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Are there any contemporary books about living in the wilderness?

I saw this video posted last night in another thread, and his life seems very interesting.


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The hell? Look at his channel history. This guy went from a hip hop loving toker to fucking Ted Kaczynski lmao

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His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke
Frere is so obviously a cunt, I wish it was more nuanced :((

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I've been trying to work up the courage to live like that but I just can't take the plunge. How did he do it?

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his channel is so small he will most definitely respond if you post on his video.

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Are you both the same person the channel belongs to? Because this looks like a very suspicious attempt at self-promotion

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Builds a small shack in the wilderness, then puts an american flag on the front lol

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OP here. No, this is not me. I just saw a thread about the channel yesterday and then found this video this morning which I found interesting.

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I take it you're not American. We all put American flags in front of our dwellings. Hell, I've got one in the front and one in the back.

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stop being retarded. it shouldnt be too difficult as to why that general sentiment exists and why not in other palces and who is more inclined to do it over others.

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>stop being retarded
Anon, you're telling me an entire people, a whole culture, hangs their flag outside their house. I've never seen this even in movies, and I honestly can't believe it is true. When I try to evoke your street in my mind's eye it looks like an HBO dystopia. I think you're being insincere.

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I am not american.

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>i have american flags in my home
>i am not american
the absolute STATE of this globohomo

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Yeah fuck living like that. Sounds cool and the principles behind it might be good ones, but it's not grounded in reality. How long are you willing to live like that? What if you want off the ride? It will be really hard to intergrate back into society, you wont be able to afford anything.
This guy will probably take 20 years off his life at least

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I >>15764128 am not >>15764087 , you dense fuck.
You are so fucking retarded it is actually funny.

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for anyone on about that flag, its probably a good idea to have one so if cops or rangers come by and find you they dont feel like you are as threatening.

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>t. never read Ted.
his interactions with wildlife are actually quite heartwarming. One could definitely value that over the joys one gets in more urban life

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America's not a cohesive nation-state, they need to promote a rabid, fervent strain of nationalism to overcode their social world and act as a cohesive force

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Surely this is one of the, shall we say, less intellectually developed areas of the States, no? Surely it's not representative of an entire social ethos?

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>nooooooo i wasn't me i was actually just pretending to be retarded!

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He obliviously isn't living like this, you can tell from the construction of his hut, from what he's consuming, even from what he's using to make alcohol.

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last (you), laughing at you isnt funny anymore

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I've lived in the midwest, the northeast, and the south and saw flags in front of houses in all of those regions. We're proud to live in the greatest country on earth.

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Arent americans more into flagburning and blackfeetwashing these days?

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No, the lunatics you see in the news are representative of the average American.

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For 5 years max maybe...forever? Nah

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wow u use 4chanx and know how to disable (Yous)?
wow! please keep posting you are hilarious

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Great to know. I'm glad that behind the propagandistic facade and bias from the newsmedia America is still a proud nation full of individuals unafraid to stand for their ideals, and fight the invading cultures to their dying breath. Brought a tear to my eye. God bless. Fuck yeah!

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Thank you for the prompt answer. This is really quite fascinating for me. An entire country behaving like this, hm, yes.

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>muh reality
>muh social integration
>muh longevity

Never gonna make it, bud.

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kek you are only making yourself appear more and more retarded.

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>t. never read ted

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It’s just amusing incongruence

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are you acting like an insufferable faggot on purpose

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can you be any more condescending

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Dont listen to him maybe one house out of hundred will have a flag outside but i did grow up in Florida so that could be why

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Oversocialized retard

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But the disconnect I feel towards the American, when I would have expected to basically think like one, considering, like someone once said, America forces itself into my house every day of the week, is incredible to me.

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I think people delude themselves at how much they will miss community, even if you are a recluse

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I think that's due to technology and forced socialization.

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ok so you move out and you finally go live in the woods. but what happens if you have to go to the dentis or something? what do you do if you get very sick? how long can you live like that?

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imagine the smell

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basically 9/11

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It's not hard when you just want to die but are too scared to kill yourself.

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If you're reading this, please cut your hair. You'll sweat less and it won't get tangled in branches and stuff.

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I suspect you also feel a disconnect toward your own countrymen.

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How could I? My national identity is as close to me as my name. I couldn't escape from it if I wanted to. I feel a lot of things about my countrymen in the same way that I feel a lot of things about myself. My stance towards flag fetishization, for example, is perfectly in line with my culture's. That is, they're best reserved for official proceedings and demonstrations, and season of particular nationalistic pride, such as international sports events.

