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I tire of society and have saved the money I need to buy land and now I just need the skills to not fail.
Book recs on hydroponics, permaculture, solar power or otherwise off-grid living would be very much appreciated.

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Just read Walden, it has everything you need.

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Didn't Thoreau's mom do his laundry for that whole time? I'm not sure how helpful anything he wrote is gonna be.


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>moving to the woods
I give you 10 days before coming back

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Look though https://developmentbookshop.com/energy

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The US Army publishes cheap paperbacks on a broad range of topics encompassing everything from basic bushcraft skills to knot tying to survival, evasion, resistance, and escape.

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>saved enough money to move off the grid
>just now thought about the skill set needed to carry it through to fruition

I give you a month

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i give you one week or less before coming back

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>not moving to the desert

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If you own land, you might as well get some contractors to set up a well for you.

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These look great! There are an awful lot to choose from on any subject, are there any particular ones you're fond of?

I never thought of learning from army materials, but it actually makes a lot of sense to do that. Appreciate the advice.

I actually prefer dry climates, so I thought about desert. My main concern with the desert is water, I also want to do atleast partially subterranean shelter and I don't know how well desert soil will allow that.

Planning on doing that if it's feasible

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You sound like a female or a sõybóy, i don't think you are going to last long sweetie

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>I'm moving to the woods
pics with timestamp or not exist

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middle of the city is good too

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how so?

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>Anime girl poster
>I'm gonna...
>Can't do a simply google search
A rope and a tree it all you need, OP

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Is that a compost bin?

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this. you'll need to know how to set up a snare from a tree to trap an animal if you want to eat good stuff. read up on trapping

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ah, so you are a woman

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Did the torture demon give it away?

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>I'm moving to the woods
>I tire of society
you'll get through your teenage rebellion phase eventually and submit yourself to the capitalist grindstone with the rest of us anon

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how much money?

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"the woods" small city where everyone knows each other and you'll have to buy supplies from the same stores and everyone will think of you as sexless weirdo and gossip a lot

"society": no one cares, you're invisible, you're completely anonymous, you can do whatever the fuck you want and people around will forget it in two weeks because there's constant news. Literally had an apartament catch on fire on the building next to me two weeks ago, no one talks about it anymore, it's old news, if it was a small city people would talk about it for two years sharing what they ate for breakfest that day and speculating on the cause.

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I live in an extremely tiny one room shack I built using deadwood branches and a few tarps, (see pic related) so our ideas are probably alot different, I have been here for a year as of this last December 1st. I'm far from being off grid, I still go to the stores in the smaller towns below my mountain to buy things like rice, oats, jerky, canned tuna, chicken, spam, ham, coffee and creamer, basically everything.. but I'm pretty proud of myself. Never bought land, I just went straight into the forest where I know nobody will ever bother going. Alot of my buckets and jugs came from an abandoned trailer that people use as a shooting target now haha, I still haven't figured out the stove, I need to appropriate a long pipe and cut an old can for the spark arrestor, I have the belly of it. But for now I have been using a cast iron pot and keeping the doorflap open a bit so I dont suicide myself with carbon monoxide. I got a garden going last spring and canned alot of veggies and wild nettles and gooseberries and elderberries, tried bee keeping and failed miserably. I make a few bucks sometimes by offering help to the ranches along the highway that I walk on when I stop in town to replenish items because I have a bit of experience working with horses and livestock.

Some books that might help;
>Dave Canterbury's Bushcraft Series.
>The Book of Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart.
>A Practical Manual of Bee Keeping by David Cramp.
>The Field Guide Series originally created by Roger Tory Peterson. (You can find edible plants, mosses, animal tracks and general identification of useful things in your area).
>Home Distilling and Infusing Handbook by Matt Teacher
> True Brews: How to Craft Fermented Cider, Beer, Wine, Sake, Soda, Mead, Kefir, and Kombucha at Home by Emma Christensen

I could recommend more but I'm not sure of your region or area (for things like edible wild plants and mushrooms, mosses and game, etc)

Calculate your calories. Always have extra caches burried. Have enough clothes that you can afford to ruin some and have extra dry ones (cant stress that enough after spending two winters in the snow)

I recommend portable crank chargers if you are by any cell towers and enjoy shitposting with your /lit/bros. That's what I am using at the moment and that is what allows me to talk to you guys.

I also recommend ammo cans and rubbermaid containers for storing electronics and burying supplies.
(If you can get ahold of Solar Panels, a converter and a battery you can charge things but I haven't gotten their yet)

I'm sure I'll think of more tips. But this is all I can think of for now. I plan to write a book about my experiences and show you guys when I finish it. I think you guys will really enjoy reading about the crazy shit I've seen. Mentioned it in a couple threads. I've gotten a lot on video and film as well.

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u need moar

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>shitposting from a shack made of deadwood and tarps
Unbelievably fucking based

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how the fuck did you save up a quarter million

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Getting a job is a start

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>I've gotten a lot on video and film as well.
Hope you post this sometime.

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Holy hot goddamn, I wasn't expecting a reply from someone who was actually living in the woods, let alone someone who built their own shelter (cute gnome btw). Seriously impressive stuff, I really appreciate it. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for your book/videos on here

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this is incredibly based and inspiring. I'm so glad to see that people are actually doing it.
I hope you do end up writing that book and publishing some of your videos/photos. If you ever get the chance, a youtube channel would be nice with updates every month or so when you have enough internet to do so.
How long are you planning on doing this, and have you considered any moneymaking methods in order to get solar panels or other stuff that might improve the shack?
Also, do you get lonely, and do you ever invite anyone to your hideout? I feel like thats the biggest barrier for me, and I couldn't do it without at least a couple bros to keep me sane. I suppose at that point you need much more space and it becomes harder to hide.
One day I hope to have something similar going, even if only part time during the summer.

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Check it out here are some videos!

Building my place last year
Cool views/gardens
Harvesting wild elderberries/making wine
Bottling more wine
Snow falling last month
Walking through forest timelapse
Chipmunk chewing one of my packs
Gopher snake in my roof
Getting rattlesnake away from my shack
Hummingbird visiting feeder in snow
Fox looking at me
Bobcat snuck up next to me
Chipmunk drinking from water dispenser I bought for it

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Thank you I'm really fucking glad when I see threads like this come up. Without a doubt I think a lot of people who want to do it should take the chance and go for it
>cute gnome
I had to get it a friend too! Paracelsus described them as "diminutive figures two spans in height who did not like to mix with humans" and I always thought that shit was funny because I'm also short and dont like mixing with humans either hahaha.
Thanks anon I'm glad you can appreciate it because it can go two ways; I either get called a bum or people find it interesting. My buddy calls me an "Alpine Hobo" and I actually like that shit hahaha.
>How long are you planning on doing this, and have you considered any moneymaking methods in order to get solar panels or other stuff that might improve the shack?
I'm planning on taking this as far as I possibly can! I honestly didnt think the place would even last as long as it has with all of the snowfall, winds and rains. I've never built anything before so It was sort of "Okay lets see if I can at least make an attempt, and if the thing falls down I'll at least know what I have to improve on the next try". I had no idea it snowed as bad as it did here though, if it would have fallen during the first bad storm I dont know how I would have made out honestly.
And as far as money goes I have nothing long term, aside from oddjobs on ranches and horse properties. I actually got screwed out of work the other month because the brushfires forced the ranch I usually work on to evacuate their livestock to another town. I'm dangerously broke until March but thankfully I'm still stocked for food. I just despertately need socks hahahah.
>Also, do you get lonely, and do you ever invite anyone to your hideout?
After dinner and late at night hit the hardest. But I always got lonely even when I lived in society, of all things my radio helps the most. It makes me still feel connected. I remember I heard them play the national anthem on 9/11 and I felt like I was with everyone. Christmas was the hardest. I downloaded all of the classic xmas movies and watching them really stung. Christmas was by far the loneliest I ever felt. I have invited old friends and they really want to come visit but the hike in is extremely rough and it's all off-trail bushwacking. I'd probably have to visit them :/

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Pretty based. I plan to do this myself, I just have a good job, so I'm going to stick it out for a few more years until I can live off of a small passive income in the forest. Still need to buy misc items sometimes, and I need money for books.

