluate my assumption and tell me if this is considered correct.

With a population of 10 sets of scores, 80% of the data (8/10 = .80) falls within one deviation from the mean. In other words, out of ten scores, eight scores fall between 800 and 1000, with a mean of 900 and a standard deviation of 100. (N = 10).

Is this description accurate?

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What are your experiences with polyphasic sleep? How did it affect your cognitive ability?

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Can scientists build a magnet powerful enough to make other magnets cling to it?

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I am the greatest physicist in the world and I have created one. How much would you like to buy my design plans for?

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magnets repel other magnets you absolute faggot

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Hey, brainlet!
A magnet turns the paperclip (A) it's touching into another magnet. Which you can see because paperclip (A) can then pick up paperclip (B) and so on.

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Is it possible for humans to create an apocalyptic asteroid strike on earth by launching something big enough into space then make it slam back down?

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Asteroid impacts are so destructive because they are moving at very high speeds relative to the earth, often more than 20 km/s. If you just lifted some big rock up and let it fall down again it wouldn't be going anywhere near as fast, sure it would probably fuck up whatever it landed on but the energy required to do it would be a waste of time.

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>rocks dropped from there

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Not directly.
Firing something into space and letting it fall back is just (partially) converting the energy in the fuel into the kinetic energy of the rocket and then back into heat when it hits.
Might as well just explode the fuel at ground level.
Your scheme doesn't created any energy.

On the other hand, you must be aware of plans to deflect an asteroid away from Earth if it was on an impact trajectory. Works in reverse too. Move an asteroid which was scheduled to barely miss us so that it hits.
The energy is already in the asteroid. We're just making a minor adjustment.

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If you all are so smart, beat me in a simple intellectual challenge.

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I'm shlep

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Good night, friend. Honestly surprised this shit thread got any (you)s.

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Hi /sci/, could you explain me how to get formula S=π.r^2 by integration in polar coordinate system?

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The angle (θ) goes from 0 to 2pi, and r goes from 0 to r, then you just integrate the usual formula for surface in polar cordinates. /dθ/r×dr, which when you solve you get pi×r^2 I don't know how to use the stupid math thingy to make it look nice so i nust used / for integrals but you should get the point.

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[math]\iint_{0 0}^{2\pi\ R}r\ dr\ d\theta=\pi r^2}[/math]

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[math]\iint_{0 0}^{2\pi\ R}r\ dr\ d\theta=\pi r^2[/math]

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If you really wanna be technical, r should be in my bounds of integration and R should be my dummy variable inside the integral and differential.

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If you take a function f(x)=sinx and take its derivative an infinite amount of times what function do you get back?

And please don't say you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting +/- sin(x)/cos(x)

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50/50 it either happens or it doesn't

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Retarded question, OP.
To answer you would need to divide infinity by 4 and look at the remainder which is not defined.

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If you differentiate the function an infinite amount of times how do you measure the end result???????????

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Infinity should be banned. That's it!!!!

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[math] \mathscr{Im}( i ^ n \exp(ix)) [/math], where n = infinity

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is this a meme or did the chinese figure out how to basically control the planet with digital media?

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>The global facial recognition industry is forecast to be worth US$6.5 billion by 2021, and its continued growth in China is being spurred by innovative start-ups like Yitu Technology and DeepGlint.
christ there's even an article with the superpower by 2030 meme

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It's a meme.

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Pro-China propaganda in a laughable and obvious package.
I'll be worried about China "controlling the planet" when they can figure out what quality products and innovation are.

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Global domination isn't even in their agenda. It's not part of their culture to do anything that would imbalance their steady growth which is already challenged by internal ethnic/semi political conflict and (potentially) an upcoming loan crisis

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I just forgot my convening letter for the competitive examination of the Polytechnique-Ecole Normale Superieure universities. I was told to fuck off at the entrance of the building.
I really want to die here, and I have no one to talk to.
Also general education fuck-up thread

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What do you guys think of this textbook for Molecular and Cell Biology?

