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What is the structure of matter in the universe?

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A sponge.

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Okay but on a scale between that and the everyday human experience

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How do we know that the two statements
>There is no largest natural number
>The natural numbers go on forever
are equivalent? Never mind whether this implies that the set is infinite or not, how can we prove that it isn't just a finite poset?

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>why isn't it 11?
because 9 + 1 is not 11

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Even if x is the largest natural number, then x+1 still exists, it just isn't a natural number.

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The natural way of putting your two > into formal terms would be the same, namely that for all natural numbers, there's a new bigger natural number. The prove is to map x to x+1.
The assumption in that is that N is well ordered, which is the case due to their axiomatization. This holds for all the models.

The set given by "N without 10" just isn't the set N we talk about here in the two > statements

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>The set given by "N without 10" just isn't the set N we talk about here in the two > statements
Sure, but when you fix that set then the two statements are trivially equivalent because they're both true, right? That would make the question uninteresting.

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i'll soon get my bachelor's degree in biology and would like to study abroad (i live in pastaland).
1)What's an anglophone country which hasn't
a stellar living cost, and decent unis?
2) When applying they just select the best, so if i have some publications and/or recommendation letters that could help? how does it work?
any tips? anything really, i'm a bit lost... thanks
personal experiences very welcome

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>since rent fees are really high.
Like I said, depends on where you go. Rent fees in San Francisco are some of the highest in the world, but most places outside of the biggest cities are pretty affordable.
It's like that in every country. In England it's way cheaper to live in Edinburgh than London. In Italy it's probably cheaper to live in Sicily than Milan.

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true that.
what about healthcare expenses, though?
Are students covered with something or not?

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now wait a second, don't american unis charge astronomical fees? like everyone's in debt and stuff?

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MSc is coursework based with a research project like an undergrad dissertation but bigger.

MRes (MScR, etc.) are largely research based - typically in preparation for a PhD, and are normally part of Doctoral Training Programmes where 4/5 years are spent studying/researching with the MRes for the first year (and maybe second) and the PhD for the following 3.

If you want to do a PhD, consider applying for a Doctoral Programme where you get a MRes followed by a PhD, or simply just apply for MRes and do PhD elsewhere, etc. You could do MSc if you are not as confident in understanding of your field before going into research (maybe?), or you could do a MSc before going into industry.

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so a MSc would leave me more options in case i changed my mind about research, mmh.
MRes will give me more practical experiences over pure theory, so many lab hours, right?
Cause i very much prefer doing things than just studying

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Is standardized testing an accurate method of measuring intelligence? Why is it so prominent in academia?

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"""Management Science"""

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Standardized testing in its current form does very little to test skills other than point out who the bottom of the barrel is. It does well at measuring the reading/mat/etc abilities of an entire population of students who, on average, would normally fail a final semester exam on the topics. We need testing to gauge the abilities of students but we also need more difficult yet accurate testing.

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>deepest irony posting
All wojak/frog posters are conformed shitposters.

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Its an accurate measure of how much money each school should get.

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I wanted to know how you guys feel about grading according to a certain curve.

Does it systematically put your letter grade higher or lower than it should be if grading was absolute?
Do you feel compelled to study more if the course is adjusted to a curve or not?
Do you feel like you shouldn't help your peers to learn since that would hinder your chances to get a higher grade?

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>the faculty doesn't like having high failure rates
I wish that were true in my 3rd world shithole

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That's because students who pass at your school are likely to become colleagues of the professors. I wouldn't want my students to have been taught their prerequisite classes by some flunkie. Or just any asshole in general. I bet the profs at your school grade by nepotism.

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is this thread secretly about boobs?

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Maybe in burgerland.
Here grades are absolute and if you fail you can go cry to your mother and neither the professor nor does the university care.
Theres actually been cases of the head of department telling certain professors to fail more people.
Ive also been the only person to pass a class multiple times, and the tipical failure rate for a class in my degree is over 50%

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Explain CRISPR

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Then why are you talking about it as if it's so easy?

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Please stop replying to me if you're mentally challenged

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Previous attempts required creating a protein per change, while CRISPR only requires creating a gRNA per change.

