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Where should I start with male authors? What are some good books that were written by men?

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Dubliners is an okay book, although the way the male author portrays a woman is kind of cringe.

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start with teh griks

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>asks for male authors
>gets recommended joyce
Every time. Is that seriously the ONLY male author you people read?

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Well I mean he's like the only good one

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dubs confirm

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george eliot

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Don't bother, men can't write. Their tribal mindset and natural inclination to brutality makes them masters of war and strife, but at the same time unable to create true art.

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Uhhhh you mean every good book ever written?

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>this is what SJWs actually believe

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Men lack the mental fortitude to contribute anything substantial to the arts. They're more suited for manual labor and don't possess the creativity necessary to write.

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don't bother
its just chest thumping machismo or tfw no gf and alcoholism

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>What are some good books that were written by men?

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First of all OP, when you say Male authors do you just mean Male authors, like Cock and balls. Or masculine writers??? Be they men?

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Men haven't done ANYTHING good, let alone books!

Am I right or am I right ladies???

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I see you are pinkpilled too, sister. Right on!

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I put off reading pic relaed for a long time because I was reluctant to read a book about a man but I'm glad I finally read it. His wife and the wife of his predecessor are fully realized characters and very empathetic. I mostly skipped over the male parts but there were some hidden gems in there

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>Tfw one of the greatest books written by a woman is about a great man

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>is about a great man
did you read what he did to Jerusalem?
he was basically Hitler in a toga

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Great and good are two different things.

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See, I'd be for Masculism if you guys wouldn't overcompensate so much. In the last decades there've been more and more good books written by men, but forcing this meme that they've always somehow written good books from their status in society is just delusional

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Stop memeing this is a serious thread you bitches

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>has no valid argument
>argues with hypertext

Brah u sah 4chan

Hitler was also a great man, albeit at times morally reprehensible, this does not take from his stature of greatness

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/pol/ please leave

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>shitposting in a shitposting shitposting thread

I can't swallow this much shit

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George Eliot is pretty based for a male author. Despite being a male he still somehow manages to write like a human being. Most male writers just lack the empathy though a few here and there manage decent prose.

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>Despite being a male he still somehow manages to write like a human being

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>Most male writers just lack the empathy though a few here and there manage decent prose.

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You have to admit there is something missing in male writers. Something lacking. It's why they're so predictable, so robotic, so inhuman. Now there are exceptions of course like George Eliot, but most male writers are pretty tedious and artificial.

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You know who was a good writer similar to Eliot? George Sand!

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Examples? I mean I can understand your point, but i still don't agree. I mean if you go and compare Fight club to like Waves... obviously there is a major difference lol, but are you talking era specific? I mean Ive yet to read anything even nearly as empathetic written by a woman when contrasted with Shakespeare lol

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Poor form.

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Is this trolling? Shakespeare obviously uses his characters as puppets to recite his poetry and tell jokes. He's nowhere close to respecting them as individuals in their own right in the way that the great female author's like Woolf do.

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Uh and your point being....

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>shakespeare obviously uses his characetrs as puppets to receit his poetry and tell jokes

And whats woolf?

>winkley crone angsty about not gettnig her box stuffed and other humbug lunacys that smell of odd vaginal secretions

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Wow, your right, I mean obviously its true, I must congratulate you on your solid and trustworthy sources... which you have cited, along with the proof

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>angsty about not gettnig her box stuffed
>and other humbug
Not so good at the old words I see. I guess you're male. I don't blame you. Society doesn't expect males to be verbally proficient and don't encourage them.

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His left actually.

Seriously, this is a fucking literature board.

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Why can't men handle the bantz?

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Layers of triple irony I hope

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Maybe you should work on your subject-verb agreement before you attempt to belittle someone's "verbal proficiency".

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I don't know what the point is, none have produced anything that can be compared to the work of Jane Austen.

Sure, some men will try to tell you about a book like Gravity's Rainbow or Ulysses and try to argue that these books have their own merits but you know that they aren't something like Pride and Prejudice and thus can be easily ignored.

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>Drunk as a cunt
>Shitpost on obvious Pro-woman men r dumb thread
>Waiting for women to react
>react just like any other women do about anything else that they dont like
>Trys to divert entire negative connotation onto me and my comment
>ignores the fact the OP is biased and ignorant anyway

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https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=BMC5VTdY-gw


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epic scene

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Haha, sisters, I just BLEEDED out of my VAGINA. Haha.
>tfw vagina blood
Men are getting destroyed in this thread!

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and subsequently:

to get a good context for this post.

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Is this a roleplay thread, are you all going to start sucking each other's girl cocks?

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Isak Dinesen's okay but kind of colonial minded. Obviously doesn't compare to female Danish authors, but worth a look.

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>mfw this thread

And this time, I'm definitely on the right

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James Tiptree Jnr is very good but he wrote mostly sci-fi. Men seem to have a problem moving past genre fiction.

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>mfw feminists think they're being really clever little satirists.

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Can you be more specific? I know men have been writing for a long time, but it just happens that I've not read any and need some guidance.

