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How can you build a simple pressurised water nuclear reactor in your backyard capable of producing 500W

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I remember hearing about betavoltaics, with tritium, but it got me thinking, why hasn't there been any research into Radioisotope Photoelectric Generators
I mean, tritium glows, and if you block the beta the only thing you're left with is xrays

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not him but both those memes are awful and you should be ashamed of yourself

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cool story Sarah.

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What was it like before they came out with tv? Did you really all sit around and look at the radio?

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no idea, ask your father. '
do you have one anon?

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She's right, you know


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Where did she live?

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How much would the cure cost and how accessible?

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niggers and hispanics shouldn't mix. They do anyway. The reproduction instinct is too stronk. Nobody will refrain from reproducing just because someone tells them to.

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agreed. We should abort cripples abd retards too.

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mix... i mean reproduce

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Hi you may remember me from a few months ago where I made a thread discussing my plans for a way to breed a species of drano resistant fruit flies and drano resistant rats.

Last week I finished setting up my basement to host the hundreds of generations of fruit flies and rats I will be breeding a gradual resistant to drano too.

This morning I sprayed my first batch of flies with a solution of one part drano 50 parts water. They have managed to survive the spray, I intend on doing this everyday as well as feeding them nutrients and allowing them to reproduce with other families. After 10 generations of fruit flies I will decrease the ration of 1:50 to 1:49. Every 10 generations the part of water will do down by one.

As for the rats, I am injecting them with 0.5ml of drano into their spine. It seems the rats did not survive their shots this morning. Tomorrow I will try a muscle and see if they survive that, if not I will decrease the dosage.

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thanks for the input /pol/. shitposting is so amazingly beneficial to huwhite men

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but what do you think about this absolute madlad?

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Christchurch was orchestrated by the Jews to benefit Jews and to harm Native Europeans. Even the fucking name of the city is 100% Jewsih. (((CHRIST CHURCH))) ... I mean come the fuck on.

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of sci

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Global warming is not rea-

>Danish climatologist Steffen M. Olsen captured the image above on June 13 on a routine mission through the Inglefield Gulf in northwest Greenland.

>Olsen had the difficult task of retrieving measuring devices that had been planted on the ice for the Blue Action mission. But when he set out with his dog sled, he found that the ice sheet was hidden beneath a shallow lake of water.

>Figures from the National Snow & Ice Data Center show that approximately 712,000 km2 of Greenland’s surface has melted on June 12th, more than 470,000 km2 more than the same date in 2018. This was also more than 600,000km2 more than the median average from 1981 to 2010. Over 40% of Greenland experienced melting on that one day alone, with total ice loss estimated to be more than 2 gigatons (equal to 2 billion tons).

>In 2012, Greenland experienced the most melting on record, when, for a few days, 97% of the entire ice sheet indicated surface melting. Those monitoring the ice sheet say 2019 could rival this figure.

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Forget global warming, what are we going to do about the heat death of the universe?

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It's obvious these people are in denial

But forcing reality and facts in their face? Not the way to get someone out of denial, it'll just push them further. Global warming denialists is a wide spread and systematic mental illness that should be treated as such.

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those doggos probably had fun splashing around

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>greenland will actually be green within your lifetime
>you can buy land in greenland for almost nothing today that will be idyllic coastal property when you are ready to retire

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>inb4 denialtard posts gb2 /x/

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what are they searching for? (CERN)

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Is note taking a meme?

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this, OP is a phaggot and may also fuck off with his shit posts of degenercy.

I'm leaving this thread.

Everybody's mom ITT is a hoe

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I explained right here

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There's nothing wrong with notetaking, you're just doing it wrong and/or are too dumb for for physics and chemistry.

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So how do you take notes?

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I keep my notebook open when the instructor lectures and calmly write down parts I think are important. When I read the text, I go through the whole chapter before writing anything down. It works for me.

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How do I best explain to my younger trans brother that he actually is a guy?

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First of all there's no such thing as a "transwomen" or "transman" only a mentally ill man or mentally ill woman. Second, dilate.

