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It seems like Orgy of the Will is reaching its peak.

Will "the Overman" be remembered as a great philosopher like he seems to think so?

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I doubt it

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>I don't like Flaubert, but at least he was a hard worker. He may not have been a great artist, but at least he had respect for art.
Wow fuck dis turbopleb

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>The problem with porn is not that it exists but that it's not taken seriously enough; that it's so ugly. All you see is ugly models, bad directors, low budgets. But two alpha individuals going at it is an amazing sight, but also one guaranteed to arouse ressentiment to the point of making the spectacle too painful to look at for the majority of viewers. Such a treatment would at any rate raise everyone's copulation standards, which after all is what art is supposed to do. That's why I think that Hollywood should get into the porn business. Remember the latest 300's sex scene? His penis should be going in her vagina, right there, on the silver screen, to really glorify sex, to make people feel bad for sleeping with those beneath them. (Of course if any of this happened, and if women's standards were raised in this way, we'd never hear the end of it from the PUAs. But maybe that would be a hint for us to put an end to them, if you get my meaning, or at least to the uglier among them, which is to say the vast majority of them?)
this is true doe

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>And finally, the philosophical believers, who operate wholly on the level of rationality, while recognizing the irrational foundations of all rationality. They can, in other words, rationally demonstrate their irrationality. They operate, therefore, on a higher, third-level rationality, a rationality which the scientific believers are not rational enough to understand (not to speak of the religious ones).
postmodern wank

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>skater fashion rocks, and every other way of dressing — both for males and females — is an error.
Possibly the most important thing icy has ever said

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Wow, this is incredibly stupid. Is it meant as parody?

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No, the dude's been doing this for far too long for it not to be real. It's pretty funny nonetheless

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If it is, then he's been keeping it up for years.

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>When, for example, I outright dismiss ideas, propositions etc., my would-be critics say that I am narrow-minded, that I do not give the subject sufficient thought, etc. This is because they judge me by their own inferior standards. For just because I might dismiss something with a single sentence does not mean that I spent only the time it took me to write that sentence down to think about it. Every assertion, every denial that I make has been pondered for months, if not indeed for years or decades. But the blogoroids and the forumroids have no conception of the act of thinking before writing: for they either never think, or at the most think while they are writing — hence they conclude from their own narrow experience that everyone else acts in the same way too. And the divine comedy of our "debate" continues.
Where are all the forums of people talking about him. I've only seen this guy on 4chan and some video game forums

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>tfw you knew a guy like this in highschool
>tfw it may be him writing this

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He'll be remembered as a scammer

Which is how his name is immortalized in a local broadsheet of little to no importance on a national level

Honestly, he's like that kid who never grew out of high school

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It's not me.

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It's me

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Honestly, I think he both thinks he's the smartest man on the planet while still exaggerating this shit for fun

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This dude has a massive ego.

That is all.

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Watching this guy play Divinity: Original Sin with some friends and now I have to read everything he writes in a hideous Greek accent. He sounds even more like a cartoonish villain, it's even more hilarious, I can't believe I didn't think of this before

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this dude wants to be nietzsche so bad it hurts. literally, it is painful to read his prose because it is so desperately imitating nietzsche.

as for the content, his philosophical methodology seems to consist of asking himself "what would nietzsche, as i understand him, think about video games and pick up artists?" and then writing down whatever insipid thoughts occur to him as a result

he is completely unknown and unrecognized by philosophers now and this will remain so. an undiscovered genius (like, again, his hero nietzsche), he ain't

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>404. You know that Cormac McCarthy is an idiot loser and his prose is shit, when he talks about punctuation as "weird little marks that blot the page up". But a "weird little mark" can change, not only the tone and feel of a passage, but even the FUCKING MEANING of it (if the tone and feel were not already meaning, which they are). Pretentious pseudo-intellectual loser. And that's why all his books suck ass.

Is this a valid argument lit?

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>I need someone to tell me how to think

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i don't know why i'm bothering to respond, but by his own argument, you could just as well say that leaving out the punctuation marks also effects the tone, feeling and meaning of the text, and that it does so in precisely the way mccarthy desires. in other words, mccarthy might consider and reject the various possibilities of tone, feeling and meaning afforded by punctuation marks, rather than fail to understand their effect.

but this fellow also thought that the video game far cry 2 was the greatest artistic achievement in human history and so, like i said, i don't know why i'm responding

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spicy clam

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icing cake

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Far Cry 2 has always been praised for its immersiveness though and the director Clint Hocking is an intelligent man. Here's a lecture he gave on video game dynamics and meaning: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1014597/Dynamics-The-State-of-the

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pisces cancer

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cancer taurus

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this guy sounds like a truly retarded asshole from your picture

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>You know what time it is, when the "relentless march of technology" starts to weary you? It's time to die.
>it seems that, in the long run, being demoted from a superpower to an insignificant parochial state wreaks havoc also to the intellectual prowess of a nation
How you read gobshite devoid of meaningful content like this, and then come to that conclusion?

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It's not meaningless just because you think it's wrong.

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Y'know, his essays and criticism on video games are actually very good, he's one of the few prominent people who approaches the medium like a serious art form.

But yeah, his 'philosophy' is a Portrait of the Scammer as a Wannabe Nietzsche.

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Too bad he doesn't know what art is.

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Outside of video games, no.

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Inside of video games as well.

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I'm not disagreeing with it so much as I'm evaluating the [real] objects the words track. They do not track any [real] objects. Rhetorical phrases like "relentless march of technology" and "intellectual prowess of a nation" have literally no objective content.

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>t. shadow of the colossus is my favorite game

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I'm sure he could write long essays explicating both of those things, but he might just direct you to Nietzsche and Baudrillard

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>Y'know, his essays and criticism on video games are actually very good, he's one of the few prominent people who approaches the medium like a serious art form.

His video game stuff are sentences taken straight from nietzsche's books, like word for word, even the comma are at the same place. But like much worst, and he change the insult for more modern one.

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Well, perhaps I'm biased/blinded because he's one of the few sources that analyzes the medium beyond a shallow overview, thus making him seem good when it's really just scarcity, but I disagree.

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How are those two not perfectly understandable phrases? Is this autism?

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It's not, actually.

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Example of this plagiarism? Or are you for some reason surprised that someone who thinks nietzsche and baudrillard were the greatest philosophers in their respective centuries shares their opinion on stuff?

