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94% is way too far any definition of species. We are 90% genetically similar to cats by the way. All humans are in the 99.9% range.

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The garbage that is ruining /sci/, ladies and gentlemen. "Politically incorrect" ideology justification threads and IQ threads.

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>All humans are in the 99.9% range.
Yes and 0.1% is a lot, its enough to make a diferance between humans real and noiticable.

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>0 arguments

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Ok... We are going in circles. The 0.1% is enough to give different characteristics, like the dachshunds above. We can look at these characteristics and use them to make all sorts of groupings to our whim. It's not enough to give any solidly defined biological groupings. The groupings you make will be socially constructed, not biologically.

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>you will die not knowing exactly how an observer can collapse a wave function.

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An EM wave can propagate over vast distances. It should be obvious that the observer is the cause of wave collapse. Occam's razor.

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> can't back up with evidence

Basic plasma physics at the subatomic scale.

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but then why do entangled particles react to measurements of the sister particle, across vast distances, and a few magnitudes faster then the speed of light.

>inb4 some pansy ass deflection about information not being exchanged, even though thats what is undeniably happening.

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Empty Space is NOT Empty

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Can somebody explain why they find statistics interesting? Intriguing open problems? Cool results and theorems? Nice problems? I'm trying to make the subject seem less dry to me.

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every wrong assumption in your model becomes self apparent really fast. It's the instant gratification of maths.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean?

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Statistics is the most boring STEM field right after geology. One has to be a turbo-autist to find it interesting.

But, I guess, you can do neat stuff with machine learning.

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Machine learning/AI is entirely statistics right now.
This too, grad level stats you will consistently discover problems in your model, even your thesis during defense some kind of problem will be found. Stats is that kind of field where you need experience

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Statistics may not be inherently interesting, but obtaining meaningful results can be so.
Find some applications of statistics (for decision-making, etcetera) and discover for yourself.

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how can i demostrate if exist relation in a result when this can take the values negative and positive and if this positive exist 32 options not excluyent, all of this in duplication and compare whit relation another value whit agrupation the data in diferent class

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lrn english

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You could use a correlation metric or a distance metric.

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What does /sci/ think of this book ?
Is it enough to know undergrad general topology/linear algebra and basic group theory?
First chapter seemed difficult as it required to visualize s^3 I think but chap 2 seemed easier

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Although it may seem weird, a book that specifically focuses on 3 or 4 dimensional spaces is most likely more advanced then say a general book on alg/dif topology/geometry.

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I think I'll just try reading Hatcher hopefully it's not as hard as people say, the images were intriguing

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Hatcher isn't particularly hard, but it is hard to read. Mainly because the authors writing style is very expository and because it is filled with a bunch of sections on "additional" topics. This makes it hard to figure out what the big points actually are and what stuff is most important.

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>Hatcher isn't particularly hard, but it is hard to read.
Would you still recommend it for someone who only knows general topology and basic group theory despite the issues you stated or there are better books for AT?

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You might like Fulton

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Im having my calc I final in this moment and i know absolutely nothing. Give me the quick rundown on calculus

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Sorry anon, you're done for

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Just learn how to do derivates, basic integrals, and limits and you should be able to get a 60

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calc 1 is easy, you don't need to know anything

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>tfw calc 1 exam in 1 hr

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d/dx[2x^2] = 4x
d/dx[3x^4] = 12x^3
d/dx[e^x] = e^x

now you can get a 5%
godspeed dumbass

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>the smartest MD's do MD PhD's
>but the smarest PhD's don't

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ITT: wikipedia gifs

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A convolution product of two random variable randomly distributed

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this gif made me realize that epicycles used to explain the motion of planets from the perspective of Earth would actually make quantitatively accurate predictions with enough epicycles, because it's essentially a Fourier transform in a sense.

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That's part of why people were resistant to heliocentrism at first. Before people really got all the math worked out, heliocentric models made objectively worse predictions about orbits than geocentric ones using epicycles.

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wait a minute
there's nothing random about that graph besides the fact that it has an integral of 1!

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He probably means "equal probability" Us engineers call it a square wave.