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i have a few gay friends who i originally knew as straight bros but they changed sides. i never say anything because hey, that’s totally and unironically fine. but if i had to win them back to being straight it would probably be a clear “argument” (or rather showing them pics of hot chicks and not even arguing anything)

for trannies i donno, but my best impulse is to say:
>look, you have a dick
>does it ever get hard?
>oh really it does. from what?

then it depends on the answer. a mtf tranny will probably say some gay shit, in which case the answer is just “you’re gay! i support that!”

occasionally there is something about “i don’t feel like i’m myself” and in that case i would try to convince them that HRT is not a replacement for biology. getting the insurance companies to fund big pharma’s attempts at synthesizing hormones is not a good thing to support. modulo that i try to argue that there are total woman gay dudes, and modulo that i’d say that cutting off your dick and removing the flesh and then creating a deep incision to stitch it into doesn’t make a cooter. if they can get past that then whatever, i give up

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Kick him square in his almond sized testicles, scream at him at the top of your lungs, "You are a faggot."

Alternatively just fire up the ovens and make some fertilizer.

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If you ignore them they'll go away.
It's what the whole of society should have done beginning with the gay explosion in the 70s

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my c-reactive protein levels are I estimate to be about 5x normal than they should be.
Tomorrow I am going to have a blood test done by my employer to check them.
Is there a why between now and then I can make them appear normal on the blood test?

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Do you have a serious infection or are you a major alcoholic? Why do you need to hide this

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I have recurring pero and myocarditis

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Of course Pluto doesn't look like a planet to a bunch of fags and tards. Duh. What would you expect? If the best planet was going to look like the other planets then any of the other planets could have been the best planet. Is this beyond the grasp of the mental faculties of the doyens of the astronomical society?

Hey, look! 2006 is when Manafort sold Trump my cum to grew that wretched abomination Barron so that they could cut me out of my own inheritance. WOW. Look at all the infidels and unbelievers in positions of religious authority! WOW!!!

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/pol/ is shit and your post is shit. not even funny if ironic. sage

also reddit is shit

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>but Pluto is not like the other planets though

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>calling tooker /pol/
fucking newfag

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Are you trying to say Bannon? Lay off the LoL

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I don't get reactive power.

Let's say we have an R L circuit where 99% of the impedance comes from L and the remaining 1% comes from R. We apply Ohm's law and with let's say 10 V we get, for example, I = 4 A.

So then we have 39.6 VAr and 0.4 W and if I have understood this shit correctly there are 4 amps circulating at 10 V but the resistor is just dissipating 0.4 W?? Why? Do electrons not hit the conductor's ions now or what? Where is the Joule effect?

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Magnetic fields and shit, ask Tesla.

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you got it wrong. if it’s a DC circuit, which your example implies, then L can be replaced with a straight wire and you get 40W. AC circuits are more sophisticated and you need to have time-varying currents, and the resistor and inductor share who is radiating away the power

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>it's a Youtube "science" channel where they just blow stuff up in slow motion

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>it's a "science" channel where they just play with slo mo, red hot/molten metal, mercury and gallium
>dude lets just feed this dog aluminum
bill nye is a better show for children than this shit

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samefag pretending to be me (OP) to make it look as though he trolled me

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>Info Wars

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I fail to see a problem here, OP. Do you also get diarrhea when somebody else eats a Mexican food?

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Wouldn't your perception as you die be akin to that of falling towards a blackhole due to your functionality slowly deteriorating & the close relationship between memory and perception maintaining consistency?