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Tell us about video game art then. I'm interested in hearing you destroy icycalm.

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>it is so desperately imitating nietzsche.

It really isn't close to Nietzsche's style at all.

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Syntactically correct language can be devoid of meaningful content. Please read a bit about rhetoric and formal logic if you would like to understand more and ignore less.

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Sometimes they're pretty close at least. I often read sentences by them that sound like they could be written by the other.

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He doesn't have anywhere near Nietzsche's wit or aphoristic eloquence

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Explain how those phrases have no meaning instead of going nuh uh educate yourself

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Yes, but still.

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that's because they were written by nietzsche and he just copy them and change a word or two.

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>Tell us about video game art then.
If you mean theory, then that's beside the point. I suspect icy's brain is just broken, leaving him incapable of appreciating the sublime in all of its forms

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This is the second time I have to ask you to prove your accusations of plagiarism. Don't be a shithead.

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No. Educate yourself.
I genuinely loath being pedantic, especially on the internet as it never ends well, but if you believe the bulk of 'Orgy of the Will' is meaningful then that only speaks to how little philosophy you've actually read.
Read more and you'll find your own reasons to question politician-tier rhetoric like the phrases I've highlighted. Me giving you my own reasons wouldn't get you any further along.

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you are him, right?

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if icycalm is so wrong why is it that I never see anyone here even attempt to take a shot at him and instead just dance around throwing insults

like seriously even /v/ is better at arguing against him, even if they're usually wrong in the end at least they sometimes make honest arguments instead of going WOW WHAT A RETARD HE'S SO DUMB I WON'T EVEN TRY TO MAKE A RESPONSE to save my pride
if i told you no you wouldn't believe me anyway so what's the point in asking

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Like im gonna go back to reading your shit website.

What a joke, anybody who read a book of nietzsche can tell you take sentences from him.

>> No.6079320

>why is it that I never see anyone here even attempt to take a shot at him and instead just dance around throwing insults
Because this is 4chan. If you want a clear, concise and logical refutation of icyweiner's juvenile, sophistic ramblings then you can go fuck your own mother, you supercilious cunt.

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>you must be him
love this may may

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>Icycalm, a.k.a. Alex Kierkegaard, is a criminal and a fugitive wanted in America for wire fraud.

>inb4 ad hominem

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You know he admits it and doesn't care, right?

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That's why he's a nigger.

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Good for him. Everyone else should most certainly care though.

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Why should I care about some guy stealing chump change from complete strangers? I mean if he did it to me I would be calling for his execution and if he did it to a friend of mine I would get pretty mad but as it is now I really don't give a shit.

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>thinking Baudrillard's description of anything is accurate

This is how you know Icy is a joke.

>> No.6079415

(guy who tried to scam special ed kids out of quarters during lunch time)

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He steal ppls money
He steal nietzche's writings
He act like he's not op

He is not any kind of fraud, he's the uberfraud.

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I give a shit because it tells you a thing or two about his character, and the character of a person informs his or her thought

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Kill yourself.

>> No.6079438

>He steal nietzche's writings

No he doesn't, you shitty reader.

>> No.6079496

You could read what icy has said and not be surprised at all that he stole some money. Hell, in this case I'd get suspicious of what he's written if he HADN'T stole money and instead worked a day job like a normal person.

>> No.6079503

I've done worse. God, I hope nobody finds out.

>> No.6079505

I know. He's a piece of shit who isn't worth taking seriously

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We take Genghis Khan and Napoleon and Alexander the Great seriously and they killed a shitload of people for what's really selfish reasons, but if some bloke steals a couple of hundred thousand bucks he's suddenly the scum of the earth?

>> No.6079544

Lol not a single one of those people is a philosopher you idiot, and yes, every one of them is a scumbag. What's your point?

>> No.6079568

Why has the aphoristic style fallen out of favor? I love it.

>> No.6079576

This post reeks of slave morality.

>> No.6079588

This one reeks of pure ideology.

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His arguments are full of contradictions. Cursory reading of the first 100 entries netted me some 5 major ones.

He makes large jumps in reasoning, doesn't bother to justify his premises, or his steps for that matter. Bad form doesn't kill good arguments, but these arguments aren't good.

Plus I personally think he gives no new insight. He's not saying anything new, or meaningful, he's just flapping his e-mouth for the hell of it. There's no necessity for him to articulate anything he's articulating. Literally everything he says can be guessed and predicted by looking at his background, and reading around 10 of his entries.

>> No.6079641

I'm not sure what OotW is supposed to be, actually, it seems to just be random musings.

>> No.6079651

Doesn't he claim that to be his magnum opus, the thing that sums up his philosophy? Because I was reading it under that impression, which is why I am rather critical of it

>> No.6079665

Pretty sure the website is supposed to be some kind of prelude to a book he plans to publish. See an older version of the page at archive.org for a table of contents: https://web.archive.org/web/20130507223312/http://orgyofthewill.net/

>> No.6079680

the fragmentary nature reminds me of my notes over the years. basically pseudointellectual attempts at aphorisms.

>> No.6079701

I don't know... I know he sells a book with the same name, but it seems weird that it would have the same structure as the website, especially since that site has been updated lots of times since the release of that book. And despite his incredibly massive claims of "ending philosophy", I think he's basically just saying "I'm finishing nietzsches work, which was almost done with everything but then he went mad plus he didn't live in the 21st century with shit like movies and video games so he missed some shit there which I'm going to fix". Either way, he's written tons of stuff about video games and the underlying philosophy which actually have tangible arguments and stuff.

>> No.6079704

I'd call him a wannabe de Rochefoucauld, but I'm sure he wouldn't get the insult

I'm trying to give this a balanced reading, but it's too much hypocrisy. His thoughts are as scattered, random, and fanciful as the "artfags" he claims to hate so much

>> No.6079709

I'd like to ask you to please point me to some of his video game stuff you find good, just out of curiosity

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What is this aimless, incoherent garbage?

Here's 1 million reasons why I'm better than you:

1. This guy is a sub-huhman.
2. This guy over here is a sheeple.

>> No.6079727

I'm sure he's aware of La Rochefoucauld. He's read more than you probably think he has, not that that legitimizes him.