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>does math competition without practicing
>does terribly
>friend does math competition without practicing
>scores in the top 25%
>tfw when you become a self aware brainlet

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>tfw you're too stupid for math

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your friend lied to you and studied his ass off

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There's also no telling how much he had studied and remembered in the past, though out school. It's not like he did better because he's "genetically better" at math then you, unless he is legitimately gifted like Einstein.

The had opportunities that learned him better leading up to that event, that's all. And thats something you can work on too.

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this, I leaned it in many occasions

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Could Australia be terraformed? That seems like a pretty good goal for scientists to do before trying to live on another planet.

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Uh, then what?

Even with a fuckton of fusion power, and the massive desal infrastructure necessary, where the fuck do you put it? Pump it into a lake in the middle of the outback and let nature take its course?

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I imagine that due to global warming, people will gradually begin to migrate away from the tropical and equatorial regions and closer to the arctic and antarctic regions like in Siberia, Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska, and Antarctica. Much of Africa, the Great Basin Range, Central America, Central Asia, Australia, and the Amazon will be largely abandoned due to deforestation and desertification. So we will more than likely see terraforming occurring throughout Siberia and Antarctica between the mid- to late-21st century.




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What exactly is wrong with the northern regions? people always say nothing grows there, despite there being plenty of water.

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ur such a bitch nigga

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We would be really fucked if some sort of plague like virus or bacteria is trapped in the ice on Antarctica.

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Is fire a plasma or a gas?

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it's extremely hot air, the air is so hot and full of energy that it creates light.

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A gas. Fire is just gas that's hot enough to glow.

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fire is so weird, why does it even look like that?

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Fire is often much more complicated than just being a plasma or a gas, but generally it's not hot enough for there to be significant amounts of plasma in it (it's heated by chemical bonds forming, so if you think about it, it's not really consistent for that to happen in a plasma, where the electrons that would be involved in bonding are ripped away from their atoms).

If you look at something like a wood or gasoline fire, the orange glow is from fine particles of solid carbon. Hydrocarbons or carbohydrates are carbonized by the heat (like charring, but it can happen to gasses as well), and the carbon doesn't burn as easily as the hydrogen, so it sticks around for longer. A pure hydrogen flame is nearly invisible if it's small: transparent while giving off blue light.

As for why the flame jumps around, that has to do with complex feedback processes and fluid dynamics. For instance, a volume of the fire might burn out all of the oxygen while still leaving fuel suspended in air, then the fuel cools off as it mixes with fresh air, so it's not hot enough to burn, then oxygen reaches some fuel that is hot enough to burn, so it does, and that heats the nearest fuel-air mixture, so it burns, and so on, so you get a flash of flame, then a non-burning dead zone, then another flash of flame, and meanwhile everything's moving and mixing. Burning makes heat (positive feedback: fuel/air mixture won't burn unless it's hot enough, and the temperature also drives things like evaporation, carbonization, diffusion. and convection), and consumes fuel and oxygen, producing inert gas and ash (negative feedback: you need fuel/air mixture to burn, not just one or the other with inert gas).

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What would you say to yourself at 14

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Study hard and stop comparing to others.

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Just be yourself brah

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do mechatronics not material eng

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I would say "haha, FAGGOT"

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Just kill yourself now, life just gets even worse

But go fuck Sara before you do, I mean, holy shit dude

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Accoding to the law of inertia, objects with more mass have more inertia.
Inertia is the resistance to force.

Black holes have an infinite amount of mass, and thus, are completely immune to force, and because of this, they can't move.

Debunk this, protip, you can't :)

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The universe has a finite mass. But it doesn't move...

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That only disproves the converse of infinite mass -> can't move. You're just as retarded as OP

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>Infinite mass

>An object with infinite mass would be unable to move

Except you could make it move by just accelerating the rest of the universe. Now you have an unstoppable object hurtling through the cosmos, completely denying any attempts at making it stop.

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Alright m8, the black holes can't move because of inertia, but that doesn't mean the space around the black holes can't move.

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They dont have infinite anything, its gravity is just strong enough that light cant escape and this has lead to 5 decades of scientists being colossal fucking faggots that obsess over their inability to look at the fucking thing.

