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>"""""not a faggot""""" OP

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>0 and 1
>nonunital ring btw gotcha dummy

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>Steroids cause the clitoris to grow in women
>But taking steroids does not increase penis size in men
Fuck this gay universe

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>go to lower rank school because it's a 15 minute walk from my house, which means I can save money, time, and most importantly don't have to live with faggy students or have to wear a mask at all times
>out of curiosity check out the high rank schools, their the curriculum and the lectures they have uploaded on YouTube
>we are literally covering the same content as they are and some of my professors are better at teaching
Yeah, fuck you rank obsessed faggots.

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Is this supposed to be bait...
You do know that hitting an object causes a mechanical wave to propagate through the material right? And that this is what carries the "signal" through the Newton's cradle... And that a speed of sound can be defined for materials and not just air...

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>imagine infinity

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It's slow to write, dipshit...

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The chance of that occuring for any couple having 4 children is .5^4 = 6.25%. That means that roughly 1 out of every 16 families with 4 kids will have girls only

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>more civil wars = less migrants for us
>destroying a countries infrastructure, economy and sense of identity through brotherly wars means the people will just sit still and die

You're delusional

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>Bill Nye the reddit guy

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>yfw Boeing's first crewed launch results in loss of crew and vehicle

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holy fuck why is statistics so boring? all the stamp collecting of biology with none of the cool animals, all the formalism of math with none of the insight. does anyone actually like statistics?

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Why is /lit/ so full of pseuds atleast I have you guys.

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>make a genuine question
>first reply: "your mom"
nice board guys

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>more bravado nonarguments
>le current year

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>I'm a teacher who thinks that "you learn by doing"
>therefore your homework will be based on these YouTube documentaries

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>Race science is pseudoscience.

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>Becoming an early slave in the modern slave society.

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Context: debating a prob question, someone says "many tens of blue marbles out of a bag of 200"

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It technically wasn't a rejection cause I didn't apply (Def would have been if I applied due to shit GCSEs), but I seethed/insecure about Oxbridge for YEARS. I went to a shit school so never met a single person who could have applied yet alone get in, and therefore had no idea if Oxbridge students were unmatched geniuses or barely above average private schooled shits.

And then 1 day I was talking to my best friend/usual study partner about applying for post-grad. He's very easily one of the best here, although I've done better overall and would definitely consider myself stronger.

Anyway he said it was shit he applied and didn't want to go anyway, obviously assumed it was reject cope. Nope, he got accepted, met his offer and turned them down. All the insecurity instantly vanished and I wondered what I wasted time worrying about.

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>hey anon, you GOTTA see this ted talk!

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Do any of you students actually go to uni lectures?
I'm still in my first year and haven't been in weeks. I don't know why I'm expected to go to them or risk losing my place when I can learn more by self studying.
Seriously why is attendance mandatory, I'm still paying either way.

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