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WWOYM anons (friendly reminder to ignore tripfags like butters trying to derail these threads)

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I'm trying to cope with the fact that I will probably never be well-read. I keep trying to make this list, a kind of condensed list of the bare minimum I need to read in order to have a good foundational understanding of literature, but the list is never complete–always changing and shifting, its never perfect or even satisfactory.

So I decided to put together a smaller list, a list of core authors whose works I could keep coming back to year after year, a list of authors whose works would help shape and define my own. I stumbled onto Bloom's 'School of Melville,' consisting of Melville, Faulkner, Nathanael West, Ralph Ellison, Cormac McCarthy, Pynchon, and Toni Morrison. I was already a fan of McCarthy, Faulker and Melville so finding a set to which all three belonged was nice, so I could round out my reading. But then, there were so many more authors I had to read or wanted to read. I wanted to read Tolstoy but then I had to read Dostoevsky and Chekov. Flannery O'Connor was an obvious bridge between Faulkner and McCarthy. And so on.

The list never ends, it keeps going and going. There is so much to read and even though I'm only 19, I feel I will never reach a point where I'm comfortable with all that I have read; I will always be playing 'catch-up' with the greats.

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Friendly reminder to ignore, report, and hide all blowjack posts

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Posted this a while ago but I was falsely accused of sexual assault late April and finally have an update. Going to stay discrete. Long story short I had a fling with a Tinder broad for a couple months. Was painfully obvious she was mentally ill and obsessed with me but the easy sex made me ignore the red flags. Called me to her place to initiate sex herself a few times a month since last year. After I cut things off and she found out I started dating another girl after we stopped talking she went berserk. Started telling her friends, parents, social media followers, etc. I attempted to rape her. Thought she was just trying to ruin my name till I got a call from a detective. Said he wanted my side of the story soon or he'd simply provide what she gave told him to a prosecutor to consider charges. Had to get an attorney who charged me $3000 right off the bat as a retainer fee. She told me to consider having to drop out of college and taking a plea deal to register as a sex offender for 15 years to avoid jail time if charges were filed and this went to court. I spent the last few weeks thinking my life was fucking over and couldn't make it an hour without being high on something to numb myself because I couldn't believe this was happening. Never even used drugs before either.

Right after paying the attorney, I sent her all our texts from Day 1. She was blown away and realized what happened, gave everything to the detective the next day and he dropped his investigation that same week. She said it was the most straightforward case she's ever had. Detective told her no prosecutor would bring charges let alone seek an indictment given the full story. The situation's over now. I get to continue on with my life as if this never happened but I just can't. I should be thanking the gods but I'm unable to snap back to normal. Maybe it's trauma of over a month resigning myself to the fact that everything I worked for my whole life was about to collapse and I'd be considered a rapist the rest of my life. My potential gf found out through social media and blocked me, I withdrew from everything, am still abusing substances, dropped almost 10 pounds, and lost over $5000 (most of my savings) for attorney fees but worst of all I feel like something died inside me. I always saw the best in people and looked at the world with rose colored glasses. Never was a feminist but I avoided internet "red pills" like the plague. When I'm not sedated with drugs I just feel venom coursing through my veins realizing this kind of evil exists in the world. A tenth circle of hell should exist just for this girl.

I don't really anything profound to say. I just wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy. Please be careful around women guys. I'm probably an idiot for only just realizing this but all it takes is one unstable woman, or one bad night and it's all over.

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Everything I want is so far away, right now. Ever since my birthday, I've been investing in stocks, some of which are working super well for me, others which are not awful, but mostly going nowhere. So I'm still poor.
I have general anxiety and was diagnosed with depression, so I don't feel as motivated as the average person, but like said person, I do my best to prepare for anything I want to do. I want a car, so I should get a job. I want to study, so I should change my environment to suit my studies. But I think life would be so much easier if I just had a car. I hate riding the bus and I hate wearing masks, especially since I wear glasses. If i get a job, I have to ride the bus, meaning I have to wear a mask more. It's just so much bullshit for me to deal with. But nobody said it would be easy. But fuck society, anyways.
I don't want a crappy car, which is the sub-2000 dollar category, but I can't afford any good ones. Then I have to deal with getting insurance, then dealing with terrible, shitty drivers. Maybe I could pick a good time to drive when practically nobody else is on the road, like at 9 or 10 am.
Sorry for the blabbering. That's what's on my mind right now.

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I’ve basically soft snapped if that makes any sense. I got cucked out of finally being a normal human being and have been reading philosophy to cope. I’ve made peace with my sub-humanity and feel no regrets.

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I think I've lost that spark, that thing that kept me motivated and made strive towards greatness. In the last 6 years I've seen how, slowly, my will to achieve things vanished, and how I descended into a pit of mediocrity and hedonism.
I have always been an ambitious man, and I have always felt that I had the capicity to reach my goals, but I was never able to commit to anything for longer.
Now I do nothing but lie in my bed, browse this, make some shitpost for some quick dopamine fix, listen to music, read and daydream. I barely even eat, even if there's food, my diet consists mostly of caffeine.
I feel like an old whose dreams had been crushed a thousand times, but I'm still a young man.
I have planned so many times my future, but plans have a knack of just not coming true, and I time runs so fast...

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Hola CVM

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Butters doesn't derail them the spergs who get triggered by her presence do.
This is the retard I filter.

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are you autistic or something?(unironically) do you actually not understand? if you lurk for like 2 seconds it should be pretty easy to find out, why would you make this post?

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Butters literally made a post early in the last thread asking posters to make her the topic of discussion lol

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He is autistic actually, he mentions it on his tumblr

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whats the purpose of tripfaging and talking in all caps (also grammatically incorrect)
whats the point of your self admitted pedophelia?

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Literally thinking about my squat form, every time I see this thread - I am either finish or about to begin my workout.

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that actually makes a lot of sense

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>... if you lurk for like 2 seconds it should be pretty easy to find out...


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what else could i POSSIBLY be referring to in the context of this exchange? to find out the answer to fucking question you literally just asked, the purpose of these threads and what people get from them.
christ, autism is a hell of a drug

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>friendly reminder to ignore tripfags
>several posters immediately respond to the spic retard tripnigger spouting nonsense

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i have a migranish headache, and i think it's cuz i had to talk at work for four hours straight wearing a fucking mask.

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Kinda missing the old days

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She’ll message you back today, bud.

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I've discovered that I prefer writing scripts over novels. I dont even plan to have any of this turned into a play or a movie, I just prefer the format.

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Cumjack threads should be reported. Not posted in

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This is the third month I am ending a 2 week paycycle in the red.
I swear to Christ Almighty that I won't have to live like this in a few years. I don't care if I have to scrape and bleed, I'm going to finally, fucking finally, break out of this cycle of familial poverty. Then I'm gonna be father to a family where the kids don't have to see mom and dad fighting, worry about a divorce, or some horrid shit for once. I'm gonna be the first generation of my family to not just remain befucked, dirt poor neo-peasants.

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It's time we make a United Earth. How do we do this? Education? Perhaps if we made peace studies, nonviolent communication, Esperanto... Maybe a generation with a specific education is what's necessary. Why is no one talking about this?

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Oddly enough only after the people decide to end the state

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There are more of less stream of consciousness threads nobody cares about your 'tism over the syntax and grammar of other anons. There's no "purpose" to most of these posts that's the whole point. Worst posts here so far are actually yours but you're a tripfag so I expected nothing else

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You are who you choose to be, there are no excuses

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fuckin hell lad, come on

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/lit/ is the most intelligent board, yet i am constantly dumbfounded by the ever expanding extent of the idiocy you people are capable of achieving

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Currently writing 2 bachelorthesis, I wanna exit quit

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actual autism, just read whatever

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Ah young Anon, fret not. Perfection is an illusion which we as mere mortals are incapable of attainting. To be whole, that is better. Read what you want, 'well-read' will come with time.
For literature is no mere winding coil of written word, it is art. Sure, art has it's own traits which borrow and expound upon others, but you do not necessarily need to have read, say, Melville to fully appreciate McCarthy, or Faust for Faulkner. Man is not born 'well-read', nor is he made so in trying for haste. Savor whatever you choose to read, and as long as it is art, I assure you that you will be fine.

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Literally taking part in a thread with a simple question you could either answer or not.

Oh the horror of it.
Maybe the internet isn’t the place for you.

