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You can't name five authors who aren't Kurt Russell.

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isaac asimov
arthur c. clarke
kurt vonnegut
kurt russell

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You can't name five authors who aren't alive.

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Haruki Murkami
Kurt Russel

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Susanna Clarke
Pär Lagerkvist
Harry Martinson
Kurt Rus-oh shit

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Kurt Russ- FUCK

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Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell

Nice try OP.

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Kurtis Russel.

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Kurt Von Russelgent

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K.V. Russell

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Kurt Rusevsky

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Edgar Allen Poe
Robert Frost
Leo Tolstoy
Alexandre Dumas
Albert Camus
Stephen King
Edith Wharton

You people fail.

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Dan Simmons
Iain Banks
David Sedaris
Jorge Luis Borges
Jackie Chan

...the fuck happened there?

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James Joyce, aka Backdraft
Jonathan Lethem, aka Escape From New York
Malcolm Lowry, aka Tequila Sunrise
Hart Crane, aka Overboard
and Tao Lin, aka Big Trouble in Little China

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H.P. Lovecraft aka The Thing

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Charles Dickens, aka The Best of Times
David Foster Wallace, aka Death Proof

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Kurt Vonnegut
Mary Doria Russell

Wait, goddamit

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>mfw this is the best thread on /lit/

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Leo Tolstoy
Kurt Vonnegut
Orson Scott Card
Kurt Russel


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Kurt Vonnegut
Ursula K. LeGuin
Raymond Chandler
Theodore Dreiser

Rebecca Brown
Ursula Hegi
Stephen King
Stieg Larsson
Edgar Allen Poe
Laurell K. Hamilton
Larry McMurtry

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