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If your organ shuts down, can it reboot? Serious question. Does the organ die completely when shut down?

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my organ shuts down and reboots every day

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So if the doctor tells you "your liver has shut down" then you're just screwed? That sucks.

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You must by the updates from Bill Gates.

You will own nothing, not even your own body, and be happy about it.

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mostly no*
mostly yes*
things aren't always so clear cut anon
you're getting a transplant in that case

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Current medical ability is unable to reboot organs to any meaningful degree, but eventually human bodily entropy will be reversed given enough advancement in gene therapy. Once we're able to clone and grow organs for someone's body with a 95% acceptance rate, we will be able to pursue cell regeneration, i.e physical immortality*. When you're able to replace your old lungs with that of your young adult self, lifespans will be up to over an average of one hundred years.

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Infinite sets exist even though we’ve never seen them. Undefinable real numbers are real even though it is never been proven that they are required to satisfy the real axioms. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. Paradoxes are just a natural part of mathematics. There is no correct approach to mathematics, no system is true and consistent, you can just make up axioms as long as they appear to be consistent with each other, never mind the real world and intuition.

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Well what you're treading on is called philosophy of mathematics. Paul halmos in his introduction to naive set theory says right out that you tend to presume that sets exist you don't prove that they do. And if you want to go one step further back you would have Parmenides well maybe that's more than one step, who says that all is one. So as soon as you're dividing one I've been to many the question then becomes where are the boundaries. And you can sort of have an IU view that says well there's a natural boundary say you have one piece of land and then a river and then another piece of land and then you can say that river is a natural boundary. The problem is there's land continuous the river is just water on top of that one piece of land. One way to think about this is to use a philosophical approach called pragmatism although I don't believe there's very much philosophy of math dealing with this directly although I think the philosopher Charles Sanders Pierce who is recognized as an American pragmatist was very much into mathematics. So when people do math they're trying to solve a problem like a literal problem for example they have sheep and they have no way to count them because they haven't invented counting yet but they can take a bag of stones and every morning they see the Sheep leave the Sheepfold and they put a stone into a pile. They do that for every sheep. Then every day when the Sheep come back they put a stone back into the bag. And then they know they have all the Sheep when there's no more Stones left in the pile. And they can do that without any notion of counting all they know is that if there's rocks in the pile there are still sheep out there.

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So it's even sort of questionable whether you can ever have a number without a unit. Like you can have one stone or 5 or 10 stones in this pile of stones representing the Sheep out of the Sheepfold but can you ever have a 5? What does that even mean?

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Yes I see what you’re getting at. Numbers are adjectives and arithmetic is simulation. To add 3 + 7 is fundamentally the same as writing 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1, which is defined as 10. So we just develop mental rules and memorize results of these simulations. All math is world modeling. For this reason it makes no sense to invest in set theory and other inventions

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Math comes from the Greek


From the root ofμᾰνθᾰ́νω(manthánō,“I learn”)+-σις(-sis,verbal noun suffix).

So in this sense you could literally say that math is a sort of learned behaviour. And then the question becomes our people learning things that actually exist is math natural Are there natural numbers or are all numbers artifice that is Art. I would leave more towards saying numbers are invented to solve problems rather than that they naturally exist. However this gets that is Art. I would leave more towards saying numbers are invented to solve problems rather than that they naturally exist. However this gets a certain sort of mathematician very butthurt because he likes to think that his math skills are like a natural ability just like a football player is naturally good at throwing the ball and so forth. But math isn't actually like that math is just memorizing a bunch of arbitrary stipulations. That doesn't mean engineering or physics are like math it just means that the math component to those things is made out. You couldn't figure out that if you are carrying weight you move more slowly without any mathematical equations determining how much more slowly it would make you move given the same Force.

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>Math comes from the Greek

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>voyager 2 sends the same strange readings once it gets as far as voyager 1

How big would that be?

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I think he's talking about the heliosphere. Nothing is going to happen because we already know about it

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Nope. That's old news

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Voyager 1 is sending seemingly impossible telemetry data, which points to something being broken.

