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What's it like to be smart?

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I was wondering why someone would make such a thread and why it attracts posters. Everyone here is just looking to validate themselves right?

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the one’s you want to fuck care, and all of them care if presented with an exceptional specimen and a mediocre one side by side

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this, though by college they're usually more into money than muscles (good luck if you don't study medicine)

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he has been talking about Jews for months you unobservant cross-boarding faggot

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What would a person be if he or she would have a completely mirrored brain structure?

Like two left lobes that from one brain? Or two right lobes, completely identical to one another?

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Crippled and pretty low on the eugenics scale

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1. Take 2 identical cpus
3. Saw them in half
4. Glue the respective identical halves together
5. Does the result work?

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What the fuck is his problem?

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His IQ is extremely high. He solved a long standing problem in mathematics a year ago. Not actually a problem just thought I'd leave a shitpost on a shit thread.

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He dun wanna die.

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Here's his wikipedia for no one that cares: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aubrey_de_Grey

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Getting old. Duh!

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molecular waste products

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How serious is China about space colonization? If they become the dominant player, will they allow non-Chinese in space?

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>space colonization

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>will they allow non-Chinese in space?
Hopefully they won't. Only the chinese can lead humanity towards the stars. The filthy americans are nothing but barbarians and the sooner they're stopped, the better.

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At least bathe

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i'm not looking for books, have read a few, have more on the to-read list
am looking for relatively short (i.e. not book-length), self-contained articles, like this one >>10410828

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not science or math

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what does it mean?
clue 1 search particulat clock
clue 2 clock in berlin
solve it you /sci/entists

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code is pART of a set of four the staue kryptos, one that is in front of the CIA, being the only unsolved one of the four.

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that's just jibberish

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what was the solved message

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How does /sci/ feel about coastal wolves, and the prospect of them evolving into seals/seal like creatures? Here's a vid breaking down everything:

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bumping my own thread because i fucking LOVE these funky beach dogs

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OK video, kinda interesting but non-negligibly annoying with silly graphics and sound effects and the end is intolerable

anyhow for sure these wolves might evolve some interesting adaptations, but i don't see them "becoming seals" since obviously there are already actual seals in that area occupying that niche. plus not having legs obviously doesn't give the seal any advantage at eating salmon heads (otherwise they would already?) she even mentions otters -- i could see wolves becoming more otter like but not really seal like

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If you're smart, you must be rich

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Why aren't all the worlds smartest men(200IQ+) on the top 100 list of billionaires though?

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Alot of athletes are rich as fuck but I bet none of them have a higher iq than average.

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more like dead and broke

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>Some geniuses are poor therefore all genius are poor

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That's true. Just look at Perelman. Big brained his way into 1 million dollars. He turned it down of course but he could've been rich.

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So how far can this concept be extended to force two objects together. I understand that it is very hard to keep any substantial charge difference, the primary problem being due to the electrical breakdown of air. But just as a quick concept, if a powered device produces a charge on itself, and that charge induces a charge on another object like a wall, and the two are only separated by a strong insulator, presumable a better one than air, then what sorts of forces are possible between them. I know someone before must have tried something like this, has anyone heard of anything like it, even just some sort of demonstration.

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look up electroadhesion

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anyone remember static shock?

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My partner and I were at a hotel with really weird bed sheets. When the light was off even moving in the bed made the whole sheet crackle and flash with static... crazy. It could be the way they launder the sheets...

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in the past Dr. Gates seemed to be sympathetic to simulation hypothesis people -- he never seemed to object to people invoking adinkra error-correcting codes as an argument in favor of simulation theory. good to see he finally put his foot down on that nonsense

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Who gives a fuck about some black guy who probably has a huge vascular dick which could really satisfy my wife?? Not me!

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>simulation hypothesis

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back to >>>/pol/ with that shit; the two biggest supporters of the simulation hypothesis are Nick Bostrom and Max Tegmark, both fucking swedes

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I‘m a MechE freshman but thinking about switching to EE. Can you gib me pros/cons, tips, own experience etc.

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Engineering is full, study something else. Just look at how many of you there are posting every single day about what engineering major they should choose. Also >>>/adv/.

t. engineer

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do comp eng or come sci or somthing

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How do species transfer between asexual and sexual reproduction? Do twins have to be produced with the same conditions of sexual dimorphism?

