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What video games are /lit/-approved?

Pic not necessarily related

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Shadows of the Colossus manages to attain a level of aesthetic most writers only dream of

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Planescape Torment
Kojima is a hack.
The only /lit/ approved MGS is MGS2.

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>Forgetting the best Metal Gear game

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Pathologic is /lit/ af, I can only vouch for the slav original though, the translation was likely botched.

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The translation isn't that bad actually, then again I am an Americunt so I what do I know

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Ico is better.

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Bloodborne is pretty /lit/. I've heard many people on /lit/ mention it and I play it as well. Bloodborne goes to realms that other games, even at their highest points, have only grazed. It uses its medium as a way of conveying subjects that would be very difficult to express in other mediums. The game draws from many different sources including Bram Stoker and H.P. Lovecraft. Bloodborne is truly an artistic experience that a /lit/izen could enjoy. If you own a PS4 or are in the market for a console, then I suggest that you pick it up.

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Dragon Age : Origins was very cliche and derivative (like most modern fantasy) but i thought the story was well executed and the characters were compelling.

The following games were shit though.

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I can't make it past a couple days in this game before dying.

I also really suck at Dark Souls, which is supposed to be a very /lit/ game, and I still can't ring the first bell after playing for a few months now.

Why do /lit/ games have to be so hard?

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Metal Gear Solid has this Blade Runner feel, but is longer

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Is this good or bad though

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Did you begin playing as Haruspex by mistake? Because I cannot possibly imagine how can one fail as Bachelor, he's basically visual novel mode. Plague doesn't even start properly until day 3, what kills you?

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p. gud

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best prose in videogames is pic-related

best mechanics as metaphor is Antichamber

best overall package is The Beginner's Guide

(imo of course)

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Fallen London/Sunless Sea

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Love this game to death.

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No I remember playing the Bachelor.

It's been a while, but I just remember the game automatically kills you if you fail the goals and I can't remember the specifics but I just didn't know where to go at one point. And at night all the citizens try to kill you too and that was annoying.

Maybe I just naturally suck. I grew up playing only a few games as a child and after that went for a long time without playing any at all.

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Just watch a lets play on youtube if you only care about the story.

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Video games are for children.

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That's because you only read generic genre fiction.

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>1930s lit: movies are for children

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The game ends only if you fuck up the main quest on day 1, the main quest of every subsequent day can be failed with minor consequences. You receive the letter describing the quest of the day in details no later than 12AM every day I think

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You people need to get the fuck out of here. I'm not kidding. You guys are fucking mistaken if you think you belong here, if you think this board is for people like you. Get the fuck out, seriously, get the fuck out. You fucking video game-playing faggots, you need to leave this fucking place and stop sullying it with your mediocrity.

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The sole objective of these words you're reading now, is to bring death upon the reader.

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Bloodborne and Dark Souls. The way that the exposition is revealed is fascinating, plus the art direction is second to none.

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They are.

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I'm better than you

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Looks like a edgy and 'dark' anime, awful.

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Ah yes, /lit/, the sacred temple of intellectual elite. A place where the future of high culture is shaped.

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>best mechanics as metaphor is Antichamber
I've played it, can you explain what you mean?

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>thinks 4chan is a place for highbrow discussion
Return thyself to the kingdome of Reddit

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I don't watch anime so I had no idea.

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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

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It is only shit for serious discussion because of faggots like you.

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puns only

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Yeah, it's urgent that we return to pretending that we read books so we can call them shit.

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Well, /lit/ used to be good and high-brow, but then what would you know? You weren't there. Back then we beat garbage like you into submission. We cast your kind of subhuman trash out. You took over ; congratulations. This board is now yours ; enjoy it. Now it's nothing, it's not worth anything, it's just garbage. You felt rage and resentment that people were better than you on /lit/, so you wished to bring the board down to your level ; but you did not get any higher, you just turned everything around you into shit, because that's all you can produce, shit.

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Is this a pasta? Because it should be.

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you are wrong.
4chan is a shithole where degenerates and now teenagers congregate to out-shit post and out-meme one another, then jack off. It has never been, and never will be, a reliable place of discussing anything significant.
I wasn't kidding when I said go back to ledit. They have mods who don't fuck around and actually enforce rules.Go there if you want your "serious" discussions and let us be.

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>le 4chan was always shit meme
truly you weren't there summerboy

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>You felt rage and resentment that people were better than you on /lit/

are all book autists this narcissistic, or is it just this one faggot?