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Would it be theoretically possible for a tiny machine (with components like carbon nanotubes and buckyballs) to pull waste carbon atoms out of the air and use them to build a copy of itself?

Or would there be technical or physical hurdles that prevent it, like the carbon-oxygen bond in a CO2 molecule being too strong to separate the atoms?

Pic only vaguely related

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Are you fucking stupid?

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iirc it's the black drone on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back.

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"Life's goal" is to survive and reproduce, not to break down and construct things at the molecular level
Even if breaking down everything would be the most beneficial or efficient thing for a lifeform, nature has no plan or intent pushing it towards doing that

>> No.9827123

>nature has no plan or intent pushing it towards doing that
It already does.

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Any examples?

I can think of something like a termite colony breaking down wood, but that's not at the molecular level, everything is several orders of magnitude larger

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Every fucking day. Every single fucking day when i come home this little faggot just sits there and gives me this stupid look on his face. What should i do about him? Ideas

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challenge that faggot to a duel

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slap his gf on her ass, then goad him into challenging you to a duel
you then have choice of weapons, so choose wisely Grasshopper

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just shoot that niqqa baka

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I don't use /sci/ so if this is better asked elsewhere I'll delete the thread but if/when prosthetics reach a point where they are both an improvement over their actual counterparts and affordable, would you get anything voluntarily replaced? If so, what?

I'd like to leave brain enhancement out of this thread as I think it's big enough to be its own topic.

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The point of Prosthesis is to help people. 3D printers have allowed us to help a lot more people. It is a great thing.

As for your make as good as regular limbs. Well did you ever think that 3D printed parts are a pre-req to that step?

>> No.9826705

>>Well did you ever think that 3D printed parts are a pre-req to that step?
they aren't. They're a lateral and possibly backwards step in that direction.

>> No.9826708

>they aren't.
iPhones are a pre-req to true AI and solar system colonization

Prove me wrong.

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>the big problems necessary to make prosthetics as good as regular limbs.

Can anyone give a quick rundown on these? What's standing between us and Deus Ex arms?

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Explain, please.

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How can the Acadummia Inc. (a term coined by the man with an IQ of 210, which is a world record) recover from such criticism?

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above ~125 IQ creativity (which is not measured) matters far more

this is why feynman was one of the greatest physicists of all time despite a mere ~130 IQ

>> No.9826935

is langan actually 210 iq though?

I mean he's based and redpilled which means his iq is at least 130, but has his 210 score been verified?

>> No.9827008

Where can I find the mega test he took?

>> No.9827015

based chris
dunno why this is on /sci/ though iq threads are cancer

>> No.9827025

this is another proof that IQ is a meme

added to my "IQ is a meme" folder

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Teach me vectors.

Not pic specific.

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It's a valid answer, but it's not a good answer

>> No.9826998

It is a good answer, OP just asked a bad question. He should have asked what a vector space is.

>> No.9827048

a direction from a point you choose

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File: 2.18 MB, 930x1199, 1529464673519.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone knows that vectors have both direction and magnitude

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Nah, what you want to learn first is Modules

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Is Theoretical Physics Wasting Our Best Living Minds On Nonsense?


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also they usually get wasted on bullshit cash-grab projects that never get completed. So they spend 5-10yrs working on retarded projects that constantly get disrupted due to random deadlines and dodgy """"entrepreneurs"""". And this is what they're calling 'innovation' these days.

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>Is Theoretical Physics Wasting Our Best Living Minds On Nonsense?
No, theoretical physicists do waste their time on nonsense, but they're mediocre minds at best. They use impenetrable math to fence out actually useful people who might make some progress, so they can enjoy secure employment despite producing nothing of value.

>> No.9826726

Sounds like modern mathematicians, too

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>The book is a shallow attempt to perpetuate a pop-sci stereotype without actually having to do anything

Then prove your theories are correct experimentally. Otherwise don't easily dismiss people that think your theories are correct without evidence.

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>The book is a shallow attempt to perpetuate a pop-sci stereotype without actually having to do anything

Then prove your theories are correct experimentally. Otherwise don't easily dismiss people that don't buy your theories without evidence.

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