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A lot of things in m*th are flawed, even up to the foundations themselves. Like for an example, what exactly is x/0 without pulling the usual "uhh dude you just cant bro XD" or going into abstract bullshit like limits or infinities
But hey lets just pretend that it's all fine and automatically conclude that since the natural numbers apply in reality, everything we build on top of them, no matter how flawed or autistic the thing we're building actually is, automatically applies as well

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If evolution strives to minimize pointless energy expenditure so we don't starve from too high of a demand that has to be met by bigger brains and yet more energy expenditure, wouldn't laziness then be a virtue over a flaw and moreover, isn't it a positive trait in the current society?
Considering that you do not have what it takes to tilt the equation significantly on your side and become significantly energy abundant at the expense of hustling everyday, i.e a millionaire, isn't the most optimal option to default to a NEET then? Because everything between a millionaire (or a multi-millionaire if we consider inflation) and a NEET who just leeches form the state at zero energy expenditure does seem quite energy unoptimized and a massive waste of time, considering that you have the option to become either of those two extremes.

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