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>American flag
I would have respected you if it weren't for that. I can't really look at your flag without feeling immense rage anymore. I hate to say it, but I would probably kill you and hide your body. I have never done anything, but that makes me snap.
Why not put an Irish or German flag if your ancestry comes from? Hell, even a British flag wouldn't be so bad...?

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Not sure how useful it is but I've seen The Complete Book of Self-sufficiency by John Seymour recommended. I wish you luck.

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Can't say I don't blame you. Im mostly English and German but I don't know, I would consider it larping to wave their flag. It's just a sense of national pride in my family history for me. My family fought in the revolutionary war, one of them was a captain who signed the 1776 Association Test in New Hampshire and two of my ancestors flogged the town sheriff during the 1772 Pine Tree Riot (a year before the Boston tea party) so maybe I'd consider a Betsy Ross. I figured I would catch flack for that or my Christian icons.

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Putting the English and German flags does not constitute LARPing if you have ancestry with them and you have read their literature, history, and cultural traditions.
I was overreacting. Regardless, your ancestors and the Founding Fathers would probably be ashamed of what this country has become and ask for the flag to be put away. It is not good to either its own native people or the world. By native, I mean people like you whose ancestry goes back to the Founding of the country. This country is neither good to its natives or the rest of the world, so why give respect to the flag? USA became unconstitutional so fast and developed a philistine culture whereas the Germans and English still preserved many admirable respects to their culture.
I'm sorry, but I will never forgive this country for what it has done to me psychologically. I wish I wasn't born here, and even my father said he regretted moving here. We were tricked by globohomo, but we have nowhere to go.
Put away the flag. In fact burn it.

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*Rammstein's America playing in the background*

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>bro just become a wageslave to escape wageslavery

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>Never bought land, I just went straight into the forest where I know nobody will ever bother going.
does this work?
can you just call it yours after a decade or two?
How you survive the winters you don't even have a proper door? what about animals?

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an occasional retreat is not bad either
r-right guys?

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Very cool.

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Thank you fren I enjoyed watching these. Crazy that you started building in the winter.

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My ideal vacation is just going somewhere nice and fresh and not having to interact with anyone for a few days. No alch, drugs, bad food, just walks, good music, good lit, reset internal clock. You should try this before just going all in and fucking off with your life. And if this is too puritan for you, bring some weed but try not to just make it an excuse to do drugs in the woods for a week.

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Have you thought of starting a youtube channel or something like that? I think a lot of people would be interested, myself included.

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What you need is practice. Go step by step. Buy your land, build something to protect you, go for 3 days, then one week, three weeks, 3 months; at the end of about a year you should be fully capable olñf living the way you want. You'll mostly need skills, you don't need that much information, you have to build your way into what we were.

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You're right, but there's a big difference between good practice and bad practice. For example: practicing growing your own food is good, but practicing growing food in soil with proper their nutrients and correct watering schedules is a lot better than just winging it. Sure I can make a fire I can even figure out how best to make it to distribute heat and conserve fuel, but figuring it out myself through trial and error is significantly more time consuming than doing a little reading constructing a rocket stove from the get go.

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see you tomorrow retard

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>calling someone who posted an actual pic of an actual base, "based". You're breakin' new ground Copernicus.

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Damn sounds comfy, If you have a P.O. Box in the town nearby I’ll gladly send you some socks, I bought a bunch of wool socks for cheap a while ago but they’re too big for me and never worn. If your interested I’ll post an email

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Not bad, it's based.

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Dont listen to these retards OP. It is no problem if you are prepared. Just grow a fuckload of potatoes, get a few hens, and rear a few pigs or cattle if you have the space. All the lads writing books on off the grid living are nothing but city boys LARPing as Thoraeu. Get some basic gardening books, chicken books, and books on farming. Gardening is easy if you have loads of land, just leave a few plots fallow every year, rotate the crops, and you wont fuck it up.

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No, at least not where I live. Public land does not allow you to stay for longer than a week without informing the parks department and game commission for a special license. Doing this on private land you don’t own would be trespassing. This is all assuming you get caught, which in my state you most certainly would after a few months and it’s a state with quite a lot public land. Then again, our game commission are more like gestapo than conservationists. In many other places you could just theoretically do it if it’s a good spot and you leave a small enough footprint.

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If people in the 1800s did it without all of that shit, you should be able to too.

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Trully based! When you decided to start this? And how your family and friends reacted?

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>can you just call it yours after a decade or two?
I don't think so :/ What this anon said in >>14492506 is true.
If there was a BLM ranger that wasn't out of shape they could hike up and tell me to leave anytime they want. But I know a few of them and they seem pretty lenient, I have a friend who owns a giant moonshine still and the rangers love it, they have taken selfies with it and have even invited their friends to see it. But luckily I didn't invest money in the construction of my shack so as much as it would suck having to leave I wouldnt lose anything substantial and I could just hike a few miles off into another canyon and build a new one. I could just take the tarps with me and let Nature eat the thing back up
>How you survive the winters you don't even have a proper door?
I manage to keep this thing extremely warm, to the point I've actually had to open the flaps and let some cold air circulate! I let my "stove" get hot enough so when I finally do put the fire out the iron itself continues putting off heat for most of the night. The early mornings before sunrise are the worst though, but I have extra blankets and a 0° sleeping bag, plus I sleep in one of my jackets and gloves if it's a really bad night (which most of the winter is lmfao)
>what about animals?
They never bug me, most wild animals are more concerned about their own survival, if they think you aren't an easy meal they'll do anything to avoid you- but the scary thing is I'm fucking short as hell. Closest call I have had was with that bobcat I posted, I was crouched down low looking at a pinicate beetle and felt eyes burning in the back of my head so I gave a quick glance and about 6 feet away I see a face watching me. Never even heard him walk up. He wasn't getting ready to pounce. He was just staring at me, but Bobcats are like the coyotes of mountain cats, they won't try anything unless you're small or look injured, or suddenly decide to bolt. I have seen two mountain lions though and that rattled me. I actually captured one on video, but I was pretty jittery from fear so that video is only a few seconds of a shakey clip. I'll post that!

I actually have a YouTube channel!! I tried but then I stopped posting on it because I would usually get around 3 likes and 4 dislikes. I'm not sure why.

Ohhhhh man do I fucking love you. Im hurting so bad for socks, I don't have a P.O. Box but goddamn I would appreciate that more than anything. I might consider getting one though so hell maybe post it anyway, or I can post mine if you don't want to make yours' public!

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It's funny because both my friends and family knew I would eventually end up doing this, when I lived in the suburbs I would randomly grab my tent and go off into the hills. It helps that the year prior to coming here I had already left them and went off into the desert and lived in an abandoned mining cabin for a while, I was planning on making it my own but I found someone's cremated remains in the rafters! So it started to not feel right repurposing a place I didn't build myself and I knew they probably belonged to the original owner or something hahaha.