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Sage and report this thread.

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Calling out other people as narcissists as if you could disregard then that way is surely a sign of narcissism.

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you dumb fucking redditor
do you have any idea who you're talking to?
you're out of your element.

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>Calling out other people as child rapist is the surest sign you're a child rapist

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The original Gaylo trilogy as well as Reach

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Narcissism is thinking you're never at fault because him/her/it is to blame.

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And really, if you call other people child rapists too much and without any kind of evidence it means you have much infantile sex in your mind.

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someone recommend me a comfy indie game pls

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when in doubt, throw out some circular logic.

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Remember, first of all, to sage these threads ; then you report them. After that, you join in as to insult, humiliate and harass. We need them to leave. In order to achieve this, we must make them feel not welcome, and ruin their chances at an actual discussion of whatever their mediocrity brought them to enjoy. They must lose all incentive to come here. This incentive is fundamentally that they find a platform which allows to partake in such discussion. This platform must be destroyed ; we will insult, humiliate and harass them until they can no longer find any pleasure in coming here. Fuck civility, we need the faggots gone.

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These two posts need to be merged into a pasta. So much unbridled autistic rage, it's practically a work of art in itself.

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t. buttmad, video game playing (probably a analytic as well) redditor

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t. pooperpeeved papyrus autist

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Perhaps, but we still succeeded in shutting down your thread :^)

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Custer's revenge?

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LISA is the best.

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this desu, i love me some vidya as well as the next guy, but to compare it to literature is bullshit.

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one good reason

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dark souls as well
dialogue is fantastic. minimal and impactful

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witcher :v)

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>over 18
>playing video games
You're virgins too, right?

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did not like beginners guide too much
too heavy handed
twist was good tho

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not the spergpai you were replying to, but WEW lad. 04. I'm sorry. I really am. Is everything okay?

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>video games

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Really gets the old noggin joggin'

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Actually kill yourself. Not metaphorically, actually fucking kill yourself. You are on a Eurasian teapot peddling service and you dare insult people who are trying to find refinement in one of the youngest of mediums? Do you really think what you are dong makes sense? Just fucking end yourself.

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The fact that I understand exactly what all these "memes" are referencing tells me just how much time I've spent on the internet for entertainment and amusement. All that time I could've spent bettering myself, or actually reading...

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Walden: The Game.


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you DARE to insult GAMERS like myself?????? i'll have you know that we are scientifically proven to read better based on our adjustment to high framerate.... pff like some HIPSTER like you even knows that

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>when the virginity kicks in and you realize your whole life is garbage and you don't even read but you wish you could and everyone laughs at you for being uneducated so you try to find solace in thinking video games can be a high-brow medium when the whole of society tells you it's for children
Start with the Greeks.

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But Chads play video games all the time.

Being a well-rounded individual who reads, watches movie, has a well-defined taste in music and, yes, also plays video game is what society likes.

Not someone who is completely obsessed with any one of those mediums.

Anime is trash though

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>spend $60 on Plato and Shakespeare no one bats an eye
>spend $60 on a new DANK vidya and everyone calls you are child!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK I WORKED HARD AT TARGET FOR THAT MONEY

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bg 1/2

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wow you sound classy as fuck unlike those dickhead videogame obsessed jocks amirite

you totally dont play video games bro

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I actually don't enjoy video games anymore or anything at all because the depression has gotten that bad to the point where even masturbation feels like a chore and I don't get out of bed for more than 5 minutes per day.

But sure, anon, if it makes you feel better.

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wow.. that sounds dark dude... you must be really introverted because only introverts realize the truth

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Holy ... I want more

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I think a good point of reference for how I feel about the game is Wolfe's Peace. There are several narratives happening with different degrees of accessibility. The Heavy Handed one (which i liked too thb) is a bit of a red-herring

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fuck books.. so pretentious

hur dur i read an outdated medium because i want people to think im smart!!!!

faggots. that's why i browse /lit/, to meet quirky gamers like me

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This is some next level autism.

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what the fuck is going on.

I've never seen anyone get so triggered

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Why are these images of "Gamers" but they have an anime or Joker background?

Are you making these up on your own, anon?

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joker is an insanely intelligent madman who has no time for jocks

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That shoe and sock combination is triggering me

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Lets make this worse

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Dead Souls 3

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historic post

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Kill yourselves.

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Kill yourself.

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I salute you, anon, seriously. Godspeed.