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Your words ring hollow.

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As hollow as turning your country's symbol in a lawn ornament?

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Nah, they were like that before 9/11. If anything flying flags elsewhere, especially England, became a lot more prevalent after 9/11.

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This once I don't hate it.

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I mean the other guy is way too mad over this but you're being retarded. This is an anonymous board, you don't need to triple down on defending your incorrect assumption, nobody cares about you.

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How possible would it be for an average person to just go into the wilderness and survive indefinitely?

I'd probably die within a week, but I have always wondered if you could get a visa and go into the wilderness in somewhere remote like Canada, Siberia, or southern NZ etc etc and just survive, grow some food, forage, fish etc

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>the other guy
The quadruple samefag. Classic.

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Ask him yourself, he posts here fairly often.
Pretty cool guy.

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Thats forest anon. He is no longer able to even post on /lit/ because mods banned dynamic IP addresses recently, and he obviously doesn't have a residential IP. He made a video yesterday explaining why he couldn't reply to the quad 9 get but he was watching that thread >>15758979

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Americans are the invading forces, also most young people hate the retarded nationalist boomer neurotics.

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How's Walden bros? Isn't it about living in the woods?

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Absolutely based

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yes, it's comfy, read it anon.

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he cut his hair in the last video

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>board bans dynamic ips to "prevent abuse"
>trolls still ban evade
>/lit/ loses Forest anon
Mods IQ=10000000

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Have he mentioned how he got that place? Did he ask some land owner if he could build a hut on his land?

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His dad runs a hedge fund in Connecticut and after the divorce his mom let him use some of the money to buy a small 1000 acres patch of wilderness for conservation purposes

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I like this channel. Very nice quote.

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Doubtful, he said in one video that he only had $35 to his name. So it's probably just an isolated place.

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reads into the wild once

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Guy seems based, hope he doesn't die out there from a bad mushroom or some shit.

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he explained a lot in this thread back in january it was probably one of the best threads on /lit/


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Looks like a fun life. I don't have the balls to pull the trigger on living like this.

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There's a reason "flag" rhymes with "fag". Flags are for fags.

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>he can't live by his own principles
>wanting to integrate back into our degenerate society
>"how will he be able to consume products!?!?"

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He should read The Conspiracy Against the Human Race for once

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I wonder how long it took him to train mice like that and to get them comfortable enough that he can just call them like a dog and they come

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I imagine it's from continually being around them since their birth, and feeding them as well.
1:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMQ0emgKrSE

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Imagine the intestinal parasites

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Oh shit I remember responding to this guy on a bookshelf thread!

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You live at the one point in human history where you can go to outer space, or live a comfy /lit/ life with minimal effort, and you think being homeless is something to aspire to?

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If you brought supplies, knew how to forage and fish, yeah maybe

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so forest anon is technically gone but guenonfag and butterfly remain trashing the board. He was nice to everyone on here. Mods are awful.

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When we needed him the most

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Jan 17th 2020

>"I just want to say thank you guys on the /lit/ board. Because when I posted on there about the shit I do I didn't think that so many people would find it interesting. And not even that, I thought somebody for sure would shit all over what I do. And not a single person did... I want to say thanks /lit/ for being cool with me. For not shitting all over me. I thought for sure you guys would have. I went into it with the mindset that you would. Thank you guys."

Damn. :'(

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why does he need to fucking boil the nuts?
>he has a camera man

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uh guys...

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LMFAO holy shit that's great

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youre probably reading this thread anon
i hope youre doing alright

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they don't do this in coastal cities usually, they're good boys and ashamed of their nation like you people are

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A lot of Americans don't know this but in certain European countries, especially Germany, it's considered a neo-Nazi death threat if you have your own flag on display. In Germany in particular it's considered hardcore right-wing nationalism to display the German flag (not the Nazi, the ordinary, current German flag). They are only allowed to do it during football games, and then they call it "Fun-Patriotismus" like "play-patriotism."

I once got bored during a German exam and doodled "deutschland deutschland uber alles" on the extra space and my German teacher took me aside the next session and told me she showed all the other German teachers and they assumed I was a Nazi. It's the current national anthem of Germany.

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Living in a little shack in the woods is preferable to being a pathetic wageslave. If I knew how to live a comfy /lit/ life with minimal effort I would.

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lmao thanks for sharing, good lord.