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this is a male author's thread, anon, please shit up another thread with your esther vilar waifuing and female issues spamming

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Hey now, Vernon Lee wrote lots of books that weren't just spooky shit, but people just don't want to read aesthetics after Pater with all the anti-paternalism going on these days.

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Avoid Acton Bell at all costs. His brothers are okay, but Acton's fucking retarded.

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Nope. Men are to robotic and emotionless to write good books

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Male authors are good if you want some insight into the autistic mind. But they are pretty much all the same. If you've read one you've pretty much read them all.

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The full post where this graph is from is actually interesting :


These IQ scores are *estimated from SAT scores*, so they're not actually IQ scores, but just measure how well people did in their SATs. Here's the same graph with SATs and IQs switched.

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>quantitative score
What does this mean?

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Nevermind, read the link. So the diagram means that math heavier majors are better at math. Shocking.

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Yes, that's about it! To then estimate IQs from there is beyond weird

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Beneath the shitposting there are a couple of really angry people. Mouth shut, fuming through the nose, shattering dishes and beating their stepson levels of rage.

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The Greeks

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don't talk about me or my husband's son ever again

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This thread is a joke right? RIGHT?!

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this is a top notch thread

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>men can't write
>men can't into art

Men are both the creators of literature and art.

The greatest works of both categories are by men.

(As are the greatest achievements of nearly every other meaningful category in existence. Not to mention, you're on the internet [spoiler:man-made], on a website made by a man, lmao)

On behalf of all men, you're welcome.

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post feet

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post dick pics or stfu, meninazi.

>> No.8567089

I love you be my bf please???

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I bet you have a cute beard

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there's a qt I see on weekends at my school; he's a men's studies major tho. can you give me one male plebcore author who wrote something semi-decent so I can have a conversation with him?

>inb4 joyce
name sounds like a girl's anyway. I need work by slimtoned mcshirtless or something by an author whose name I can sound "impressive" by knowing.

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Men love Hemmingway, seriously, the Old Man and the Sea is a light read and hey will gobble that shit up if you can stomach it. Watch out though because if he's a men's studies major he may try and trap you in a patriarchal marriage, also he is likely damaged goods.

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Hemingway. His books suck, but they're very easy to read and among the boyiest shit ever written. Cute guys suck that pandering tripe right up.

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my advice is to start with the Russians, because you are an English speaker.
Let me explain myself.

French, Spanish and German literature have long traditions with many classics, but you may want to learn one of those languages in the future, and reading them in their language is better than reading them in a translation.

English literature is great, but it is also huge, it would be an "I dont know where to start from" problem.

You, like almost all westerners, like almost all the planet, will never learn Russian. So start with the translations of the Russian classics, like Crime & Punishment, Anna Karenina, War and Pace, Karamazov brothers.
And after Tolstoi and Dostoievsky, you can read the other great, but not as great writers, Gogol, Pushkin and Chekhov.

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Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than knowing about memes.

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>he's a men's studies major tho.

dont let crazy stick it in you

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Russian detected.

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>stick it in you
You think I'm a pervert? I'd never let knackwurstwhore touch my genitals with anything except his tongue.

>> No.8567142

>be a masochist sexual submissive
>get turned on by this thread
Do any women feel this way reading about misogyny?

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How is Gogol. I have book on my to reed list, but dont see him discussed here often.

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This has gone from mildly amusing to giving me an erection.

>> No.8567151

>Do any women feel this way reading about misogyny?
Women who get turned on about misogyny exist. Whether any woman has ever got turned on by a /lit/ thread that way ...

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Tolstoi? Like Tatyana Tolstaya? Ok will start there.

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>men's studies

Only a total moron, would study something so worthless.

I found it boring.

>> No.8567157

*reading about

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99% of men's literature is boring girl. You didn't ask for """""good"""" men's lit, you asked for something you could use to get some of that sweet fuckstick.

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Did Austen really invent free indirect style?

If so that's a major technical innovation and she deserves respect regardless of her actual writing.

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I'm a guy, lol. I give out fuckstick. ;)

Also, not the original poster.

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>I give out fuckstick. ;)
degenerate attentiongigolo slut

>> No.8567213

congratulation, get your participation trophy.

You won't get handouts for being a man on 4chan, anonymity is in place for a reason.

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>art of war

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>This thread
I love it, keep posting please.

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Could you honestly say your stale shit is any better.

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You'll never understand, Wayne. You and me, we're not even the same species. I used to be you, then I evolved. From where you're standing, you're a man. From where I'm standing, you're an ape. You're not even an ape. You're a media person. Media's like the weather, only it's man-made weather. Murder? It's pure. You're the one made it impure. You're buying and selling fear. You say "why?" I say "why bother?"

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I for one, don't even see the point of attraction towards men desu. Shit is gross. Who knows you better than another woman

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you dyke will never experience the complete emasculation of a man by commanded dominance, negating even his choice to conquer.