>> No.6079757

I don't know man, he states without a hint of irony that Italy hasn't produced anything worthwhile in 500 years despite many of his ideas regarding the "relentless march of technology" and death being very aligned with Futurism

I don't think he reads much outside of his Nietzchean bubble

>> No.6079767

Here's a page from his website that includes a number of essays he considers worth reading, and that will give you an idea of how broadly he's read. La Rochefoucauld is indeed included. Also included is a SparkNotes page: http://insomnia.ac/essays/

>> No.6079776

I don't know specific articles which are very representatory, actually, it has all sort of congealed into a blob of sense in my head after reading through his stuff. If you're interested you can comb through the articles in the sidebar: http://culture.vg/features/art-theory/against-the-metagame/, or the theory portion of his forum. All I know is that he restored my enjoyment of video games, and for that he has my gratitude at least.

>> No.6079786

Alright, I'll have a look

Fair enough, I guess he is indeed well-read

But just like you said, it doesn't make his arguments any better or less nonsensical

>> No.6079795

His essay on the history of RPGs is probably the best thing he's written if you're a nerd who cares about that kind of shit: http://insomnia.ac/commentary/on_role-playing_games/

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pricey scam

>> No.6082084

How long until he snaps and shoots up a shopping mall?

>> No.6082126

Uh, is this considered to be even remotely credible philosophy by anyone?

I started reading the orgy of the will after google searching a sentence from your image. it's fun and everything, but I'm pretty sure it's a joke.

>> No.6082154

I'll remember him as the only person worth reading when it comes to video game art criticism and for properly culminating the past 30 or so years of the rising generation of science-fiction inspired philosophers.

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>> No.6082180

The style is not that different from Nietzsche's. If you think it's a joke you more than likely would have been one of the academic morons flaming Nietzsche back when he was publishing his stuff.

>> No.6082214

Diction is not content, mon amie. :^)

>> No.6082229

By style I mean both the diction and the content.

>> No.6082232

He's not actually american, he's just talking about the american cultural hegemony.

>> No.6082245

Yeah he was born to wealthy Greek parents, which explains a lot

>> No.6082272

Meaning he has nothing new to say. Everything he says that is correct has been said before and in better ways by more intelligent people, while everything else he says is just goofy shit that no sane person would agree with. I think of him like a modern Quixote with a high Romantic vision warped by the most sociopathic possible interpretation of Nietzsche. It's fun stuff, but nothing brilliant (unless it somehow turns out to be some kind of satire or performance art)

>> No.6082290

nah man
his vidya stuff is the best there is, or at least that I'm aware of

>> No.6082297

1. That's bull, he's said plenty new, or at least delivered statements already said in new, more intelligible ways, and 2. another purpose of the text is to bring it all together into one refined stream of thought for others to follow, like a rabbit hole into a new philosophy.

Like Nietzsche, if you are unable to interpret the work holistically and just as separate aphoristic fragments, you'll miss a massive portion of what he's saying.

>> No.6082337

When he talks about genetics, he's presumably not talking about the biological concept, right? He's more using it in the way of heritage or culmination of events leading up to a person or something like that, right? Because the alternative would be too rookie of a mistake, he's not scientifically illiterate.

>> No.6082370

He is talking about biology. How is that a mistake, though?

>> No.6082384

He isn't saying anything of value so why should I give a shit? I'm not going to carefully examine every word he writes and analyze in the context of every other just so I can have a better understanding of his own personal brand of insanity.

>> No.6082386

Dude, this guy actually talks about "exterminating humanity" without a hint of irony.

>> No.6082394

No, he talks about a war against the "human race" (scare quotes his; he really means "subhumans" [scare quotes mine])

>> No.6082409

> I do not deny my genes: it is precisely because my genes are the best that have ever been that I am so awesome.
He seems to place way too much importance on genes and not enough on developmental factors. Yeah sure, genetics are the ultimate limiting factor, but they're not the only factor. I'm sure if we cloned him a thousand times and secretly replaced random babies with the clones they wouldn't all grow up and converge into some sort of Overman collective.

>> No.6082443

Somewhere he wrote that 10% was cultural and 90% was genetic, or numbers very very close to that. Yes, his emphasis is on genetics, but... again, how is that a mistake? Everything about you is, at bottom, biological—your brain is an organ, and your capacity for anything intellectual is limited by your brain's capacity to interpret it. Of course, your cultural upbringing has a big influence on what you end up encountering in life, i.e. what education you receive, but there's a genetic component to culture as well, so even when talking about cultural factors you are still talking about genetic ones.

>> No.6082483

Of course everything is genetic, but genes among humans aren't that important that you become the fucking overman just from being born with the right set, there are factors in his life that contribute to his success. And let's not even start with the non-genetic biological factors.

>> No.6082495

I'm only a few pages in and so far he has:

> Dedicated an entire section to the "philosophy" of Roosh and the manosphere.

> Said "lol"

> Talked about exterminating humanity

I dunno guys I have a hard time taking this seriously. And I'm an Evolafag, I'm hardly antagonistic toward reactionary thought.

>> No.6082497

Are you that creepy stalker of his that found his passport and posted it online? Doesn't he let you post on his forum now, and if so, what are you doing here?

>> No.6082501

la creme de la meme

>> No.6082506

> Dedicated an entire section to the "philosophy" of Roosh and the manosphere.
I didn't even know what the hell this was until I read about it on his site. Just some PUA shit apparently

>> No.6082510

>Dedicated an entire section to the "philosophy" of Roosh and the manosphere.
It's like a paragraph dude. And what's wrong with discussing pickup artists? It's a reasonably popular phenomenon, and he doesn't do anything but constantly shit on them.

>> No.6082516

Yeah he thinks they have too much respect for women

>> No.6082518

The style is poor, the ideas often weak, more often empty; most of it appears to me as a rewriting of the most base early-20th misreadings of Nietzsche.

It is bad taste.

Many arguments here and there seem to be nothing else but misreadings; the man will often justify his thoughts with a nietzschean concepts which clearly he has not understood. I would not be surprised if his understanding of Nietzsche was limited to BG&E and the Twilight.

Most of it is incoherent tripe.

>> No.6082524

More like he thinks that they put the pussy on a pedestal, which is different.

