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I need a book that will show me how to live a satisfying, challenging life and point out why a mindless, drifting life is fundamentally shit

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betrand russell, conquest of happiness
mihaly csiskzentmihalyi, flow

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epicureanism, love

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is love a book?

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best epicurean books?

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you cannot be epicurean without being a buddha first

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The Bible

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go get 'em champ

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Don Juan by Moliere

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Epicurus' writing
Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Marx's Das Kapital
Stirner's The Ego and It's Own
Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking

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the god delusion

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Revolt of the Masses by Ortega y Gasset

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When I read this book it felt like the author was just furiously masturbating me throughout. It was a lot like reading Nietzsche's essays on intellectuals, normal people, etc.

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masturbating as in validating you?

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Katie always validates me

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Just a few people like you make this a disturbing place

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Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

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the good life can be lived anywhere, any time, in any circumstance

it consists of dispassionate contemplation of God

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red and black by stendhal is p good

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>teach me how to be a sheep and follow the advice of some other clueless sheep

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Stunning critique.

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where are these essays gathered?

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Several books will show you how to live the life you want to live, but none of them will give it to you because it doesn't exist. Life is mistake, life is accident, life is problem. The answers are not in religion, in books, in science, in reason, in your friends, in your family, not even in yourself. There are no answers.

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>le deep, vague cynic man

we sure don't have enough of those these days, good work

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He's right.

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if books were a religion, you'd be right. i think of them as living as someone else and the experience merely contributes to my thoughts, it doesn't form them

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Brilliant analysis.

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The Space Between Dreams. K'an- rare book from 1999

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Tip top back to reddit faggot

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Read Gooseberries by Chekhov. The story is a warning against settling in to a comfortable, easy life.

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Behead All Satans

It's a modern day Mein Kampf, only funnier.

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Read Goosebumps.

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Self-help books. Spiritually, Richard Carlson (M.D.) has helped me immensely with "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff ... And It's All Small Stuff" by teaching me to be more tolerant and loving of others and to minimize an overwhelming sense of solipsism by taking the back seat to other people.

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"don't serve yourself, serve me instead", the most cucked ideological policy (this is not a philosophy). just what i'd expect from a self help book tbqh (to be quack honest)

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That would be an understandable position if it wasn't a misinterpretation. Did you Google it, even?

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nice, glad2see that you've properly represented yourself in your post. if what you're doing is "minimizing an overwhelming sense of solipsism by taking the back seat to other people" then my criticism holds true.
If it isn't, then you got me (by saying one thing and meaning another altogether)

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he's trolling, or reading stirner has convinced him the thing he was missing in his life was assertiveness, which plenty of self-help books could have told him

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actually reading stirner didn't tell me I was missing anything. it just mediates my power fantasy by stroking my dick for my already held narcissistic schadenfreude

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It means you ought to listen closer to other people. To not strive to always interrupt or relate your own story or infer. People love to be listened to.

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Well that says a lot about you, if true.

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