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Asexually reproducing creature mutates hermaphroditic sexual reproduction as a secondary path.
Redundant parts degenerate until you get two specialized sexes.
Something like that I dunno.

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I keep getting stuck at math mostly equations, didn't go to school until the age of 17 because I hated school.

How do I master math from 0 to 100?
I feel like things hasn't connected since I never spent lots of time doing math.

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What's your reasoning behind your statement?
I'm not saying my English is broken but I don't reside in a country where English is our first language.

Math itself is a universal language.

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if you can post on 4chan you can read math textbooks.

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Start with the Greeks :^)

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Euler's Algebra was translated in English, Portuguese, French and probably others.
The original is in german.

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If you were 350 miles above Earths surface. How slowly would your decent be not to burn up ?

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Well actually it's 1001 mph

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Felix accelerated to 833 mph before he reached terminal velocity and started slowing down, and he only jumped from 24 miles. And recent studies have shown the "atmosphere" extends out to near or past the moon

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>And recent studies have shown the "atmosphere" extends out to near or past the moon

lol No, they are only detecting the atmosphere trail where the particles that escape are being blown by, "solar winds."

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Wow I had always thought 1000 but 1001 would make scene .

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Ok the space shuttle descends at 17200 mph this speed causes a burn up if you slowed that down to 1000 mph would you still have the burn up ? At what speed do you experience burn up from 350 miles above earth ?

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can one of you science bros
solve this

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Vertical, less friction. Would you imagine the water of a tube of water at 1 degree from the horizontal travelling faster than one held at 90 degrees? Obviously not. This is an absolute brainlet question, and shows you have absolutely no desire to think for yourself, despite being autistic enough to waste 10 minutes drawing your OP picture.

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this guy gets it

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No, the top is open

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this guy doesn't get it

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this guy doesn't get it

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muskrats on suicide watch

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have you tried not being a dirty pajeet?

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You shouldn't mix up shills with actual fans. I mean yeah, he does have actual fans, but those 50k upvotes on reddit you are seeing are mostly shills and bots.

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>Elon: 25 million followers on twitter
>Oprah: 42 million followers on twitter
>Obama: 105 million followers on twitter

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Elon and pewdiepie regularly gets 100k+ likes and retweets though while Oprah barely gets over 1k. She's not relevant anymore.

>> No.10411220

Pewdiepie: 86 million followers on youtube and 16 million on twitter, a black worshipping website for old people outside his sphere of influence.
I don't even like pewdiepie but he's clearly got way more reach online than oprah and it's not close.

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Not a STEM major, but I think you might be able to help me out. One of my professors is dead set on my going into a PhD program. I have a 3.8 GPA and I’m not an honors student, what right do I have to get into such a program?

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>PhD program

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He is Jewish, how did you know?

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That fucker is always taking my gf in my JAV. He’s a real bastard.

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>3.8 gpa
That's fine. What, do they expect you to get everything right?

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How is race meaningless when European and East Asian natives' genes are 1.5-2% Neanderthal, whereas African natives have 0%?

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So there are only two distinct races?

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You are literally too dumb to understand the argument. Pro-tip: It's not about denying that different peoples have distinct genetic signatures nor necessarily that they have different physical and mental characteristics on a group level.

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because genes are retarded, its just combinations of nucleotides fampai
Where you want to draw the distinctions is arbitrary

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Stupid nigger. Take your garbage to /pol/

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>t. /pol/

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I don't want to sound negative, but I can't understand why /sci/ recommends this guy.
I've watched a lot of his videos and they are all so incredibly science-light, and sci-fi heavy.
It just feels like someone riffing after reading a sci-fi novel or something, all vague handwavey fluff.

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looks like half the videos on his channel are about the fermi paradox lol

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Yeah, it's like what do you even say about that? The fermi paradox itself is already kind of pseudo science.

>> No.10410647

S o y

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scifi is pretty fun, if you wanted actual science you'd just read a textbook instead of watching a youtube video

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No one here would recommend this fat fuck

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Science is fucking gay you disgusting faggots.

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