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My reading comprehension has been just fine with slow reading but I feel I could read more books if I speed read instead. Is speed reading as effective as slow reading when it comes to understanding books?

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The fourfold root of sufficient reason by Schopey destroyed it.

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Why is he always mad and yelling at me when I read his books?

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>30 pages long preface summarizing the main ideas of the book
I do think they help in a better understanding of the book but kinda feels like they spoil the content since you're not understanding these concepts and reaching conclusions by yourself and allow other people to think for you. Also they make the book longer than it actually is. Does the average /lit/izen read these prefaces or just skip them? Should I even bother?

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unironically why can't you just stop buying junk food?

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Why does Nietzsche use so many exclamation marks. It feels like he's yelling at me. Can someone write like this nowadays and not give pseud vibes?

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I've been reading Nietzsche and I kinda get what he means when talking about the death of God and its repercussions. But what I don't get is how the fuck God died. Haven't found a paragraph where Nietzsche explains this yet. The closest answer I've found is when he says some shit like "God had too much compassion for men". I interpret it as God was too stupid to give men free will, for them to just get over him. Did I get right or how the fuck God died?

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I only have Nietzsche books on my shelf too and I wear glasses. Does that make me a chud?

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>If you're implying I'm a girl, cope. I just enjoy having sex.
Boy you really are a fucking retard aren’t you

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Ever since I bought Nietzsche's antichrist and put it on the shelf in my room I've been waking up at 3 am in the morning with thoughts about demons in my room. Do similar things happen to you when you buy antireligious literature

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There is nothing wrong with axiomatic grounding in itself. It's only a problem in the sense that it has zero persuasive power since it can't be shown to follow from a previous fact the other person would agree to - it must be the fact the other person agrees to, or the conversation is over. But that does not inherently make something false.

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Using highlighters is pretty much the only way I can focus on reading. It forces me to engage. I use a different color highlighter for every read which actually makes the rereads more interesting for me because I can see the evolution of what got my attention for every previous read.

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Tolkien's Three Elven Rings can be applicable to the internet today: people wanted to use it as a means of conserving things (information, texts, books, opinions) forever, to resist the effects of time. But it's subject to the Ruling Ring, that is, the monopolistic corporations and governments, that can actually erase things forever and, via the internet, effectively control the wills of others.

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Every war larper is just a dude who legit wants to kill himself or find an excuse to kill people (because they hate people). Not saying there is no good in war, but mate I don't want to die in a horrible way

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who wrote the bible

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if i go and see Hamlet in a theatre, does it count as reading it?

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I was in a philosophy class and professor was talking about Nietzsche. He said Friedrich was a Darwinian and the Übermensch was a concept that means men must evolve into masters (master morality). Which makes me doubt cause Nietzsche criticizes that fella Darwin in Genealogy of Morals. Was this accurate or was he wrong?

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I need extra credits to graduate from uni and there's a reading club that can help me do that. Is it worth it giving a try? What are uni reading clubs like?

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Cuál es la mejor traducción en español de la Odisea?

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I've been reading nothing but meme philosophers for the last 12 months. I'm actually ashamed to say my last readings were Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Stirner. I want to get into real philosophy. What are the best non meme philosophers out there? So far I've picked Kant, Plato and Hegel

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Is it really true there are people who can't sit for more than 5 minutes and read a book? How mentally retarded are you to be unable to sit and read for at least 1 hour? Like leave your mobile somewhere else and just do it. At first reading comprehension will be bad but it gets better with time.

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Is it really important to read legal doctrine? I'm a law student. I have plenty of free time these coming weeks and I want to get into criminal law, so I picked a couple of legal doctrine about it. Is it really necessary to become a good lawyer?

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Jannies are fucking niggers. I got two days for less than this and it's been up for almost a whole day

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Everything is a spook

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