If Voyager 2 reports the same once it gets far enough then there is something we don't know happening out there.

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It passed beyond the render distance.

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Yes, according to V1's telemetry there is a warm and moist subtropical system forming inside the Oort cloud. If V2 confirms this its likely to mean hurricanes and heavy rain on Pluto for the next 10 billion years.

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If I close my eyes, I can imagine a color. Furthermore, I can even see it in some circumstances, such as under the influence of certain drugs or in dreams or just before falling asleep. But how is something like this possible? How does the brain "invent" the effect of electromagnetic waves to represent colors? How does the "screen" that we have in our minds work?

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Photons strike cones and rods and cause electrons to move via the photoelectric effect. From there it's all circuits. Subjective perceptions of colors are up to however consciousness works. Could be souls, nobody knows. Nobody even says we see the same colors. But your colors are always consistent for you, so it doesn't matter.

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how could you imagine a color without seeing it? i can’t empathize with what you’re describing, sorry.

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Consciousness and synesthesia

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Is there any physical definition for it? always appears as t in physical equations but I don't recall anyone defining it. In almost every case it's considered to be a scalar but is this a fact? Most things that turned out to be true defied human intuition. Could time be a vector quantity (eg. complex)? What are the implications of imaginary time?


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"It doubtless seems highly paradoxical to assert that Time is unreal, and that all statements which involve its reality are erroneous. Such an assertion involves a far greater departure from the natural position of mankind than is involved in the assertion of the unreality of Space or of the unreality of Matter. So decisive a breach with that natural position is not to be lightly accepted. And yet in all ages the belief in the unreality of time has proved singularly attractive."

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Well you can read the whole thing it's still used if you're taking metaphysics of time or whatever your University calls it.

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This is not a usable definition. What's a clap? What happened at number of claps = 0? How many claps can you fit between a pair of claps?

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We're a 3d being and can't perceive time. What we understand is that time goes forward, but we only ever experience one moment in time. What about the other moments? We feel they exist but likely inaccessible to our perception. Mathematical model shows us time is another dimension, similar to all other dimensions like length, width, height. It's got a scale where all other moments in time are marked.
Then there are other dimension in top of time, that our mathematical models shows as well,but we have no hope of perceiving them.

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Environmental Science, any anons here work in the field, do you like it? I want to work outside and am to dumb for hard Sciences, so I though this would be a good degree

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It's not a science, but you could also look into being a park ranger

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I thought about that, but the pay is really low, and I don't want to deal with park visitors, it's also seasonal

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your career choices are between doing minimum wage field work and sitting in an office producing propaganda for about double the minimum wage.
the propaganda is used to justify "grants" because theres no other way for anyone in the field to get money since they produce nothing of value. the grants are expended on the process of producing more propaganda to justify next year's grant.
if you ever produce any research that contradicts the government/media narrative, the grants will stop flowing and you'll be hounded out of the field

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how is macacopox transmitted

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anal fisting and sharing potato chips

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blood for this version.

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by glowniggers who use the internet to spread false rumors of nonexistent viral epidemics

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Extremely close exchange of bodily fluids. This includes but is not limited to sex.

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close contact on surfaces and close through infected aerosol.

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whats stopping us from making a machine that can change the atoms and shit of elements so we can make something even like dirt to gold or diamonds?

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Here ya go friend


Only thing we need to do now is capture it.

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Sure let me drive down to the household appliance store and buy a nanofabricator

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Synthetic diamonds are already real and being sold, they're less desirable because no African child was maimed because of it

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The machine is called a particle accelerator and we don't use it for that because it turns out it's a waste of time to be fucking around with atoms when you can just dig gold and diamonds by the kilo straight out of the ground.

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Diamonds are easier, it's just an arrangement of carbon.
The entire diamond industry is one huge scam that is controlled by a handful of Jew llers.
Remember to spend 3 months salary on your engagement ring, rules is rules

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Photons interacting with things they never touched.