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this thread wasn't a success, unfortunately

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>All these bitches wanting a submissive man
Yeah enjoy your orbiters while I ride Chad you fatasses

PS. Who the fuck is Marx and why does he think he can take credit for Simone De Beauvoirs work? Fucking men

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That sounds gross af

>> No.8567277

>husband went through all of my shelves and completely disorganized them because muh literary lifestyle.
>I try to restore them, calmly explaining that I like to be able to find my books and don't want to grab fucking Mishima when looking for Bishop
>won't let me actually read the books, REEE's when I try to buy more
>complains about the lack of diversity in my authors, tell him to go finish his novel if he wants fair treatment; not like there's much competition

I love him (solid 7.5 qt, figure like an otter) but fuck. Advice, lit?

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To whichever tribe of infants wins the culture war:
Congrats on being the most underhaded irresponsible and cowardly rats on the planet.
Enjoy the desert you'll make of your home.
You make real wars seem appealing.

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Very clearly not. Low IQ men won't leave us alone to discuss fucking books without shitting up the entire thread with their retard masculinity

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You're the other side of the idiot coin.

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Triggered men smfh

>> No.8567328

Your gross

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Top notch post

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This thread is fucking stupid. It just proves how mad girls are because they pretend guys suck at writing when really women do. Pure resentment as a result of getting told in women in literature threads. It's proof that girls are dumb and heartless.

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You're probably also a girl. Stop being so bitter and mean.

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post feet

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ITT: Men memeing and men having too low iq to understand the men

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Men are insane don't fuck crazy

>> No.8567389

stupid meninist

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Her words, not mine.
>the estrogen is strong with this one

I never asked for a handout. Why would I need one?

Femtard logic. lmao

>> No.8567397

No I don't even think you want to see them youre just making fun of guys.

Meninist isn't even a word you dumb girl

>> No.8567400

That's not what meninism is about! This guy's a third wave meninist, he's lost his marbles, originally meninism was focused on the removal of preconceived notions, prejudices and established power structures in regards to the relationship between men and women.

Only recently the term has become first a catch all term to help men overcome their natural disabilities and nowadays even to get privileged over women.

That's not in the original spirit of meninism at all though.

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You are so smart

>> No.8567404

at least post your masculine penis

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>a thread suggesting women are great authors
>low iq men

LOL - try again

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post your cute hairy butt

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Her words, not mine.
>the estrogen is strong with this one

I never asked for a handout. Why would I need one?

Femtard logic. lmao

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I came in here expecting some men to at least try but they can't even get jokes

Are all the men on this board autistic?

>> No.8567413

Really? Thanks...

Compliments really embarrass me because I'm not very used to them. You seem nice

This is a blue board you can't

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>all these men coming out of the woodwork to defend themselves

>All they do is shit a good thread down

Also I bet some of theese """men""" are just bored girls tryign to bait us. Poes law and all.

>> No.8567425

men just want to get women pregnant because they're irresponsible

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Misogynoir is a real and immense threat to America and until it is resolved birthrates and national debt are simply not worth acknowledging as issues.
Either end the war on black womyn or don't be a country.
It's that simple America, stop being anti-intellectual rape apologists and actually do something of value with your lives.

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There are no good male writers, it's all genre fiction or "tfw no bf" rambling. Be a good girl and read JK Rowling or something, dummy.

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>> No.8567444

>talks about men only writing genreshit
>recommends JK Rowling
lurk moar /pol/ poster

>> No.8567468

well yeah. she picked JK Rowling as a name because genreshit is a men's field. most of the best (Octavia Butler, Mary Shelley, Ursula leguin$ are women but men write lower-level kids stuff: her market.

>> No.8567476

post your fucking pecs then. we don't literally mean "post dick" (tho I wouldn't mind), we mean if you're going to call attention to yourself as a man, don't. or at least give us oc.

>> No.8567486

Sorry but I don't want to draw attention to myself or derail the thread and I'm pretty lanky anyways


>> No.8567525

yeah, for a dummy.

And it's better than most male writers

>> No.8567559

men you hair-splitting dope

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>> No.8567591

>I'm a guy, lol. I give out fuckstick. ;)

>> No.8567598

This is objectively true.

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>> No.8567603

We call those "nazis".

>> No.8567607

Anything written by men isn't worth your time. Just face it, men are different to women, they are almost a different species.

Men's biological urges tell them to hunt and mate with women, controlling them and making sure their reproductive lines are ensured. Does that sound like a being that would make great art?

Just face it, all men are good for is impregnating women. Leave the real literature to women.

>> No.8567611

I've already read Sappho's fragments- what else is there?

>> No.8567616

I live in Iowa and I'm so shy and reserved I don't even have friends so if we met in person you shouldn't expect that much anyways. I would probably not talk a lot but I would like to have a real life friend

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>> No.8567624

Holy shit you sound qt

>> No.8567629


>> No.8567636

Since when are birthrates a fucking problem in America?