>> No.6082527

>implying you're not this faggot

>> No.6082530

I was partly joking, but I'm pretty sure most PUAs consider that a bad thing 2

>> No.6082534

Hmm I wonder why D&E never shows up in icy threads, I think they'd have a lot in common

>> No.6082540

But like I said, even cultural factors have a genetic component to them. So he might have been able to get a great education and travel a lot because his parents had money, or be so unabashedly outspoken and precise because his parents were healthy, strong people that treated him like a demigod while growing up (he said this), but all of this is ultimately genetic as well, not cultural. Plenty of children have wealthy, strong parents and only one of them apparently has the mind to write what he's writing; so what else is there to differentiate between him and everyone else, if not genetics?


>> No.6082541

The man having written this Orgy of the Will represents everything Nietzsche or any sane cultured person would hate; this man is pure ideology, --- he is perfectly incapable of perceiving reality without the lens of ideology: every single thing he sees is contained within his ideological framework and subject to its system.

Turning pure ideology into """"philosophy"""" is the worst sense of lack of probity.

>> No.6082544

I'm not an expert on PUA psychology but to me it seems that they don't, really. Like, they both think women are stupid while focusing all their effort on them.

>> No.6082549

>pure ideology
luv dis maymay

>> No.6082621

>The man having written this Orgy of the Will represents everything Nietzsche or any sane cultured person would hate
I suggest you re-read Beyond Good and Evil.

>> No.6082657

B does not follow from A. BG&E is a summer; this guy would be an edgy retarded version of HATH.

>> No.6083443

licey scalp

>> No.6083502

So is there anyone that actually takes this icyclam bloke seriously? Or is it literally just one guy (I wonder who) shitposting in this thread to keep the 'discussion' going?

>> No.6083535

This guy is hilarious. I love how he starts off with a reasonable argument and ends with EVERYONE SHOULD BE KILLED.

>> No.6083557

133 post, 30 unique user, OP has replied more often to his thread than there are ppl here.

>> No.6083573

Dear me. This is unmemetical autism.

>> No.6083609

I'm not OP but I do keep bumping the thread for laffs

>> No.6083670

I just found this on /lit/ in this thread a few hours ago and I'm still reading it.

This is by far the funniest thing I've ever read.

>> No.6083689

It's incredibly funny. I'd almost say he's one of the funniest guys on the internet but that's definitely not true

>> No.6084419

Wait a minute..

>like /lit/ has been doing for the past year with all Orgy threads
Does this guy post here or something?? I'll bet he posts here under the username Deep & Edgy haha.

>> No.6084725

I think he posts here and posts these threads. He doesn't seem to really have much of a following, so it's most likely him posting about himself.

>> No.6084897

He has a small fanbase, a larger haterbase, and some people who just follow him for the lolz

>> No.6085226

Of course there is. Have you even seen his forum, or seriously read through any of his books? If so, you're a daffy motherfucker if you seriously think he has said nothing worthwhile.

>> No.6085240


don't you dare profane the name of d&e. you're fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.6085283

>381. Baudrillard's hatred of hospitals was inspired from Foucault, another idiot who argued against "the marginalization of the insane", etc. (if the maudlin scribblings of these two pompous dumbasses can be called arguing at all, that is). They should have been made to live with terminally ill and insane people in their living rooms. Maybe then these two geniuses would have learned what every other person in the street who hasn't even been to school already instinctively knows.

What a prick.

>> No.6085389


>> No.6085428 [DELETED] 

His writing is dynamic and invigorating as Nietzsche. What's wrong with it?

>> No.6085461

There are interesting (or at least poetic) ideas buried in this work—but there is too much idiocy, preening, and desperate striving after machismo for it to be of any real value without serious editing.

>> No.6085551

>386. With Heraclitus something begins, while with me that something ends, and that something is philosophy.

So is this guy just crazy or what? What's his deal?

>> No.6085582

Two chocolate bars on a counter. Which do you choose? It doesn't matter, does it? They're practically the same.

I refute it thus.

>> No.6085593

> insane people on their living room
Guattari literally did this his whole adult life and wss even more radically liberal in his views of the patientizations issues.

>> No.6086689

But he's fucking right. Who can really stand being around anyone with severe mental disorders?

>> No.6086753

I know -- I'll never understand how anyone can tolerate being around him.

>> No.6086773

I think he's funny.

/lit/ hates a trier. Maybe if he sits around and genuflects more towards the canon and stops having original thoughts, this board will like him.

>> No.6086783

He already does that tho

>> No.6086814

in what sense do you take genghis khan seriously

>> No.6086840

he's fucking genghis khan, how do you not take him seriously

>> No.6086847

As a major historical figure I guess

>> No.6086868

Lol and this thread's been up for several days and has 156 posts in it hmm

>> No.6086872

Believe me, if he posted here you would be able to tell.

>> No.6086893

I was responding to his point that all threads about him are being deleted as soon as mods become aware of them, not that it really matters

>> No.6086903

oh right

though that was in november

>> No.6086933

Has moderation changed? I don't think /lit/ has a dedicated mod. There might have just been more people who get butthurt about icy for some reason and report the threads with a bunch of proxies or smth

>> No.6087001

He's smarter than all of you and none of you could so much as refute a single sentence of that website.

>> No.6087031


>> No.6087051


Yeah I mean let's see what this thread brought out in opposition

>80% "icy is dumb lmao" shitposts
>10% "analytical" philosophy loser shitposts that are just "icy is dumb lmao" in flathead-speak
>10% tripfag who wants to be Žižek shitposts


>> No.6087118

Honestly the Zizek fanboys on this board are the worst. I'm not an Icycalm fan but fuck he's better than fucking Zizek.

>> No.6087120

What's there to refute?

>> No.6087161

Have you ever heard of epigenetics, or gene expression?

Your "genes" don't matter for shit if you're not conditioned by your environment to express them. If that were not the case, how do you explain Elliott Rodger?

>> No.6087173


As if all "expressions" are equal.
As if genes are removed from their environment.

Silly mistakes.

>> No.6087177


544 aphorisms now.

>> No.6087180

What? Are you sure you know how to read in English?

>> No.6087204


It's pointless to try to refute that 90% of his success comes from genetics. Saying that it's the "environment" is a mistake and misunderstanding.

Eventually we won't need philosophy (the ultimate and emergent property of the sciences) to prove this, just genetics itself. The reason we have such a pathetic understanding on this front currently is precisely because it will reveal why people are unequal.

