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>how to find good books?
surprisingly, by reading books

As you read more (both in variety and volume) you will gain a keener sense for the sort of books you find worthwhile, and eventually you'll find yourself making increasingly accurate intuitive judgements about a book just based on just a chapter, passage, extract or even a blurb. Charts like >>21470764 ultimately serve as a starting point.

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>richfags feel disappointed
>great artists feel disappointed
>even literal saints felt like they were a failure
I honestly believe no one will ever "make it". Schopenhauer (PBUH) was right

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On topic > off topic > offer topic > offest topic > thot posting > frog posting

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Remove the captcha. To authorize a post you must recite a random chapter from the Odyssey

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He's a grifter and you are a chump.

>Imagine taking any self help book that isnt by Marcus Aurelius seriously.

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