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damn i would be scared to even go to sleep there

cozy pics though (by day)

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super based. how airtight are the branch walls did you use any glue? since youve been there a year now i think its pretty safe to start improving the cabin. google rocket stoves. easy to do with random rocks and a bit of concrete, hell at this point you could do a fireplace with a chimney.

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A Boy Scout handbook will teach you 90% of the day-to-day skills you might need. Everything else is reference manuals (botany, etc) for which titles don't matter as much (unless you're autistic and care about things like Dictionary editions).

>> No.14494086

Besides survival manuals, what books did you bring with you?

>> No.14494170

Sock guy here, made a burner: JoeSmithPS1234@gmail.com
Let me know if there’s a way to get em to you, good luck man cheers.

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You wish to live deliberately.

>> No.14494233

Oh also I’m a size 6 footlet and they should fit probably size 8 through 12, 50/50 wool acrylic blend.

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how much money did this cost? as a completely mechanically retarded basedman can I build a cabin like this? sounds based dude. how do you keep sane? what do you think about/do when the day's chores are done?

>> No.14495214

Do you use laptop or phone to watch movies and listen to radio. And how do you charge it?

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Pic related is the snowfall last month (deepest I have ever seen it)

The only building supplies I paid for were the tarps! Even the shelves came from wood I busted off of a broken bench that someone dumped along the highway. Money went mostly to the extra completly unessecary shit like decorations, bird feeders, thermometers. Stuff like my tea kettle, mugs and ammo cans all came cheap from an antique shop. I found my buckets and jugs and cast iron pot inside of an abandoned trailer. But I am completely mechanically retarded too man! So I can almost guaruntee that you could not only build something like it but make one a lot better. I keep sane by reading, listening to the radio, hulling acorns to feed the mice and chipmunks, going on hikes around the forest and up further into the mountains, one day I was bored and made a plan to count all of the douglas fir trees on my hilltop, it took me two days just to number down 124 along it's North spur because I kept losing track of which trees I had already counted hahah

Awesome and saved I will definifely let you know! Thank you anon and don't worry I'll make that shit fit. I'm a 10 it should be fine I was sleeping with my feet stuffed in a beanie last week hahaha cheers

Lmfao I don't blame you at all, long nights in the winter do not help either

The walls are extremely airtight! No glue, I used some paracord and a bit of nylon twine that I took from stacks of newspapers in front of some gas station in town so that I could fasten the rafters to the walls. The way I built the walls was by stacking the branches between the support posts, similar to firewood bundles, so the posts did all of the work in holding them and the walls became even more airtight as they began to sag and settle. I would really love to make a rocket stove, that's brilliant, hell especially a chimney haha I currently have a cylinder that I'm planning on using for the belly of a stove, I just need to get ahold of something to use as a stove pipe.

I started out with survival manuals and a bible, but I have slowly been rebuilding my collection and adding new stuff. All fiction- I mostly have westerns, and classics. I bought them all from the same used book store too, except for a couple that came from the antique shop

I use a phone, that's what I do everything with and I keep it charged with my crank chargers. One of them is also my radio too. The cold saps the energy so fucking much though I rarely ever have my phone at a solid 100% I'm lucky to have it above 60%.

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you live the life I keep daydreaming about but always convince myself that reality would be waaay different from what I imagine. But honestly you make it seem pretty sweet. But do you have a fallback plan if you get bored of it? My biggest issue would be fear of not being able to go back to my former life if I at one point decided that this is not for me. Also I live in europe so its not that easy to just get lost in woods far from civilization.

>> No.14495585

Be careful with the carbon monoxide buildup. Even if it's not reaching lethal levels you could still be sitting in more of it than you should be, depending how fast it cycles out of your enclosure and replenishes with fresh air.

>> No.14495600

You should consider making a Youtube channel if you want to maintain some of your contact with humanity AND make some extra pocket change dude. I don't know if you watch shit similar to what you do on Youtube, but there is a huge viewership for it. I don't want to tell you to sell out or become a shill, but for probably very little effort you could at least get some pocket change with a channel. Just chronicle what you're doing, what you've been up to, learn a bare minimum of editing to nice it up a bit.

Be careful man, people go stir crazy doing shit like this. It's a real thing and I've seen it happen. It creeps up on you, that's why it's dangerous. Maybe consider coming down for a while after this year and doing it again in a year or two.

In the long run, you could probably run a great business showing people how to do this.

While you're out there, try to read Hatchet by Paulsen. Kids' book about going innawoods (not by choice).

>> No.14495659

youtube makes it seem so easy to get tons of views and money when you watch that mediocre bullshit that gets milions of views but you dont get to see unbelievable amount of other videos of comparable or better quality that get lost with little to no views. Not saying you shouldnt but you wont have much higher chance than say winning a lottery.

>> No.14495761

how do you deal with wandering idiots stealing your stuff while you're out and about

>> No.14495805

>>Be careful man, people go stir crazy doing shit like this.

>> No.14495842

great thread

>> No.14496047

Nigga you dumb

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Truly decent thread nice to see
OP was a bit gay though it has to be said.

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Are you autistic? Asking the question makes me think you might be, which would actually be a good thing because being so handicapped would inure you to the risks of solitary madness.

>> No.14496230

i've already lived for multiple years all alone nigga but that was not in the woods

>> No.14496361

this just makes you look more autistic

>> No.14496387

yeah that shit only happens in prison inside walls not in nature

>> No.14496412

Kaczynski could have made an instruction manual on how to go live inwoods instead of just saying we should do it. Where to even start?

>> No.14496427

its a simple idea. 4 cinder blocks. https://youtu.be/kmDYUrVHPWc
cut a hole between where the fire shoots out to the back side of the top cinder block. you can use high temp caulk sealing to glue on a cast iron heating plate on the fire hole and the 2nd hole for the chimney exhaust. you can use tin cans sealed together or a combination of those clothes dryer vent slinkeys. the stove caulks are like 5 dollars. probably wont even cost 30 dollars since you still have contact to a town and still get all these for free. the cinder blocks will have better thermal mass since it is stone. being that airtight without sealed ventilation will mess up your lungs on the long run even if you dont just die.
you wont win youtube if you want to be normal. but maybe youre obligated to document this now since youve found and audience? personally i would even if for personal sentiment.

>> No.14496434

What do you do if you have to go to the dentist?

>> No.14496447

Seems boring and alienating. Why don't you build a giant temple or something.

>> No.14496522

that part comes later

>> No.14496644

Man, don't let this shizo faggot shame you for your flag. Your family has more history in America than in all of your bavarian peasant forefathers combined.

>> No.14496747

>These look great! There are an awful lot to choose from on any subject, are there any particular ones you're fond of?
I don't know their catalogue so well anymore, but anything on microgeneration (wind or hydro power) or gassification (methane production from compost/waste or woodgas) is going to be the bees knees. Same for toilet building.

Their best general book is Engineering in Emergencies and covers everything about working and developing somewhere with little or damaged infrastructure, including how to drive a 4x4 over rough terrain and what minimum size of emergency accommodation you might need.

>> No.14497384

>the bee's knees
sounds like it! just ordered a copy of engineering in emergencies, will order something in the other two categories once i work through that.
thank you very much ^^

>> No.14497391


Awesome! I would love to see youtube channel

>> No.14497503

Better than being a worshiper of schizo kike overlords like yourself.

