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Hey /lit/ what's your opinion on drunken father of Gonzo journalism - Hunter S. Thompson?

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Transmetropolitan was good.

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Hunter S Thompson was a genuinely talented writer for a time
that said please go far away and please stop with this
Worse than fucking bukowski fans

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This. I'm so scared to talk to any fans of Thompson because most are fuckwits.

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A lot of his "fans" haven't even read any of his stuff; they've just seen the movie adaptation of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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Oh man, Best story in TGSH was when he's doin coke in the bathroom at the airport and they start callin his name on the PA.

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Love his work, although it's of uneven quality and can become repetitive. Some of his political stuff was simply awesome, especially so when he's in his "How does this stuff work, please explain! Pay no heed to the booze. Yes I'm paying attention!" mode.

F&L in LV was alright, yet I feel people tend not to get it - failing to see the insanity for all the party. If you've seen the movie or read it recently then I suggest you take a look at his article: "Strange Rumblings in Aztlan." It's an informative prelude.

If you can get a hold of his early writings then Thompson's quite an experience. Just watch him develop, and change, and burn out. Then one last rally. Wow.

Based off of various biographies, and many anecdotes, he's someone I'm glad I never met in person. I found it a strange thing - heroic works, anti-heroic author. He is hardly a singular example of this, but Thompson is the first that hammered it all down for me.

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