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Might be getting sick enough that I could actually die if it gets worse. But i can't die yet, I have shit to do. Don't waste your health while you have it

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>cucked out of finally being a normal human being
How so?

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Wew tinder not even once.

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life goes on, anon, don't lose your trust in people completely over that girl, it is very hard to live without trust in people

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Nazi-era daggers and KKK certificates???? Oi, case closed m8, send him off to the dollytrolly. Shalt me be thinks him tah’ bittah as vinegar. electric chairy wairy for him, right fix for the wrong crimey wimes-diddly-doo. NOW, off teh duh pub to watch teh inglnd mutts take on the french darkskins (YULL NEVAH WALK ALONE!). enjoy meself some chippery doos and curry and beans and chamber pot stew! tah tah and a nice pint too

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is this how British people usually talk with each other?

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Te quieres callar de una puta vez?

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Lately I'm struggling to find a purpose in life. I read different books to learn about different ideologies, but at the end I feel the same. That is, I feel like society inherently hates me and it doesn't matter what I read or believe in, nothing will ever change that. Every religion, every ideology, just feels like role playing to me at this point. If I had to describe my philosophy, I would say that I simply don't care about anything anymore. I'm just taking it day by day.

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How are you fighting modern temptations?

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Is this from r*ddit?
>retard falls for mentally ill whore
>he starts sperging out at some meaningless accusations despite having proof of it being otherwise
>starts ruining his own life for a straightforward case
>literally nothing happens
>bro this was so traumatic
>red pills suck bro those internet faggots are such incels
It sounds like you're an actual idiot

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me too brother. what's your job?

>> No.18369348

You followed your dick and paid the consequences. Consider this the most expensive redpill of your life.

>> No.18369353

what do you do for money?

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ive recently realised ive been anima possessed for my entire life that i can recall, up to the point where i wanted to troon out, and i cant identify my masculine anymore (goal and action towards it)
a lot of the primary things ive identified as myself across my life have literally just been my anima and im lost and spooked

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If by "modern temptations" you mean social media and porn, I just try to abstain from it. As to the corn syrup, the thing is irresistible, you can't fight it.

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can't wait to share this absolutely retarded thread with you all again

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Following an ambition demands a sacrifice. For example, if you want to become a writer, everything that is not somehow connected to writing must go. You must become a writing machine that judges everything only in terms of "how can use it my work?". Life itself becomes nothing but writing material. Without such a sacrifice all your ambitions are just hobbies which will inevitably go out. Many /lit/izens strive to be writers but few understand that being a writer in all seriousness means being a writer for life. Otherwise, it's a hard case of ngmi.

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are you a successful writer? can i read some of your shit plez?

>> No.18369480

lol no I'm not a writer

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I don't know what to study in university
I have no skill or talent I have been praised for other than writing, I am not retarded enough to go for an english degree and not smart enough to go for a stem degree. I am planning to learn digital marketing and web dev on my own the next 3 to 4 years so I can earn well with freelancing or be employable
but I do have to go to college or my parents will hate me
can you frens help me? I don't know if my grades are good enough for B school or law schools that matter
I am thinking psychology and going the clinical psychologist route
it's a long one but a private practice seems comfy.
please help or I'll be sad

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awh man so it's like the classic tale of the blind leading the blind then

>> No.18369521

Well, you can read biographies of famous writers and you will see that most of them had at one point to make this sacrifice. It's common sense that one must concentrate on an activity he wants to excel at. You don't need to be a "successful" writer in order to say that. Also, I'm not leading anyone anywhere, I just shared my opinion.

>> No.18369522

would you rather do something safe and live in regret, thinking back about what could have been if you weren't a pussy and did what you loved? or would you rather take the risk? Sure, it might not work out but at least you'll know it didn't work out instead of wondering.

>> No.18369530

if you aren't even in college yet, then how do you know if your grades are good enough for business or law? don't get down on yourself. You have plenty of time.
Assuming you can switch majors up until 3rd year, my advice is: spend lots of time thinking about 1) what you're good at, 2) what you're passionate about (be it justice, coding, environment, marketing, etc), and 3) where those two categories intersect. Take a year off between undergrad and grad school--that will allow you to apply to programs without being pressured by schoolwork. Break up with your girlfriend before you graduate, just trust me on that, it will save you both a lot of pain

>> No.18369581

if ur thinking about clinical psychology you will probably need a ph.D. or psy.D. so your grades better be good af, stay off the vidya and shit

>> No.18369602

This has to be fake and stolen from r*ddit, or is some attempt to "red-pill" us about the "evils" of thots. Get a life.

But on the off chance its real I'm glad you got suckered for 5000 dollary-doos when you could have just shared all the text and calls information with the cops in the first place and not shit yourself and have to get a solicitor; and the fact you decide to keep taking the blue pill cope is the idiot icing on the cake of moron.

>> No.18369657

You know, if I looked like this >>18368661 I would probably be as miserable as you are.

>> No.18369703

Does anyone else's reading progress come to a grinding halt towards the end of a book? When I hit that last 20% I'm scared to finish it and when I do I get very depressed I have to immediately start reading another book to take my mind off it.

>> No.18369774

>he starts sperging out at some meaningless accusations despite having proof of it being otherwise
>starts ruining his own life for a straightforward case

Bro if you think facing rape charges, even when the evidence on your side, is that simple then you belong on Reddit yourself. They'll throw the most serious charges at you, so even if those don't stick they can settle on a less serious offense as long as it's a sex crime to win. Brother's friend got accused of serious sexual assault and there was enough evidence she lied about everything but he still put his arm on her thigh, which was enough to count as sexual imposition. Guess who's on the sex offender registry now and probably won't be able to find a job, home, or normal life ever again? Oh and even if the charges are dismissed, they stay on your background checks (unlike DUIs these things rarely get expunged) plus if a single local news story reports on your, people who search your name aren't gonna give you benefit of the doubt or want to associate with someone even tied to that allegation. OP might've been an idiot but if he deleted those texts it'd be over, and even with the texts the tiniest bit of incriminating evidence is all they need. Detectives set up recorded phone calls between the accused/accuser in all kinds of cases so the victim can get a simple apology or catch him saying anything that looks bad and that's all they need. Detectives don't care who's right, they want to gather enough evidence to indict you, they'll use everything they can against you and won't care that you get destroyed in the process. And a county prosecutor literally has no goal other than to get a conviction, they're elected politicians whose "success" is measured by how many people they put behind bars, so any failure to do that is a stain on their record. OP (if he's telling the truth) probably did nothing wrong but got his name smeared online so much his gf left him. But hey I guess that's literally nothing too. After all it's only a man's name and reputation, no big deal right?

>> No.18369788

You know nothing about the legal process. Even an utter retard who does 5 minutes of internet research knows you NEED an attorney and should NEVER speak to the cops other than saying you'll have your attorney contact them. This applies to everything.

>> No.18369854

>still trying to make a story out of a non-story

>> No.18369867

You will never a woman

>> No.18369875

Going to drop out of university and get a HVAC license, already been working couple of months for a firm that'd be interested in taking me.
Academia is a joke, degrees are a scam, I'm going back to lay down more pipe.
Fuck you nerds.

>> No.18369882

oh no he said le meme phrase!

>> No.18369888

Imagine thinking facing rape charges even when the evidence is in your favor is a non-story.

>> No.18369897

I was going to see my friends for the first time in months tonight but Victorian lockdown has fucked it and now I feel like poo

>> No.18369898

Half of me would give anything to be young again and do it right this time. The other half just wants to hurry up and get this horror show over with.

>> No.18369902

im always fully on board and confident in my ability to finish when i hit that point, something about already having made it through the bulk of the book always motivates me. right now my reading has ground to a halt about less than 1/3rd the way through a big door stopper and its killing me. i have a bunch of shorter stuff i really want to read, but im simultaneously autistic about putting down the book im already 250 tiny font pages invested in, but also feeling kind of burned out by it and demotivated because i still have so much to read. i haven't read jack shit all month because of it, liteally picked up videogames for the first time in a year because im so indecisive and stalled. i have to push myself decide what to do because not reading is bothering me and im falling in to bad habbits

>> No.18369922

No, I just read 2 hours per day every day and I don't care how far along I am nor does my pace change at any point throughout the book.