>> No.6087210

Whose success? Are we still talking about Genghis Khan?

>> No.6087217

So you basically don't understand how genetics and epigenetics work?

If success were all in the genes proper, don't you think people would have found that specific gene by now, seeing as how the human genome is already mapped?

Oh, but of course, you wouldn't want to know that, because then you can't feel superior to the sub-humans anymore! Silly me, I apologize.

>> No.6087219


You should click on the quotes until you've figured it out.

>> No.6087222

What is the content in those aphorisms that deserves anyone's attention

>> No.6087224


They're real good

>> No.6087227

who said that success was in a single gene

plus icycalms counterargument to this would be that the subhumans have no idea how to recognize success, so they'd choose some rich fuck or pop scientist

>> No.6087233

Actually they're so bad as to be unintentionally hilarious, and that's the real reason they deserve anyone's attention.

>> No.6087235

go to bed icy

>> No.6087239

concession accepted

>> No.6087240


It isn't about a "success" gene.

Point is, if icycalm really is the greatest organism in the known universe, it comes 90% down to genetics. And one day, it'll be provable to any degree of detail you like through genetic science.

>> No.6087244

...that's your counter-argument?

>> No.6087258


"...That's your counter-argument?" was the only response you deserved. That guy isn't me, but his post wasn't a counter-argument anyway, fuckface.

It gets exasperating to post on this board after a while.

>> No.6087260

I agree. People like you really make this a shitty place, with your popsci knowledge and short-attention spans.

>> No.6087263

If you don't know what you're looking for, how would you find it? Let's not even get into your retarded imagination which somehow gave you the idea that anyone said that success was dependent on a single gene.

>> No.6087460

> 544. The Jews are said to be "the tribe that runs the West". But if you are going to go that far, why stop there? Why not say that they also run the East? At which point they might as well run the North and the South too, while they are at it, or the entire solar system and galaxy, as they certainly would be said to do if those making the accusations had ever heard of astronomy and astrophysics. And if you get that far it's only a short step further to say the Jews run the universe itself, which would be tantamount to regarding Jews as gods, as a race of divine beings! But the funniest thing of all in this absurd business, is that the central assumption in the conspiracy theorists' "accusations" is that claiming someone is powerful is an insult. That's how you realize the kind of resentful, vindictive scum you are dealing with, when you hear of such absurd bleatings.

>> No.6087528

The main thing in this is his hatred for "slave morality". But are the best men not those who enslave themselves in the pursuit of some higher purpose?

>> No.6087532

sounds like he's borrowing very heavily from zizek's view on conservative pornography, but then just strips it of its meaningful conclusion and replaces it with his own inadequacies manifested as some half-baked philosophy.

>"Pornography is, and it is, a deeply conservative genre. It’s not a genre where everything is permitted. It’s a genre based on a fundamental prohibition. We cross one threshold, you can see everything, close-ups and so on, but the price you pay for it is that the narrative which justifies sexual activity should not be taken seriously. The screenwriters for pornography cannot be so stupid. You know, these vulgar narratives of a housewife alone at home, a plumber comes, fixes the hole, then the housewife turns to him, ‘sorry, but I have another hole to be fixed. can you do it?’ or whatever. Obviously there is some kind of a censorship here. You have either an emotionally engaging film, but then you should stop just before showing it all, the sexual act, or you can see it all but you are not allowed then to be emotionally seriously engaged. So that’s the tragedy of pornography."

>> No.6087589

What "inadequacies" do you think he has?

>> No.6087834

I just want to see high-budget mainstream movies with beautiful cinematography showing the penises of the sexiest men in Hollywood fucking the vaginas of the sexiest women in Hollywood. That's where he is correct

>> No.6087843

Seriously why hasn't anyone thoguht of this before. Maybe he is a genius

>> No.6087848

prudes and feminists would probably make it too risky
plus it's just generally not socially acceptable, porn is something you do by yourself and hide away

>> No.6087858

feminists are a non-issue, yeah it's Christians that are worth complaining about here

>> No.6088003

he idealizes sexual acts as some sort of validation (for all his hatred of PUAs, they seem to have that in common)

>> No.6088025

not really
he repeatedly says that sex ultimately is petty bullshit
really fun petty bullshit which being able to get is a requirement for being a human in his eyes, but petty bullshit nonetheless

say what you want about him but he seems like a perfectly healthy person, although he's a giant egocentric asshole

>> No.6088171

If you consider sociopathy healthy

>> No.6088190

He's just a free-spirited asshole with very high standards. And my definition of healthy in this case is someone who is living a satisfactory life, which he certainly seems to be.

>> No.6088201

Do you ever consider your attachment to and vicarious living through this individual unhealthy?

>> No.6088207

>He's just a free-spirited asshole with very high standards.
You think he isn't being serious when he speaks in favor of genocide? Oh yeah, this guy is a real jerk.

>> No.6088218

Did your desire for sex with your mother cause you to invent all these phantoms about me?
As I said, VERY high standards.

>> No.6088226

And I call him a sociopath. Possibly bipolar too.

>> No.6088473

So apparently you need to pay 50 Euros to post on The Overman's (barely active) Orgy of the Will discussion forum. Holy shit this guy is a scammer.

>> No.6088507

This isn't really a scam. People who give him money for this do so because they think he's worth it. It's not much different from Patreon

>> No.6088568


He will be remembered, no doubt that. The question is remember in which way? As "the Overman" or as an interesting case of narcissism for a bunch of psychology students?

>> No.6088624


I've always liked the idea of playing dungeons and dragons but it's just such a daunting task, I can't convince myself to devote so much time and energy to a game

>> No.6088663

It's really not that time/energy-consuming if you're not the dungeon master. As a player all you really have to do is show up and get into character.

>> No.6088724
File: 254 KB, 1222x784, IQ Across Europe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can he claim to have superior genes and call Anglos barbarians when Anglos have a much higher average IQ than their Mediterranean counter-parts?
Ignoring the fact their contributions have to science, art and literature have been great compared to modern "Greeks" (I seriously hope he doesn't believe modern Greeks are the same race as the Hellenics)
He praises Alexander for his conquest but the Anglos conquered half of the entire world

>> No.6088773

You're objectively wrong.