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if you fell towards a black hole it wouldn’t change your perception except you’d feel a tidal force pulling you harder and harder (stretching you out along the direction toward the singularity) as you get near to the singularity. for an average size galactic center or globular cluster center black hole, the tidal force is tiny at the horizon; you’d feel nothing. if you were listening to vanilla ice on your headphones as you crossed the horizon, it would sound exactly the same and your perception of it would be exactly the same as normal. an outside observer would see you doing weird things as you approach the horizon, like looking more and more red and dim and your vitals slowing down to nearly stopped, but that’s just their perspective. nothing changes in your reference frame at the horizon. but after you pass the horizon and keep falling, eventually your head gets ripped off your neck so, pretty bad

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I rember to have read somewhere that the equation a^b = b^a + 1 (a,b are positive natural numbers) has only one solution, i.e. (a,b) = (3, 2).
I also remember that this is a conjecture or maybe it was proved but the proof is really difficult.
Does someone know the name of this conjecture/theorem?
Maybe I found it while I was reading something on Erdos, I can't remember.

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same when i plugged in 1 and 2

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That one's correct.

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(a, b) = (2, 1) you retard

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Anyone here studied Business and Management? Why did you pick it? What is it useful for to you?
What courses studied and the best books for it?

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I have discovered the extended standard theory.

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If climate change is such an existential threat then why are other physicists still dicking around with particle colliders and D-branes?
Why aren't they putting in some effort where it matters in the immediate future?
I mean let's face it, nothing going to come out of T/HEP in the immediate future that will be even remotely useful to anyone.

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Oh so physicists get a free pass to use a ton of energy for experiments but because I drive my car to work as a software engineer (a kind of scientist) I am a piece of shit.

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this post is funny on multiple levels

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>why are other physicists still dicking around with particle colliders and D-branes?
Because they are particle physicists. That's what they do.

Also, most people are too busy living their meaningless daily lives to actually care about any impending catastrophe.

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>engineer of mechanics(no bully pls)
>empty since i am done with professor teachings.
>want to design a projec since i am doing during 2019 summer
>interest in firearms, and nuclear reaction (primary reactor).
>live in europe
What to do and fun, but not enjoy prison time ?

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You could always build a noose for ponderation in times of boredom

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Not american crazy madman like american David Hahn


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How feasible is it to create a LIDAR machine that maps out an entire grid in it's view (a small room) and forwards that data to a computer?

The primary issue I see is accuracy, with the motor or with measuring the intricate details of various materials in a room.

And I'm unfamiliar with dealing with LIDAR. I'd assuming you would pulse the laser and then measure the first response receipt of data. Repeat that 2 more times for accuracy and then move 1 unit to the right.

And I also assume that at 10m away, to differentiate a cm from another you would require 0.05° movements of the laser and receiver. This would require a stepper motor and precision gearing correct?

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You could also try using electro optic scanners instead of a galvo.

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Holy shit fren could I ask you a few questions? How hard is nuclear engineering/physics? We have remarkably similar interests.

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Why do fetishes exist, especially the more unusual ones? What causes a person to have a particular fetish?

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Classically conditioned perversion.
People have been conditioned to get aroused at the sight of a penny jar in controlled studies.

>> No.10735030

Different wiring of the attraction chemicals. Its just a random statistical distribution. Think Bell Curve.

>> No.10735042

>this thread again
Is it a bot or just schizophrenia

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overactive human imagination coupled to reptilian sexual urges results in sexual hyperbole (fetishes)

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Schizophrenic bot

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What makes so many people cheat on their significant others, married or otherwise? Why do some people even feel aroused by their partner being with someone else in front of them?

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I do it because every now and then I crave something different. I don't even see these women as being on the same standing as my own wife, they are more like cattle that I rent to bust a nut and then go on with my daily business. If you think it's bad then I'll remind you that multi-millionaires routinely get caught fucking kids in the ass so how about you go preach to them before you come to me, a simple buyer of the professional services of the fine women that roam the streeets.

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Is it really common?

>> No.10735907

I’m not sure, nor do I care

I think the best way to deal with it is execution. Adultery needs to be punishable by death again; only then will people stay in line.

>> No.10735939

If you criminalize adultery, only criminals will commit it!

>> No.10735949

Conservatards in a nutshell

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Statistics > Math

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Statistics [math] \cap [/math] Math [math] \neq \emptyset [/math]
It's okay if it's your favorite application of mathematics though.

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Math ⊂ Philosophy

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Math ⊂ Laws of Nature

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N divided by 0 is 0

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