>> No.18369978

You're right I don't know all the workings of the legal system in the United States of Mutt, stop assuming everyone is an amerilard like yourself but I very much doubt you "need" a solicitor, but that's its just very advisable, especially if you just explained your fake story and gave them a copy of texts. I'm guessing being a mutt you don't get access free legal advise in your country then either.
>Said he wanted my side of the story soon or he'd simply provide what she gave told him to a prosecutor to consider charges
IRL they would have just come and questioned you and not fucked about before hand, and even if they did notify you before hand you could have just met and explained and it would have gone no further .

>t. 4chin NPC

>> No.18370013

>t. dilating tranny

>> No.18370123

oh no he said le meme phrase!

>> No.18370150

I find it impossible to sleep in past like 7:30 am.

>> No.18370159

Got rejected badly by a girl. Acquaintances not calling back or flaking, getting passed up on promotions at work.

>> No.18370171

>still dilating

>> No.18370181

>Got rejected badly by a girl.
How do you get rejected badly? I think you're just exaggerating your situation.

>> No.18370188

people get incredulous about the weirdest shit

>> No.18370197

Pomodork technique actually works with reading. Why I didn't do it before is beyond me.

>> No.18370211


>> No.18370245

Does this general have a discord?

>> No.18370246

nah you had it right the first time, pomodork

>> No.18370294


>> No.18370375

>all the things I don’t like to hear are lies
You really can’t make this shit up. Hope the worst happens to you and no one believes/cares when you relate it, heartless scum

>> No.18370381

>he said meme phrase
And what is NPC?
Just accept it man, you’re an abysmal retard and it’s as obvious on an anonymous image board as it probably is irl

>> No.18370383

>accuse me of assuming someone's American
>offers advice based on foreign legal system that would be a terrible idea for Americans
Idk how solicitors operate compared to lawyers but unlike you I'm not gonna give advice when I don't know how the process works for you guys.
>IRL they would have just come and questioned you and not fucked about before hand
If they have enough for a warrant for arrest sure. If not they can't enter your home and they aren't allowed to treat you any differently than your average citizen, suspect or not. The reason they want you to voluntarily come is to gather more evidence for one because they either (1) don't have enough yet or (2) are hoping you're gullible enough to incriminate yourself and make their jobs 10x easier.
>and even if they did notify you before hand you could have just met and explained and it would have gone no further.
Going to cut you some slack because you clearly live somewhere with different law enforcement but you never EVER meet with the cops without a lawyer. Detectives play nice but will record every word you say and use it against you even if 95% of your statements are exculpatory/contradicting the victim all they need is the 5%. They aren't judges they're hired to solve as many alleged crimes as possible - aka arresting suspects by any legal means as soon as they can, simple as. It's impossible to do that if you take sides against the person whose allegations you're investigating. They don't have to tell the suspect anything, even what the charges are or what evidence they have. Believe it or not it's also 100% legal and common for law enforcement here to lie to you. They're allowed to pull of whatever kikery it takes so they can score a "win" by sending incriminating evidence over to the prosecutor keeping their unresolved case rate as low as possible, that's the only metric of their success.

>> No.18370455

I tried to think about whats the meaning of my life but nothing came up. I feel like i cant do the leap of faith or create a meaning on my own without others influence. I have to come up with it as soon as possible.

>> No.18370460

do the leap of faith

>> No.18370481

So when we, oh no, sorry, the old “we”, used to say, start with the Greeks, I don’t think we meant get lost down the dead end rabbit hole that is philosophy, but rather barrow from the their perspective on life and find maybe an inner hero. Why is that the age of heroes and this the age of postmodernism dread?

There’s a beast to slay, anon.

>> No.18370544

I just dont feel strong enough for this act.
Can possibly understand their writings in the first place? I been having this difficulty where i understand whats written but all the subtle themes just fly over my head.

>> No.18370558
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Analytic philosophy is for shitters

>> No.18370564

i'm not the person who said that you were an npc, you complete faggot

>> No.18370594

He's not the person who was called a npc you complete retard

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I don't watch porn but I look at pictures of women. Like I'll go to /s/, find a pic of a woman I like, and then have intense fantasies about fucking her.

>> No.18370608

fuck off and die, sad cunt. you’re too stupid to enter human conversations, maybe stick to eating dirt and shitting your pants.

>> No.18370617

Hey newfag of /lit/ here
Inused to lurk /v/ and /fit/ for 3 years and in the past week I’ve started browsing here, can someone tell me:
Who is this Buttlerfly that everyones talk about?
Who is Michael Douglas, and why him being gay is relevant?
How many posters area daily active around here?

>> No.18370675

So I decided to terminate my lease this summer and move in with my mother. I’ve been living on my own for 10 years but I figured I might as well since I now work from home, will probably quit that job, and generally have no idea what I want to do with my life but I’ve now realized that I’ve made a terrible mistake. Now I’m stuck. I can keep my miserable job and continue to live on my own or I can move in with mom and hate my life. What a disaster of a person I am.

>> No.18370680

>live, laugh, love
has it been refuted?

>> No.18370696

Go back retard

>> No.18370762

you are a dumb bitch. kill yourself, i mean it truly.

>> No.18370777

is the old man and the sea about esoteric knowledge? catching fish is a pretty common metaphor for esoteric stuff

>> No.18370778
File: 2.56 MB, 498x494, frjj4slc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Awakened, I have become
Light now slips away
Manipulate your mind
Darkness is my slave
Taste the sins of Hell
The blood that I so crave
The last thing that you see
Is the hunger in my eyes

Beware, (beware beware) the image unseen
Stalks your soul
Your corpse's redeem
Eternal damnation, your just reward
A servant of our Lord
By your accord
Admonish of the cruciform
Immortality's scorned
Rise, hold fast your faith
To lie dormant
Is certain death

>> No.18370784

>esoteric knowledge

>> No.18370785

Don’t give a fuck what a brainless shit like you “means,” keep seething tho, and let me know when you grow your first brain cell

>> No.18370833
File: 186 KB, 900x1087, gabriel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finally realized I actually like writing. Now I feel like I'm free to read whatever I want to get better at writing. I don't know why I wasn't reading whatever I wanted before. And I don't know why I never really considered writing even though I'd been unconsciously drifting back to it and I think about it all the time. But anyway now I feel freed

>> No.18370842

I’ve come to a point where I can say I enjoy being alone, and prefer just my own company. Not that I hate or wish to be away from others, just that when I’m by myself I feel so free.

I love just taking walks or running or biking by myself. The spring and summer truly are the best seasons, I don’t know what I’m going to do in the winter.

>> No.18370849
File: 50 KB, 405x720, 1622477808305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

literally me desu

>> No.18370892
File: 37 KB, 680x305, download_20210602_105515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18370906

>believes everything he reads on the internet
Are you underage or just plain stupid?

>> No.18370936

>is a butthurt faggot seething over bullshit
good, lol

>> No.18371036

no what he said is true! dude trust me lmao!

>> No.18371055

Thanks for the warm welcome, anyone else?

>> No.18371076 [DELETED] 

Butterfly is just an annoying tripfag. No idea, never heard anyone talk about Michael Douglas here. It’s a slow board in general, much slower than /v/ for sure.

>> No.18371085
File: 39 KB, 495x600, 1620832298923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do they do this?

>> No.18371101

>Who is this Buttlerfly that everyones talk about?
she is a tripfag who likes to de-rail conversations and make them about herself; some anons think she is a tranny and others want to fuck her but nobody really knows or cares

>Who is Michael Douglas, and why him being gay is relevant?
It's just shitposting, same thing as people responding "im trans btw" to derail threads

>How many posters area daily active around here?
my guess would be 300-500 maybe

>> No.18371103

You sound like a cretin. You bring up attention seeking trannies and shill a literal who

>> No.18371160

aww shit two for one audible sale on great courses classes

>> No.18371173

What courses are you going to listen to?

>> No.18371200

A couple of times, I've thought about posting a thread making me and my books the subject of discussion, since I'm an actual published (not 'self-published' mind you) author of several books.
But, seeing the way it affects the fucking losers shitting up this board, to wit:
then I figure it's for the best that I not post such a thread.
Besides, it's not like it would get any engagement anyway, except for angry sperging by spergs.
I sometimes enjoy doing rewrites of other people's poems, because it helps me practice, but for the most part I'm satisfied with having written books that have been published and that have actual readers.