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This guy is based

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That's fucking frightening are you kidding me.

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So that's why >>15764908 is such a cunt.

>> No.15769483

its literally like some shit out of attack on titan.

>> No.15769490

welcome to germans


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extremely funny to me that people displaying flags outside their home is an "HBO Dystopia" to you but >>15769426 isn't. I mean I understand this is exactly the action of culture and normalcy but it's still extremely funny to me, especially given your dismissive attitude to uncouth americans compared to your wordly kind. cope culture

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may God bless this anon. i prayed for him in yesterday's mass

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Oh my...

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He has risen.

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So just NEET primitivewilderness. ? Cool.

That video of Merkel shoo-ing away her own flag makes my skin crawl.

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looking at that snow chills me to my core

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Cut your Internet already.

>> No.15770574

Where the fuck are you right now?

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>Builds a small shack in the wilderness and lives alone for over 2 years. Makes friends with all of the animals.
>Leftwing /lit/ disregards everything he's done because he has his nation's flag.
I know you guys dont like to admit it but you put more importance into a piece of polyester material than even the staunchest chauvinists.

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>It's the current national anthem of Germany.
It's not? Painfully obvious you are an Amerilarp /pol/tard

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Wonder if he'll construct a more substantial cabin. Hope he's in good health.

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Anybody know if this guy has a paypal or PO BOX to deliver stuff to?

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He is a a genuinely nice guy. Just doing cool shit in the woods and reading good books. Not an ounce of pretence to him.

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Boiling removes the tannins

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It's not shame, anon. Shame would be a silly thing to feel about one's country (on par with pride, I suppose). If anything, it's bafflement at how Americans feel about America. They turn their pride into a fetish and then normalize it through propaganda. They find it weird that in the rest of the world a firefighter risking his life for a flag would be seen as mildly deranged behaviour, not a thing to be worshipped. That not many countries make children vow their allegiance to the flag before class.
It makes me think about a recent-ish show, The Newsroom. The opening scene had the main guy tell an audience that "America isn't the greatest country in the world." And somehow this was seen as provocative! A man saying that his country wasn't the best was a positively daring move for Americans, or worse, leftist propaganda -- because who else would deny America's greatness but a commie? And meanwhile, never realizing that it is the very concept of 'greatest country' that's so incredible to everyone else, that Americans truly think in terms of a global race to see who's best.

Take this specimen. He finds it weird that someone else would find it weird to write 'Germany, Germany above all' in a school paper. In reality, he'll find that in all countries bar a few outliers this is the speech of the child (see how the above happened during a school examination) and the intelectualy underdeveloped (see how extreme right wing groups are connected with sports fanatism). To the American, however, this is the norm.

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You'd fit in well in the New York Times comment section.

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You definitely last a night outside.

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It's just the identity of the week

>> No.15773614

He's been doing it for over a year IIRC

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Forest anon lives in a shack for years and makes friends with the wildlife and leftist /lit/ hates him for his flag... Seems like you knee jerking retards invest more emotion into a piece of polyester material than even the staunchest chauvinist could dream of.
I remember when this anon threatened to kill him in the first thread he posted in.

>> No.15773704

>"15. Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful. They hate America, they hate Western civilization, they hate white males, they hate rationality. The reasons that leftists give for hating the West, etc. clearly do not correspond with their real motives. They say they hate the West because it is warlike, imperialistic, sexist, ethnocentric and so forth, but where these same faults appear in socialist countries or in primitive cultures, the leftist finds excuses for them, or at best he grudgingly admits that they exist; whereas he enthusiastically points out (and often greatly exaggerates) these faults where they appear in Western civilization. Thus it is clear that these faults are not the leftist's real motive for hating America and the West. He hates America and the West because they are strong and successful."
>"17. Art forms that appeal to modern leftish intellectuals tend to focus on sordidness, defeat and despair, or else they take an orgiastic tone, throwing off rational control as if there were no hope of accomplishing anything through rational calculation and all that was left was to immerse oneself in the sensations of the moment."
>"20. Notice the masochistic tendency of leftist tactics. Leftists protest by lying down in front of vehicles, they intentionally provoke police or racists to abuse them, etc. These tactics may often be effective, but many leftists use them not as a means to an end but because they prefer masochistic tactics. Self-hatred is a leftist trait."

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mods are fucking kikes.

>> No.15773754

I don't think anyone could have said it better honestly, this fucking explains it perfectly. Good find.

