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1st, Math..

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How true is this "comic?" I read about some medical research. And the gene code is being organized using mathematical "poligarithms"?

So is this comic true?

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Why are sociology and psychology even considered sciences?

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Do you /sci/ chaps every talk about psychology, economics, sociology or other "social sciences"?

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>implying this image isn't true
>implying this thread isn't created 10x a day

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because biology is not even real science. Every idiot can do that

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Is Sociology a lucrative field to get into? It's pretty basic and not very challenging compared to my current desire to be a Biologist or Chemist, but it seems it will always be relevant, even expanding in today's world.

xkcd because hipster comics make everything better.

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Hello, /sci/. If one gets a degree in Physics, with a mathematics minor, and has gone through the Navy's Nuke Power School, aka a Navy Nuke.. in the Navy (derp for redundancy), what additional training or classes might be needed to go into Graduate school to get a degree in Engineering?

Picture not related.

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I just witnessed this lawls-worthy conversation. What are the thoughts of you /sci/entist?

Person 1 : But, anyways, comparing education sizes is like comparing penis sizes. It's cool that you're doing the physics scene. All the cool kids do math or physics. The wanna-be cools ones do chemistry, and the lame ones do biology.
Person 2 : I do psychology because being a psychology student is fun
Person 2 : math and physics are for masochists
Person 2 : engineering and bussiness are for people who like money
Person 3 said to Person 2 : i was gonna do Psychology at uni
Person 2 : and english is for lazy people
Person 3 : then i found that i hated it at A level, so i decided it wasnt for me :snap:
Person 1 : purity.png
Person 2 : OR people who can obsess over REALLY OLD AND BORING THINGS
Person 2 said to Person 1 : purity eh.....
Person 2 : *sigh
Person 2 : yep how to tell the difference between people who know what engineering is and people whose egos are too big
Person 2 : also
Person 1 : Big egos!
Person 1 : YAY! :twins:
Person 2 : philosophy is the most 'PURE'
Person 1 : No. You have to say "mathematics is just applied philosophy."
Person 1 : That's how that comic works.
Person 2 : I'm not a hipster
Person 2 : so I will never say that
Person 1 : :ohyou:
Person 2 : that said, every one of those schools was created by the human mind. Psychology is the study of the human mind
Person 2 : ergo all of them are applications of advanced psychology
Person 2 : which is an application of language
Person 2 : therefore every degree is applied latin
Person 2 : <broke his logic somewhere.....
Person 1 : No. Psychology is the study of the behavior and mental processes. Study of the human mind and brain is a completely different science.
Person 2 : see there is actually some debate on that issue

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- Pic related

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Not really. He shouldn't be seen as any less reputable though, and the whole elitism thing you get here is retarded.

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Sort of this. Psychology is filling in the gaps until biology and chemistry can explain our behaviours better.
But then ofcourse there is the social sciences that are even harder to understand.
Just don't go expecting definative answers in humanities

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where are these comics from? they are amazing but i only see them on 4chan

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What makes you love it so much? Referring back to my original questions: People? Work? Satisfaction from solving a problem?

Thanks for answering, I guess I'll shift the purpose of finding a consensus to just interviewing. Just curious and want to know more about the people.

Also detailing what that one Physicist spoke about was the fact that working on Physics as a major can become a platform for so many others. He says you learn valuable problem solving skills that will make you a valuable asset to any company. An example he said was when he was working on his PhD. An oil company (Shell, BP, I forgot which specifically) was interviewing people on his campus for Physics majors I believe and if I recall correctly, his professor recommended him. During the interview he says to the recruiter something like, "You are a big time oil company, I'm working on getting my PhD for Physics. Why the hell do you want me?" The guy just replies that people in Physics got dem problem solving skills.

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moar math!

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Math related question: 6^x=24x^2

I know the answer(s) from Wolfram, just not the actual steps for getting there, I've checked the sticky and I can't fucking find an exact video on the subject

Thanks /sci/

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It appears that as time progresses, our mastery of the sciences proceeds generally from the pure to the applied.

The slow but steady development of mathematics from ancient times through to the modern era laid the foundation for remarkable advances in physics during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This new understanding of physics allowed for equally remarkable advances in chemistry during the latter half of the 20th century. Now, our knowledge of physics and chemistry has started a new revolution in biology and medicine.

Do you think that, later this century/early in the next, our vastly-expanded knowledge of biology in medicine will allow the social sciences to undergo a revolution similar to those of the physical sciences?

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Reminded me of this.

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