>> No.8567639

Every book written by a man ever:

>angsty young male protagonist
>starving writer or other sort of artist
>"the world is suffering! look how DEEEP I am!!!" for 800 pages

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File: 527 KB, 626x703, preview_1653_1466813080_297efcaaa87a6de13c6f6fbc915fd23a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I for one am sick of hearing about how different nations are engaging in quantitative easing, military conflict, and economic/ideological subversion, as well as declining birthrates and terrorist attacks.
I don't care that Argentina, a sovereign nation state, defaulted on a debt owed to a private enterprise based in the US (Elliot Management) and had a full on naval warship repossessed.
These aren't issues.
They don't matter.
Everyday men wolf whistle at me on the street.
This is disgusting and needs to stop.
How can you expect the rest of the world to take America seriously when you can't even treat your women with respect?
You have no idea what it's like to be a woman.
You aren't happy everyday and sometimes people can be unkind to you, or mistreat and exploit you.
As a man you couldn't possibly understand this issue, but it is 100% your job to fix it.
Either do that now or prepare to face extinction because I am not having any babies with a toxic masculine rape apologist who refuses to respect the supreme importance of my personal happiness.
Men are disgusting.

>> No.8567645

2 is replacement.
Anything beneath is ageing/declining population.

>> No.8567655

Are you saying you're triggered or I'm triggered? Because I'm not triggered, I was just kind of annoyed.

Thank you, that cheers me up. You also sound qt.

>> No.8567692

>not wolf-whistling at men
Virginia would be disappointed in you, anon

>> No.8567697

it's spelled woolf-whistling

>> No.8567754

>submissive girl

>> No.8567760

>but they can't even get jokes

>Are all the men on this board autistic?
seems to be so

>> No.8567767

>get attention

this thread, with the role reversing, has shown me how cool it is to be a female.

>> No.8567771

aww, he's bashful! I bet you masturbate too, you little cuty!

>> No.8567780

>tfw woolf will never whistle at you
why even live

>> No.8567783

honestly boards like /soc/, /cgl/, /ck/, /an/, and parts of /co/ and /lgbt/ where femininity is the default are much more comfy.

>> No.8567794
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feminine men are disgusting and annoying tho.

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>> No.8567805

mtfs are alright once they get used to e's effects on their systems. ftms can be hot but they're such fucking attention whores.

>> No.8567813

dude. That's lesbian. If a guy has a vag, it's not a guy.

That's fucking lesbian.

>> No.8567819

Aw, thanks dude. Friends are nice, I wish you luck in making them.

>> No.8567820

>All MtFs
AIDS-bearing gay guys with terrifying masculine voices they think are feminine because they make them all faggy and lilt-y

>Pre-op FtMs
Dykes into femdom

>Post-op FtMs
Insane, overcompensating "Craigslist faggot" roleplayers who want AIDS because it'd authenticate their manliness (?????)

>> No.8567824

>she hasn't read Orlando
leave this board for fucking ever, retardolady

>> No.8567826

mtf as a character is one thing, but calling ftm hot is lesbian, simple as that.

You're a dyke, gal.

>> No.8567832

Really? In my experience, it's the total opposite. The Ftms i've met are some of the chillest motherfuckers on the planet, the mtf boarderline unhygenic.

>> No.8567835

>I bet you masturbate too
Yes? Most guys do that. I guess it's embarrassing and I wouldn't want to talk about it with my mom but its normal.

Shut up.

Thank you I will try

I'm thinking of talking to the other people who sit alone in the cafeteria (I go to college so I am not younger than 18). I don't really know how to talk to people but I would like to

>> No.8567839

Not all ftm like girls

>> No.8567846

This thread has entered impossible to know layers of irony. No point in even trying to have a conversation.

>> No.8567847

I'm talking about this woman >>8567805 that finds them hot. Which is lesbian.

>> No.8567850

>Yes? Most guys do that. I guess it's embarrassing and I wouldn't want to talk about it with my mom but its normal.

Oh yeah? Do it then.

Do it now.

>> No.8567857

I didnt have a whole of friends and good social skills till I got a part time job in high school. I worked as cashier for a couple years, and being forced to talk to people nonstop for 6 hours straight sucked, but it helped tons.

I think that's a good start, anon. Also try to hit up any clubs and stuff on campus you may be interested in, or maybe even club sports if you're feeling ballsy. Play the numbers game and cast a wide net, if nothing else you'll learn a lot about people. When you're an underclassmen, it much easier to get involved in this stuff. Just keep trying stuff till something sticks. I believe in you.

>> No.8567860

Either that or somewhere on the kinsley scale, I have to agree.

>> No.8567861
File: 23 KB, 200x266, michaeldillionnavy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anon is all one person
no wonder you're gender confused.
>if you find picrelated attractive as a grill you are a lesbians.
dude you don't need to be this deep in the closet it's 2020 if you allow for rounding

>> No.8567864

>Most guys do that.
If most guys cut themselves would that make it okay?
>I guess it's embarrassing
It is.
>I wouldn't want to talk about it with my mom
Maybe try and think about why that is.

>> No.8567866

a whole thread full of unfunny people waiting for each other to post so they can reply with that unfunny joke they were thinking of the whole time

>> No.8567868

Damn look at that velvety skin holy fuark

>> No.8567878

I've been trying not too. Not masturbating is supposed to make you more confident.

