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>yes I sold my car for one sweet unusual hat on tf2

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LEX you said you're not supposed to read the comments!!! And now you're skin deep into them LMFAO!!!

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Literally not what he said though, all he talks about is how the earth is finite, not that value is determined by humans.

And I will have you know that I will frogpost whenever I want to faggot.

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>semantics and name calling
You're about to win this epic battle! Keep going!

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How can the strong/weak/electromagnetic interaction be considered forces, if they require the exchange of particles?

When I knock out someone by throwing a ball in his face then the ball isn't the force but I am exerting the force on the ball to cause its movement. What force makes gauge bosons move?

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Fuck trannies and fuck jannies

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Anon, your basically saying God is nothing. You are basically saying the exact same things scientist are saying but giving it a persona, like a child giving a rock a name and the child regardless of what he does this rock would always have the same features. Sure in his head he can make the rock have a personality, family, etc but this rock would always have the same features. Is the exact same thing with your god, regardless of what you add to it it will always equate to nothingness, checkmate. Although I do believe in the idea that our conscious is connected to the universe in a weird way and can effect it in weird ways and people tend to confuse this with the idea of a god. I'll actually be interested in knowing if consciousness is possible in an universal scale and if we die, do we just go back to this collective consciousness, where we born from it? Is this consciousness just the universe? Because life itself is just the universe itself in a different form so when we say we can talk to the universe/god are we saying that we can talk to our selves in a more abstract way? I believe that the universe is connected to us and that the universe itself is us and that we embody it therefore we can interact with it in ways that are abstract and through our senses it comes to consciousness in an abstract way that reflect us and is us but calling it god just seems to niche and specific and prideful and egotistical and ignorant. I prefer just calling it the universe but called what you want, since everyone (even scientist)basically believes it and were born from it, we just all have different names for it and personas(if a child that gave it's a rock a name is just the universe giving itself meaning through a child and that rock the universe could use it to give something back to the kid as that kid is the universe itself and is giving itself belief)that we gave it but it will never changed its features. I believe life it's just the universe giving itself meaning

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