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How does war affect human evolution?

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So Krauss has been having meltdowns on the Internet because lowly science journalists, a philosopher professor (with a doctorate in physics), and a smattering of professional physicists (who can be written off as theologically minded) have said, in essence, that quantum fields are a something, not a nothing. It's weird, though, that he's not really getting any pushback from the luminaries of his field, and we all know how fierce these quarrels can be (in recent memory, Higgs vs. Hawking), but this could be because physics luminaries are shying away from being on the receiving end of Krauss, Dawkings, and their horde of overweight, militant fedora-wearers.
What's your take, /sci/?

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But surely the renowned fedora Krauss wouldn't be so comically sloppy. What are we missing?

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>What are we missing?
A rudimentary philosophy education. Not even, really. This would be a problem in like remedial metaphysics, if such a course existed.

>Q1: Larry says that all that we see came from nothing. Larry also says all that we see came from quantum fields. Why is Larry wrong?
>"Ooh, ooh, because quantum fields are something!"
>"Good job, Jaunquavius, you get an extra ten minutes in the reading corner!"

I don't really care about his position on atheism or whatever, but there is no way he is making this egregious an error. I have to hope his position has just been mischaracterized.

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No, quantum fields have energy and momentum therefore they are not "nothing"

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I don't know dude I'm just a shitposter. Is spacetime a something? When you measure an inch are you measuring space? You'd think so but you've never seen "a" space
Fields are kind of the same, no?

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>I have to hope his position has just been mischaracterized.
His idea of "nothing" is the quantum vacuum:
Of course, you'd ultimately have to read the book yourself to see whether this is a mischaracterization.
If you stripped the title and subtitle from the book and his occasional waffling about "nothing" throughout, you'd have an elegantly written, highly engaging pop-sci book on QFT, which is probably why his groupies consider it some kind of literary crime to hold him to his title, a title that, when revisited after completing the book, yields "quantum fields are nothing."
Even his critics, getting paid by the word, skirt around the insulting succinctness of "quantum fields are nothing," but that's what his book amounts to if you feel it's fair game to center his thesis on his book's title and subtitle.

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Guys I had a good PhD, I published 8 papers (first author on 4) two in Nature Physics, one in PNAS, and the others in PRL.

Going to defend in January.

I decided I don't want to be in academia anymore, too toxic. I want to go get a job and get filthy rich. Any suggestions for an Engineer with background in condense matter Physics?

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Personally, if I were an American with that curriculum i would try getting a job at SpaceX. Surely they're going to pay nice salaries.
Otherwise maybe at wall street? Getting a front desk job at a hedge fund has to pay nicely

Then again I have no idea about the American job market kek

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big tech

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Grypdos and stacks

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management consultancies hire phds with a good track record

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You dont get rich by working. You get rich by investing. A high risk high reward way to go is to join a startup company that does something in your field. You can use your knowledge to weed out BS companies.

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Picrelated is a real-life "alien" that sucks blacks dudes for "social power" because its host former used to the same shit as a "Neo-nazi American." LOL you guys, USA power or "American Dad" script whatever the fuck you're doing will never be any better than Family Guy which is saying something bad itself.

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Okay bro I am done with these stupid little websites because you guys obviously just hack actually perfect posters. Don't use my shit later bitch. I.e. Game over.

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you can sage with image replies now, you didn't need to bump with your perfectly applied picture

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I wanted to bump though.

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Motherfuck this nigger lover she's back

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I didn't write that. She's dead but aliens pretending to be her will always use her white/black "neo-nazi" hypocrisy.

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She used to suck black dudes and hack students while pretending to be a "nazi" from "the south" and "shit like that."