>> No.6088775

90s BOIS

>> No.6088829

His style is nothing like Nietzsche's and his ideas are not well aligned with Nietzsche's. There will be a point at which he will realize that he does not agree with Nietzsche.

Nietzsche was an advocate of Hellenic asceticism (i.e. self-control) whereas icycalm is an advocate of hedonism and tyranny (i.e. bipolar personality disorder.)

>> No.6088848

>say what you want about him but he seems like a perfectly healthy person, although he's a giant egocentric asshole

An emotionally unstable megalomaniac and a narcissist suffering from a bipolar personality disorder is a perfectly healthy person for you?

>> No.6088860

>if icycalm is so wrong why is it that I never see anyone here even attempt to take a shot at him and instead just dance around throwing insults

Because they can't. Even when they are on the right track and can sense something wrong about him, they simply lack the means to understand and explain what's going on. I'm talking about the ones who can sense his crap, not about the retards. Besides that, he's very good at rationalization, at using logic to make his actions sound plausible (even though they are, or might be, physiologically degenerate.)

His writing style, the way he interacts with people, the way he moderates his forums, the way he decides on the rules, the way he enforces them, the way he makes promises to himself, all of these betray his underlying physiology, which is why he insists on presenting them as meaningless and/or irrelevant details. He wants to separate the logic from the body, that's what he's trying to do. But physiology is far more important than logic: logic is a symptom of physiology, not the other way around. A man can be logically plausible and consistent, even correct, and still be a degenerate in the psychological/physiological sense.

His emotional instability, I believe, is apparent. His cocksucking antics, where he sucks a man's dick for a while, hoping he will gain something out of it, only to find himself angrily vomiting their cum at a later date, is a rule. He does this with everyone he tries to cooperate with. He did it with Baudrillard. Just look at the way he speaks of Baudrillard in his writings . . . this is basically Baudrillard's cum coming out of his mouth, nothing else. And now he's doing it with America, sucking on a big black cock of Barack Obama. He simply cannot escape his slavishness. The best he can do is to go from one extreme to another, there's simply no in between, no middle, for him.

>> No.6088866

>if icycalm is so wrong why is it that I never see anyone here even attempt to take a shot at him and instead just dance around throwing insults
Because a substantiated argument is necessary for one to refute it.

You cannot prove wrong someone yelling "Fuck weak people lol I like video games" throughout 554(?) aphorisms, while justifying it with misreadings of Nietzsche.

>> No.6088871

Is there anyone else that writes decently on video games?

>> No.6088877

Video games are for children so probably not, but who cares lol

>> No.6088897

>Video games are for children

So are novels but we're all here.

>> No.6088902

>"Doesn't he experience ups and downs in his life?", they all wonder. Sure I do, and my ups are infinitely higher than your ups, just like my downs make your downs look a pretty good time.
Definitely bipolar

>> No.6088906

Perhaps the ones you read. Not everyone reads genre fiction.

>> No.6088916

Icycalm reads and enjoys genre fiction

>> No.6088922

Doesn't surprise me. His aphorisms show a great lack of education.

>> No.6088945

He also reads plenty of classic literature and philosophy (outside of Nietzsche, and including more contemporary things). He's more educated than you think

>> No.6088948

The concept of balance does not exist in his vocabulary. In fact, I remember reading him shitting all over the idea of a balanced life a while ago. But if he does, I am pretty sure he understands it in a degenerate, excessively logical, manner, where balance is understood as a presence of opposites, as a quantity of variety, and not as a quality in variety, as a shade in between the opposites.

Either he is excessively Dionysian, characterized by insufferable diarrhea, or he is excessively Apollonian, characterized by insufferable constipation. There is nothing in between. He either lacks discipline or is excessively discipline (see the way he moderates his forum.)

>> No.6088950

Though that doesn't change the fact that he considers DnD rulebooks to be great works of art

>> No.6088953

I doubt it. It would show in his writings. It must be name dropping.

No one would write such tripe, if they were any cultured.

And he hasn't understood Nietzsche, most likely didn't read it outside of a few selected texts or quotes.

>> No.6088965

>Nietzsche was a liberal humanist
Wow, please tell me you aren't this retarded

>> No.6088970

Whom are you quoting?

>> No.6088975

That's just stolen from nietzsche...

"for I come from heights to which no bird has ever
flown, I know abysses into which no foot has ever gone astray. "
That's just one example, Except OP is much worst

Nietzsche say that kind of stuff all the time.

>> No.6088983

That guy is doing the meme where you put what you think is the underlying message of someone's post into a quote as if that's what they actually said, in an attempt to discredit them

>> No.6088991

Why are you all arguing about an insane person of the criminal class who, because of the plebification of literature due to newspapers, happened to stumble upon and misread a few philosophers?

>> No.6088999

Nietzsche wasn't a liberal humanist but he wasn't hyper-masculine either.

>> No.6089011

I don't know why others are arguing about him but I'm just making jokes ITT because I think h'es entertaining

>> No.6089025

Because I want to establish clear distinctions between myself and him. That's how one establishes one's identity. And moreover, he's an interesting character.

>> No.6089040

I don't even know who you are so I'm not sure why you think I'd assume you're him in the first place

>> No.6089053

Who assumes you'd assume that you think I am him in the first, second or third place?

>> No.6089054


>> No.6089089

I like to insult uneducated people name-dropping philosophers, mis"reading" some and posturing as "philosophers" on the internet.

>> No.6089153

He really isn't as uneducated as you think he is. If you want an idea of the range of what he's read, I'd suggest looking at this page on his site where he included essays that he considers worth reading (though it's mostly Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Baudrillard, which is unsurprising): http://insomnia.ac/essays/

as well as his treatise on what he considers art (though it seems to be only about video games when it's actually about art in general [though he would say there's no difference: see his rather amusing "set theory" essay: http://culture.vg/features/art-theory/on-set-theory-and-the-bastardization-process.html]): http://culture.vg/features/art-theory/on-the-genealogy-of-art-games.html

>> No.6089247

Name dropping. He hasn't read any of these.

>> No.6089272

His degeneracy is most apparent in the way he makes countless promises, promises he can never really live up to. The very fact that he makes so many diverging promises is a sign that he cannot live up to anything he promises. This is his way of dealing with the physiology telling him that he's repressing/enslaving himself with his promises: he simply moves onto something else, something "more interesting", something comforting. This is hedonism a.k.a. excessive Dionysus at work, as a reaction to tyranny, which is excessive Apollo. Dionysus is release/comfort, Apollo is tension/discomfort.