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I'm fine at home watching. I mean I enjoy camping and all that but not getting caught in hail with tarps for a roof

>> No.15775629

He has great hair

>> No.15775633

i'm worried about him bros, hope he's alright

>> No.15776150

Why are you worried, what for?

>> No.15776694

Does anyone have the complete archives of forest anon?
I'd like to follow the journey from the beginning

>> No.15776718

same. The first post where he shared his channel would be dope, but I don't know even what timeframe to look in the archives for.

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File: 646 KB, 1044x794, forestanoncabin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First thread he posted in

Shelf thread where he posted his shelves

I know there's more somewhere

>> No.15778245

if i read ellul will i take the innawoodpill?

>> No.15778296

You look like nice dude, try not to get yourself killed like that one retard who was living in that one bus and whose life was glamorize in lame book and movie.

>> No.15778430

Florida should do us all a favor and sink into the ocean

>> No.15778610

He looks underweight, had quite bad dental issues and only 35 USD as of a few months ago

>> No.15779083

Man I love Branwell. Been watching him since he started uploading. I hope he's doing well.

>> No.15779178

Why are all his videos gone?

>> No.15779279

God, and then the appeal of the extreme right to people is a wonder to anyone.
I'm a Jew and really couldn't stand this self-hate and guilt I noticed in Germans when I lived in Germany for a few months. I told holocaust jokes all the time and if I got to a discussion tried to talk them out of it. I also think holocaust denial being illegal is beyond absurd.

>> No.15779346

They aren't gone for me.

>> No.15779451

Stop bumping this thread Branwell.
You stupid fucking attention whore LARPer.

>> No.15779571

Fuck you forestanon is fucking based and I love him.

>> No.15779689

He can't post here anymore

>> No.15779886

Fucking awful, such a cool dude and mods do him like this. Fucking hell.

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>> No.15780037

>reads Walden once

>> No.15780119

This is what happens when you get radicalized on 4chan

>> No.15780174

get fucked pal, Branwell is based

>> No.15780450

He doesn't look underweight. You're just used to seeing fat people.

>> No.15780494

>Americans are the invading forces,
In their own country? fuck off.

>> No.15781127

>comfy /lit/ life with minimal effort
??? literally how

>> No.15781306

For living in the woods for a year now he looks really well nourished. He also must rarely ever eat meat.

>> No.15781561


Are you fucking serious?

>> No.15781596

>not knowing about pewds
OK boomer

>> No.15781605

How is the US any American's country but the native's?

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>How is the US any American's country but the native's?
which ones you blithering fucking retard? do you know how many waves of migration and conquest the athabascans did on the other natives? does eastern arizona belong to the Hopi, the Navajo or the Apache? because before we got there, they were in constant cycles of conquest over it. Same with the Sioux in the plains, etc. It's just an absurd way of thinking. Should Anatolia be given back to the Greeks? Greeks were wiped out of Anatolia the same time as the Indian tribes were from America, why not the same standard there?

>> No.15783048


>> No.15783230

So anyone who would like info on my buddy bwell lmk i talk to him as often as i can he said he cant post on this thread cuz if where he an something about his ip address

>> No.15783328

>Ted Kaczynski
looks like a bearded asmongold

>> No.15783445

Because Americans created and built that country up from absolutely nothing. Your question is really retarded and shows a lack of self-awareness.

>> No.15784794

> The hell? Look at his channel history. This guy went from a hip hop loving toker to fucking Ted Kaczynski lmao
> This is what happens when you get radicalized on 4chan

Das ist gud thing, then.

>> No.15784903

dude seems like a nice enough goober. re: the actual question in the op, there is a forthcoming book about dick proenneke from the publisher lost art press.

>> No.15784999

>Because Americans created and built that country up from absolutely nothing.
I'm guessing you're from the mid West and have no knowledge of archaeology.

>does eastern arizona belong to the Hopi, the Navajo or the Apache?

You can apply this kind of answer to all of the other points. Non-Native Americans were the retarded barbarians of the rest of the world and we would have been better off had the Atlantic been more treacherous and their boats a bit shitter.

>> No.15785013

lol you retard

>> No.15785067

Now imagine a world where this comment didn't exist because your ancestors drowned in an ocean.

>> No.15785078

>How is the US any American's country but the native's?
How is Mexico any country's but the Yucatáns? There are no natives, there are only people who conquered and conquerers who became conquered. Every culture learns it the hard way. Seethe harder.