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Retrofitting Satellites with Optical Data Relays to Network Satellites Using Encrypted Optical Communications to Allow Covert Satellites to Use Other Satellites as "Proxies" in Order to Prevent the Radio Triangulation of the Real-Time Position of Sensitive Satellites in Response to Increasing Ubitquity of Space-Based Rubidium-Doped Gold Hexagonal RDF Units

As other countries inevitably duplicate capabilities first pioneered decades ago, in this case, ultra-sensitive radio detection equipment used to locate even the smallest satellites by detecting their radio emissions, there is a need to protect information concerning the real-time position of satellites.

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Although we are racing to develop a robust entanglement-based data transmission system and there have been important experimental breakthroughs just within the past month, it is projected that those systems are 15 years away from being fielded. In the interim, one possible approach to masking the real-time position of satellites is the use of optical data relays capable of focusing light only in the direction of a single, particular satellite and networking all satellites in this manner so that radio transmissions associated with GPS timing data, secure communications, or visual reconnaissance can be routed through one of thousands of possible proxies. The transceiver system would include a variable-direction laser capable of selecting from a variety of nearby satellites and choosing to transmit a signal only toward a corresponding transceiver affixed to those satellites by an X-37 satellite retrofit mission.

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Ideally, this system would allow important data to still reach its intended recipient without the need for the functional satellites themselves to unmask their own position by emitting any radio signals. It would also allow for any satellite in the overall fleet to be used to relay data in the event satellites come under attack.

It should be pointed out, however, any nation with an X-37-type platform equipped with a long-range LiDAR capability could scout the operative satellites even if they remained radio-silent and tag them with the same sort of combination painting/signal intercept tags in use by the U.S. for years. Reflected light from the side of satellites receiving relayed data would also be a potential giveaway of the position of the operational satellite.

Retrofitting hundreds of satellites with the optical transceivers and conducting the requisite virtual spacewalks would require a non-trivial investment and the fielding of additional X-37 platforms to finish the project in a timely manner. Despite this, it may be worthwhile to explore the possibility of switching to proxy-operation as the default mode of operation for our most sensitive platforms.

The Future Is Made in America

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>Be me
>10 years since finishing high school and never did physics
>enrol in engineering degree
>take first year aerospace class
>first assignment is to research and make a presentation on a chosen topic
>choose helicopter aerodynamics because helicopters are cool
>spend several days going through chapter 2 of the FAA pilots handbook and writing my presentation
>"wait a minute, wasn't next week's lecture on aerodynamics?"
>it indeed is
>goes into far more detail than what I've done
>I've basically written babby's first look at an airfoil
>we've been told we of course have to go beyond the lectures an
>already two days late because I underestimated how long it would take me and was working all weekend, and been neglecting all my other subjects to get this done
Welp do I just give up, drop the course and resign myself to driving a truck or something?
There's no pre-requisites or assumed knowledge in this class, but the lecturer takes it for granted you've done high school physics and are probably an aircraft autist. It feels like I'm out of my depth and trying to be someone I'm not, taking these classes.

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Everybody else is just working to the grading rubric, don't worry it happens to everybody

Suck it up, turn it in, and then get ready for round 2

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dont give up anon, I am straight up retarded and have made it through some really tough classes. go to office hours, ask all your dumb questions, make a relationship with the professor and do whatever it takes to get it done. remember, nothing is beneath us, we're retarded. no question to dumb, no amount of time spent studying to much

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You are overthinking it. If you answered the questions/requirements then that's good enough. Email the professor or write a little note on the assignment explaining your concerns if you want. It really doesn't matter, you will still get an OK (or good) mark.

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This is a scientific blackpill thread. I am a postdoc in-between writing grants, transforming data, and being forced to teach the next class in my lab today.

What are the political implication of females' sexual selection of males regardless of race? Is miscegenation (race mixing) the equilibrium outcome?

We have repeatedly seen time and time again females select only the most fit males (tall, good looking, large penis, etc.) for sex, race and other factors have little bearing and are mostly superficial. Are females the most innately blackpilled population?