That is probably good advice. I know I should join clubs but I go, don't talk, stop going one day because I'm feeling bad, and then I'm embarrassed of going back because people might think I was judging them. That isn't a good excuse, though. I know you're right.

>> No.8567881


>> No.8567882


yeah coz it's a girl

>> No.8567885

yeah being an aristocrat really held back the clock in those days

>> No.8567891

The Kinsey scale classifies on reported sexual behavior and includes completely hetero (if you can believe such kinkiness really exists). As it is sexual behavior and not thoughts kissless virgins aren't really included.

>> No.8567904

are you the one saying if it has a dick it can't be a girl?

>> No.8567907

Gentiles wash their hands before a meal, and do similar tasks, for the sake of ceremony or habit instilled in them by force.
A Jewish person washes his hands before a meal because he does not wish for them to be dirty, and cares for his hygiene.
This is why we say that the people of Israel are 'Human' and the Goyim are not.
It means human in a different sense than you are used to.

>> No.8567910

that too I guess, but what I AM saying is that if it ain't got one, it ain't a guy and finding it hot is lesbian.

>> No.8567914

>If most guys cut themselves would that make it okay?
No. I went to a mental hospital and two girls cut themselves. One cut a lot more than the other and was covered in scars, and she made the other girl (who was really nice to me) dissociate whenever she saw her (that's like thinking you aren't real). I won't cut myself.

>It is
I'm trying to stop, but there isn't that much stuff I like doing and it helps me relax

>Maybe try and think about why that is.

>> No.8567915

>>8567861 has a dick. apparently you're a faggot.

>> No.8567916


J.K. Rowling is pretty good. He's the one who wrote the Harry Potter books. His main weak point is in always using 'He/She said' for dialogue

>> No.8567922

>Gentiles wash their hands before a meal, and do similar tasks, for the sake of ceremony or habit instilled in them by force.
>A Jewish person washes his hands before a meal because he does not wish for them to be dirty, and cares for his hygiene.
>This is why we say that the people of Israel are 'Human' and the Goyim are not.
>It means human in a different sense than you are used to.
Gentiles wash their hands before a meal, and do similar tasks, for the sake of ceremony or habit instilled in them by force.
A Jewish person washes his hands before a meal because he does not wish for them to be dirty, and cares for his hygiene.
This is why we say that the people of Israel are 'Human' and the Goyim are not.
It means human in a different sense than you are used to.

>> No.8567926

ugh i hate galbraith, pretending to be chick for until he got established and then dumping his shitty detective fiction on us. he's why everyone hates men.

>> No.8567933

a flesh dildo more like.

>> No.8567946

God made his chosen people, the Children of Israel, entirely in his image, and then he made the beasts.
God saw that it was undignified for the Hebrew people to be served by beasts, and so he transformed a number of them to mimic the form of man, but with much less cunning and strength, so that the Jews may be made to feel contempt for their slaves on this Earth.
These beasts are the origin of the lineage of all nations besides Israel, and the great and noble kingdom of Judea.

>> No.8567954

still more of a man than that dyke jake in the sun also rises.

>> No.8567958

Gogol and Chekhov are both better than Dosto.

Chekhov is actually almost as good as Tolstoi.

>> No.8567960

Fuck yeah, this means my dirty hetero thoughts mean nothing!

>> No.8567961

>on /lit/, the board about books
>forgetting hannah arendt, anne frank, gertrude stein, alice toklas and yes, token male patrician children's author Lemony Snicket

/pol/ pls go.

>> No.8567964

I'm no guru, honestly you'll have to find your own path. I think the most important thing is to just keep trying and not spend all day laying in your bed shitposting on /lit/

>> No.8567992

Sure. I'm surprised by how nice you are, considering this is 4chan. If you were here I would kiss you on the cheek.

>> No.8567993

unthank you for that image

>> No.8567998

poster who brought ftms up. I'm somewhere on the kinsey scale and that somewhere is Totally Straight. I just have a weakness for scars is all

>> No.8568007


The wording is a little vague since it speaks somewhat of 'response' and 'desire' in addition to behavioral terms like 'history' and 'experience'

>> No.8568010

My bad.

>> No.8568020


There are some awesome male authors who are all brothers; their names are Ellis, Currer, and Acton Bell.

>> No.8568072

Your initial post I replied to reminded me a lot of my little sister. She's in a similar position and I try to guide her some. Also this thread has been stellar, so I felt like trying to help ya out some.

>> No.8568088

Why were you at a mental hospital anon?

>> No.8568092

this genuinely made me laugh. 10/10

>> No.8568104

Thank you. I hope yor sister feels better.

I tried overdosing on imipramine to kill myself. It didn't work but I'm a lot slower now in things like math and I'm more uncoordinated because of brain damage. It sucks but I have to accept it.

