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Does /sci/ think physics will ever reach a limit of what humans can understand? I mean the theory and mathematics become too complicated to make any further progress

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Yeah but then the Chinese CRISPR superbabies will take over and all will be well.

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hey /sci/

settle a bet for me - will drinking milk give me man boobs? or do i need to stop browsing /fit/ so much

if so, is drinking skim milk better? or same amount of estrogen

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Milk of all types is healthy, but estrogen won't give man boobs, that is if you drink WAY to much whole or raw milk. That is fattening.

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Picograms of estrogen in food are physiologically meaningless. Like worrying about formaldehyde in pears.

>Estradiol from dairy products is extensively inactivated in the gastrointestinal tract and only about 5% survives the first pass to the liver. Thus daily dairy product intake would supply only about 0.25% of the FAO/WHO upper acceptable daily intake of estradiol.

You'd get more from intimate contact. Skim is better due to less saturated fat though


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Is Euclid cool,

or is Euclid cool?

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what the hell? no one thinks euclid is cool?

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Legend says his wikipedia page is semi-protected because of people editing it to say he's the coolest greek mathematician

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Euclid is cool, but non-euclidean geometry is cooler

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nah euclids a nerd

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daily reminder that this pathetic excuse for a human being has NEVER actually been a scientist

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Thanks Mr. Reddit.

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...but he plays one on TV!

Also, I have never been a robot, why does 4chan keep asking?

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Great post OP!

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So? He just needs to understand and explain a large variety of scientific subjects. An actual scientist is going to be specialized, and would be less likely to be able to clearly explain things to layman even within their field.

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Bill Nye the bachelor's degree guy

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>/sci/ front page
>5 IQ threads
> 2 /pol/ threads
>0.999 = 1 thread
is this the worst science board on the internet?

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>For example, there was one time I answered a math question wrong, but didn't realize it and acted very smug and even insulted the OP and everyone else in that thread.

[email protected]

fucking brainlet retard HAHAHA

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thanks for adding a contentless meta thread to the pile

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you should see /pol/

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[math]\text{Reminder that if you are not fluent in }\LaTeX\text{ , then you're a failure and will never be a scientist.}[/math]

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Primitive Monkey... I write in HTML5 and MathML

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Its pretty commonly used in physics

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[eqn]\gets \qquad \begin{matrix} \text{I used this and found it to be pretty good:} \\ \text{ it covers all the essentials and is comprehensive } \\ \text{ enough to be used as a reference.} \end{matrix}[/eqn]

[eqn]\text{Also, you will almost certainly find this useful:} \\

\color{blue}{ \underline{ \text{ http://detexify.kirelabs.org/classify.html } }}[/eqn]

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Thanks for the links. I'll check out the book.

What the difference between the two? I've heard people recommending either one of them, while denouncing the other.

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there's a texmaker series on youtube, don't listen to those others loosers. If you want ez, just down texmaker and watch the vids.

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I just thought of a clever way to solve P vs NP... and it could change everything, including quantum computers.

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popsci: the post

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Riddle me this:
Pick a pill. Swallow one of the other three, then swallow the one you picked. There is a chance of 2/3 that you first swallowed a different color than the one you were holding. But you never had any concrete information.

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>put each pill behind a piece of paper so you can't see it
>put nothing behind two pieces of paper
>six pieces of paper
>set up two monty hall set-ups, with the empties in the center
>first one act like you are going to pick the rightmost paper, but reveal the empty one and switch
>second one act like you are going to pick the leftmost one, but reveal the empty one and switch

You now have a 66.7 % chance of picking red blue

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Is this picture supposed to have something to do with P vs NP? If so, I can completely guarantee you that the question of P vs NP has precisely nothing to do with what you've posted.

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The monty hall problem probability conundrum is reliant on monty having knowledge of which door is the correct door. He doesnt tell you which one it is but he effectively eliminates one that it isnt.

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face it. /sci/fags are a cult.

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His tweet doesn't even make sense.
So what, Tyson never said that private donors don't support the arts.

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He posited a land that provided no support for the arts. Woods pointed out that a complete zeroing of government money for arts would not have that result.

In the context of the current budget debate, it all might be clearer to you. Read a newspaper, I guess.

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not the guy but had the same issue thank you wise anon

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>face it. /pol/fags are a cult.

plz go /pol/ and never come back

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ELI5: laser diodes, how do they work and how do i use them to make a functioning portable laser?
(quick explanation on how they work, parts needed, and general how to connect & configure it?)

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no resistors or anything just directly to power source? is there a specific amount of power needed/is it specified?

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Magic. Laser diodes can be hooked up directly to a battery, 12 volt batteries work best.

If you can't figure this out on your own, perhaps you shouldn't be doing it in the first place

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i thought you couldn't, but wanted to make sure. thanks

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He actually fell for it

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This is how lasers work in general. Hope it helped.

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Science related youtube channels ?

I'll start : Cody's Lab

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How do we stop this shit and pop-sci in general?

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There is nothing wrong with reasonable futurism and science fiction. It's pseudoscientific popsci you should be hating.

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A diverse white population helps. Nobody can deny.

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>pop-sci in general
by being passionate about your fields and educating people
>this shit
by killing marxists :^)

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A reasonable amount of diversity does help. Remember that the travel ban costs several millions of us dollars to your universities.