>> No.14497507

forest anon really saved this thread

>> No.14497780

forreal, best thread on /lit/ in a looong time.

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There has never been a point in time where it has been this easy to watch anime in the woods. Stay mad, pleb.

>> No.14498536

So hopes and dreams CAN be realized!

>> No.14498980

this is more easy for third world anons to do

>> No.14499277

>third world anon

>> No.14499282

Keep having fun imagining so you don't have to actually do it, OP

>> No.14499804

What is Permaculture? By Bill Mollison, David Holmgren

10-Year Timeline of the Greening the Desert Project

The Forested Garden: What is a Food Forest?

Two Years of Permaculture Application

Food Forest Stages

Pattern Understanding

Permaculture Patterning with Animal Systems

Geoff Lawton's Zaytuna Farm Video Tour Part I, 2012

Zaytuna Farm Video Tour Part II
Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 21:51:01 No. 193656
Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland. This intentional combination of agriculture and forestry has varied benefits, including increased biodiversity and reduced erosion.[1] Agroforestry practices have been successful in sub-Saharan Africa[2] and in parts of the United States.[3][4]

Agroforestry shares principles with intercropping. Both may place two or more plant species (such as nitrogen-fixing plants) in proximity.

>> No.14499807

Geoff Lawton (born 10 December 1954) is a British-born Australian permaculture consultant, designer, teacher and speaker.[1][2] Since 1995 he has specialised in permaculture education, design, implementation, system establishment, administration and community development.[3]

Brad Stewart Lancaster (born 1967) is an expert in the field of rainwater harvesting and water management. He is also a permaculture teacher, designer, consultant and co-founder of Desert Harvesters, a non-profit organization.

Lancaster lives on an eighth of an acre in downtown Tucson, Arizona, where rainfall is less than 12 inches (300 mm) per annum. In such arid conditions, Lancaster consistently models that catching over 100,000 US gallons (380,000 l; 83,000 imp gal) of rainwater to feed food-bearing shade trees, abundant gardens, and a thriving landscape is a much more viable option than the municipal system of directing it into storm drains and sewer systems.[1]

Josef "Sepp" Holzer (born July 24, 1942 in Ramingstein, State of Salzburg, Austria) is a farmer, an author, and an international consultant for natural agriculture. After an upbringing in a traditional Catholic rural family, he took over his parents' mountain farm business in 1962 and pioneered the use of ecological farming, or permaculture, techniques at high altitudes (1,100 to 1,500 meters (3,600 to 4,900 ft)[1] after being unsuccessful with regular farming methods.

Holzer was called the "rebel farmer"[according to whom?] because he persisted, despite being fined and even threatened with prison[2] for practices such as not pruning his fruit trees.

Bruce Charles "Bill" Mollison (4 May 1928 – 24 September 2016) was an Australian researcher, author, scientist, teacher and biologist. In 1981, he was awarded the Right Livelihood Award "for developing and promoting the theory and practice of permaculture".

He has been called the founder[2][n 1] and "father"[3] of permaculture. Permaculture (a portmanteau of "permanent agriculture")[4] is an integrated system of ecological and environmental design which Mollison co-developed with David Holmgren, and which they together envisioned as a perennial and sustainable form of agriculture. In 1974, Mollison began his collaboration with Holmgren, and in 1978 they published their book Permaculture One, which introduced this design system to the general public.

David Holmgren (born 1955) is an Australian environmental designer, ecological educator and writer. He is best known as one of the co-originators of the permaculture concept with Bill Mollison.

>> No.14499892

That’s just retirement

>> No.14499970

Youtube. Just keep watching videos of Geoff until you run out

>> No.14500024

I guess you should probably set up a system where excess power generated by the solar panels mines for ethereum. Not that that's a priority.

>> No.14500032

I prefer monero

>> No.14500214
File: 560 KB, 1073x805, 1726372738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You should consider making a Youtube channel
I actually have one! But I would like to make a new one because a lot of my subscribers subbed me because I made an old ODB (rapper) montage like 7 years ago that got a lot of views and I think the people who subbed to me were expecting me to always make music montages so now they dislike my videos as soon as I upload them :/ I want to make a new one but you can only have one per google account and my google account is already linked to my phone number. I hope I can figure it out though. Here is my YouTube: https://youtu.be/VFiAt3O1PAw
>Be careful man, people go stir crazy doing shit like this.
I believe that more than anything. I try to keep my mind constantly active. Reading helps me the most both with boredom and loneliness, sometimes I'll read a quote that I like in a book and I'll read it over again a few times outloud because I like the way it sounds and also to maintain some kind of conversational skills. One day I got bored and was calling out to hear my echo through the canyon and ended up throwing my voice out for a few days hahaha. I imagine going from not talking at all to suddenly yelling didnt help at all.
>While you're out there, try to read Hatchet by Paulsen. Kids' book about going innawoods (not by choice).
Saved I'm going to do that, and any other book recs you have shoot them my way!
>how do you deal with wandering idiots stealing your stuff while you're out and about
Thankfully I am FAR out here and I'm in such a random spot that this place probably won't be found for decades upon decades. I'm on a hill- in a gully- within another gully- that's in a canyon which looks like it's impenetrable at first glance!
>clothes dryer vent slinkeys
Holy shit I never thought about that! That's genius! Using cinderblocks would be hard because I would have to lug them up the mountain but I can easily do it by putting a couple in my pack at a time and cushioning them. I've carried some heavy shit up here, the heaviest being my cast iron pot and my books, and the two by fours hahaha, with enough trips I can bring a lot up here so Im going to try this and if not from cinderblocks I bet I could find a way to do it with mud and rocks!
>but maybe youre obligated to document this now since youve found and audience? personally i would even if for personal sentiment.
After this thread I plan on making a lot more videos, I take videos everyday I just don't post them anymore, I used to post videos all the time when I had Instagram and snapchat friends who used to follow my adventures but they all unfollowed me when I got depressed for a while, so I actually stopped because I didnt think people wanted to see them but after the replies in this thread I feel fucking happy and inspired to video stuff daily again. Here is my YouTube incase I start uploading to it more often!

>> No.14500224
File: 419 KB, 1077x807, 15273727378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For teeth issues I'm fucked and that is my number one biggest problem. I don't have insurance or a dentist near me, when I came out here I had some broken back molars and now those molars are just jagged nubs. Many times I have woken up spitting pieces of tooth out from grinding my teeth in my sleep, (I think from being cold at night) so now my teeth are broken so far down that they are below the gums. My face even looks more drawn because of it. I got an abscess last year and told my friend about it when I was picking up some of my old clothes from a building I spent a couple nights in 2018, he is an old desert rat that lives far away from any dentists and he made me a bottle of creosote resin, it's amazing stuff and the only thing that has ever helped my tooth pain. It immediately brings swelling down and numbs your entire mouth. You make it by boiling down a five gallon bucket of creosote branches and leaves! I also have stuff called eugenol that helps immensely!
I won't man! My American history is soooo deep, one of my family members was even the City D.A. who was killed by some union leaders in the Wheatland Hop Riot! Blackey Ford was charged with his murder. My ancestors were all American gold and mineral prospectors I've got some pretty wild stories about them

>> No.14500305


>> No.14500465

Did I come across as a too much of a braggart or do you just mean mean the whole thing in general?

>> No.14500477

ignore him anon, I'm thoroughly enjoying your posts

>> No.14500494

based and tedpilled
Why did you do this, out of curiosity? Do you think you'll ever move back into society again?

