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what kind of books does your sister read?

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Jean Green probably

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Dickens, George Eliot, and Henry James

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Gene Green probably

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medieval poetry.

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epic meme

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thanks br8

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She liked standard science fiction and fantasy classics a couple of years ago. But her favorite is I think Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, and she really loves Roach generally. Has a lot of art books, especially on Dali. Her favorite book from when she was younger is The Ear, the Eye and the Arm.

She's borrowed some books from me, but I don't think she read any, in the end. She started reading Lolita but puked on it because she had the stomach flu.

One of my other sisters, in prison, likes true crime books and wanted someone to send her 50 Shades. Pretty sure my other sister can't actually read.

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I'm gonna need a source on those feet my man

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YA and fantasy. She is 27.

>tfw your family is full of oblivious halfwits whose blissful ignorance you totally envy because you're still not talented enough to do anything worthwhile

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None. She's illiterate and a disappointment.

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The intersection of /lit/ and mainstream, like Franzen.

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She doesn't, the fucking pleb.

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from what I can remember - shantaram, the kite runner, some autobiographies

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I don't think my sister has read anything since she graduated

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These are screaming to be sucked and licked, how lewd.

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Oh I loved the Ear, the Eye and the Arm as a little girl. I reread it a bunch of times,

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Have you found anything similar in non-children's literature? I've never read it, so I don't know what to recommend her. But she's asked me. I should really get around to reading it.

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What else would this consist of, I'm curious

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My diary, 2bh

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Dostoevsky, Kafka, some Swedish authors that aren't known elsewhere.

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Tho Kafka might be pushing it as for the mainstream part.

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She doesn't read

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How old is your little sister, /lit/?

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Stephen King
She's only 13, so I've been letting it slide.

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>so I've been letting it slide.

Into her tight, hairless pussy, right?

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13-year-olds have pubic hair

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desu not really. That's the beauty of YA; it's not straining for some deep message.
This is also YA but slightly older, I loved House of the Scorpion.

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why did my comp correct desu to desu....I truly believe I typed desu....I saw the desu before I posted. it's this new moot...

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Not even a troll, but the only book she's read cover to cover is 50 shades of grey. I hate my sister

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Those soles are really kissable

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She's 14 and reads a lot, but it's all YA trash.

Are there any books that can serve as an entry point away from YA trash and onto actual literature?
Christmas is coming up

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Wuthering Heights

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I'm curious about which Swedish authors you're thinking of. Care to elaborate?

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travel books. Cooking books. Books about random facts and interesting things (we both love them, and had them as kids). Random books about strange topics (paperclip to a house trade-in)

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Alakoski, Kristian Lundberg, Sara Stridsberg.

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Nice list of literally whos

Astrid Lindgren is the only relevant and/or good author from any of those Norse backwaters

I'm not even sure if she's from Sweden or Denmark or whatever

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The last book my sister tried to read was "Of Mice and Men" in the 7th grade. I suspect she's an escort. My sister is a dumb bitch.

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>I suspect she's an escort.
why, anon?

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Which works of theirs would you be recommending her except for Beckomberga (too sentimental).
As for mine, The Maze Runner, The Fault in Our Stars, etc. Basically anything that is popular or gets recommended within the youth section at the library.

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Damn it, the first sentence is supposed to be a question.

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Why are the most popular books/movies among adults stuff that was made for children?

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Same reason Navy CSI is the most watched show on television

It's easy to plop your ass on the couch and distract yourself from the monotony of everyday life by reading Harry Potter or what have you

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Jacob's Room

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>It's easy to plop your ass on the couch and distract yourself from the monotony of everyday life by reading Harry Potter or what have you
isn't that why people read literature in general though? even if the books tend to a bit more sophisticated than Harry Potter.

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No, people read literature to get an insight into another person's world view.

There's people that might use an office building every day for a year and never consider how it was constructed or designed. Then there might be one person who is struck by everything about it in one day, and from a previous understanding of say architecture and civil engineering, be inspired to revolutionize how office buildings in the future are.