>> No.18371210 [DELETED] 

lol it was obvious in the other thread you were larping, guess you really needs the (You)s?
go ahead and give me the qrd on your epic troll, kid

>> No.18371237

Why do interests matter more than personality? Or atleast why are interests what we present outwardly as opposed to say what kind of people we are?
I suppose it might have to do with interests being easier to relate to and find commonality with, but wouldn't the same be true for personality? I mean, there's certainly going to be common ground there.
Or maybe its because interests are heavily commodified and so since we see things that would be considered interests all around us they just become indistinguishable from personality, like basing your existence around fitting into a certain role, a Star wars fan for example, or a marvel fan, basing their person on an "interest"
Maybe there's not much difference between the 2 I guess, one would certainly influence the other right?
I would certainly appreciate any thoughts anyone else might have on this

>> No.18371253
File: 118 KB, 650x406, 1622475112319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am so sick and tired of stupid idiot faggots talking about things that they don't understand. Acting like they are an authority when they have no idea what they're talking about, or only a basic and rudimentary understanding with no nuance.

>> No.18371259

Personality is an illusion. Try to define yourself in two or three adjectives. Pro tip: you can't.

>> No.18371265

I'm afraid to get criticism on my manuscript. I'm a first time novelist, and I haven't had the chance to share my work with anyone. I've tried so hard to suppress the negative thoughts and self criticism, but I'm still scared.

>> No.18371270 [DELETED] 

imo, it’s because we are not sufficiently capable of identifying ourselves either due to ego (an irascible or lazy person would not accurately describe themselves as such) or the inherently complicated nature of an individuals personality. Interests are things to that run deep in our minds and souls, and are probably the quickest way to the root of someone’s personality without having to get hung up on minor distractions.
I don’t think there is too much of a separation ultimately, a lot of people like to take this sort of ‘fake person’ angle as a critique, but not all interests are funko pops and YA novels.
I have met people on hikes whose love of hiking makes them act like religious ascetics. I don’t even like hiking too much, but I recognize that an interest in it coincides with a really insightful, patient personality.
But that’s just me.

>> No.18371315

bored, boring

>> No.18371327
File: 149 KB, 512x423, 1606126176052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just received a copy of the magazine that published my first poem, I am just about to send a few more to another magazine and I feel quite good about them too

>> No.18371350
File: 34 KB, 640x370, 2fi1mi0xr_772i42it21_arctic_scene_artic_fox_shutterstock_121632652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have realized that political debates among normies is nothing but pathetic word games and gaslighting. The left, liberals, and the lukewarm, moderate conservatives are all a bunch of pseuds and cowards dancing around the issues and just playing word games to deflect and evade and never actually talk about any real, substantial, concrete realities.

>> No.18371395


>> No.18371399

drinking again.

>> No.18371403

yes, and the political parties and platform "issues" give them a perfect vocabulary to do that, I gave up discussing politics years ago because of this

>> No.18371444

centrism still implies a binary

>> No.18371496
File: 2.29 MB, 4096x2242, 1567829019354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Centrists are absolutely midwit tier. They vaguely see the problems of the left and the right but they think that by taking a milquetoast, moderate position, that makes them any better. It doesn't. They are still part of the same dialectic. The true ascended master is above the dialectic entirely.

>> No.18371560
File: 265 KB, 1690x1210, 1620913386852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are conservatives even trying to conserve anymore

>> No.18371565

>The list never ends, it keeps going and going. There is so much to read and even though I'm only 19
You are only 19. You have plenty of time.

>> No.18371569

Interesting point there anon, interests being easy to understand personalities. I suppose yeah, it'll be easier to just figure out a person from shared interests rather than personality as I guess one's gonna be quicker than the other too

>> No.18371571

Having haters is proof of my success.
Seethe harder

>> No.18371590

I'm also bored and boring. Are you me? Do we have the same personalities? Also I wasn't that bored yesterday, quite the opposite, does it mean that I had a different personality yesterday?

>> No.18371595

There's certainly going to be a difference between them though, right? I mean knowing a person's interests won't let me figure out how they'll act in a situation or with people I suppose, like just because I know that a person say, likes books or art, I can't really make accurate assumptions about their personality right? Although I guess to an extent I can based on the stereotypes

>> No.18371599

How do I deal with what feels like the double edge of a fear of being single/alone, but the knowledge that I know I won't really be happy being with another person (unless I find, let's say, the 1 in a million "love of my life" that invigorates me to want to be more selfless and apply my entire devotion to her with earnest sincerity)?

It really makes me feel sick. I'm getting out of a 9 year relationship with a person who I many times had feelings of, "I don't want to be with her anymore, I don't want to be here anymore, (but I don't want to be alone...)" and even though I'm getting out of it, I feel a greater anxiety than the idea of remaining with her even if I was to be unhappy (unhappy > anxiety? I don't necessarily think I believe that in theory).

>> No.18371604 [DELETED] 

Well that’s a pretty lazy larp

>> No.18371621

For some reason I find it much harder to finish a book on my kindle as opposed to physical copies. I don't know why, but I'm thinking of going back to the latter

>> No.18371635
File: 351 KB, 828x824, AA51F4D1-517D-4EBF-9643-FF530977AAC9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just need to last 60~ more days and then I’m home free and back in the city with the homies

>> No.18371654

In response to myself, I feel like the only thing I can conceive of doing is enjoining myself into a church community and participating/volunteering in their projects, just to have some people in my life, and feel like I have an obligation to something higher than my own being a wastrel in my spare time. I'm not great at having friends, maybe this is more formal so it appeals to me in that way? I don't know. I just feel alone and I don't want to, even though I also don't want to be around someone 24/7.

>> No.18371668

Animals behave the way they do because they follow a narrative of life for life. Humans can condense storytelling by expending energy to use language, gestures and tools to narrate events, and so we suffer for we will always find words lacking. And because our words sounded mundane compared to the real thing we embellished our stories to compensate. We anguished more. However, there is no need for this. Being yourself and feeling life and living life will do. Writing stories is unnecessary head stuff and mental detouring. Really, it is cope for those who are unwilling to excite, lead or join the others in living in the world,

>> No.18371702

>Are you me?
>Do we have the same personalities?
no, see below
>Also I wasn't that bored yesterday, quite the opposite, does it mean that I had a different personality yesterday?
it probably means you've chosen the wrong words to describe your personality

>> No.18371866
File: 218 KB, 750x1334, C0CD46D4-947F-42A5-AB57-D4F828D8A5E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I moved to moldova recently as an american, a month before i came i talked to this girl online and we fell in love, when i arrived we went on some dates and entered a relationship. I did not come for her but recently she got romanian citizenship which allows her to study in western europe, now she wants to move to sweden i guess this fall.
I want to break up with her now, theres no point in being in a doomed relationship when in one year we will break up, i love her alot but logically this is the best thing to do.

I want to stay and live here moldova, she wants to leave, its that simple.

I cried a couple times today because i dont want to do it, i even have thoughts of moving with her but i shut them out quickly and hate that i have them. I did not come here for her and i wont leave for her either and i fucking hate the west, i left for many many reasons.

Anyways i hope she isnt too mad, i implied i would do this and she called me lazy for wanting to stay in eastern europe and not make as much money as i can.

Part of me looks forward to getting another girlfriend i guess and cold approaching girls here in chisinau, but another part dreads finding a decent girl in the fucking mess that is the dating market but maybe this country is better, or worse, than america

>> No.18371898

>Part of me looks forward to getting another girlfriend i guess and cold approaching girls here in chisinau
I don't even know how to do that in my own country.... what plans do you have to accomplish something like that as a foreigner, probably poorly speaking their language, in an alien culture, with a whole bunch of shit going on that you might not even be perceptive to?

>> No.18371927

why do you want to stay in moldova so bad? as a yuro all I know about it is that it is the poorest and most backward yuro country. are you a trad-larper? but then why live in chisinau? is it because it is so cheap?

>> No.18372023

Neighbor said I'd make a good husband. Not sure what she meant by that, but I guess it's a compliment.

>> No.18372041

She meant you're a nice sissy beta cuckhold to provide for her after she's ready to settle down.