While there might be fewer black scientists as white/asian, they do exist. And every scientist can bring something to the edifice.

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I thought David Rockefeller died. Is he still making these people say this stuff from beyond the grave?

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Does duality exist or is it just a form of indoctrination?

>in and out are separate
>or there just is, and location is irrelevant

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>Does duality exist
Duality is universal.
Existence is dual to universality.

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Duality is a meme created by the the desert people.

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>Duality is a meme created by the the desert people.

Jokes aside, I think this is real

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I'll just leave this here

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hmmm really makes you think

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>mfw realizing in my degree plan that I stop taking math after differential equations and linear algebra
What? I didn't realize mechanical engineering never delved into any real math...now I'm seriously considering switching to being a math major

What do?

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That is probably for manufacturing.
if you actually delve into design then things become complicated.

And yes, I know the computer does a lot of it but you still need to be able to understand the results.
For example, anyone can put numbers in a CFD code, but you need substantial knowledge about PDEs and linear algebra if you want to set correct boundary conditions. Even more, if you actually need to code it yourself.

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Get both degrees. I did it. It took one extra year to do. Engineer that took all tech electives in Mathematics.

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those are the math classes by math department. mechanical engineering classes, especially higher level ones dealing with fluid flows, go deeper in terms of solving PDEs. also, as a phd studnet i was required to take at least 2 more graduate level math courses out of only 12 courses in total that are required.

discretization is another big thing. my university has multiple ME courses dealing with discrete math.

of course if you weren't a retarded, shitposting freshman you would know this.

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>imaginary numbers add another dimension to the real numbers
why the fuck these faggots call them imaginary

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DiffyQ and linear algebra are as far in math as you need to go if you ever want to do anything practical or useful with your knowledge and skillset. Applying it to study of materials was fucking awesome for me. First 2 years are terrible at any job, you gotta pay the toll, but then you get 3 or 4 fresh grads reporting to you and a legion of blue collar cucks who bend the knee when you walk by.
t. civil eng.

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A sum of Rs. 10 is lent to be returned in 11 monthly installments of Rs. 1 each, interest being simple. the rate of interest is?

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How about you go fuck yourself and do your own homework

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you retard, i was tired of /tv/. so i decided to make a thread here.

what happened? cant you solve it? LMAO

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We're not going to do your homework, sanjay

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Why is wolfram showing the wrong result? Is there a way to see a step by step solution? If yes, could anyone with wolfram pro check the inverse of f(x)=3+((x)/(2x-3))? Thanks.

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They are equal.

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What? Tell me one value for x for which they are not the same.

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[math]\frac{-3x+9}{-2x+7} = \frac{(-1)(3x-9)}{(-1)(2x-7)} = \frac{3x-9}{2x-7} = \frac{3(x-3)}{2x-7}[/math]

[math]\frac{-1}{-1} = 1[/math]

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I'm a retard, thanks

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what the fuck is this bullshit OP you weren't seriou were you why would you do this
I'm angry now

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Anyone know java? I need some help with object oriented programming. I'm trying to create to objects, one called course needs an array of students. The other one is student, which needs an array of courses. How do I initiate both?

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*two objects

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I drew out the inheritance of each object and it looks like this

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Thanks m8

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>How long of not seeing them... how much more does that noose have to tighten before you say "Hang on, maybe these things just aren't there"?
>That's a really good question. For you to be able to say that, you would have to somehow rule out the mechanism by which they could form. You would have to demonstrate that that mechanism isn't physically plausible or has been ruled out for some other reason. If you can't rule out that mechanism, then there's no reason why they shouldn't form.

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>shifting the burden of proof: attempt 21952368

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After all the bullshit going on here about IQ. My hypothesis is that anyone >110 IQ(above average), good socio-economic background and good work ethics can make it into competitive courses like medicine, law and architecture and simply practice them in reality. However, if one decides to go into research, let's say, a Ph.D. in mathematics, one without a decent level of IQ will find it very difficult to see patterns and understand complex novel scenarios in the field.

My university entrance exam is the A levels. People breezing through school and getting A*A*A*A*, both you and I know are an exception rather than the norm, probably less than 0.9% of people get this grade, imagine how many within that get it without working much. The average IQ for medical students is 115, the average score of a medical student is AAA(Typical offer for medical school), so connect the dots, and holy fucking shit, IQ doesn't mean shit until you get to Ph.D. level. Even in MD programme, where memorizing is the game, IQ doesn't play that big of a role anyways.

Tl;dr stop blaming your fucking IQ and get your ass off the couch and start working. Work ethic and wealth is the key here.

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/sci/ is basically 4chan's version of /leftypol/

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Kids in 4chan thinks that the IQ will determinate his success in our society. IQ don't do anything else that saying how much you can see differents patterns.

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Brainlet white supremacist.

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What are some jobs for programmers, mathematicians and also physicists that are both related to new concepts (one must actually do thinking work) and will be highly requested in a possible upcoming war like scenario.

and anything algorithm that isn't cryptography (which I don't think is a field where many people, as measured by the proportion of people already working in the field, can innovate.)

I'm thinking e.g. in this direction, or pic related


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Interesting question. Bumping.

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