>> No.8568126


Isak Dinesen; Out of Africa and Gothic Tales

>> No.8568146

Acton a shit. You put them in declining order at least

>> No.8568152 [DELETED] 


Well, I liked Angus Grey anyway

>> No.8568162


Well I liked Angus Grey at least, I mean it's no John Eyre but still

>> No.8568166

>mfw this entire thread
But women don't exist on the internet, much less 4chan

>mfw I have no face

>> No.8568175

Currer does get underrated, but you know Ellis is the bomb. It's why he's in every intro class worth a damn. Nobody's writing songs about Angus in the rain.

>> No.8568181

see >>8568175

>> No.8568216

dick or gtfo

>> No.8568247

Post feet

>> No.8568264

meh, most men only pretend to be into lit until you get them vidya. he probably just doesn't want you spending your money on books because he thinks that's "his" videogames and figurines budget. if you wife him, get a prenup or he'll just mooch of you until he takes all your book cases in the divorce

>> No.8568300

>most of the best
>Mary Shelley

Lol, try again.

>most of the best

LOL, try again.

>> No.8568310

>the mens want to believe they write better genre shit than shelley, who invented a whole genre
bless. i'm sure your nanowrimo is as good as any of the womens ones this year, sweetie. i really liked the rocket ship you drew for the cover. pffffffffffffffffffffffftt

>> No.8568313

name me one good adult genre male author and I will humbly retract my statement

>> No.8568315

James Tiptree Jr

>> No.8568318

exCUSE me it's my books AND figurines budget.
>tfw you want consistent dick but don't want a bf mooching off your money

>> No.8568326

sorry anon, i was trying to soften the blow of your bf's halfassed warhammer collection by calling them /toy/ worthy.

>> No.8568333

Do you know what is awesome about being a girl? Being able to pull goth off vaguely well instead of not being able to pull goth off at all.

>> No.8568342

>trips confirm mary best shelley

>> No.8568349
File: 4 KB, 124x98, aaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you will never be Amanda and keep a man alive by force and then fall in love with him
Tiptree was clearly an mtf or gay or something. how else would he have understood tfw no bf so well?

>mfw agp shitposters call themselves girls instead of women

>> No.8568360

The thing is I'm actually a girl, I just popped in here because the climate is accommodating and pleasant.

>> No.8568364

>Tiptree was clearly an mtf or gay or something. how else would he have understood tfw no bf so well?
pretty sure he was biscum on the downlow. even biscum get lonely sometimes

>> No.8568372


What is Percy Bysshe Shelley?

What is Shakespeare?

What is Goethe?

What is Proust?

What is Dostoevsky?

What is Kafka?

What is Homer?

What is Mishima, Yukio?

What is Kawabata, Yasunari?

What is Natsume, Soseki?

What is Tolkien?

I could go on all day...

>> No.8568375

His wife probably went back and rewrote most of his books.

>> No.8568377

>What is Percy Bysshe Shelley?
He's not better than his wife. It's men who are better than women in the same genre. If you thought Percy's edit of Frankenstein was better, you deserve to be beaten to death

>> No.8568379

Over rated trash 99% of the time. Especially Tolkein.

Only legitimate untired fuck on that list who stayed relevant for so long is Kafka.

Quit shilling the same authors over and over and expecting everyone to not get tired of your posturing eventually

>> No.8568387

>What is Goethe?
Goethe confirmed grills for best in his venetian epigrams, do you even read these men before shilling them?

>> No.8568389
File: 342 KB, 394x394, sudoku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A pretty hot nip who REEd when he couldn't be a real life action figure

>> No.8568391

nah he was smart and shot her while she was asleep before he an heroed. it's not like she read, you couldn't leave her with the estate

>> No.8568394


Tell me, what does it feel like to be an idiot?

>> No.8568396


Proust was a Homosexual, and therefore had a TRANS-FEMININE brain, but I woudnt expect your male brain to undertsand it.

The prevalence of Homosexuals among male writers proves women are better at writing.

>> No.8568397
File: 45 KB, 634x650, LaughingWhorejacks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does it feel to be male?

>> No.8568398

Wow this thread really caused me to evaluate my beliefs about female writers and books written by female writers. That's the awesome power of satire.

>> No.8568400

not him, but you're defending tolkien and you want to call other people idiots??? not even in a bizarro thread are you not pleb and an entry level name dropper neckbeard.

>> No.8568401

Two 2s in the middlemost row, no wonder he killed himself

>> No.8568402

It feels refreshing. How does it feel to be so autistic you can't take a joke thread for your life because of your deep seated political beliefs, that are so entwined with your soul, you have a panic attack when something doesn't go your way?

>> No.8568403

marcella just loved albertine enough she let albertine be the grill for the book. like how woolf hated her lesbian gf so she made her a boy for half the time since elizabeth. someone's got to take the gender hit to make it past the censors back then

>> No.8568411

PB & Shelley is garbage.
>mary wollstonecraft is an okay writer despite being a fedoratipper
>william godwin is an okay writer but garbage philosopher
>mary wollstonecraft shelley is a surprisingly good writer despite Frankenstein basically being fanfiction of her parents writing mixed with the genre fiction of the time
>pb & shelley makes all these hacks look genius
>pb & shelley wrote that rhetoric about sticking to a diet of raw plants and water and dies from fucking drowning which makes me giggle more than mary wollstonecraft dying from childbirth
It's like they're cursed with a lack of discernible talent.


