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I just checked Nietzsche's Will To Power and it's almost 700 pages. I have already read 7 books of him. Including Beyond Good and Evil, Zarathustra, Gay Science, Geneaology of Morality, Twilight of the Idols, The Antichrist and Ecce Homo. Plus I'm planning to read Human All Too Human and The Birth Of Tragedy. Am I missing much if I decide to no read Will To Power? It's way too much pages for me. Also I already want to move onto the next philosopher.

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How many books should a real nietzschesister read of him? I've already read 8.

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If there is no truth ,nietzschebros, that means...

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Is philosophy open to interpretation? I feel as if when we read philosophy we usually associate what the author is saying with our own thoughts. Is this the right thing to do or does the author trying to give us a message and we should just try to decipher it? Please help me /lit/

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"How can we have free will in such a chaotic and cruel world" Is there any philosophy or book that represents this feeling?

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I started reading this year. I've been reading Nietzsche late. Ever since I started reading this faggot I've been feeling down and questioning my religions beliefs. Is philosophy supposed to have a negative effect on you or are am I just weak minded? I feel like a silly rebelious teenager. Did this ever happen to you when you started reading philosophy, /lit/?

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Do you believe in morality, /lit/?

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If there is no truth why do I have take Nietzsche's truth for granted

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>tfw it's real
wtf, pals. aliens, nazis, incest, and... trannies? what the fuck's going on??

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What the fuck do people mean when they say "start with the greeks". Unironically I don't get it. Call me a newfag I don't give a shit

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Fellas... is this book dangerous?
>Manson became especially obsessed with Chapter Seven, on how to get cooperation, and often practiced key lines in his cell, a former prison mate told Guinn. Carnegie’s advice—”Let the other fellow feel that the idea is his”—became vital in helping him recruit and control a band composed mostly of young women. Former “Family” members Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten (who was denied her 20th bid for parole last month) both say Manson mastered the technique: Not only did he often solicit and praise his followers’ advice, he was careful to frame every killing as a Family decision.

>Jackie Kellso, who runs Dale Carnegie courses in New York, says, “it’s a very hard concept to understand.” The notion of letting others take credit for your ideas goes against what most people are taught, she explains, yet “it’s fundamental to being a good leader.”

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What are some books about cynicism?

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What's a good place to discover new books?

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I can only buy three of these books. Which ones would you recommend?
>The Kalevala by Elias Lonnrot
>Hymns to the Night by Novalis
>A Hero of Our Time by Lermontov
>Dangerous Liaisons by Laclos
>Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: The Strife of Love in a Dream by Colonna
>A Sportman's Notebook by Turgenev
>Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and Peter and Wendy by Barrie
>Axël by Villiers de l'Isle-Adam
>The Major Works by Sir Thomas Browne
>The Complete Novels by Flann O'Brien
>Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
>Hunger by Knut Hamsun
>The Saga of the Volsungs
>Edda by Snorri Sturluson

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I keep reading Pablo Escobar books. Just finished the third one. About to start the fourth one.

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>based off of

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>unironically using "Latinx"
Am I on twitter? What's going on here?

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Homosexuals are so fucking annoying, I had no idea, holy shit. First of all, I never really had any faggot friends but last night my (straight) friend invited me to hang out with his sports friend group and two of them were fags. They were the loudest, most annoying, most perverted people I've ever met. I'm not sure how the friend group can deal with this all day. Everything is about homosex for them, they talk about men the way we talk about women, I suppose. All the fucking time. And most of the time is like hearing a queer version of nadsat, with this bizarre terminology. Also, they even shamed another guy in the group because they heard rumors about his dick being short. They were cruel to him and told him he should get a surgery. Which reminded me about that bit in Houellebecq's Elementary Particles where the guy is talking about the modern obsession with big dicks and goes "I don't know who started it. Queers, probably." He was right. Fags are the most obsessed with dick size.

I thought I respected homosexuals because many good and artists writers have been gay but normie fags are just so obnoxious.

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>there are currently 70,000 niggers roaming free in Ireland
>Irish cucks are okay with this

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>deductive arguments cannot be found outside of logic and mathematics

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>tfwshe smelled like leaves

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The midgets
You know
The midgets who saw Jessica's tits while cops oggled her ass?

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Guess this is a meta-thread about /lit/. Found very scary archived /lit/ posts about vaccines and graphene years ago from 2018, before the Corona pandemic and the weird graphene theories about vaccine/mrna vaccines.

This thread is from 2018, way before the Graphene posting about the vaccines or corona shit in general and genetic engineering MRNA vaccines


>The oxygen you breath is a byproduct of a catastrophe that wiped out the entire old order of life. The Cosmic Serpent is willing to destroy everything you know for it's Ubermensch ideal - you are a literal DNA/RNA ladder, not an end.

>Certain humans will develop tumors that survive the death of the body, and begin to walk. The rich will kill their Jungian Shadow-selves-made-flesh with chemotheapy, and some humans (Such as myself) will induce the tumors on purpose to control the result with genetic engineering and bioprinting.

>Graphene is roughly 50,000 times stronger than bone and flesh - 2Mpa/170Mpa compared to 130,000Mpa. This is how the Asura's and Deva's survive massive forces, and crush mountains.
>If you look at Buddhist and Vedic paintings, you sometimes see flames surrounding them. A corona discharge is the result of electron leakage, which causes molecular bonding in gases surrounding the wire. These new molecules can have excess energy, which is released as photons. If enough energy is released, the gases can catch on fire - this is how a lighter works.
Graphene, when shot by photons, emits electrons which produce thrust. Wings, cloth or orbs attached via transparent graphene would allow flight. Lightening is how this would appear - and the word Vajra means just that, as well as having connotations of diamond-like strength.
Transhumanism is often condemned for advocating eugenics - the future leads to the Vedic past, replete with a caste system. Grab onto power now, or you'll never have it.

Don't know what to make of these posts, they are extremely schizophrenic. Honestly pretty fucking SPOOPY thread

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>tfw she smelled like

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