>> No.14500497

Ignore him, anon. He's a Kant poster.

>> No.14500498

See a dentist dude. There are many non profits that may pay for it. Go to the nearest dentist and ask for help. Even if you end up in debt, do you care? You are living in the woods after all? For real man! Spitting teeth!!! They CAN NOT legally refuse you medical help.

Also I reccommend to build some kind of fireplace with a large amount of rocks and clay around it. It will hold in the warmth and slowly disperse it over night.

Making the walls thicker on your shelter will also help retain heat.

Also the anons in this thread warning you about carbon monoxide poisoning are stupid. Only in VERY well sealed modern homes dies that occasionally happen. There is no way your shelter is airtight enough for this to be a problem.

Also btw feel free to email me at: lionelw @ proton mail.c om Remove the spaces.

You are living the dream man. I have wanted to do this ever since boyhood but have not gotten the chance to yet. If you get a PO box I will ship you something you need.


>> No.14500539

Also for recommended reading:
Technological Slavery by Theodore Kaczynski
Anti Tech Revolution: Why and How by Theodore Kaczynski
I will send you a copy of both

>> No.14500880

Have you read Hamsun's growth of the soil?

>> No.14501353


>> No.14501846

yep doesnt have to be cinder blocks, you can do the same idea even with smaller bricks. if you really dont want to spend, another possible chimney is a water gutter pipe which you can get at any junkyard. im thinking its rectangular shape is perfect for a brick shaped exhaust hole from the rocket stove given its sealed properly and with the heating plate glued on but you definitely shouldnt cheap out on the sealants. may nature lead your path, i recommend ralph emerson for reading.

>> No.14502598

less regulations on land and their lifestyles tends not to be too sedentary

>> No.14502649

do you also carry antidote for snakebites, weapons for wild animals? what will you if a snake enters your sleeping bag or bites you middle of the night?

>> No.14504235


>> No.14505261
File: 815 KB, 1075x1075, 142737188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you man!
Ever since I was a little kid I loved being outdoors, as I got older and did the adult shit I started to realize that every single one of my best memories involved being out in the hills with my friends or long hikes alone, that coupled with a lot of inspiration from reading and learning more and getting into survival, I was unhappy with the city and the fact I would always almost get hit by cars when I would take long walks. Everything started to frustrate me so I figured I would dive in and try living in the desert where there was nobody, then from there I made my way into the forest above it and realized there was enough deadwood laying around that I could build something warm enough and I wouldn't have to occupy abandoned cabins and trailers in the desert anymore, and I could finally try my hand at making something of my own!
I think I'm going to see a dentist as soon as I possibly can, you can die from tooth abscesses and one of them made me sick for 2 days. I felt like I had the flu it was so fucking awful. And a fireplace is first on my plans, making a door and fireplace are going to be the first things I do once the weather becomes a bit more predictable! I've got your email saved I'll send you so many pics and shit I'll show you photos of my adventure that got me here man I've been in a tent in a sandstorm, had my foot blow out walking in the middle of the desert with the nearest town 15 miles away, found a box of cremains in an abandoned cabin, found genetically mutated plants and rare endangered ones, and that's only stuff I got pictures. TThere's much I havent captured. Last week I heard a tree fall across the canyon and I saw flashes of blue light (assuming from the rocks grinding against eachother). One time a clap of thunder made what sounded like hundreds of squirrels in the forest start making noises from every tree hahahah. In a lighting storm last winter I heard whimpering behind my cabin- it was sad as fuck, it sounded exactly like a dog whimpering so it could have been a fox or coyote. And I hear trees falling all the time and the deep cracking noises they make sound like artillary fire.
Awesome the rectangle piping is a damn good idea, I'm going to get a lot of stuff planned so that once the weather clears up (so I can go to town without worrying about it snowing and getting me stuck there) I can scrounge up some random things.
>ralph emerson
Absolutely fucking based!! Thanks anon.

>> No.14505279

No antidotes for snakebites and no snakebite kits, if a rattler crawls into my bag I'm shit out of luck lmfao but that's why when the gopher snake made it's way inside last spring I just let him slither around and do its thing because they are a predator of rattlesnakes! Only weapons I have are a bunch of knives, but for the most part wild animals will not mess with you unless you look small, injured or easy prey- I just waved my arms at the bobcat and started backing off. Your best defense is being vigilant about your surroundings which I wasn't on that particular day, that was definitely a lesson on it's importance for me.

>> No.14505888
File: 822 KB, 1080x878, 1518271912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More clips:

Listening to the weather broadcast today

Gopher snake inside of the cabin

Gopher snake on guard duty (lol)

4 second clip of mountain lion

Mother mouse brings her babies in
(Yes I'm aware of hantavirus but it's overhyped like limes disease)

Baby mice 2 weeks older and independent from their mother

Mouse on my boot last week (they are pretty used to me now)

Timelapse of rain falling from clouds across the canyon

Snow at night

>> No.14505892

>I've got your email saved I'll send you so many pics
I look forward to it man, I want to see and read it all!

>> No.14505913

The mountain lion clip is cool anon. Living the life.

>> No.14506077

thank you for your insight anon. godspeed to you.

>> No.14506200
File: 2.73 MB, 1170x878, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thankfully I am FAR out here and I'm in such a random spot that this place probably won't be found for decades upon decades. I'm on a hill- in a gully- within another gully- that's in a canyon which looks like it's impenetrable at first glance!

You might want to consider camouflage from the air. Not to make you paranoid or rain on your parade its really cool what you are doing but they patrol spots just like that with drones.

>> No.14506255

This is unironically true

Embrace modernity to escape it, the only way - if you think being a NEET your whole life is the better path do you

>> No.14506941

Have you had to steal anything significant? I read The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkle and the hermit in that book literally only stole food to survive and I'm interested in what others do

>> No.14506965
File: 1.16 MB, 4032x3024, 172917391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've taken all of my jugs, buckets, my broom, iron pot, a peice of particle board, a broken folding chair and some glass bottles from this abandoned trailer, I think judging from some medical pamphlets I found inside that it had been abandoned since the 90s and was occupied by someone older at the time because there was a "staying healthy over 40" book in it as well hahah

>> No.14506973
File: 476 KB, 1045x1064, 191649236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anons!
I agree I will definitely consider it, camoflauge is always a good investment. I am almost 100% confident that I should be fine, however It's always possible. Maybe some 3-layer netting just to be safe.

>> No.14507141

Based and ted-pilled

>> No.14507385
File: 229 KB, 1440x1183, 1729173891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I just got mad seeing themachines rippingup the woods

>> No.14507840
File: 1.61 MB, 1293x1293, 1552986988074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Godspeed. You're actually doing it.

>> No.14507882

>tfw this is makes me want to run to the most isolated parts of nearby mountains and try to live there
are you doing this full time or is this a part time larp

>> No.14508049

least memorable tripfag in recent memory, enjoy your 2 weeks of trying to get noticed but never getting any replies retard

>> No.14509613

Thanks for the insight. Really impressed.
Just how do yoh watch anime and post on 4chan? Yoz said something about crank chargers. Are you using a laptop or just some tablet?

>> No.14509628

Be careful with that health nigga. There's gotta be some healthy balance between radical isolation and going into town just for the basics.

It's a shame something like this isn't the normal way of life. Homestead living. it's hard to imagine a way that everybody can enjoy this and benefit from it, without people like you being the rare exception.

