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What will the memebook man write next?

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Gardnerian Wicca

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F Gardner

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What race is this?

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Is he gay or straight

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He gets married to F. Gardner.

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Unironically F. Gardner.

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F. Gardner is a really smart and talented novelist whose hands are not too shaky. That's it.

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For me it's F Gardner.

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Just look at Gardner's fat, gormless face. You can almost see the stupidity radiating from it, like heat haze. He may actually be so dumb that he thinks his books are good.

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I am actually Butterfly and I actually do read Gardner. I like to support other Marxists and when I found out Gardner was too, I rushed to get his books.
So you fuck off, faker.

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The Bible

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Actually, no I'm not, you vapid strumpet. I would never even ordain to read such dribble as Infinite Jest. Life is short and my books are cheap, so instead of soliciting men at the book store into playing--and I use that term lightly, as you are a woman and thus inferior to even the weakest of men in all physical endeavors--tennis with you.
If you are looking to expand your horizons beyond your childish desires, then you'll check out my Call of the Horror series, only .99 right now and free with kindleunlimited.

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>"being on record as a 4chan user" vs. "getting a few shitty comments on chapter 1" is also very negative.
What a fucking pussy

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It's a self-imposed challenge. The only rule-set is to read x amount by the end of the year, whether a 50 book counts or not is entirely up to you. No one gives a shit about what you read, so quit being a fag and just read my book.

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For me, its F Gardner

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Alan Moore is good, but he doesn't deal with the complex and abstract metaphysical concepts that I do. Also suck my dick.
Suck my dick faggot. If the jannies ban me I'll just switch my IP and come back as G. Fardner, A. Gfrner, D. Fargner, and so on. You'll buy my book one way or another.
Thank you my fellows. I can tell you that you're well read men. Free copies of my books for you until the end of time.

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For me, its call of the crocodile

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I approve

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You'll love it!

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