How many things did he start? Video game website/forums/reviews, video game books, philosophy forums and a book, Ubergame, PA gameworld, should I count sports? can't count how many sports, and countless other pastimes he engages in, he has to engage in, in order to preserve each one of them. The excessive Dionysus is necessary here because if Dionysus does not intervene with distraction the tyrannical Apollo will end up impulsively quitting every single of these activities for realizing what failures they are. (His impulsive Apollo could have been seen in a recent event where he was very close to shutting his website down . . .)

A consequence of a lack of self-control, of emotional instability, of lack of balance. He is incapable of gradually tensing and releasing himself, his body is incapable of elegant movement: it lacks rhythm. He is abrupt, he is impulsive, he either comits or gives up, there is nothing in between the two for him.

The commitments he makes are unnatural, inorganic, none of them based in his physiology. He already admitted to not enjoying writing: this is instant red flag. In order to keep doing what he's doing, I am afraid, he has to use Dionysus and hype himself up with all sorts of ridiculous narcissisms. His hatred of boredom and nature, as well as his obsession with violence, betrays him . . .

>> No.6089299

OK if you say so

>> No.6089311

go to bed icydick, misreading two philosophers and some other no names doesn't make you worth shit

>> No.6089325

stop viralling your dumb shit

u realize ur arguing with him right

>> No.6089335

the blatant imitation of things as minute as nietzsche's hyphens is so kitsch

>> No.6089358

tallis are you drunk your english is like "can't understand shax in the original" tier in this post c'mon

>> No.6089359

Welp, the guy who obsessively reports all icy threads with a bunch of proxies has shown up, so I guess that's a wrap

>> No.6089360

These hyphens really do sound nothing like Nietzsche, for they are rather, ---- 19th century.

The italics though, --- am I being understood? --- really /read/ in a nietzschean way.


>> No.6089367

but he has literally said before that he will give people goods that are worth money to viral on 4chan before lmao

>> No.6089374

That's pretty funny but I don't see why that means we shouldn't talk about him

>> No.6089379

I think his exclamation points are also like Nietzsche's

>> No.6089380

well also he's terrible and an idiot and he makes these threads and then repeatedly bumps them

>> No.6089381

How would you know that?

How would you know that?

Why would you care?

Are yall niqqas memein?

>> No.6089390

Who the fuck cares if he's bipolar or not? He's just posturing. It's what kids do. btw
>skater fashion rocks

>> No.6089391
File: 114 KB, 936x330, viral.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oooh ooh i have an answer pick me

>> No.6089395

of course the goods that are worth money are subscriptions to his shitty shit so

>> No.6089396

I'm bumping this thread and I'm not getting paid for it. I doubt a few threads on one of 4chan's slower boards is going to earn him a lot of money

>> No.6089399

Yes, I know, when something becomes popular it automatically becomes healthy.

>> No.6089402

He's like 40 lol

>> No.6089403
File: 1.24 MB, 1903x4702, 1392409547554.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im not sure if he's looking for money or just to be an internet celeb for 5 minutes

pic: lmaoooo

>> No.6089408

pls no. i would cry. i assumed he was like 18. proof pls

>> No.6089415 [DELETED] 
File: 1.01 MB, 1700x2338, 1367459417474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've got practically the most irrefutable proof possible

>> No.6089424

A man unable to adapt either becomes too flexible or too strict. Icycalm is of the second kind.

Unable to adapt, he then imagines a perfect world, a world that will please his desires, that he will bring about using his powers of "shaping the future". This, of course, never works, resulting in consequences that are supposed to shake him out of his naive idea of shaping the world, but that in reality merely make him throw a tantrum.

>> No.6089436

this is just depressing that is so sad i actually feel bad now i thought i was picking on a young man who would grow up to maybe be a decently educated person but had just got carried away by reading bg&e

oh god

>> No.6089437

He lied about his height . . . he is shorter than 6'1''. Is there anything he didn't lie about?

>> No.6089446

What was the post??? Yall niqqas got me curious like my name george

>> No.6089449

His passport.

>> No.6089460

>original thoughts

You realize he is dickworning Nietzsche while pretending to be the übermensch, right ? And here dickworning means riding out a guy's dick so hard the dick starts to wear out.

See >>6087460 for instance. It's essentially a simplification of Nietzsche's take on the role of the Jews in morality change as well as the ensuing antisemitism.

In itself, it's not bad, simply unoriginal and not particularly well-written or argued. And it's probably among his best stuff. I wonder how much worse would a compilation of aphorisms from /lit's 10 best writers be. Probably a lot worse, because /lit is pretty boring ultimately, while icy is rather funny.

>> No.6089461

A weird "fan" of his that uses the name DJ Orwell (he's posted on /lit/ before) hacked his website and dug it up somehow. I deleted the post just because

>> No.6089473

>I wonder how much worse would a compilation of aphorisms from /lit's 10 best writers be.
This guy ain't got shit on Kolsti

>> No.6089482

kolsti go

>> No.6089486

This should be in every /lit humor thread.

>> No.6089492

Does Kolsti really write on /lit ?

>> No.6089500

Pretty sure the only reason he's a meme is because he posted here

>> No.6089545

I got myself some great aphorisms, man.

>> No.6089557

icycalm is /lit/'s worst meme

>> No.6089559

it's not a /lit/ meme it's just him desperately looking for attention

>> No.6089561

he's actually a /v/ meme that's been imported

>> No.6089564

He's actually pretty good.

>> No.6089568

I think he's bad.

>> No.6089575

>tfw can't tell if trolls or samefag

>> No.6089671

I don't doubt it. Post them sometimes ?

I should do this too. I'm a shithead but I can still do better than icycunt.

>> No.6089722

At least do it in your native language if you really have to

>> No.6089779
File: 266 KB, 755x623, aphorismes dans ma langue maternelle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6089785

Fucking fantastic post.

>> No.6089811

Not bad, but it reads a lot like above-average HS aphorisms. I take it you must be relatively young (even by 4chan's standards) ?

>le alien typography scare

Fous-moi le camp graphologue de mes deux :^)

>> No.6089812

translate the shakespeare one

>> No.6089822

I still keep at least one Shakespeare work in my bathroom. It seems that, more than anyone else, he has undeniable talent to exalt(?) bowel movements. Hugo is next, but my bathroom is too small.

