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Your brain is fried.

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Have sex with her bf then to give her a lesson.

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Tantalo recobrado by Hector Agosti.

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I buy them because I'm poor.

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Just read Sertaos by Euclides Da Cuhna, zapato.

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Basado y pildorapasteado.

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Ezra medio Kilo.

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Asesinate a ti mismo.

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Mario Benedetti
Antonio Di Benedetto
Ernesto Sabato
Osvaldo Lamborghini
Hector Agosti
Rafael Alberti

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Ernesto Sabato, Lucio V. Mansilla, Roberto Arlt, Manuel Mujica Lainez, Haroldo Conti, Hector Agosti, Laiseca, Roberto Fontanarrosa, Felipe Luna, Tomas Eloy Martinez, etc.

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Listen japanese asmr

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Thanks God, AB is awful. Roberto Arlt do it better, and even his novel go nowhere.
I'll add Hugo Wast and Josè Ingenieros.

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Just be a poorfag thirworlder like me and you'll can find easily on second hand, zapato.

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Ernesto Sabato, The tunnel and Heroes and tombs, and his essays.
Marco Denevi, Ceremonia secreta
Horacio Quiroga, Del más allá and Cuentos de amor, locura y muerte
Lucio V. Mansilla, Incursión a los indios Ranqueles
Hector Agosti, Tántalo recobrado
Manuel Mujica Lainez, Bomarzo, El escarabajo, Misteriosa Buenos Aires and El laberinto
And César Aira, Fogwill, Osvaldo Lamborghini, Alberto Laiseca, Leopoldo Marechal, Wimpi among others.

Bolaño sucks, like all chilotes chancletudos.

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>30 years old virgin
Bad feels. Embrace 2D.

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Abrite los Cantos asi te la pongo.

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Banana Yoshimoto

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I remind you that manga is serious literature too.

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He was a fucking chilote.

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Wtf I like this angloid now.

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A fucking angloid!

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I would fuck that hambeast.

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