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How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

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I'll bite, just a few though because I'm probably just wasting my time on a troll who doesn't even believe any of this shit.
>You believe the earth is spinning at 1000 MPH but you can't feel it
When you're on an airplane and the airplane is moving very fast, you can't feel that, either. Only when the airplane changes direction or hits turbulence do you feel any change. You can even walk around, unlike when you're in a car, despite moving 10x faster.
You /have/ been on an airplane, haven't you? It's not some sekret club that only the (((elites))) are allowed to join.
>You believe the oceans are curving because "gravity" but you can't measure it
Gravity absolutely can be measured, as can the shape of the ocean horizon. The greeks managed to get a half-decent estimate 2,000 years ago, and they didn't even have any fancy multi-billion dollar gadgets that the average golem has no access to.
>You believe ships disappearing over the horizon is proof of the globe and not due to perspective.
If this is due to perspective, how come the ship appears to sink below the horizon, rather than shrink until they are too small to see?
If this is due to perspective, how come you don't see the ship again after you zoom in with your binoculars?
If this is due to perspective, how cone you /do/ see the ship again for a while if you climb up a few feet higher?

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>You believe pilots would not have to account for the earth's curvature or spin while flying
The former is a straw man argument. Obviously, the pilot will need to correct the airplane's attitude from time to time. Although, wind will also change the plane's attitude, and this will occur much more frequently than the attitude """loss""" caused by the earth's curvature, since the earth's curvature is only 8 inches per mile.
As for the earth's spin, there are indeed tiny effects which may throw the plane slightly off course. Naturally, the pilot will see that his plane has gone off course, perhaps not even knowing that the Coriolis effect was responsible, and correct it.

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Sorry, garbage theories and explanations aren't reality, try again Mr scientist, by posting a picture.
The people who believe the Earth is round are the same who believe the nazis killed 6 millions jews, they cannot even provide a single proof, a single picture, instead relying on texts and abstraction.
This is reminiscent of the jewish, talmudic way of thinking, most rabbis spend time arguing about abstraction instead of looking at reality.

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>no arguments
As expected. I accept your concession, goodbye.

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lets be real, Everyone would be getting payed better if we were determined our careers based on our iq rather than mastering psuedo test taking. The SAT has been proven to make grading stricter when they want more revenue and the randomness of the grading has put more idiots making more money than the average intelligence.

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My goal in this thread is to prove colleges are essentially daycares and we need to assert our dominance on psuedo intellectuals because while you may let them win their own little game they are still fundamentally a problem to society when putting inept people in professional places. They dont get good ever. They just get good at taking tests.

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My bad, it was a pedantic joke about how you spelled "paid" as "payed"

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yeah my bad I type 98 wpm on phone. But when are we gonna take down the college board and establish gattaca

>> No.14762257

>my bad I type 98 wpm on phone
Wow you manage to turn a fuckup into a humble brag.

Also, i still didn't get your point. Why would anyone be assigned a career in the first place?

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idk I guess society wants to pick what people deserve what job and a test that fails at predicting success is being used to determine who can sit next to me in cs lectures. They linear think and I dont, surely there has to be a separator between people that got to where I am by getting good at that test only to be inept all around. IQ is mostly unpreparable and I am working on an IQ test that is completely unpreparable. All im saying is that society is retarded and accidents happen cause we cant acknowledge that there are geniuses in poor neighborhoods and buisnesses want us to think rich have higher iqs and sat is fairer

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Out of interest, are there any actual benefits to pic related - specifically the wings? The lore states that the wings have close to zero boundary layer. I have no idea what this would do in reality beyond reduce drag.

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It’d probably make it extremely unstable which could make a plane really agile with fly by wire and thrust vectoring

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retard here looking for help from any chemist. So I was wondering if Amygdalin when heated at around 330 degrees Celsius would it release the cyanide into hydrogen cyanide? and if not would a concentration of sulfuric acid do the trick?