>> No.18372045

>she called me lazy for wanting to stay in eastern europe and not make as much money as i can
Eh, you're better off without her. Don't be so quick to break things off though. Have a good time while you can and try to end things amicably

>> No.18372068

Its not hard, you approach a cute girl you see in the street and say whats on your mind, if shes into you just as much you can probably get her number and then go on a date later, as a foreigner your at an advantage because they will think your accent is cute and personally im brown (mexican-american) so the girls see me as exotic, the culture difference you can also use to your advantage, if you fuck up and offend her or say somethin stupid or autistic you can blame it on a culture difference/language barrier its great

Its cheap and comfy, amazing food, great nature, rent is 200-300 euros, food is unbelievably cheap. I like how people here leave you alone even if they stare sometimes as a foreigner, many more reasons including disdain for the west and its awful society. I work online making us dollars for my salary, but as a local it probably sucks to live here

>> No.18372082

Can you give me advice on where to start for writing poetry? Or how you started? I’ve never been into poetry but I’ve become interest recently.

>> No.18372086

Imagine being so jaded that you can't take a compliment.

Animals don't follow a "narrative," they just do shit.

Money for the rich, don't be naive

>> No.18372092

I’ve done the math, and it’s revealed to me how ridiculous my thoughts about retiring early are, and just confirmed to me I will be working forever.

Now much more then ever I want to find soemthing that I won’t kill myself doing, as it looks like I’m in for the long haul.

>> No.18372098

>The true ascended master is above the dialectic entirely
Who can truly say this except for isolated hermits?

>ever stopping
Being drunk is cool and good

>The left, liberals, and the lukewarm, moderate conservatives are all a bunch of pseuds and cowards
So you think the real reactionaries are better in this regard?

>> No.18372112

wow three great posts for the price of one

>> No.18372113

>Being drunk is cool and good
maybe but it doesnt help with numbing anymore.

>> No.18372114

People like Heart of Darkness?
Such a disappointment of a book, 70% is describing niggers and then the last bit is some meandering rant about human nature clumsily thrown together, and the writer reeks of some upper class anglo snob.

>> No.18372149

too late

>> No.18372156
File: 96 KB, 500x625, Mrs Moon by Enkel Dika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still fighting my porn addiction. It's a struggle, but it will be worth to overcome it and myself. The addiction is truly a need, my body aches for it sometimes. At times I'm very frustrated and disappointed in myself for giving in to the urges, but I try to forgive myself for doing what I know to be bad. Most of all, boredom leads me easily towards porn. So I try to stay mentally busy and physically active through walks, bicycle trips and jogging. Reading has been a big help against inaction and thus boredom and porn. Reading great ideas and the quest for knowledge is in my view a fundamental human archetype. Now, to use that knowledge to improve mine and the world around me, that is the harder question. Thanks for reading my blogpost.

>> No.18372189
File: 62 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41c1-8031-07a4da3f313f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did not look at porn yesterday or today.
Am I gonna make it?

>> No.18372202

I only post my own thoughts in these threads very rarely but I love the chance to talk to other anons about their lives.

As far as I'm aware I don't drink to run from my problems, I approach it as a purely hedonistic thing. I love the feeling of a good buzz.

Honestly I've never thought of true retirement as an option and it really does not seem that appealling to me. My dream for old age is buy some land in a remote area and have a bunch of young hippies come work it for me in exchange for room and board, a la WWOOFing. Maybe breed dogs or something for extra cash.

>> No.18372206
File: 254 KB, 1520x1604, 1513310733229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got my exams starting 8th this month. I still got a lot to cover. Should I stay up and burn the candle on both ends tonight?

>> No.18372215

I find that trying to beat the past self is helpful. Always try to last one more day than what you did. At least then you are moving in positive direction.

>> No.18372246

It's unbelievable how stupid some of you are. Over the last 6 years, I watched 4chan turn from a pretty cool place to an npc infested shit hole.

>> No.18372247

i looked at porn yesterday just to study sex in case i ever have any.

>> No.18372344

what were your conclusions?

>> No.18372355

Depends how much you need to study. Don't underestimate the benefits of being well-rested.

>> No.18372358

>I watched 4chan turn from a pretty cool place to an npc infested shit hole.
A common response to this will be "4chan was never good," and there is some truth in that statement, but this is true. The almost non-existent quality this place previously had has diminished almost completely

>> No.18372456

I unfortunately have a lot to cover. But I estimate maybe if I do stay up for a few days I can cover a good chunk and resume having a good night's rest.

>> No.18372506

Imagine samefagging this hard because your fake story got called out for bullshit.

>> No.18372519

Find the period/style that you like and just read a lot of poetry. Eventually you'll start writing and it's going to be shit, and then it's going to be a bit less shit. That's the point where I'm at now so I don't know what happens next.

>> No.18372524

Whatever electionfag, stop same gagging to replies about your shit piece of fiction. If you don’t like it the simple solution is to just stop coming on here.

>> No.18372570

tomorrow is the last day of the semester. we're doing a mini-version of presenting a proper research paper. I am to critique a text written by this exchange student. imagine doing a year abroad during corona. but apparently she stuck with it. her paper isn't that good but it's not awful, though she needs to source a lot more of her statements imo. My job is to have something to say about her paper. I've read through it 2-3 times, taken some notes. nothing is sticking in my head though, I can barely recall what it is about. I'll read it one last time tomorrow before the seminar. it's stressing me out but honestly I'm so tired after writing my own paper I can't focus. I get like this after a paper, I've spent a couple of days in bed. I ate plain boiled pasta for dinner today so iwouldn't hav eto leave the apartment. Well, no matter what happens and how it goes, 24 hours from now it is over.

>> No.18372583
File: 37 KB, 720x559, w6y81g6yv0r41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Flunking out and hiding it from my parents while living with them due to corona bs. I have experienced the first bouts of depression of my life during the last few months, and found myself less strong than I thought I was. I guess I now understand why people take their own lives because I often go to bed and fantasize about not waking up, or about a world ending event or about becoming an animal.

I just want to feel hope again, but everything's gone to shit.

>> No.18372632

Things get better with time more often than not.

>> No.18372649 [DELETED] 
File: 104 KB, 413x282, 00D6BB08-27DC-4AFC-91EC-6F62C460E35A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine your butt hurts so bad from being a faggot that you wait for someone to leave a thread before responding like this
And yes I’m the same person: we’re having a conversation, told you these were too advanced for you, dipshit

>> No.18372652 [DELETED] 

Lucky for the trannies the contrepoints thread got pruned, I was just fucking destroying them with common sense ;)

>> No.18372664

Sure. Burn the candle at both ends but don't fuck around.

>> No.18372680 [DELETED] 

Jesus fuck you’re stupid, you didn’t even highlight the story in question.
Stop chewing on your keyboard for two seconds and try again and I’ll prove to you I’m not the same faggot and then maybe it’ll finally get through your dense skull that you’re a tragic fuck up and you’ll shut the hell up?

>> No.18372686

you narrow-minded insufferable little cunt.

>> No.18372703

my thread now

>> No.18372711
File: 987 KB, 500x353, 1539938386796.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cheers. I am GMI.

>> No.18372746

not for nothin ton but uhh

>> No.18372760

ASMR McDonald's

>> No.18372789

Can't read anymore. I've read so much that nothing really connects with me anymore. Text feels empty and just kind of pointless. My life revolves between internet, reading, & work. I have no life so I have nothing to relate the stories to. I have this feeling like I want to get out to escape and get out of my shell but instead every day I just end up wasting it here endlessly reloading tabs like a crack-head. And every year I tell myself I'll do something to get out, join a club, play a sport but I always pussy out. I don't trust people and I sometimes think I would be better off withdrawing from society completely.

>> No.18372805

i've got a better idea. instead of continuing to browse here, you should kill yourself

>> No.18372809

Once I haven't nutted for a while, I become somewhat more energetic and aggressive. I dig that feeling. Nutting always feels like being robbed of something.
When I had a gf, nutting in her did the same, but for some reason not that much, some of the feeling stayed.. it's worse from fapping is what I'm trying to say.

This is fucked, because I only start feeling like a man from day 2/3 on, below that my confidence is gone partially.

