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You can't debunk it because it doesn't have any dogma or scripture, it changes from community to community, and it doesn't make any assertions about the nature of reality that are relevant to anyone who doesn't practice the given traditions of a given place.
I may not agree with neopagans like McNally or with women who think they are witches, but as far as they don't make broad encompassing claims about what polytheism is and how it should be practiced, I suppose they can do it how they want. Religion is ultimately domestic.

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Why do you feel that way?

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Good way to blow your hands up.

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I really liked it but I think I'll read some others to compare and just note the different words and phrases they use.

I know I've read the p/v one which I did like but I don't like their translations. The book itself is good enough I'm sure every single translation would be enjoyable.

Final scene with Porfiry is amazing.

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>a self-serving group of people will do whatever they can to bend the rules
This is also the problem with inequality, once power becomes centralized, this group of people can manipulate the value of labor, and by extension, enforce wage slavery by foreclosing any other avenue than to sell your labor for the artificially low price that they themselves have worked to set that low.

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Interesting, but remaining Christian in a "by default" sense isn't the same as actually believing in and serving Christ - which is what it takes to be a Christian.

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>I don't care if slavery still exists
>I don't care if inequality still exists.
>I don't care if war still exists.
>I don't care if racism still exists.
>I don't care if trans people die.
>And I'm not going to solve these problems.
And I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour, so I'm going to spend all of eternity laughing in the faces of atheist faggots who are burning in hell.
And they're going to try to act happy in an attempt to apply absurdist philosophy to their situation and that's when Albert Camus comes in, and the damned realize that he, their "guru" so to speak, had a deathbed conversion. Then the Lord Jesus comes in, and the three of us laugh as we watch the hope drain from the eyes of the damned, and they start to either weep or gnash their teeth.

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Never even heard of it before but your description has encouraged me to read it.

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Just leave 4chan.

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Money talks and bullshit walks pussy.

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Anyone who swears by smoking weed is human trash.

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Are you retarded or trying to kill a thread?

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No it wasn't, the consumer's pretention to have a divine right to waste the shopkeepers time was exploded. Browse the library or the Amazon website, buy books from John or leave the store.

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Because he's American. There's a scene where the crew goes to Italy and Paulie has the uncomfortable realization that he's not nearly as versed on Italian culture and people as he thinks and to them he's just a boorish American tourist.

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It was top tier imo. Every time Rodion and Profiery were in a scene together it was super intense. I feel like this is as close to the original Russian in English as possible.

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It isn't relevant, unless you mean he was a practicing Jew, or had posed as a Christian only so as to subvert it from within. In either case, evidence is needed and demanded.

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It’s a good book but like Catcher in the Rye it became staurated with a cringe audience of teenagers who completely miss the point

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I saw him give a talk at CUNY and the Q&A was literally all woke college students who asked him to "clarify" his position on several things he said (which they could potentially get offended about), and he bent the knee every single time.

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>would use amphetamines to stay up and write for hours
How does one acquire this amphetamine-fuelled superpower? Whenever I take speed I just coom for hours. And it's pharma grade stuff too since my friend gives me his vyvanse pills.

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Well, the English translation I read (the one with the pink cover) is really well written. The opening is ingrained in my mind. I admit I too find it hard to appreciate books like this, the Stranger, and Catcher in the Rye, and I think one of the best approaches is to use them as a means to understand retarded NPCs incapable of true deeper thought.

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You are right that life is a permanent state of warfare and domination, but that doesn't mean that violence cannot be directed in a constructive rather than destructive manner. (I believe that's his point.)

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I just read the Garnett translation which is this one. I really liked it.

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Only got huge because Pewdiepie and some other big youtu er talked about it. Their audiences, being the zoomers that they are, in never having read any piece of literature that at least makes one contemplate, get completely infatuated with it and can't stop sucking it off for the moment being. It's only this hyped up because it's edgy and the protag is "literally me irl" bait.

Just do yourself a favor and forget about this book. Catcher In The Rye doesn't even deserve to be compared with this rubbish.

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Something like Catch 22, maybe. I'm definitely reading it again for this because it's been a decade since I last read it and I can barely remember any of it.

As for an example of what I'm doing, everything is a WIP, there's a chapter about a guy that was recently captured in battle and thrown into a gladiatorial arena trying to pitch himself as a great entertainer so he won't have to be killed; or this other arc about how a character who is known for being righteous has her spirit completely broken because of a misunderstanding with her superior who believed her to be ready for a job that involved torturing other people.

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