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I refuse to believe that almost 8 billion people exist. It's physically impossible given how we don't even use an entire continent and barley of the land 4 others.

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I refuse to believe that there are cities with 30 million people in them. My entire country has 5 million and that feels a lot

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The Earth is even bigger than you think, sadly soientists and their jewish financers convinced the majority of gullible people into believing otherwise.

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Just look at how fast computers and neural nets are advancing, why would any civilization continue to fly around in space with inefficient flesh bodies? There's only two ways aliens could exist, and that's if they were a theocracy like islam which bans humanlike machines, or if they were simply highly afraid of AI devolving into a mindless cancer like organism that simply consumes planets and stars and has no other functions besides procreating and eating.

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once and for all: is molk good for you? does it matter if it's cows molk or oat molk? what are the benefits/downsides of molk.

>> No.14761939

>does it matter if it's cows molk or oat molk?
Well one of those is actually milk, and the other is an oat drink. The oat milk I see at the store looks like shit, way too many ingredients.

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I drink my goth gf's milk

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I read that race and subspecies doesn't exist in humans because we're all too genetically similar. Is there any truth to this or did they make it up?

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Idk but there are more genetic differences between an Igbo and a Zulu than between a Somalian and a Norwegian.

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Species doesn't have any good definitions. You can't perfectly categorise organisms into categories, every organism has a different genetic code, and a universal phylogenetic tree could extend down to the individual organism.

>> No.14762097

It's a "how long is a piece of string" type question.
Once organisms get more closely related you have to look for smaller and smaller to see the genetic differences

>> No.14762417

>smaller and smaller
yeah I can barely distinguish Somalis from all the rest

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This is one where a diagram is needed so there you have it. I had of course already come up with a way to shunt electrons bled off in normal conduction back into a conducting wire which I termed pseudosuperconduction but I understand there is still a great deal of interest in a true superconductor that will function at room temperature.

Ultra-simplified version: Lithium is used as the actual superconducting material and Coulomb Force lines are focused on an area that is narrower than the orbit of the shell 1 electrons of the lithium (less than 2Å.) This forces those electrons into a consistent polar orbit.

Magnetized nickelates are positioned just outside of the cuprate clusters and direct their magnetism on a line that runs through both the shell 1 electrons of lithium as well as the valence electron. Thus, the internal magnetism of lithium would be used to suspend the electroms making up the charge density wave and CDWs can thusly be maintained even at high temperatures.

The Future Is Made in America

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Forgot an octothorpe. Cheers.

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>...and here is how you synthetize Zyklon B out of almonds and water to power a portable gas chamber. Pretty cool right!?

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are almonds antisemitic?

>> No.14762095

Only if you activate them.

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He's trying to cater to a young audience

>> No.14762379

Who is this Max Resdefault?

>> No.14762439

He's in lots of Youtube videos, that's for sure.

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Hey medfags,
how did you guys actually remember all this shit for the mcat? I didnt do any chem or biochem, so it all seems like black magic. I tried going through chemistry but it all went over my head, and obviously i dont wanna start biochem or organic chem cause presumably those are only harder. Khan academy starts their course balls deep in biochem, cause they are braindead morons who would rather me learn about acids and bases in chem before i learn about the periodic table.
What are your guys' secrets? What the fuck am I missing? Why does everything else feel way too easy, but the chem section feel like a foreign language?

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look into anki
it's very popular amongst medical students, both studying for the MCAT and while in med school

>> No.14762150

I took it after I took Chem and Biochem so that would help.

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Dogs are catching Monkeypox from their owners

It may have been a case of sex with dogs, but if it wasn't, then my theory that cleaning ladies and maids that work for hotels could catch monkeypox from changing the sheets of the bed on which people had sex may be proven true.

the study is here, with graphic images


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>The men are non-exclusive partners
What does this mean?

>> No.14761636


they are not monogamous, they are a couple that participates in orgies

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viruses don't exist

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Science will win, r...right?

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