That's the role of literature, to inspire you to think about the passing of time and to expand humanity.

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I've already gotten her a christmas present, a nice tight noose, she's gonna be craving that.

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I think I read because it's fun, but also because I want to educate and culture myself and become a better person, that's for example why I would make my way through the boring whale anatomy parts in Moby Dick, the ship list in the Iliad or German philosophy that I don't fully understand the first time I read it, instead of reading something that's easier and more entertaining.

I think the adults that read Harry Potter read it because it's easy, takes their mind off things, doesn't trouble them, and although it's shallow it's fun in a harm- and mindless sort of way and it allows the reader to experience a world very different from their own, but still familiar.
Also it has the added appeal that it's more childlike and innocent than other I-don't-want-to-use-my-brain-core like thrillers

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>That's the role of literature

Fuck you. There is no role, no point. It's entertainment like anything else. Granted, it has the potential to widen a person's perspective, but we still read because it's fun.

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>fuck you lit has no point
>it's point is that it's fun

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Just seems like window dressing to justify a hobby 2bh. If you don't read life-applicable philosophy, literature is, in most cases, an enjoyable distraction from modern-day ennui.

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You're a fucking idiot.
Apply yourself.

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I'd make some joke about my sister being a pleb and not reading many books other than like doctor who and stuff but she's a doctor and is happily married whereas I just post memes on /lit/ all day and work a minimum wage job so that I can buy and read books nobody I know has even heard of.

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Youth books.
I once payed her $10 to read The Republic.

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You are both idiots, I urge you to disregard any feeling of superiority you might have when you compare yourself to her.

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>I once payed her $10 to read The Republic.
this is really sad for some reason, but I don't know why.

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My sister is 8, but when she gets older I'll make hella sure she reads a couple books by Andrea Dworkin and other notable feminists.

Maybe when she's 14-16 she can start with light stuff like from that one African woman whose book is being distributed in Sweden.

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Not him but you might want to check out the comprehension aspect of reading

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Very odd surmise.
The bet we had was that if she could finish the book within three weeks I'd give her ten bucks.
Maybe it's not entirely surprising for an idiot to read too far into a bet I had with my then twelve year old sister.

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Thanks for the recommendations, I will look into those!

I thought about starting with some notable 19th/20th century female writer's like Virginia Wolf, Jane Austen etc because I feel like those might appeal to her.

But since I haven't read anything like that myself I'm afraid of boring her with Pride and Prejudice or something, I don't want her to turn away from literature because I made her read something she considers tedious

Is To Kill a Mockingbird any good?
It seems to be one of those school-core classics that's popular with the YA crowd, is there any chance it might be a step up from the usual YA novels?

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It's also quite banal

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It's the type of thing I wish I hadn't heard about because it makes me feel bad for absolutely everyone involved.

The word is "paid".

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Oh you know, Jhonn Gréne.

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Ah, makes much more sense now. I'm sure that to this day still she ruminates about her passionate, sincere reading of that text.

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You seem awfully offended. She's quite bright and I'm sure she expanded her vocabulary.

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I'm fucking livid.

What I would do to bend you over on my knee and give you such a licking.

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>be in this thread
>see pale girl with nice underboob
>google image search results: /lit/ - what kind of books does your sister read?

also fuck feet

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Ah yes, a fellow feet fucker in our midst. Greetings.

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Flannery O'Conner's short stories. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. I'm might catch grief for this, but The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.

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im not a tits guy, im a feets guy.

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>tfw your only sibling is a younger brother with autism
>tfw you never had brotherly talks about girls and teachers

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>tfw your only valuable siblingwas a younger brotherwho died at birth

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looking at the books I should've known that's from reddit

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>tfw your mother became pregnant shortly after having you
>tfw she aborted it
I want this ride to end.

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>tfw the only reason I exist is because mom's twins were stillborn

She only wanted two

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>tfw mom and dad wanted 3
>Tfw their 3rd was stillborn
>tfw they tried again and that's why im alive
poor christopher died so that i could live

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started with hunger games and that kind of stuff
picked up on my forgotten realms books
now I don't know, but she reads the book I suggest her, like Animal farm, Chess and whatnot.