>> No.14510752
File: 738 KB, 1060x781, 6187263814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bless you friend I'm going to take this as far as I can, I'm so far into this I honestly couldn't imagine going back to the way shit used to be.
Full time for a year and one month, although there are the trips into town and scrounging the side of the highways but that's been once every couple of months. I'm proud of myself because I was in a homesteading Facebook group (before I deleted my Facebook) and I was seeing how people would ask for recommendations on " the best cabin kits to buy online" and purchasing outdoor showers and jacuzzies and all those people acted like elitist snobs. And I couldn't help but look at my tiny little branch hut and the clumps of moss growing on the sides and my dirty wash bucket and laugh to myself hahah. They even got mad that I don't pay taxes, even people who had gadsden flags as profile pics were disapproving of the fact that I didn't buy land, so I argued with them and got banned from their group. There is a lot I need to improve on but I have all the time in the world to work on them, I wish I was better at building fires without lighters or matches and I wish I could hunt without worrying about the legalities and wiping out half of the forest breeders lmfao. The only time it really feels larpy is when I'm standing at a counter in a store with bright florescent lights waiting to pay for something hahaha.
I only use a phone and crank chargers, the ones I have now I dont recommend but they work, they are the most expensive thing I own, and when I hike a good 9 miles back over the saddle of the mountains I can see a cell tower. I use the crank chargers to charge my little powerbanks so that I dont have to constantly crank it every 5 minutes. I usually charge everything when I'm waiting for laundry to dry but I havent done laundry in a month and a half now because clothes don't dry when it's so cold and humid Sounds gross but I've worn everything I own at least 3 or 4 times since the last wash. When I stayed in the desert I was completely offline I didn't even get any radio stations. Up here I get a ton of stations though.
So true, health and mental health. My teeth are ruined and I havent seen my old friends in a year, and even then I only had a couple of true friends. I have some buddies in the desert below that I met (thats a crazy story) but I barely get to see them, the close friends I grew up with I don't even hardly speak to anymore, and not out of choice either, I just go online once or twice a day and when I do it's to shitpost, banter with /lit/bros and download stuff. But I think for a lot of people the only thing preventing them from trying it is the fact they have some kind of family and group of friends holding them back or they are listening to people who tell them they cant do it.

>> No.14510756


>> No.14510808

what did your family say about it

>> No.14510976

thank you and good luck
I will strife to be more like you

>> No.14511027

I also want to be independent like this but I will have to earn some money first to buy land and build a proper house
It would be impossible to just build a cabine in some forest someone would notice for sure and my experience is not nearly sufficient enough to pull this off
At this point this is really the only way to imagine living in this god forsaken country

>> No.14511173

"John Muir, sage of Yosemite and godfather of the preservationist movement, believed the wilderness ought to be preserved for those of sufficient spiritual stuff to adequately appreciate it, and despised the influx of fat bourgeois tourists encroaching upon his holy temple.

Sigurd Olson wanted to preserve the wilds as an arena for testing the mettle of American man, growing soft and decadent with the rise of industrialism.

Madison Grant was even more explicit in his desire to preserve the wilderness as a spiritual and physical outlet for European Americans to escape from the spiritually deadening environs of the cities."

>> No.14512244


>> No.14512267

I like the way your handwriting looks

>> No.14512643
File: 401 KB, 1080x988, 1727391835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont have a lot of family so that was a big plus! They were supportive about it, they knew I was pretty unhappy in society and that I was a restless loner, I spent a good 6 years learning survival and studying the plants, and I had a lot of experience with the outdoors in general so they weren't that worried. They kind of thought that I would "just go get it out of my system".

Thank you guys for letting me blog post about all of this because I never get to talk about this stuff to anyone else.

I have faith in you anon! The first step is just having the desire to do it and you've got that already. And It would definifely be good to have land that you could legally call your own anyway. I hope you do decide to go for it, goodluck man!

Thank you! I actually wasn't sure if I should post it since I write in all caps hahah I didnt want you guys thinking I was a schizophrenic.

>> No.14513267

thank you
very inspiring

>> No.14514462
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Nooo this thread must not die yet
Tell us more

>> No.14514699

based thread

>> No.14515998


>> No.14516052

so where are you getting money to get this thing going? you said you buy stuff regularly from the town
do you sell stuff that you grow on your garden?
>inb4 savings

>> No.14517061

I get work (if and when available) on the ranch properties along the highway that lead past my canyon!
I don't make much and sometimes I dont even make money at all. I sold two bottles of my wine for $50 (to a bus driver of all things hahahah) and I traded a bunch of sage bundles and a dreamcatcher that I made to some girl for a backpack and new hammock, and there is a guy who owns a mobile home that offers me his recycling when I'm passing through and leaves a bag in his "yard" if I ever want it. There's an old widow who owns one ranch that only pays me in jars of her own honey and pickled quail & chicken eggs lmfao but I actually look forward to that almost as much as cash. Right now I have $35 left which will have to last me two months, and that's possible only because I have more than enough food right now- Buy food even when you think you don't need it. It's like firewood, I forget how the saying goes but "collect what you need, then do that five more times". A time will come when I'm thoroughly fucked but I've always taken jobs that nobody else wants and have accepted pay that nobody else will, and believe it or not it really adds up when you do that. First job down there that I really got was before I even found my spot and broke ground, I installed a horse gate for an old man when it was 108°f and he gave me $200 which got me my radio, powerbanks, coffee mug and a pair of boots, and he told his neighbors about my work ethic. He doesn't trust anybody either, real crotchety dude. So when I went back into town his neighbors offered me work on their ranches because they have large properties and don't like trekking around them, and they figured if he trusted me then they could as well.

>> No.14517076
File: 383 KB, 1050x1329, 1937182891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a photo of my mouse buddies!

>> No.14517133

I love you anon, no homo.

I enjoy reading your posts. It's good for my soul to see you living the dream.
You made the jump that scares the rest of us . You should start a blog.
Subscribing to your YouTube

>> No.14517160

Can I please come? I have a lot of the necessary skills to achieve this life but no land and ability to acquire said lands.

>> No.14517189

Ya you can come

>> No.14517226

Would I be right assuming this is in the states somewhere?

>> No.14517233

You would be, yes

>> No.14517248

Whereabouts? I live in the eternal latrine that is London and am desperate to escape

>> No.14517253

West coast

>> No.14517267

Excellent. Do you have at least a vague outline of what you want and your plans? Maybe set up a discord or something.

>> No.14517285 [DELETED] 
File: 1.61 MB, 1429x1706, 718201672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That isn't me, but I'm definitely in the states and I'm in the west coast! I've never been on discord but I would be down to try it!

>> No.14517293
File: 2.16 MB, 1920x1587, 1009728901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you so much anon I've been thinking about starting some kind of a blog or something to write and leave updates! Thanks for the sub!:)

>> No.14517312

Emphasis on vague but yes, I could make a discord if you really want that, but it should be clear that I'm a ways out on building anything

>> No.14517326 [DELETED] 
File: 357 KB, 919x797, 01829151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This anon in
Is suddenly larping as me lol I don't know why...
Don't make me use a trip man -_-

>> No.14517340

Oh you're op?

>> No.14517346
File: 195 KB, 900x1200, 1575223889185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forest anon kind of convinced me to move to the woods, but I wouldn't survive more than a month. Is there a way to be away from society and in nature, but keeping stuff like water, electricity and internet?

>> No.14517376

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm retarded...
Ignore me lmfao

>> No.14517387

As long as you make your home near streams and in decent range of a cell tower, and as long as you buy crank chargers "solar sucks in winter" then you're good. You could even go further with it than I did and hook up legit solar panels!