>> No.8568417

>I tried overdosing on imipramine to kill myself. It didn't work but I'm a lot slower now in things like math and I'm more uncoordinated because of brain damage. It sucks but I have to accept it.
Sorry about that. What changed about you wanting to die?

>> No.8568421

>good adult genre male author
>genre male author
>good genre

did you even read the post on rowling that started this discussion? yes, they're all technically adults, but what I meant is scifi or fantasy genre fiction not aimed at children. only one is even a fantasy author, and, while Tolkien's reinterpretation of mythology, conlang construction, and contextual linguistic knowledge are all noteworthy, and he was a skilled translator, his more popular work is transparent male power fantasy; the Scouring of the Shire, for instance, is reactionary garbage. His obscurer stuff is more of a worldbuilding guide than anything else. It's a really cool worldbuilding guide with a lot of great stuff, but can you really be surprised that Tolkien's best dealt with his languages and concepts when that's where he put his time? The stories are ancillary! Tolkien was not a good author.

do you care about anything at all? you need to find a bf, anon.

>> No.8568430
File: 539 KB, 1280x1479, displeased.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not wanting to be a good independent mother
that aside I absolutely agree/spoiler]

>> No.8568434

I already have a gf B>

>> No.8568435

>Wanting to be a single mother
It's like you -want- to raise some white trash scum of a son

>> No.8568442

My mom's reaction made me not want to do it. It would ruin her life.

>> No.8568443

>she doesn't look to the ant and consider her ways
jane wyndham rolling in her grave desu

>> No.8568457

If you don't get why Tolkien is a genius, you're an idiot. No question.

He is not the greatest name listed, but he is absolutely, irrefutably, a genius.

Trans-people are fantasy - there is no such thing.

Their delusion is rooted entirely in feelings and reinforced by drug use.

Proust was a man who liked men - end of story.

But I don't expect your degenerate brain to understand it.

>> No.8568459
File: 823 KB, 1271x709, stop trying to change the subject.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can you all imagine being a guy and losing math and physical skills? that sucks anon.

japanese here. I definitely want a child eventually, but every man I know, even especially the gay ones, is a slut or a fedora. I have my hasubando to shlick over until I find marriage material. It's gonna be a long time.

>> No.8568462
File: 1.06 MB, 750x1334, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tolkien is irrefutable ya genius
>gets angry over joke threads

You wonder why people call you autistic

>> No.8568466

>If you don't get why Tolkien is a genius, you're an idiot. No question.
>has to simplify *welsh* variations of runes for his audience
>doesn't even bother to use welsh to match the orthography
christ m8, even rowling doesn't tame down latin for her readers who are basically children. you're basically being amazed by a parlour magician who fucked up his card trick

>> No.8568468
File: 56 KB, 288x251, maymay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're gonna be a fujoshit too, it's good that at least you're forward about it. pity you have such shit taste in authors though.
>pic unrelated

>> No.8568473

>Michiko to Hatchin
godtier taste

>> No.8568480

>I definitely want a child eventually, but every man I know, even especially the gay ones, is a slut or a fedora.
Yeah, welcome to life lol. Practically all men are pigs, even in Japan I guess. It takes a while, but after trying hard enough, you'll get a solid 7/10 who loves you and is willing to prove it.

>> No.8568488

Why worry about men when you could just get a girl. They're always the perfect match and they get you instantly. A little high school experimentation nailed me for good, I couldn't imagine loving anyone else but other women. It's like, having a lover and a best friend.

>> No.8568490

>"re" as in, "again"
>"fresh," as in, "new."

Ah, I get it.

You're sooooo stupid the world around you remains in a perpetually foreign state, allowing you to, like an emergent child, experience the never-ending freshness of life.

Your goldfish-like mental faculties leave you with a mindfulness akin to a Bodhisattva.

Good for you, little one.

As for me, I've seen it all, babe.

>> No.8568493


>> No.8568495

Are you kidding? Rowling routinely mangles latin.

>> No.8568498

>ITT: white knights who think boys won't fuck them unless they know boy authors
boys are generally stupid, and it's rare any of them read. the ones who do read, read genre shit mostly.
if you're lucky enough to find the super rare ones who are actually into literature, have good taste, and are not just being pretentious, they'll understand why most of your favourite authors are female. good luck finding those though. you're better off just settling for one who will leave you the fuck alone while reading and not bother you with their manchild hobbies and sports talk.

>> No.8568502

It's ironic how true this actually is

>> No.8568503

does she put it in cyrillic? no? better than tolkien then still

>> No.8568504

>spends her time mongoloid pleb-tier men

>> No.8568510

not all of us can be shut ins, rapunzel

>> No.8568513

I come to this thread thinking I'll actually see a reasonable discussion of people giving the OP recommendations. Instead I see god knows how many posters actually trying to argue one sex or the other is physically incapable or writing art.