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my mom aborted me too but i grew back :^)

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You showed her!

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My sister, to my knowledge, hasn't read anything other than what they have you read in school, besides the books I've gifted to her.

She had recently recovered from a bout of chemo/radiation for a cancer she was diagnosed with and for a reason I don't remember, I bought her Tuesdays with Morrie (she had asked me to get her a book) for her birthday. She told me she liked it, so I just keep buying her Mitch Albom books for her birthdays. I have no idea if they are any good, but she seems to like them.

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My sister reads series like Game of Thrones and Sherlock Holmes, and some French stuff that I have no idea about what it is.
She hated The Road.

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I was at work and couldn't fap to it. Finally I'm home. HERE WE GO

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>Which works of theirs would you be recommending her?
Skrev du fel, eller missuppfattade du mig?

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Nothing, she's six. But she workships me so maybe she'll grow to have good taste. Atleast she has started to hete the Minions because i always go away from any room with anything related to them. And i didn't even told her to dislike them.

Kids are impressive.

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I don't have a sister but my aunt reads Dan Brown

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my sister had some trust punk friends in high school so she had a little bit of a kerouac streak there for a little bit but i can't report her reading anything since she went into med school

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Skrev fel. Tänkte fråga efter tips på ungdomsromaner att ge syrran som julklapp. Dessvärre är hon inte så värst sugen på annat än fantasy på engelska, så det kan bli svårt.

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Min syster är 34 så jag skulle inte använda hennes smak som mall för tips på ungdomsböcker.
Murakami är väl hyfsat populär både bland tonårstjejer och fantasyfans? Mästaren och Margarita eller nåt av Le Guin är väl också idéer.

Förutom fantasy är väl det stereotypa /lit/ förslaget Glaskupan. Lilla Stjärna av Ajvide Lindqvist är rätt ungdomsbokig men bra, om det inte är för olitterärt för dig.

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depends if they're early bloomers or not.

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My sister started out reading the typical YA trash, with some modern classics in between. Lately though I've noticed her taste in books changed and she's leaning more into real literature. Thank god.

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Nä, jag förstår det. Min syster är 16 och den enda bok jag kan komma ihåg att jag gett henne som hon har tyckt om har varit Flicka med pärlörhänge. Den litterära nivån behöver alltså inte vara särskilt hög.

Murakami är säkert är hennes grej. Är det något verk av Le Guin som du anser som lämplig ungdomsroman?

Mästaren och Margarita var faktiskt inte ett dåligt förslag, likaså Lilla Stjärna. Glaskupan är (tyvärr) inte direkt hennes smak, inte än i alla fall. Tack för svaret, uppskattades!

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>Är det något verk av Le Guin som du anser som lämplig ungdomsroman?
Jag har läst de två första Övärldenböckerna. Är väl egentligen ungdomsböcker båda två. Tycker den andra är klart bättre.

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shut up with your pale-ass shitspeak

>> No.7481758

Skitsnack, you mean.

>> No.7481785

>The bell curve

would fug

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My sister actually recommended Dan Brown or similar pleb tier books to me. Not only did she enjoy those books, but was also completely oblivious to the fact that's something to be ashamed of, and she thought it would make a good recommendation for someone who actually reads proper books. I sometimes wonder if we have the same father.

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Sorry to disappoint you Anon, but I haven't got a sister. Thanks for asking.

>> No.7481992

Well then it's time to go and make yourself one!

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Sister is 17 coming up to visit for christmas and I want to buy her a book, so far I think her only exposure is Perks of being a wallflower. Pls help

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Is she hot?

>> No.7482039

Post pics of her feet or I don't care.

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Sometimes, I lay awake at night, imagining what my life would be like if he was born. Less lonely, I like to think.

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Eat, pray, love.

How to win friends and influence people.

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The Greeks. Give her Plato's Symposium.

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>tfw failed abortion

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> mfw no busty Onee-chan to read to me at night and always

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I want to lick a nerdy girl's feet

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>cute white feet
>"The Bell Curve" right behind them
As a black person this is troubling

>> No.7482710

Her feet are for high IQ white men only!