>> No.14517395

>"solar sucks in winter"
(Oops I meant for those to be parenthesis not quotation marks)

>> No.14517406

London anon here. I see a lot of this kind of sentiment in lots of threads but I'm really serious. I have been looking for a project to work on with others who want to retreat and build something away from all the shit and I'm working towards being able to do this. Like I said I have most of the skills necessary (carpentry, electronics etc) and I just want a project to get my teeth into.

>> No.14517460

go nuclear unless you live in a fucking desert lol or just burn coal who gives a shit

>> No.14518407
File: 2.04 MB, 1920x1680, 01826491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More pics of the heavy snow

>> No.14518414
File: 514 KB, 1066x865, 8129371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14518416


>> No.14519738
File: 389 KB, 1061x1453, 817291941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon!

I just posted a video on YouTube- it's mostly a montage of shit I've already posted in the thread, but I'm going to be uploading there a lot more now that I know you guys are interested.


>> No.14520116
File: 742 KB, 700x525, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy lets people build cabins on his property. and there are no building codes in Montana. Hes kind of a tyrant but if you like his style it might be a good match. You could end up with a few acres of land in an intentional community for <$1000 or even "free". Kind of seems like a verbal agreement to indentured servitude with no guarantees but its better than not having anyone around when you break your leg.


>> No.14520220
File: 1.42 MB, 1024x686, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you have water you are extremely lucky.

You could do a simple wood stove steam engine. Instead of using it to run a generator get a lot of air tools and use it to fill up air compressors. Stored air is way more effective than batteries if you can utilize it.


Grow your own firewood with fast growing nitrogen fixing trees and use a rocket stove with a mass heater and extended pipe to collect and burn off all the toxic fumes. (pic related)

if you plan your house properly oriented towards the sun with earthworks on the cold side maybe two stories with a garage/shop on the bottom and a boiler/basement on the north side for northern hemisphere.

You can also burn wood in a sealed container to create charcoal and wood gas, and then bottle the wood gas for later or run it directly through a diesel generator.


>> No.14520640

look after your teeth. subscribed on yt. love you lots

>> No.14520824

Wagie wagie get in cagie

>> No.14520933

God bless you /litout/ bro

>> No.14520947

what a wholesome thread

godspeed forest anon

>> No.14520958

forest anon has a weirdo voice

>> No.14520994


>> No.14521014

I also left you a sub mate

Do you sometimes consume anime and stuff on your phone or do you only use the cell tower to upload youtube videos and post on 4chan?

Best wishes anon

>> No.14521630
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blessed thread

>> No.14522824


>> No.14523754
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Love you guys no homo! Thanks for letting me post my adventures

I'm pretty weird so I think it suits me hahaha.

Thank you anon :) I watched Christmas movies on Christmas just to try and capture some of the spirit, since I didn't last Christmas, but for the most part it's mainly just /lit/ and downloading books, I don't even catch a lot of news anymore.

>> No.14523789

How the hell do you have money for food?

>> No.14524585

watched your YouTube. Were you actually rescued by helicopter? Storytime?

>> No.14524967

What kind of power per unit effort are we talking about?

>> No.14525093

I was writing my memories, I took a /lit/ break, and who would have thought that I would have stumbled in one of the most hardcore thread I've ever seen? This is so incredible...

>> No.14525172

we need to screencap this incase he gets eaten by a lion or something tomorrow
put me in it too

>> No.14525512
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Ohhh hohoho man that was the day I learned one of the most important lessons of my life hahaha, (A) is obvious which is to never panic, but (B) to never go anywhere in which you knew you couldnt backtrack and to plan 100 yards in advance. Back then I used to seek out abandoned trails on satellite images, and the plan was to hike from one town, up over the mountains, catch the trail and make it all the way to the ocean.

I made it to the trail and noticed that at one point it started to turn opposite of the direction I needed to go. I had planned out the route meticulously so it didn't make sense, but little did I know I simply under estimated how wide of a turn the trail took around the spur of one of the mountains. Far below the mountains I saw a green meadow in what I thought was one of the canyons that I needed to be in, I thought maybe I took a wrong turn, so I decided to just cut off the trail and meet back up with it in the canyon.

The side of the mountain was choked with sage brush and laurel sumac and the only clear way into the valley that I could see was a steep ravine with boulders I could slide down. So I began sliding down them, making my way slowly into the canyon. By the time I hit the floor of the canyon the sun had set and it was twighlight. I couldn't find the route I had thought was down there- turns out that wasnt even the canyon I was supposed to be in. I had spent half the day working my way down into a complete trap. The boulders I had slid down were smooth and impossible to climb back up. I didn't have cell service in the canyon, so I bushwacked up the side of a hill until I had a few bars showing.... (continued in next reply)

>> No.14525520 [DELETED] 


.....I called my friend to have him check the map for me (I didnt have a phone which would allow me to go online). The reception was so bad that all he could hear me say was "Hey so I just got myself stuck----" and he couldnt make out the rest of what I was saying. He panicked and called 911 and told them I was stuck in the mountains. 911 tried contacting me but at that point I gave up trying to call my friend and made my way back down the hill so I could make a shelter and sleep for the night and be able to see where I was in the morning.

I figured I would try calling him one last time, so i climbed back uphill to the spot where I had service and saw that I had missed calls from him. I called him and he said "I called 911 and they are driving on a utility road with their lights on, when you see them wave your cellphone screen light so maybe they can see you"

After an hour I saw red and blue lights traveling along the peak of a mountain west from me. I waved my phone- saw them flash their brights in acknowledgment- and drove back. I waited and nothing. Then I got a call from actual Emergency and they told me the terrain was too rough for them to get into the canyon and they would need to airlift me. I practically begged them to leave me because I knew if I had another day I could find a saddle that I could climb up but the whole effort was already started.

They told me to wave my phone again when I saw a helicopter over the canyon. I saw it and started waving it in circles and hear the helicopter's noise change as it began descending. I didnt know what to expect, I thought they would send someone down on a rope like you see on TV and shit. But it kept descending, getting lower and lower until finally the bushes were blowing away (along with my hat) and the landing bars were a few feet over my head- I saw the door open with a guy harnessed to the inside, he was decked out in night vision goggles and a helmet. He stepped on the rails, reached out and we linked arms and he boosted me up to the landing gear and I climbed inside.

He started buckling me into a little seat and made a motion signalling for my wallet, I gave it to him and he took my ID out and started taking down my Information. I was waiting to feel the inertia of the helicopter as it ascended out of the canyon, I looked out the side window and realized we were already high in the sky heading toward city lights... (continued in next reply)

>> No.14525544


.....I called my friend to have him check the map for me (I didnt have a phone which would allow me to go online). The reception was so bad that all he could hear me say was "Hey so I just got myself stuck----" and he couldnt make out the rest of what I was saying. He panicked and called 911 and told them I was stuck in the mountains. 911 tried contacting me but at that point I gave up trying to call my friend and made my way back down the hill so I could make a shelter and sleep for the night and be able to see where I was in the morning.

I figured I would try calling him one last time, so i climbed back uphill to the spot where I had service and saw that I had missed calls from him. I called him and he said "I called 911 and they are driving on a utility road with their lights on, when you see them wave your cellphone screen light so maybe they can see you"

After an hour I saw red and blue lights traveling along the peak of a mountain west from me. I waved my phone- saw them flash their brights in acknowledgment- and drove back. I waited and nothing. Then I got a call from actual Emergency and they told me the terrain was too rough for them to get into the canyon and they would need to airlift me. I practically begged them to leave me because I knew if I had another day I could find a saddle that I could climb up but the whole effort was already started.