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As for the beam that goes to the left into the camera lens; what is the material of the tunnel/tube that connects directly to the lens of the camera the other end connecting to the beam splitter that sends the left side light to the left?

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Another retard-tier experiment, without including important details.
If you did that experiment in first place why not show the full IRL setup of it?
Why the fuck would you draw that simplified garbage? Just record the experiment as you do it, otherwise stop wasting internet space and time for this low quality larp.

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I believe that physics is both local and non-local. Rather than a property inherent to physics, I believe this is a property of the environment. Stated accurately, I believe that our universe utilizes both localized and geometric expressions of physical phenomena.

These beliefs are presented for the sake of completion, they are not required to test my hypothesis. The specific math present in the universe involves "zeroes collection" at the edge of discrete phenomena, which are used to paint higher order laws such as conservation of mass and energy. We can explore the full implications of this model later, for now there is an alluring hypothesis we should probably focus on.

According to my models, natural phenomena have a dissipation rate (due to the unstructured environment) in the mathematics of vibration that are purely virtual and offer no constraints to intentional resonance. Should this prove correct, it may be possible to construct an environment where the resulting waveforms produce an overunity in specific bands. The hypothesis I'd like to propose could provide us not with free energy, but a controlled, periodic surplus of measured energy ordered in a form we'll have to devise (since it otherwise wouldn't have occurred naturally). I'm certain that the math can produce overunity, but I don't have sufficient basis to predict how this would affect a given environment. I'm also not certain if the overplus could perform useful work in a system, but figured that we can at the very least discuss it.

We should be able to construct a fairly trivial hypothesis for this.

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One could say I'm resonant in your hypothesis. I'm reminded of paper related, whose conclusion states that "We inhabit a 3D hologram, embedded in an infinitely-dimensioned imaginary hyperspace. Matter, forces and energy emerge from the geometry and curvature of this complex spacetime. The bedrock foundation of the entire universe is multi-dimensional mathematics." In it quotes Maxwell's (actual apostrophe, unlike the gibbs heaviside equations masquerading beneath his name)
>“The peculiarity of our space is that of its three dimensions, none is before or after another. As is ‘x’, so is ‘y’, and so is ‘z’. If you have 4 dimensions, this becomes a puzzle. For first, if three of them are in our space, then which three? Also, if we lived in space of ‘m’ dimensions, but were only capable of thinking ‘n’ of them, then first, which ’n’ ? Second, if so, things would happen requiring the rest to explain them, and so we should either be stultified or made wiser. I am quite sure that the kind of continuity which has four dimensions all co-equal, is not to be discovered by merely generalising Cartesian space equations.” — James Clerk Maxwell, in correspondence with C.J. Monro, Esq., 15
Mar 1871[2]

If , such a hypothesis is to be taken at face value, than the informationalists obviously have explications, for if entropy is conserved riding a non-commutative or non-associative shortcut through hyperspace than nature may well be performing it.

(1/x) catcha: x4G0D

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I consider the natural dissipation of charge density into the environment, especially from a geometric algebra perspective that charge density is a current flowing not in L but in T. Charge density, as one is aware by the mass-energy relation, coincides with gravitation, or perhaps mathematically, the re-geometerization of the environment.

such theorizing's lead me to consider electrons, or perhaps wider varieties of subatomic particles (I'm still filtered by Cohl Furey's bioctonion stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E2iiuunK-E&ab_channel=QuantaMagazine) are like self recursive warp bubbles of charge. the electro and magnetostatic forces dissipate, but the concentration of charge density warps the environment back in on itself. I believe this analog to be equivalent of the model in

where the apparent charge of the electron is dissipating equal to a Casimir vacuum effect generated by the frame dragging of electrostatic forces inside the particle. When i was greeter with your idea of looking for zeros, my mind jumped here for some reason

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My basic problem with holographic models like that is their capacity to model (and predict) literally anything. They don't give us bearing in hyperspace, so we're forced to construct arbitrary submodels to create predictive domains in. Collating so many models is what led to my current understanding, which was mostly just looking for correlations in hyperspace (like most theoretical intuitions).
>some reason
That's correct. All of physics necessarily occurs along the charge density gradient, and vacuum is one of the zero edges. These subtle effects at the edge of definition are precisely where the math needs to be examined most for us to gain a dimensional bearing that isn't imaginary (or holographic, if that's clearer).