I'm replying to myself btw cause I looked it up

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CRISPR will change everything. It's literally the most important technology of the century

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This isn't r*ddit, I can reply to you as much as I want and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Is learning math conceptually just a meme?

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You're a meme.

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As opposed to learning it via memorization or blindly doing 500 Stewart problems without actually knowing what you're doing?

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Learning math, even basic operations such as sum and multiplication, is a meme by itself

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it's a hybrid meme, since mathematical ability and number is innate

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Should I read on paper only? I've found mixed answers to my question, some studies claim computer monitor are bad for reading long papers and books (which is a thing I do daily for my study/work) and some studies not.
I'm confused: how a monitor can damage your eyesight compared to paper?
Does reading a physical book is worse because of poorer contrast and slouched posture?

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Redpill me, how different are negroid brains from human brains? Do pictures of african brains exist? Google images seems to be completely void of them.

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That may not last for long. Lagos may already be the biggest city on Earth.

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You should actually be asking about indigenous Australian brains. Their skulls look extremely different from the skulls of Africans, Europeans, and Asians

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They're likely the missing link but they don't matter as much as they are a tiny minority, africans on the other hand breed like rats and are a much bigger threat to the human gene pool and iq average.

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it's certainly one of the most polluted

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Precognition is considered to be pseudoscience. If it is/were real, in what way could it be proved?

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I've already had one precognitive dream, but I still can't prove what happened to me. It wasn't about an important event though, so letting the internet know about my dream wouldn't do any good.

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Even if humans did have precognition, they would have it in a way that would make them unaware that they have it. If somebody was aware that they were seeing the future, they would eventually draw the conclusion that anything they see is unavoidable. But thinking like this renders the ability useless, because just possessing the potential to go against what you see, alters what ends up being seen.

This is because of the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle. When you make an observation of the future, the future becomes one of many possible states, but those possibilities are influenced by the act of you making an observation. If you see a future that you'll want to avoid, then reality will have to resort to contrivances in order to make it happen even after you observe this. In this way, the universe will take a path of lower resistance, and tend toward futures that you aren't going to actively attempt to thwart, except when providing a desirable future requires more contrivances than an undesirable future.

So in order for something to use precognition, it has to always think it can go against what it sees, even if that never happens based on past experiences.

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This is called Noetics and it is measurable padawan

Noetics - Mind Over Matter

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Nah nigga

>> No.11210163

You can hone this with training, become an empath, I myself am an empath with 20 years of training. The materialist plebs here will balk or w/e but they are NPC shudra fascinated by the illusion.

If you want to understand this ability watch a tv show called The Mentalist. Being this ability is like studying any other field of knowledge. Essentially what you are doing is learning the mechanics of the matrix (including the humans) and it makes you able to predict outcomes more accurately with less variables than normies, your gut feeling/institution.

You may be able to easily predict the outcome of some experiment you set up than some podunk from /pol/ who doesn't even understand the variables let alone how to predict how they will interact and the outcome they will produce. Well just s you tower over them in this regard empaths tower over in what they can predict in this reality because they see and understand variables muggles don't. Think of Sherlock Holmes and his "supernatural" abilities to the outside observer. However to him they simply normal and logical/reasonable he simply sees things you don't and his mind knows how to crunch those variables to determine probable outcomes and his mind does it intuitively, he doesn't have to work through it, the mind simple crunches them unconsciously, just like a great athlete that can make an amazing play without thinking about the physics ie angle and sped of the ball, x vert factor to jump at y coordinate etc, they just know when to jump and when to where the length of their arm will be in the correct spot to make a once in a lifetime catch that will be on sports center highlights

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Is gang stalking real shit?

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he's banned from posting threads so
also you are spamming off topic shit in this thread so im gonna have to report you bro enjoy the 3 day vacation

>> No.11209867

No, it's a meme made up by /x/.

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It is real.

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>he's banned
im glad

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>Gang stalking? Never heard of them.

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Obviously you can discuss other rockets as well.