I thought this psuedo-scientific bullshit belonged on /pol

OP, I don't know if your still around, or what your experience with literature is, but the canon is always a good place to start. If you want a modern candidate Salman Rushdie is great. Regardless of what you think about the works themselves Junot Diaz is an absolute wizard with language.

>> No.8568516

you know OP's not going to come eat you out and let you use him as a programmable dildo because you gave him men books, right, anon?

>> No.8568519

>you know OP's not going to come eat you out and let you use him as a programmable dildo because you gave him men books, right, anon?

Yes, yes I do know that, I just figured I'd actually respond to the threads request. This place however is clearly just shitposting at this point, or maybe I'm a moron and it was that the entire time. Regardless I''m not going to waste any more time here.

>> No.8568521

Uhhuh, sure thing Brianna.

>> No.8568527

oh, I'm not there, I live in nevada. thanks anyways.

>> No.8568547
File: 89 KB, 504x378, IMG_3215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8568549

The joke is she died three days after giving birth, similar to a 'dependent woman' depicted in Maria.

>> No.8568552
File: 108 KB, 800x600, arasmol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's horrible. Thanks for the context.

>> No.8568555
File: 333 KB, 954x330, the magic excuse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8568557

It's not horrible, it's some sweet irony. Only PB & Shelley drowning is better than that.

>> No.8568558

>tfwywn fuck a virgin mary godwin on her mother's grave before she writes her incest book in homage to mary/maria
the one thing shelley did right and i fucking hate him for it

>> No.8568559

Honestly speaking, neither gender reads that much among the younger generation, although women probably do more. Still, each gender has its shit hobbies. Women spend more time on social media than men, and they're far more likely to watch reality TV shows and keep up with celebrity bullshit.

>> No.8568561

Trips, and also this. I said no to my crush only to see what happened to my stories. Can't say I regret it now.

>> No.8568563

women read far more than men, anon.

>> No.8568565

why are lesbeans so fucking Romantic?

>> No.8568571

broader linguistic range and more domestic violence = sublimity

>> No.8568577

>troll thread
>287 replies and 37 images omitted

>> No.8568579

I believe it. Most fanfic writers are also women. It's a minority in either case. Most people who read at all in our generation just keep up with a couple of authors they like, such as Gaiman or Green. It's very rare to be condescending enough to binge on philosophy and literary fiction.

>> No.8568580

>lulz thread
>whiner gets dubs
the number gods are joining in why can't you?

>> No.8568593

>can you all imagine being a guy and losing math and physical skills? that sucks anon.
Thank you for being nice. I don't really like thinking about it.

>> No.8568758

i love this thread and i'm gonna miss it in the morning.

>> No.8568800

I have only read, what you would call real literature (classic one) and i've read well over 1500 books and i've yet to read a singal one, written by a female examplar of the human spicies. And i don't pretend to understand, why their favourit athours are female, but call out their bullshit and make them read valuable works only.

>> No.8568810

Are you saying boys aren't generally stupid and like to read? Where do you live and how much will moving there cost me?

>> No.8568830

I just want some dick and knowing boy authors helps me talk to boys. pls no bully

>> No.8568835

Haha there are enough. Munich Germany, likley less, than it would cost to live there. My favourit book would be Hyperion by Hölderlin.

>> No.8568871

did I ask what your favorite book was?

>> No.8568908

No, but i wanted you to read something good and not the nonesene, which is otherwise around. And the Thread theme was for those, who have yet to read high literature, where should they start. You are not the only one inside this thread and my advise goes to all, in this thread.

>> No.8569038

High literature? This thread is about male authors.

>> No.8569039

>303 replies
>57 posters

Some women sure are desperate for attention

>> No.8569076

Please leave my literary salon

>> No.8569124

I have to admit you are right, sadly. I will leave the *literary salon* now, read some Paul Julius Möbius and than i will stroll right into Morpheus arms. Good Night

>> No.8569152
File: 325 KB, 838x805, whoisshe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Paul Julius Möbius
baito desu. whatever floats your boat, anon.

>> No.8569233

I chuckled.

>> No.8569297

okay salonfriends I have a question for you.


alright. finished the book you recced. light exploration of effort and futility with terse prose; nothing special.

one thing I didn't get. why is the old man a guy? it's just kind of arbitrary-seeming and doesn't add anything to the story. his wife is dead, and he's just fishing to prolong his own lonely existence and projecting onto somebody else's child, without any kind of community. it just seems like such a men's studies book, you know? his failure is sad and his struggle is noble in its own way, but I don't get why his masculine pride is so glorified, especially since he continues to live on his own and fish alone, boy aside, for no reason. people clearly care for him, since they give him newspapers and free meals.

it just kind of left a dry taste in my mouth is all. hopefully this'll help me open up a conversation.

am I missing something?

>> No.8569314

The old man is jesus

>> No.8569318

I figured the marlin was more of a Christ figure actually. pls explain.

>> No.8569352

He dreams of heaven and touches little boys

>> No.8569567


>> No.8569801
File: 319 KB, 485x773, hahahahahahaha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bump limit, anon

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