Resonant effects wouldn't be noticed in a holographic universe because it lacks the compounding texture of material physics.

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you can cry to the jannies all you want, it doesn't change the fact that this is >>>/x/ tier garbage "science" based on feels and insanity.

this board sucks ass, but i'll call out quack bullshit when i see it.

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Do good looks = good genetics?

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Fun story about that. https://peerj.com/articles/13122/

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Congratulations anon, you've discovered why it is we want to bang healthy people over disfigured husks.

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This board is filled with geniuses, virtually everybody here seems to be smarter than 99% of the global population, it really boggles my mind

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>this is my ridge

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I assumed it was either Marvel or DC and I assumed those are separate companies or franchises, I am not American and I did not grow up with your comics.

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comics were always for faggots and losers, still are and they even have capeshit on TV for these losers too

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Nah m8
I'm really stupid

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>balls evolve outside the body
>males now have a critical weak spot as a result

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I hope they at least blew them first.

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look at pictures of American indian women in the late 1800s. Even the 30 year olds look like toothless 100 year olds today. No wonder they always said, "never get captured" and saved the last bullet for themselves when fighting Indians.

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>> No.14507219


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Bros, It's over...

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could there be pockets of cold material within the earth crust or is it just a gradient of warm to hot to incredibly hot etc

I'm thinking something akin to the gulf stream but internally, could there be potentially cold i.e. <50c pockets of dirt or material deep within the earth crust <15000m+ that might have conditions suitable for life? maybe some flowing liquid would somehow have a cooling effect or would it all eventually be warmed up with time

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Maybe there are pockets but in general I think its a gradient curve

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>One race the human race bro

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>one race the happy face spider race bro

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thank you for reminding me these exist :]

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Is there any machine learning models that calculate how the Bitcoin and crypto as a whole will replace the current monetary systems of the world and is it possible to build out comprehensive narrative how that is going to unfold? Bitcoin is supposed to be perfect money in digital age so lots of you have heard about it , or hate it already with all other memes and what not , but i'm strictly interested in possibilities how will the economics of the world fundamentally change when people move on from fiat printed money toward digitally scarce crypto alternatives , how that is going to influence life as a whole in a modern world?

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there must be a way out surely?

many things are illegal right now but still function

>> No.14506351

the bitcoin network can be destroyed by the government if the government wanted to. Websites could be seized, including the websites that broacast the transacions, and physical computers involved seized too. The network cant be secret if its going to be money.
We may see digital dollars accounts at the central bank tho, much better

>> No.14506369

Maybe something highly anonymous like monero will persist as underground currency. But it will be quite risky and of no economic impact.

>> No.14506731

It is used to pay for drugs and more importantly to send money to hotspots without banks connected to Swift like Iran

>> No.14506742

Bitcoin won't do any of that. It's a glorified pyramid scheme appropriated from edge use cases for validating anonymous purchases online. Bitcoin is not scalable. It's not liquid. It's useless

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Are people who have conflicting beliefs mentally unsound? Are they unfit to be allowed in public unchaperoned? Is the government willfully endangering the general public by allowing the insane to roam free?
Should science put an end to the practice of allowing mentally ill people to roam free where they will inevitably cause problems for innocent normal decent people? Can science put an end to the practice? If science can't, or won't, then who can and will?

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But they are inbred. They are used for studies in birth defects since they started from a smaller and more closed off gene pool.

>> No.14506629

The reason is that a ton of Mexicans will claim being white when they've got 25% conquista.

>> No.14506821

Jews have a trick for dealing with this and it's about always playing both sides. If you are not consciously dealing with the contradiction then you are in trouble.