>> No.18372820

I've done the same calculations. Tbh I feel like the most reasonable course of action given that we'll all die eventually any way is to just be homeless or start a death cult

>> No.18372826

the ancient chinks believed retaining semen meant retaining power. I don't think I've ever honestly felt what you feel, but I've thought of it because the daoists talk about it

>> No.18372834

scam huh? You know with a simple bachelor's, you can become a private tutor and make $60k? i'll take that over grunt work any day since I prefer to have my knees and back past age 40

>> No.18372862

been wageslaving about 5 years now since i graduated college. i hate sitting at a desk all the time. i'm lonely and dont have any real social hobbies outside of work, so it makes things worse. it feels like i'm taking years off my life with the anxiety. i want to quit my job and take a break but i dont know what i'd do.

>> No.18372874

you should join a local hiking or sports club on meetup, playing volleyball has led to me grabbing a few drinks with different groups

>> No.18372875

It's true desu. It's not a meme. The last few days I felt like a confident, high energy, dominant alpha Chad, but last night I accidentally coomed in my sleep and now all that vitality and energy is gone. I feel so mediocre now.
What do

>> No.18372899

What about eating your semen after ejaculating?

>> No.18372911
File: 1.41 MB, 500x329, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imageboards and social media are rotting my brain.

>> No.18372932

Is this trolling? It's not clever or funny. Anyone can to act like a seething retard. It doesn't take any special knowledge or skill, and it only serves to drive away anyone with more than half a brain, because no one in their right mind would want to spend time in a place with people like these.
But I don't think it's trolling. I think these anons are genuinely butthurt simpletons who think they're being smart and cool. Again, 4chan wasn't always like this, at least the pithy sarcasm was clever and funny. These anons here are just ugly and sad.

>> No.18372945

That doesn't do any good. The damage is done. The only cure is letting your body heal and restore itself over time, healthy lifestyle, taking zinc pills, etc.

>> No.18372963
File: 27 KB, 600x333, 328060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the anon who wrote #18372932:

>> No.18372983


>> No.18373011

I still want you. It's up to you.

>> No.18373040
File: 85 KB, 992x1466, length.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Line and poppyseed are the same measurement. We need to update this system.

>> No.18373076

Feel like im festering. Addicted to the internet I cant get off. My mind is empty there is nothing inside

>> No.18373125
File: 11 KB, 568x540, 1612914608905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My voice doesn't sound normal. People always think that I'm really high or something even though I'm sober. I don't know why. In my head I think I'm speaking normally but when my voice comes out I sound like I am stoned out of my mind. It's very strange. I don't know how to talk normally. I wish I could.

>> No.18373135

I got you babe

>> No.18373145

If you can't speak, write. If you can't write, learn. If you can't learn, join the army. If you can't join the army, go outside and pick up trash around your community.

>> No.18373146

Do you think mediums like manga or comic books are capable of any literary merit at all?

>> No.18373151

>tranny janny has been deleting 60% of the threads for the past months
>quality has not improved one bit

>> No.18373153

Love you. You're free if you want to talk or not.

>> No.18373154

Alan Moore's "Watchmen" comic is pretty /lit/

>> No.18373158

why shouldn't they?

>> No.18373159


>> No.18373171

Tomorrow I have to go to the birthday of a dog. He's a nice doggo, but still...

>> No.18373178
File: 1.01 MB, 3024x4032, 1619475567907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another thing is I have a weird accent. People often ask me if I am from Russia or Bosnia or somewhere in eastern Europe even though I am American raised by normal midwestern American parents. I don't why I developed this weird accent but I can't help it.
My speech is a total mess desu. I also talk with a weird cadence or like a robot.

>> No.18373193

They're entertaining for sure. I liked Maus and Safari Honeymoon. But I don't know if I would reread those for literary value. They're simply not information-dense enough. So it's a difference of degree, not kind

>> No.18373199

Actually don't join the army. Join the Peace Corps or something instead.

>> No.18373201

I didn’t say they shouldn’t. I’m asking because I’ve not seen any scenarios where I’d say they do but that doesn’t mean they can’t.

>> No.18373234

Guess I should've been nicer.

>> No.18373261


>> No.18373286


>> No.18373338

How much more fun do you think Chad McChaddington has in life than some awkward dweeb like you

>> No.18373382
File: 66 KB, 1600x1283, 1523673934506.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

being with the wrong person in a fully commited relationship is a road to hell. but every road leads to hell eventually. i cant speak for everyone but friends are better for my lonliness. and creative endevours are incredibly fulfilling.
>I often go to bed and fantasize about not waking up, or about a world ending event or about becoming an animal.
in the exact same place. its never lonely at the bottom :)
nice thread goin
if only
thanks for sharing your peace anon. when i feel like that, its the best time ever. enjoy
ive stopped stopping myself from imagining doing things differently. sometimes suicide is a fun thought too, not that i want to. lifes just too short to not fantasize. i dont even care if it gets me down

>> No.18373391

Nope. Just using an anonymous Internet forum from a smartphone smart guy.

>> No.18373394

Do you think that mentally ill people are naturally drawn to 4chan

>> No.18373412

They're drawn towards reddit, twitter, discord.

>> No.18373423

kek and not 4chan?

>> No.18373430

>Flunking out and hiding it from my parents
this is going to come to a head eventually whether you like it or not, better to address it now before it gets any worse

>> No.18373443

Yes, definitely. For obvious reasons if you ask me.

>> No.18373444

My voice gets higher pitched and more childlike when I talk to my parents. I often talk in broken English like "me gotta go potty". I don't know why but I can't help it. I have a mental block and I just can't talk like a normal adult when I'm with my parents.
Why is this

>> No.18373462

Perhaps in the future

>> No.18373483

it's your reading not your writing

>> No.18373488
File: 1.03 MB, 1000x668, 1183c10184823d38e3bdb0ce4ded54f8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did the same thing a few years ago. I just completely stopped going to all my classes, not even for exams or anything. Naturally I flunked out but I kept it a secret and the next semester I told my parents I was going to college like everything was normal, but in actuality I was living in my car in the woods.

>> No.18373528

your thoughts on these series? new to fantasy and want to read all of them eventually:

>first law triology
>black company
>acts of caine
>book of the new sun

>> No.18373542

What reasons?

>> No.18373579

If you had a mental illness, wouldn’t you retreat into online spaces where you could write or read anything anonymously? Not only could you indulge your illness, you could find something therapeutic in a place like that too.

>> No.18373637 [DELETED] 
File: 26 KB, 500x375, zqv83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Eating lunch in my room
>Look out window
See attractive, young women at my apartment's pool
>In an effort to satiate my libido and keep myself away from porn, I decide to go down to the pool
>Get in and overhear the youths talking
>They speak like niggers, and the subject of their discourse contains foul subjects like drinking, partying, and even denial of God
>Consider intervening and using my knowledge of Aquinas and Greek philosophy to disprove their misguided worldviews
>The 3 females swiftly leave before I approach the trio
>I return to my home, praying and emboldened by the Holy Spirit to swear off of women and continue my studies

Tldr: women are whores

>> No.18373647

Do you think that simple, uneducated people are more truthful and honest than educated people?
Or is that just a folksy meme with not much veracity?

>> No.18373653

You’re an idiot. Truly.

>> No.18373654

Not really. Reddit indulges your mental illnesses with a stronger echo chamber and safe space by equally mentally disturbed mods.

>> No.18373663
File: 76 KB, 480x675, St-Thomas-Aquinas Small (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Eating lunch in my room
>Look out window
>See attractive, young women at my apartment's pool
>In an effort to satiate my libido and keep myself away from porn, I decide to go down to the pool
>Get in and overhear the youths talking
>They speak like niggers, and the subject of their discourse contains foul subjects like drinking, partying, and even denial of God
>Consider intervening and using my knowledge of Aquinas and Greek philosophy to disprove their misguided worldviews
>The 3 females swiftly leave before I approach the trio
>I return to my home, praying and emboldened by the Holy Spirit to swear off of women and continue my studies

Tldr: women are whores

>> No.18373667

Women have always been whores, but modern basedciety has made it even worse with social media, tiktok and unlimited simps

>> No.18373677

fucking filter.

>> No.18373692

Why the fuck do you want to live in moldova? Not to say it's bad but still
In any case if you can speak the language you should have zero issues getting girls

>> No.18373706

how do I talk to him without bothering him

>> No.18373751


>> No.18373767

Do you think mens' voices have changed? Lots of millennial men have really nasally, sort of high pitched voices. I think guys from older generations usually had deeper and less nasal voices.

>> No.18373823

In the future, all video games will have poop and pee mechanics.