They told me to wave my phone again when I saw a helicopter over the canyon. I saw it and started waving it in circles and hear the helicopter's noise change as it began descending. I didnt know what to expect, I thought they would send someone down on a rope like you see on TV and shit. But it kept descending, getting lower and lower until finally the bushes were blowing away (along with my hat) and the landing bars were a few feet over my head- I saw the door open with a guy harnessed to the inside, he was decked out in night vision goggles and a helmet. He stepped on the rails, reached out and we linked arms and he boosted me up to the landing gear and I climbed inside.

He started buckling me into a little seat and made a motion signalling for my wallet, I gave it to him and he took my ID out and started taking down my Information. I was waiting to feel the inertia of the helicopter as it ascended out of the canyon, I looked out the side window and realized we were already high in the sky heading toward city lights, I didnt even feel the lift as we took off, it was as if we were sitting still. I had never been in a chopper before!.... (continued in next reply)

>> No.14525551

When we got over a flat clearing next to the road I could see a crowd of people standing around who came to spectate the whole godforsaken debacle. It was so embarassing, I was fucking mortified. Then they dropped me off, offered me crackers and water but I politely turned it down. And then they just left me there. Busses weren't running at that hour so I just started walking back through the town and people still had their phones out filming me even though the whole thing was already over. I walked far away and found a telephone line ditch along the side of a road and scrambled into the bushes hating myself for ever going down that first ravine with the boulders hahaha. Went to sleep, woke up the next morning and caught a bus back to my town.

Then a month later I got a call from that county saying they wanted to talk to me about the "rescue". I knew they wanted to bill me for the whole effort but I never returned their call and they never called me back. And that was the day I learned to plan 100 yards in advance. And holy shit was that lesson helpful. I've gotten lost many times after that but have never panicked and scrambled into something I knew I couldn't get out of!

>> No.14525566
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Check it out, see here! >>14517061
Crank chargers which I use to charge up smaller powerbanks, and the reason I charge the power banks is so that I have enough power ready to go vs constantly cranking to only get a little bit of energy. The cold will sap your things so fast that sometimes cranking doesn't all night doesn't even cut it.

>> No.14525637

Fine garden, what are you growing out there?

>> No.14525736

It is a shame. I really wanted to partake in the discussion, hence it is too of my interest. But now i have to result to ask for you to send a picture of your naked breast or get the fuck out of this website. Thank you, have a nice day.

>> No.14526773

are you in the San Gabriels?

>> No.14527086

/#2d51 2868

>> No.14527090

Cop detected

>> No.14527254

yes because officers have time to waste on a mongolian basket-weaving forum

>> No.14527331

based, surprised I’m the first to notice

>> No.14527418
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Can i come live with you

>> No.14527472
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Thanks anon I was super proud, I only had about a 30% success rate but I didn't even think I'd be able to grow anything at first. I even chalked the soil with lime I carried up from one of the creekbeds! I grew and pickled radishes, red romain lettuce, arugula, kale, rainbow chard and carrots- but my squash, cucumbers, canteloupe, brocolli and watermelon were trampled by what I later figured out were deer. :/ I also planted tomatoes which was so fucking stupid because I didnt even take into account the fact that it snows up here hahaha. And my arugula bolted early but I still used it. The funny thing is it was the "slow-bolting arugula", go figure. All the seeds came in a pack that a total stranger gave me when I told him about my plans, the same guy who gave me one of my wood saws. I hope I see that guy again some day so I can show him how good I managed to do with it all.

Im around 200 miles north from there! So same region, without getting toooo exact I am very close to where the earthquakes happened last year, that was when I made the decision to tie the strings on my shelves lmfao

Fuck yes you can! I could use the company plus there are some areas I have been wanting to explore that I need two pairs of eyes for. I would be able to bring more stuff up the mountain instead of having to stash it all under a rock and make multiple trips we could part the load!

>> No.14527633
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Aaahh man believe me i would love nothing more than to check out your place, but I live in europe (and i have zero camping experience)
Ever since i read Kaczynski about a year ago I've really wanted to try this lifestyle, but i don't have the balls or the experience to do it on my own

>> No.14527903

hey I am from europe too. Not to many abandoned places where you could get lost eh? What country?

>> No.14527921

Ireland, which isn't the worst because you can definitely get lost in the west. Lots of land for sale cheapish there as well.

>> No.14527947

Please keep and post a dairy a la Londonfrog

>> No.14528163
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I have considered buying land in Turkey to do the same as a lot of people do in east turkey
Then just build a house, improve materials and make a bigger part rinse and repeat

>1 year
Why haven't you continued building?
It would interesting to see you improve your wood structure or even replace it with stone since you aren't too much isolated from stores, but i can read that you don't own the land so it might be difficult. Are you sure that you can't buy the land?

>> No.14528167

don't mice carry diseases
shouldn't you get a dog or something so they can do the watching out for you

>> No.14528183

I envy you

>> No.14528279

Very good to hear of your successful gardneing endeavors. All in all the experiences you're sharing are very inspiring. Life is all about these enchanting small-step adventures (e.g. getting these seeds from that man) and your way through the sum of them all. Keep on rocking, mate.

>> No.14528477

This thread is too good for /lit/.

>> No.14528480

based LARPchad

>> No.14528867

Read Jung

>> No.14528937

You can get a place near the woods and go hiking once every few days, dude

>> No.14529923

how do you get electricity to charge phone and who pays the bills for internet access?

>> No.14530258

I plan on it now that I know people are interested! None of my old friends or normal people had seemed to give a shit so I had ended up deleting my social media, but now that I know there are people that do I definitely plan on it :) I have kept pretty detailed journals and have logged my activities every day and night even as I was first going around the forest looking for a well hidden place to break ground see pic related in this post: >>14510752

At first I stopped because the dirt began to freeze, then spring and summer came and the black flies became so unbearable up here that I was shut in the cabin until sunset. I had to wrap shirts around my face just to get water from the creek and wash clothes and I would bring my washbucket inside to bathe. But I'm going to suck it up this time. Also I had never built anything in my life until this

They definitely do but so do ticks and reservoirs and I have had so many of those on me hahaha. But diseases like limes disease and hantavirus are extremely overhyped, I even named the mouse that climbs on my shoe Hanns,short for hantavirus, as a sort of elbow jab at the people who gave me a hard time or turned their noses up at me whenever I mentioned my little buddies to them. Then I googled the name hanns and saw that it meant "gift from God" which was so perfect because that's what I feel like he is, they take away some of the loneliness. I would love a dog so much but it would require lots of food and possible visits to the vet, I would be so heartbroken if it broke a leg or became ill

Love you anon thank you for the kind words I'm glad people like you guys exist it's so refreshing to know you appreciate it all! :)

Checkout these posts anon! See: >>14517061
And also see: >>14525566
and >>14510752

>> No.14530309
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Everything in order, citizen. Have... Have a nice day.

>> No.14531559


Why don't you go on a homesteading forum, find someone who's already doing it, and see if they'll let you "apprentice" on their land for a year or two? At least go watch Homestead Rescue. There is a lot more to know than you think and you have about a zero percent chance to succeed if you just try it on your own.

>> No.14533014
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i have faith in you anon

>> No.14534603