>> No.14506862

Yeah cause your government created the classification as either white or non-hispanic white on fasfa forms, census data, etc.. No Mexican actually wants to list themselves as white but they are forced to.

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For a long time I've been wondering if there is some proper psychological term for this feeling, but I wasn't able to find anything, probably because I don't know how to properly describe it.
Sometimes, when I'm not mentally preoccupied by other things, I suddenly get the feeling that I can only describe as becoming aware of my existence more intensively than usual, the feeling that my consciousness is binded to my body and that I exist in this world. (I hope the way I describe it doesn't sound like some esoteric bullshit)
Is there a name for this phenomenon?

>> No.14506259

you sure do seem to like talking about yourself

>> No.14506316

This is my understanding of how consciousness works.

>subconscious layer
You take in information without any sense of awareness. You have no sense of recollection.
>conscious layer
You are aware of certain things that you're paying attention to. This is the ability to recall whats happening to the event at hand from the subconscious layer.
>"self" conscious layer
You run the conscious layer again, only instead of watching the subconscious layer, you're now watching the conscious layer. Now at this point, you see a "self" reference during the event. Ofcourse, the "self" reference is just a conscious layer on top of conscious layer. In this layer, you can recall whats happening to the body while you're paying recalling what happened to the conscious layer.
>meta self conscious layer
You're now "outside" the body in a sense that gives you an even higher level of conscious experience. This is the "out of body" experience. Which is basically running a conscious layer on top of the "self" conscious layer from before. So not only are you aware of the body, and the consciousness event of the particular parts at the subconscious layer, you're now also aware of the fact that there's a "self" that's aware of the "self" which is aware of the body's feelings while you're conscious of the event. So you feel an alien feeling at this stage.

If I had to give an analogy, think of subconscious as a raw data of the image that you take. Consciousness as the printed picture event. Self-consciousness as the you holding a picture of the event. And meta self consciousness as remembering the time of you holding a picture of the event.

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hey /sci/ i was cooking and the deep fryer exploded. do you know of any papers on oil burn recovery? i burned signifcant part of my chest. pic not my hand.

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If you have a serious skin burn just take antibiotics as a prophylaxis. You don't fuck around with that shit.

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It is important to cull the weak and unproductive from the genepool. Run this experiment for a couple more thousand years, things will work themselves out.

>> No.14507207

>Seeth in you prison population, opioid epidemic, gun deaths, mass shootings, massive medical debt and so on.
You watch too much fake news. kek

>> No.14507339

At minimum recommend him Manuka honey. Goddamn.

>> No.14507397

Take 5g to 7g of l arginine before sleeping and 3 hours after last meal and drink except water to increase collagen production. Cycle it for a weeks on and off, and use a derma roller on skin.

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What are the scientific consequences of earlier puberty in children? Is this a good thing or a bad thing, from an evolutionary standpoint?

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>Puberty is Getting Younger Every Year
Obesity caused by high-carb western diet with too many refined sugars like HFCS, CS, fructoses, etc.

Obesity also caused by increased estrogens in water supplies from women taking birth control pills and 25% of the population on anti-depressants.

Obesity due to hormone disruptors such as plastics, from food containers, microplastics, off-gassing of plastics in household items and clothing, etc.

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It is well known that less food delays puberty and more food increases it. Also if you had less food as a kid you will be shorter as an adult.

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>decreased height
does that mean only in girls reaching early puberty or boys too? where I live at least so many zoomers soar over people, and im 5'10. it feels like these kids are all getting taller

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its probably not the same because your base values are different. Read somewhere estrogen causes women to get bigger tits but also closes growth plates faster. Thats how you get big titty midgets vs flat lanklets. I would assume even if estrogen works on men we simply dont reach threshhold since its naturally lower.

As for reasons - baby pill for example is high estrogen to kill period. They piss that out and it goes into water. Filtration doesnt filter homrones out so now your water comes with estrogen as a bonus. plastics have estrogen imitating softeners which seep into you trough skin.
The entire enviroment is tainted

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