>> No.18373829

This is hilarious. I hope this is a joke

>> No.18373881

Video games made more realistic with the power of the state.

>> No.18373883

Same lol

>> No.18373919

I wasn't joking.

>> No.18374015

confirmation bias. no i don't think this.

>> No.18374019


>> No.18374027

>but in actuality I was living in my car in the woods.
what was that like?

>> No.18374053

What you for real talk to your parents like mickey mouse. LMAO

>> No.18374057

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah i just want a videogame that can simulate the feel of piss in my mouth like gatorade

>> No.18374063

seeing my sister and other people in my generation invest so much in their own future such as phd or children/family, ive started thinking if someone like that is in a life/death situation and I can help, i should risk my life to help them.

i guess my brain still wants some kind of positive legacy, despite my poor choices in life

>> No.18374105
File: 39 KB, 500x492, Oldpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You have plenty of time.
Don't believe him OP... It's not true.

>> No.18374109

What a jam

>> No.18374138

Do you think the world is coming to an end soon, anons
Sometimes I have this feeling that everything is almost over.

>> No.18374150

How do you guys write terrible stuff to your characters? I'm trying to write crime and make my writing a little darker, but it grips my guts some to kill, rape or maim those main characters that I've come to love. Side characters are okay, but I can't get over doing this stuff to MCs and I think I need to.

>> No.18374162

Why is psychology/psychiatry/psychoanalysis taken seriously as an intellectual field? It's all pseud trash.

>> No.18374211

oh no, i love hurting, murdering, inflicting abuse upon my characters, regardless of moral qualities or gender, i just enjoy it a lot. out of my cast of main characters one deliberately kills himself, one is killed, one is raped then killed, one accidentally kills herself. another one sees his mental health deteriorate until his schizophrenic predispositions become actual psychosis. one is sexually enslaved, repeatedly raped and forced to be a tranny, that’s my favorite character. the others are ok, but paradoxically they are those i like the least. i think i am sadistic.

>> No.18374227

They're not real you dummy

>broad field with over a century of research and millions of practitioners
Lol retard. In b4 you flippantly bring up the Oedipus complex as if that's the only thing psychology has ever come up with

>> No.18374228
File: 48 KB, 826x826, unnamed-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18374257

I randomly got a day off today. I wanted to catch up on reading, do some house cleaning, work out, etc. i read about 30 pages of withering heights and twenty pages of low level philosophy. I masturbated 4 times so far and spent the remainder of the day posting here.

>> No.18374259

28 years old now and I’m more confused, lost, and dissatisfied than I’ve ever been. I can’t even seem to get myself together. At a certain point you’ve just gotta give up all hope.

>> No.18374270

Okay pal you can cash out on this.

SUE SUE SUE. Make her pay your lawyer fees, try to get criminal charges filed against her, and then see a therapist. You can slap her with a pain and suffering lawsuit and milk her like the cow she is. There is no limit to pain and suffering. SUE SUE SUE

>> No.18374359

>want to work hard
>realize that working hard at my job results in no tangible benefit over just pretending to work (lol corporate)
I need a hobby

>> No.18374363
File: 880 KB, 1920x1200, White-cat-green-blue-eyes (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Women are so stupid. Everything they say is pure cringe and retarded. I don't believe in feminism or womens' rights or any of that nonsense. They don't deserve it.

>> No.18374371
File: 249 KB, 1511x2015, 1568329117236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is literally nothing wrong with hitting a woman when she starts getting hysterical or uppity.

>> No.18374408

Why am I supposed to care about the holocaust? How is that my problem? I don't give a shit.
I'm so tired of all the namby pamby boohooing.

>> No.18374435

I'm not sober so I'm thinking about delayed choice quantum eraser experiment again and it's implications about time

>> No.18374441

work on your shtpost, you cant be so on the nose

>> No.18374502

Is medieval scholastic philosophy worthy of serious consideration as an intellectual field? It too is a broad field, but it boasts far more than a century of research, and practitioners of the tradition spawned by medieval scholasticism currently number over 1.1 billion.

>> No.18374555

Seriously. What is the deal with the cat schizo?

>> No.18374573

I just want to stop overthinking

>> No.18374598
File: 177 KB, 574x432, C9AF0745-3490-4136-A266-0BFE93E4315E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Can possibly understand their writings in the first place?
It is all Greek to me too. Better read a translation

>> No.18374611 [DELETED] 

If a horse wants to drink, it'll fucking drink.

>> No.18374620

Sex isn’t degenerate.
The Masonic symbol of the eye is being used ironically
Fucking Catholics schizos REEEE

>> No.18374624

You can beat a horse to death but you can't make it drink

>> No.18374632

>Only the extreme rightwing are to be trusted!!
The reason you can’t talk to anyone else is because you’ve caged yourself up in this extremism. There are fools in every camp. Come to this reality and we can talk again.

>> No.18374635

>reeeee noooo dont shit on me for shilling my garbage here its not fair
did you think this would garner sympathy? kill yourself fag

>> No.18374649

Learn to love it or learn a different accent.
My family are fond of doing impressions of different accents. Laying on a Brooklyn accent to sound tough or like Bugs Bunny. Or an upper crusty English thing to sound sophisticated.

>> No.18374655

Met someone really cool whom I have a lot in common with. I hope I don’t fuck it up when I jam with him and his buddies this Friday.

>> No.18374668
File: 3.91 MB, 4000x2905, 1615326754443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

opium and poppy head tea makes me comfy and reduces my stress. The aesthetic lense it gives life really makes everything better (if I was being cliched and pithy I'd say it makes literature an aesthetic experience and all experiences seem like aesthete literature). I've spent a year stuck in lockdown away from my bf and now I'm going to have to spend who knows how long caring for my recently amputee mother so I think I deserve 1-2 days a week in the land of aesthetic comfiness.

I'm just a blue collar twink who wants to work my skilled manual trade I enjoy and get enough money to dress cutely and affect a leisured and carefree posture that fits my temperament (I'm very sickly and weak, I prefer pleasing ideas over grim reality and I don't cope well with stress if I don't have a boyfriend or something to cuddle me) but not my poor background. I don't want to be a carer when my life has barely even began

if only I was actually good at writing I might be able to make something worthwhile out of the situation.

>> No.18374669

Cringiest gimmick poster yet. Go back >>>/r9k/

>> No.18374737

The fact that modern philosophy is so cringe just proves that the whole thing was a larp all along. Millenia of work and this is what we end up with? Philosophy is a grift.

>> No.18374741

My dietary habits are ruining my life. Please help.

>> No.18374754
File: 1.05 MB, 2048x1365, 1622499396977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pet bird was eaten by cats recently. It was a family thing so I wasn't super attached to it. But thinking about how something so small and cheerful spent it's last moments getting ripped apart by a cat's teeth with no-one around to help makes me feel tremendously sad.
I believe our earth is truly beautiful but it's moments like these that make me see nothing but grey.

>> No.18374758

What's wrong?

>> No.18374764

I just can’t get control of my eating. I want badly to lose weight. No, I need to lose weight but every day when it comes time to get hungry it’s like my brain goes on autopilot and I end up binging. I’m so fucking miserable in part because I hate the way I look and feel.

>> No.18374772

>a tripfag who likes to de-rail conversations and make them about herself
An oft repeated lie anonymous tell themselves
> nobody really knows or cares
This too. Anonymous are huge liars.

>> No.18374782

Count the calories. Discipline yourself
Eat healthy high nutritious foods. Exercise.

>> No.18374797
File: 374 KB, 1200x1600, 1531656676615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everybody believes in things that are not physical and cannot be explained empirically or rationally. It is a natural human tendency. This is why atheists who reject God make up new things to believe in, such as their social forces spooks, systemic racism, toxic patriarchy, etc. If they actually followed the purely empirical and rational worldview that they pretend to have then they would not believe any of that shit. The new systems of today are not entirely new inventions, but more like a change in the order of things. Instead of starting with the metaphysical and God, modern secular people start with the material and extrapolate vague wishy washy, pseudo-metaphysical ideas from that. They see the world through a wrong lens that gives them a backwards paradigm.

>> No.18374801

All of that is much easier said than done especially with this autopilot thing.

>> No.18374803

I know. Stick to it man. You can do it.