>> No.7482890

This is a book that I haven't thought much about for years

>> No.7483150

Synedoche new york

>> No.7483205


She brags at family gatherings about what a reader she is, but I don't think she's read a book outside YA since college. She's in her 30's.

>> No.7483310

Why do I find feet so hot?

Am I a bitch?

>> No.7483337

Her shelf organization makes me ill. Nice medial longitudinal arch though, would ablute erotically

>> No.7483372

The fact that "between the toes" is a space that exists on the female body itself gives me an erection. Nothing that dirty should exist on a girl, but it does. It's like popping the hood on a polished muscle car and looking at the messy unpolished engine that drives it. Between a girl's toes is like the différance of a girl's toes. It's like the darkened asshole stain of her ass. I want to fap to every part of a girl that is the yang of a girly part's yin.

>> No.7483376

so, what you're saying is that you're gay.

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Derrida pls.

>> No.7483665

Just give her IJ and tell her you won't speak to her again until shes read it at least three times.

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Women's soles are sexy

>> No.7484099

Michael Chabon, Jeffrey Eugenides, Donna Tartt...

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this desu

>> No.7484118

East of eden, bruv
If you think shed be into it lovecraft would be something shed find very enjoyable.
Just try to remind her to pay close attention to the flow and feeling of the writing, as well as what is being said. She will probably have to slow down a bit.

>> No.7484122

They really are. And although I fuck with men and women, I find men's feet to be incredibly disgusting... girls' though, truly a blessing.

>> No.7484162

Men are slabs of shit whose interior pressure sometimes creates beautiful diamonds

Women expend all their beauty on their external shell and keep all their shit on the inside, sacrificing the potential to produce true beauty

>> No.7484168

cringe af tbqh fami

>> No.7484185

I think certain people prefer "literature" (i dont know what to call it, but you know tolstoy and joyce and shit) to banal writings such as Harry Potter essentially because of beauty. I think that if there isnt some form of that "beauty" or whatever in what you listen to, read, watch, etc (art, basically), you wont really like it and will put it down. Even "senseless" flicks made for cheap thrills still have that attractiveness to them, like a cheap whore's lusty character and figure. You appreciate the elegant woman who you can connect with more and the sex and whole relationship is better than with the slut. Yet nonetheless people who do not value the decent lady, and even the others who do but still find the whore attractive, value somethibb beautiful about her, physical and/or characteristic (maybe even fetishistic amirite?).

I think a similar thing happens with books, for this example. Just like we generally only feel comftorable sharing ourselves with one partner and her doing the same, we only have so much time to dedicate to reading, and reading in comparison to listening to music or watching a movie does take a very long time. So just like the gentlemen will ignore the shallow and onnoxious sloot and go for the woman who he can be happily with, due to her greater beauty in comparison to the tramp, so do we reject wasting our time with stories about the adventures of little wizard kids running around saving hogwarts from the evil nosless guy, written horribly, and prefer to read the affairs of child molestors, written in spectacular prose. In a simplified way, guess who marries whores? Scoundrels and idiots. Who doesnt? Nonstupid people with a proper view of the point and components of the situation.

But all possibly sensless comparisons aside and everything, basically it comes down to reading a passage from John Green is mediocre while one from Nabokov is moving. The point is not entertainment, but through what method do you receive that feeling of contenment? Id say its through the enjoyment of those pretty passages and their mutual story, family.

>> No.7484207

Ever watch slingblade?

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>> No.7484349

Only books I've seen in her possession that I can distinctly remember are A Clockwork Orange and Dharma Bums by Kerouac. She mostly just plays video games. She's 27.

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>> No.7486286

A lot a Spanish books, a lot of leftist history books like Open Veins of Latin America, a lot of stuff by JD Salinger. Basically a lot of emo shit.

>> No.7486380

Last book she's read is The Fault In Our Stars I think. Doesn't really read which is kind of a shame.

>> No.7487298

fucking dropped

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