>> No.6089827

The greatest garden of my loins is better than all the works that lady Shakespeare spewed forth from his brains. And my mirror and the window, it requires a certain talent for exalting the intestinal movements. Hugo said, but my eruption of the brain is a pretty little lady!

please forgive english is my second language

>> No.6089842

that's like every good english language poet. though i suppose shakespeare is the best so the best at bowel movements

the english language at its best always has that kind of play between a kind of intestinal and gutsy flavor and childlike pure beauty. it's very good for blood and guts and power and big speeches (which is why shakespeare and marlowe and milton are so +++). and it always feels a little ironic

>> No.6089847


>> No.6089884

lmao guys look what I found: http://culture.vg/forum/topic?f=9&t=3595

>The weird thing is that every time I hear of something of the kind I get an unmistakable feeling of downright fucking glee -- even when the person concerned is a relative who I sincerely love for fuck's sake! I guess I am just one of those people who simply "wants to watch the world burn". Man, what a movie that was.

>> No.6089903

icy calm is literally a 37-yo edgy teen

>> No.6089906

>Nietzsche was an advocate of Hellenic asceticism (i.e. self-control)
And yet he called himself Dionysus. So he didn't JUST advocate self-control. To say he was on one side only is to not realize what exactly being a philosopher truly entails.

>> No.6089912

idr want to go into it right now

>> No.6089920

He also called himself The Crucified. I agree with you, but your example is worthless.

>> No.6089957

>He also called himself The Crucified.
Exactly my point. He was not just on one side.

Icycalm isn't either by the way. If you spent more time actually reading his forum you would know this. He has a certain goal with Orgy of the Will, therefore it will carry a certain tone, but that is not the only tone HE carries.

>> No.6089965

What is this goal?

>> No.6089992

The ultimate philosophical reference guide for understanding the differences between subhuman, human, and superhuman philosophy.

>> No.6089999

nigga u memein on me?

cos a meme nigga, thats that shit i dont like

>> No.6090015

I'm just paraphrasing what he's said in Orgy of the Will.

>> No.6090022

please stop responding to the moron.

>> No.6090047

yall a single nigga

>> No.6090085

here's the real question about icycalm: does the fact that nietzsche's writings, however indirectly, inspired an icycalm count against nietzsche? does it reveal something deeply horrible about nietzsche's work, even if icycalm misunderstands it? or is nietzsche just an unfortunate victim here?

>> No.6090118

It only reveals an aspect of his philosophy ("something deeply horrible" according to you) to those who were unable to see it in his own writing despite how glaringly obvious it was, especially towards the end of his life.

>> No.6090214

rare instance where icy manages to get something right on his own: http://culture.vg/forum/topic?f=9&t=3822

>> No.6090232

this guy has a really incredibly fucked up understanding of physics

>> No.6091751

has this thread stopped b umping

>> No.6091895

maybe I'll make a thread in /sci/ about this guy's retarded understanding of physics

>> No.6092345

I have to admit that I like this a lot. It's like the Plan 9 from Outer Space of philosophy.

>> No.6092345,1 [INTERNAL] 

Magnus, you still watching this thread? I'd like to have a little philosophy debate with you, but I'm not gonna post if you don't care.

>> No.6092345,2 [INTERNAL] 


Sure, go ahead.

>> No.6092345,3 [INTERNAL] 

"And yet he called himself Dionysus. So he didn't JUST advocate self-control. To say he was on one side only is to not realize what exactly being a philosopher truly entails."

Hellenic asceticism is Apollo controlling Dionysus. That is the perfect balance. Modern societies (the so-called "civilizations") are pure Apollo, barbarians are pure Dionysus. What Nietzsche wants is the "in between".

In plain terms, self-control is will controlling the body. Pure Apollo is pure will (masochism, we can call it), pure Dionysus is pure body (hedonism.) Self-control is this physiological process of balancing.

Now, what about icycalm? What is he? He is Frankestein, which means that he is both Apollo and Dionysus, but in their pure forms, as an inorganic fusion, as if slapped together without concern for how well they fit together. Bipolar, they call it.

>> No.6092345,4 [INTERNAL] 

A literal meme.

>> No.6092345,5 [INTERNAL] 

Alex Cocksucker wrote:

"602. Ascending individuals have "goals"; "problems" are for descending [..] the vital difference between them being that goals are set by the individual, whereas problems by his environment."

Problems are always set by the environment, you ugly degenerate bald-headed imbecile. If you're no longer reacting to chaos which has a reference point in the external world, this simply means that you have denied it, that you have BECOME chaos. It's called SELF-REFERENTIALITY, you childless middle-aged skater boy, and it's THE DEFINITION of what we call nihilism.

Goals, you delusional overcompensating hedonistic video-game addict, are a way organisms are trying to retain their connection to the past i.e. to remain ordered in the universe which is continually changing and forcing adaptation. Healthy people, you unhealthy animal, do not shape in order to shape, they shape in order to self-order, to remain true to their habits which have evolved, again, not to shape, but to maintain order. Remaining true to your habits, you cocksucking imbecile, is DIFFERENT from multiplying them and intensifying them the way you are doing. (Tell me, you dumbass, how many projects have you started? HOW MANY? How many habits have you exaggerated in order to DENY chaos? How many, you lonely fuck?)

Nihilism, you sadmasochistic narcissistic prick with a life of a madman locked in a nuclear shelter somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, is a desire to put an end to continual need for adaptation/interaction which can manifest itself as WILL TO SHAPE (hyper-masculinity, your kind of sickness) or as WILL TO BE SHAPED (femininity, what the so-called "subhumans" suffer from.) Your understanding of Nietzsche's concepts of "active" and "reactive" is on a level of a child, you cretin, just as your entire book of narcissisms that you call Orgy of the Feel is.

Now bend over, suck my cock and redeem your sins.

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The so-called subhumans and the self-proclaimed God are different types, but only superficially. In reality, they both belong to the same nihilistic type since they both deny chaos. The difference merely lies in the way they deny it. Subhumans are masochists who deny it through self-denial whereas the self-proclaimed God, the hyperhuman specimen, denies it through self-exaggeration.

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lol you stupid fucking nerds kill yourselves

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