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What the hell happend to the green fuel (GPIM) that they were testing out. Its suppose to be about %50 better then normal fuel but once it was sent up there I have heard dick about it.

>> No.11210391

Isn't that the normal mode of spaceflight research though? Ideas and development gets dropped just before or shortly after it's done?

>> No.11210394


It’s doing it’s thing...

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>quantum mechanics is still not well known since discovery in 1920

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Good explanation, thanks anon

>> No.11210151

we do have flying cars though
as it turns out, they're fucking terrible and a safety hazard because stupid cunts wont ever stop being stupid cunts

>> No.11210168

t. ibm

>> No.11210280

Google's supremacy result is certainly a milestone in the field, but the broader QC excitement is largely hype. The big lie is that these noisy, intermediate-scale quantum devices will be useful soon.

>nobody has implemented even a single fault-tolerant, logical qubit

>current physical realization (transmon qubit) suffers from major scalability issues

>actual near-term algorithms are shit

If you think we're at the brink of a revolution you're going to be sorely disappointed.

>> No.11210328

I know how zero and one work with a cpu. the crap that they said about what they are trying to do with a quantum cpu is total b.s. and 100% insane.

you cannot use Schrodinger's equation you make a cpu. the computer is either on or off not both.

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And this>>11209885
I wonder if it is true, that kung fu masters can suck them up into their bodies.

>> No.11210062

I feel like testicles would be one of the easier organs to grow from stem cells and reattach.

>> No.11210074

that could be an interesting direction for gender reassignment surgery turning lesbians into reproductively viable men...

>> No.11210125

You'd have to do something like this but in reverse I guess?
Seems like fantasy to me though.
For the foreseeable future it'd be ball replacements for cismen, probably not even producing sperm.

>> No.11210206

the hormones would be the important point, so you don't have to take replacements after testicular cancer or something.

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Is a definition correct if it is circular? Meaning: to understand the definition of a thing you already have to know what the thing is.

I looked up the definition of "definition", but it seemed undecided. Maybe I just didn't understand it.

>> No.11209664

>Meaning: to understand the definition of a thing you already have to know what the thing is
That's not the correct definition of "correct".
Also this belongs on >>>/lit/ rather than /sci/.

>> No.11209670

Depends on the context if you si. Ply mean as in plain language w/o axioms it is inevitable

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I think I fainlly did it, in order to make winter a nicer place in cold town you must chang some of th atmopher and ectry to surronder your whol city for miles. What you ned in a wifi antia, some good code, and airplains that can delteput the atmoshper. Beucase the sun should be white not yellow. COme to wichita nad eaime m work, I ddint detail my work beucase I know you guys can catch up. I ahve been working on this evre sense I went to hadly middle school. THe only times when its cold now is when i cloudy. I did this in Kansas because I wanted to show you guys that people that are called commoners can do whatever you can do if they try. We area ll sci nest we are all gods and devils/ IF was my ace up the hole just in case you guys started getting big heads. Now look at the weather map and try to clean your part o the atmopher and you will see when the sun shines through white like it does now in kansas you cna look at the sun it warms the air twenty degrees, the only raccoons it gets cold some is because of night, and the winter winds that blow from the north. Sci Checkmate. Now your going to bame it on global warming, I assure you it isint. Your ace aged like vinger, because you sold out to the biraocary.

>> No.11209658

I know English isn't your first language, but I can't understand a fucking word you're saying.

>> No.11209662

what your town hould do is set up a gifted program to study the weather if your doing this. THat way hte weather man can get charts and precit when the studnets form teh middle school solve it. BEucase the only accurate charts in the town are from hadly middle school. Haldy is so famous ofr hte waether beucase of me that the weather man even uses that school to check the weather. Beucas e usuallyin the pat accorin to the charts w mae for oh about sixteen years its been nicer all the suden right when you stepped on WEather doesnt just belong to adults that what we used to say. hadleys pplay ground, and the sun was always white above hadly.

>> No.11209666

BEucase i posses a higher covableury then your used to, beucae the englsih icotyary has more than just one lauange in it. My professors understand my englsih just fine, beucase you guys are illerate on this site compare to kansas gramar. Kansas grammar is the best int he wrold after the uk.

