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i am just saying that it's a well known and accepted fact that intelligence is quantitative genetics and no one is arguing against that. it's just that a lot of people take this fact and remove the quantitative part to make it seem like its pure genetics.
in any textbook about genetics, intelligence and personality are always used as an example of quantitative genetics. how much is genetic is not so simple since there is usually a shit ton of factors to account for and different studies have given different results not to mention that IQ is shit at measuring potential intelligence in people that don't even know how to read or never went to a school
btw watson thinks dark skin makes you dumber and hornier which is absolute nonsense. he also published in questionable journals (iirc that one with the danish guy that thinks he has psychic superpowers) and made some very questionable unprofessional remarks which are the reasons he lost his honorary titles.

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