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Icyc*lm shares his note taking method:



the How To Read a Book guy's note taking advice:


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One doesn't need to take notes when one already knows everything

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just get a fucking notebook, dear god

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I would like icycalm if he wasn't so mean.
The book IS the notebook

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>if he wasn't so mean.
he sounds like a nice guy on the streams

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>he sounds like a nice guy on the streams
He does, he seems patient with people in his forums but he also scammed old ladies out of their money. I dunno, I wouldn't really do that.

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>subhuman babbling

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>petty theft is overman.
I am literally God. I will put you into prison for the rest of your life if you do not apologize.

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I got an aerospace engineering degree with that money.

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I can respect that
What have you accomplished with your degree?

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The greatest philosophy known to mankind.

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what exactly can someone use your philosophy for? it's very entertaining, but what is the purpose of it? what can I accomplish through reading: 'orgy of the will'

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Icyclam is a dumbass philosemite edgelord POS for young pretentious teens who are full of themselves.

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>He does, he seems patient with people in his forums
He's anything but patient and open-minded. He bans anyone who disagrees with him, and you have to pay $50 to join his forum.

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>He's anything but patient and open-minded. He bans anyone who disagrees with him
I've seen some of his posts that give evidence to the contrary.
>and you have to pay $50 to join his forum
i thought it was 25 dollars a month

his writings are really only 'wealthy' or 'intelligent' people who know how to make money

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I wouldn't listen to anyone who's so far up his ass to call himself "the greatest philosopher in the world". I'm sure he's pretty intelligent, but I have a feeling he would be quite insufferable to be around.

0/10. Would not have a drink with him.

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whats the site he posts his writing on again?

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Make Humanity Great Again

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orgy of the will dot net

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If you're asking, you haven't comprehended it.

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wasnt he arrested for tax fraud or something?

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i can tell you what nietzsche's philosophy can be used for. icycalm's work is just entertainment and stringing together different concepts

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The overman's philosophy is for the further propagation of the overman's will over the universe. If you read Nietzsche this should be self-explanatory.

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This fucking guy is hilarious.

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Have you seen this?


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Okay but who is to say anthony is the overman

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pretty obvious

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Saw only the thread title and nearly lost my mind in lecture. Icy is a treasure.

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vincent gallo did this 20 years ago, it was even on some forum then iirc

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So you're no going to quit your job and pay to go snowboarding with him?

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how can I read his stuff for free?
t. freeloader