>> No.11209674

Low quality posting is against the rules, faggot.
Learn English and try again later.

>> No.11209693

Hy bitch, learn singleness yourself. You go with te common mangetout, I have the whole stile dictionary memorized. I ma just using words that are above your level, beucase yo never used your brain as a kid and had your uncle read you the best diconatry in all of the untitited states. I still own the iocary that my mom stole from the libary in satle, my englsih is better than your bitch faggot mark as want to be tawwin sell up but slut. SO get over yourself before i hack your computer and come beat the ling dog shit out of you. You are just mad that your whole crew of people cant beat one or two sci nest that tr and just break the rules of those sloppy second colleges you go tot to study satires work. i bet you dont even know have the words I just typed because your illiterate as fuck you junky

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From the point I'm trying to find, it has a slope of negative one until it reaches the point -65,-17, and it has a slope of positive one until it reaches the point of -31, 49

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>> No.11209806

an example of the use of math in the real world

>> No.11209812

>Why am I not surprised
I think this is high-school level math, and those are teenagers.

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Niggers can't do math at all.

>> No.11209845

>I think this is high-school level math
Yeah, okay, maybe in Leicestershire where highschool is ages 11 to 14.

>> No.11209852

I live in the US, and schools over here suck because of diversity and common core.

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Is there a method to becoming a genius or is it all genetic?

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>> No.11209650


Sounds like a person to me but wouldn't be surprising if it were a bot, maybe a person who is so soulless he sounds like a bot

>> No.11209657

She IS real.

>> No.11210035

Yeah that's what modern teachers call it so the brainlets are not hurt

>> No.11210053

That's ridiculous. Einstein was a mutant. A part of his brain was larger than it is in all other humans. But that just means genetic engineering is an inescapable part of our future. Because I sincerely doubt we will even have a future if we don't start fiddling with intelligence on a genetic level. The sooner this taboo is made obsolete the better off we will be.

>> No.11210097

learn all of khan academy by the age of 10 and drink joe rogan kale shakes daily

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Calculus - Volume 1 and 2 - Tom Apostol

Calculus - Michael Spivak Calculus on Manifolds - Michael Spivak

Differential and Integral Calculus (Volumes 1 and 2) - Richard Courant

Introduction to Calculus and Analysis(Volume 1 and 2)-Richard Courant,Fritz John.

Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach - Morris Kline

Calculus: Early Transcendentals - James Stewart

Calculus (Early/Late Transcendentals) - Howard Anton, Irl Bivens, Stephen Davis

Vector Calculus - Jerrold Marsden, Anthony Tromba

Should I add or remove any of the books?

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>> No.11209884

Good luck on your attempt to force this into a pasta anon

>> No.11209895

>Pick one calculus book and MOVE ON. Actually just stop thinking for yourself and work through the /sci/ wiki page on Mathematics and come back when you're done.
Literally my problem nigger. The sci wiki lists half a dozen guides each citing hundreds of books.

>> No.11209898

You know what fuck it I'll start with some khan academy courses and spivak.

>> No.11209906

Here you go:

>Basic Mathematics - Lang
>Khan Academy (finish up to and including multivariable calculus and linear algebra)
>Analysis I & II - Tao
>Rudin Complex and Functional Analysis

Now don't come back until you have done every exercise along with past papers online.

>> No.11209916

Go through them all, in their entirety, compare between their differences.

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the central limit theorem is too crazy

i cant believe that it actually exists

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>> No.11209991


This guy got educated, dumped his wife and turned atheist just so he could BTFO Chomsky.

>> No.11210055

bro i wrote a paper on this once and saying that they don't have grammatical embedding is idiotic, its just that the grammatical devices marking it have null phonological realization. Also the stories about them having trouble with arithmetic are way overblown.

>> No.11210066

>or dice that were almost flat so only two sides would land,
It's called a coin.

>> No.11210139

Isn't this a more extreme version of the "if you don't learn a language before 8 years old you will never be able to speak it at a native level because of plasticity" statement?

>> No.11210181


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