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I know, your amifag colleges and cities looked shitty all along. But here in Europe we had and have some nice architecture. For some buildings, the people worked hundreds for years to build them. Therefore they will also survive for hundreds of years and, most important, look so fucking good you can't imagine. So it's really sad if you go through the city and see a 200 years old palace and besides it a 20 years old grey block. You begin to wonder for what we invent all the science and technology if we only use them to build such shit. There's no beauty and no art nowadays. Sure, such things are "ineffective" and "needless" but that's what art is: It's only there to please your heart and mind and that's more than enough reason to exist. You will feel much better if you live and work in an aesthetic environment as in a grey block. And it's not debatable: Nowadays you could build such things with a fraction of cost, effort and time. I don't say that we should build barrack palace with stucco and putti everywhere. We could certainly use a modern style which suffices our today's demands and still fits between the old buildings. Beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive.

Now you will say I “should grow up“ and I’m “obsessed with people from the past”. You may don’t know it but that’s what we call “culture” here in Europe.

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Intelligence or IQ or whatever is a very vague concept. But you can compare the enrichments which men and women achieve to our society.
And I can say that (besides coffee filters maybe) there's nothing, literally absolut not a single thing in science, technology or art in the whole cultural history of mankind, which was made by a woman and which I would miss in my daily life.

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