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I think that it has a fantastically hideous cover which showcases the ugliness of nature and makes me not want to read the book.

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why use anything other than alberts et al?

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>not Alberts
Why even bother

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We will never travel more than a few light years away from the earth.

No matter how advanced the human society gets, we will always be limited by the speed of light and relatively short (>1000 year) lifespans.

How does it feel knowing we are trapped in a small bubble?

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> being this ratarded

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t. soyboy

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>we will never do anything because muh capitalism/other current problem

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> I dont have an argument
Sorry buddy but always need money. I know this is hard to grasp for a neet like you, but noone likes to work for free.

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There seems to be a disproportionate amount of math and physics fags on this board.

I have a PhD in chemistry, ask me anything about materials science

but not organic chemistry cause i'm not a faggot

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I'm an analytical faggot with knowledge in comp chem

are there any comp chem jobs out there? How do I stop hating my life?

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Is it feasible to trust acoustic sound in sensitive photon measurements

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What books/videos would you recommend to make my organic chemistry ?

P.S undergrad level

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You use what you know, it's all tools in the tool box,
Where I'm at that course is first semester second year and is compulsory for mechanical, software, comp

Does this one go into Laplace at all? If it does take it, I use that shit all the time

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>There seems to be a disproportionate amount of math and physics fags on this board.
That's because unemployed people have nothing better to do than shitposting on 4chan.

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Why direct proportionality is defined as y=kx where k is a constant instead of y=k+x?

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I thought perhaps if OP knew where the word came from it might help him/her understand...

Explain things to little kids however you want, and I'll do the same.

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y=kx means that the function will always be the same line when graphed
If y=k+x the line graphed will always be offset from origin by whatever value k is which doesn't do as well of a job at explaining the concept as y=kx does since y=kx never moves anywhere.

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it's like you didn't even read his post

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>The AGP's autism isn't strong enough and he is a brainletlite


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Not OP here but I kinda understand what OP is trying to ask but I understand that proportion means y=kx

however lets say that the baseline is y=x
then we apply the proportion y=kx
Now, couldn't you take kx=q=(x+r) (where r=kx-x)

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Should one get a Bachelor of Mathematics degree for fun/satisfaction/completeness/ego alone?

I have a Bachelor of Computer Science degree and I work as a professional software engineer on ML systems and I really enjoy it and will have a nice happy productive life due to my knowledge, but everyone on /sci/ keeps calling me a brainlet so I want to get a Bachelor of Mathematics in order to prove you all wrong so any time someone insults CS I can say "Haha loser I'm a master race CS major who got a Math degree for fun and it's not that hard"

Should I?

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I own a software company.

I hire CS and math majors.

The CS people stay as code monkeys and the math people I put in charge of the CS people

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What kind of software LARPer

>> No.9685501

I own a company that owns companies.

I hire psychology and math majors.

The math people stay as middle management and the psychology people I put in charge of math people.

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not science or math

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Go back to your scrum meeting, Bob.

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Why have scientists become emboldened to speak more about the "scientificness" of race in the past year or so? Has some groundbreaking research come to light, something rooted in genetics and not just a social construct?

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The technology is advancing too fast in genomics. It's like the computer revolution but less of a consumer toy so you don't notice. The only way consumers notice is things like 23andme and testing and maybe medical care.

This technological advancement and the breakneck speed of it means all of the hidden aspects of genetics are becoming revealed. GWAS into IQ and Education attainment can be used to create predictive models to do novel things like estimate a probable adult intelligence of an embryo. Gaps in Intelligence between races will be unavoidable and so the movement to position the academia and intellectuals in a tenable position is happening. Since their current position is to deny it outright and lynch anyone who brings it up.

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race is an outdated concept, geographic clines are more accurate. Genetics will show continual gradients between populations and will show which groups of people are truly isolated.

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