>> No.18374824

People tend to assume people with like-interests are like-minded, which is why teenagers care about which music you listen to first and foremost. This is of course, a shit metric, but well, they are teenagers, and even it beats the metric you use to determine who can be your neighbors - which is usually tax bracket.

"Personality", on the other hand, is hard to quantify (even Myers-Briggs is horoscope tier), and a lot of young folks don't really know what they want (and even some older folks are open to surprises).

This is also why 4chan is divided up into interests, rather than personality types, with a few exceptions, yet each board manages to take on a personality of its own, more or less.

>> No.18374825

I’ve been staring at this for over an hour.
It doesn’t seem to be a shoop in any way. The worst part about it is her makeup. It just detracts from the rest of her beautiful natural body.
Finest post ITT! My man. I did finally read your post.

>> No.18374830

Yer almost there, just a little further.

>> No.18374852

>Everybody believes in things that are not physical and cannot be explained empirically or rationally
> This is [how] atheists who reject God [who’s?] make up new things to believe in,
This negates the first part of your post already.
Social forces and systemic racism etc. are actual things and they’re caused by belief systems. IE the racist has picked up a belief racial supremacy/inferiority from his parents. Very much the way a religion is passed on. These things do not go away when the atheist follows an empirical worldview. It’s rather absurd to think so.
Please tell me this is just an elaborate troll persona.

>> No.18374854 [DELETED] 

Ph btw I’m an asshole of that matters

>> No.18374856 [DELETED] 

Oh btw I’m an asshole of that matters

>> No.18374858

Oh btw I’m an asshole if that matters

>> No.18374860
File: 167 KB, 610x878, houseki1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do not know how nor where to start analyzing some crude data for a scientific article, it has been like this for almost a year. It is a small niche in climate science, it is troublesome as I do not have faith in peer review, research culture, or how my small contribution will find its way to humanity inside little boxes of highly specialized knowledge. The person who was my advisor told me that the paper must be published as soon as possible, as someone else may publish the same findings earlier than us and it may be a waste of money if that happened.
I feel genuine disinterest for the data, yet it does not seem I can just give it away, if it is duty or fear what stops me from moving on, changing my life, doing things that fill me with hope and desire. I feel like a brainlet for not enjoying this stuff. What I fear is coming off as a useless piece of shit. I have felt left out of scientific circles for reading spiritual stuff and philosophy. I do not know how to communicate my own views without coming as preachy or a narcissist, my science pretty much is seeing the world as problems to be solved and predicting for disaster to break loose. I fear just saying fuck it and regretting it later. I have lost what it means to be genuine to myself. If being genuine is staying with the trouble or running away with all my strength.
I’m still speechless why it happened to me. Why I have this huge complex for institutions and figures of power, why I want to come off as a good person and stand out as successful. As if my head is full of wrong-thought and I must exorcize myself from my laziness and creative pursuits. The world is a disaster. I need to finish that paper. I need to find a job. I must change my life.

>> No.18374870
File: 74 KB, 453x604, 1571676504435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you are an atheist materialist then you have no basis on which to ground anything that you say because something like logic CANNOT exist in your paradigm. Logic is a metaphyical idea with no material substance. As an atheist
materialist, you are a hypocritical fool to use logic. Your post is meaningless and worthless. And in fact, everything that you said is wrong anyway, but even that is a secondary matter because the first issue here is that you fail to realize that YOU HAVE NO JUSTIFICATION FOR ANYTHING THAT YOU SAY. NONE WHATSOEVER.

>> No.18374872

I’m in such a pit I don’t know how to get out of it. I’ve gained weight. I haven’t gotten a haircut in months. I haven’t gotten any exercise in forever. I look like shit. My taxes are a month overdue. I’m falling behind on work. I haven’t read a single book in weeks. This is a complete disaster.

>> No.18374874
File: 444 KB, 360x638, 1616446551339.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The "min-maxing" of human relationships have been a disaster for the human race.

>> No.18374880

I don't know what "mix-maxing" means and I don't know what is happening in that webm. Can you translate this to non zoomer faggot speak?

>> No.18374888

Alright alright. You’re a loony who needs medication. We get it. Move along

>> No.18374891

Counting calories is popular for a reason. The main reason people end up binging is because it's extremely easy to say "one more" unless you're following a specific ruleset that states clearly exactly what your limit is. The brain must have evolved toward binge eating because there's nothing really preventing us from it and a lot of triggers in the mind that push us toward it, which has been exploited by the (US) food industry. What you should really ask yourself is, don't you hate feeling like shit all the time? That weighty feeling you get when you walk around? The feeling of dissatisfaction after eating something bad for you despite the momentary pleasure, and the knowledge you can't eat like this forever? Imagine a life where it actually feels good to walk around and do stuff. That's what it's like to be healthy. You should definitely try it.

>> No.18374897

>no argument
Typical. The atheist gets backed into a corner and then cucks out.

>> No.18374910

No I have plenty of argument. Any rational person could swat you down with this schizophrenic shit. A lot of religious people would too.
But your act isn’t worth it. Goodbye

>> No.18374913

Yes. Medieval philosophy is far better than anything you will get from psychology and that is a fact.

>> No.18374916

Yeah you have no argument. I tore your dumb worldview to shreds and now all you can do is cope and try to act smug. Coward.

>> No.18374935

Counting calories just doesn’t seem to me to be a realistic way of living your life. People maintained a healthy weight long before calories were on food packages and I don’t think it’s particularly normal to obsessively check food packaging and weigh everything you eat like you’re a science project.

>> No.18374941

>don't you hate feeling like shit all the time?
Yes. But I feel like shit no matter what. Eating is almost a coping mechanism for me. I know half the reason I eat poorly and binge is because of how miserable I am.

>> No.18374946

Yeah, but you have a problem. Stop making excuses. Do the tasks till you fix yourself up. You’ll know when you can stop counting them

>> No.18374952

Yeah, you have a problem. Stop making excuses. Do the tasks till you fix yourself up.
A healthy diet and exercise can help to improve your outlook on life. Honestly. You can get better. You have to do it.

>> No.18374955

Fisher King (do not research)

>> No.18374968

Well, it worked for me and many others. The idea isn't to do it indefinitely but to use it until the urges to cheat go away, which does eventually happen.

>> No.18374999

someone spent time on this

>> No.18375007

nice painting

>> No.18375061

If anything, that helps.

>> No.18375067
File: 62 KB, 900x506, totally-not-cannibal-island.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i come here to plant the flag of my new colony we shall henceforth refer to as and only as The People's Democratic Republic of the Bongo.
Autists and girls are NOT ALLOWED (refugees welcome) in this our grand illustration of the intended implementation of the american Con-stitution.
If you join my colony you will be allotted 2 acres of irrigated land.
You should also consider there is a reason you have found yourself in this very situation, and are now reacting to it the way you are. Let's be honest here, you don't have much of choice. SO GET THE FUCK ON THE BOAT Блядь.
»these were the first words to rain upon my ears from the sharply dressed soviet officer. Everyone gathered on the dock in the Ostyak settlement that night knew they wouldn't hear from this officer until they would be told to get off on Nazino Island.

>> No.18375070

> People maintained a healthy weight long before calories were on food packages
We didn't figure out how to extract nitrogen from the air until the turn of the century, so we've never had so much food before. We've certainly never before had so much shitty food basically designed to break your endocrine system forever.

Not that calories alone mean much of anything. You can get fat eating 50,000 calories worth of burgers a day, or starve to death eating 50,000 calories of celery.

>> No.18375131

It's a term from table top role playing games in the 80's that found its way in the modern vernacular through online role playing games. Traditionally, it meant to build an RPG character for maximal combat efficiency while ignoring its personality and role in the group, but has come to indicate any situation where you favor statistics over potentially more important factors with wild abandon.

She is depicted as "swiping left", discarding a flood of dating opportunities on, possibly, Tinder. The poster is no doubt alluding to the mechanization and "unfair distribution" of the modern dating scene than so much of the youth complains of.

But as I remember Nixon, and am likely the oldest grampah in the virtual room, I suspect you already knew all this.

>> No.18375197

I'm possibly mentally ill and highly successful in my career. Yet I feel like I'm not happy with my ability in my career. I also have not moved toward any self actualization of my own creativity. I need new glasses, I have an ear infection, I have friends and talk to none of them. I'm just as unfocused now as this post. Have a great night everyone.

>> No.18375216

Eat soup and rye.

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