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Why should I bother cleaning my room/desk when it organically revolves to the previous state?

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OP is the Zodiac.

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comfy af

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>poorfag computer
>gaming mouse

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He has to channel that Hemingway somehow

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Are you the guy from Nolan's Following?

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I just bought a Smith Corona skywriter and I love it even simply for the elegance of the mechanism. Weird processors are distracting and I never learned longhand so sue me.

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Ok. I plan on it.

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I told you to clean that shit up, mate. Too fucking messy.

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See you in court.

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>coffee can holder
>coffee cup?
>baguette books
where is the ashtray/cigarettes?

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cool desk OP, dont listen to the rest. What are you working on?

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You need more fucking light psycho

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actually pretty comfy t b h

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>le quircky clutter

austerity master race desu

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>tfw want to go minimalist but too poor to pull it off
wat do?

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destitute minimalism is also cool anon

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I'm currently bored out of my mind with my major, so I'm testing out the other waters by dabbling in some linguistics. I'm learning the fundamentals of semantics and a little of computational linguistics to start.

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I have too much of a steady income to pull off destitute desu
also, my job requires me to have a professional appearance and be clean shaven

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What is your current major?

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professional /lit/ posting. it's a polytechnic

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>never learned longhand
... what part of being unable to write the words you're thinking into coherent sentences makes you more fit to be working with any sort of word processor anyway?

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Why do you bother living when you will organically revert to the previous state?

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The part where it matters what you have to say, not how the letters look on the page.

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too poor to be minimalist? what?

minimalism is about only purchasing what adds value to your life and throwing away anything else. how is that not the best lifestyle for a poor person?

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Nice barrel there anon!

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Too poor to even be poor. Surely you've known that feel?

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I guess I'll boot

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how did you set your house up so that everything hangs from the ceiling?

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I'm fucking magic.

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he obviously lives in Australia

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New Zealand ya cunt

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>t. Australian

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I have that lamp.

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>Unplugged lamp cord not wrapped up
>Mismatching chairs
>Empty bookshelf
>Direct sunlight and a view which can only blind me and distract my thoughts

0/10, would not work at

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>not using whatever environment presents itself and owning nothing you can't carry with you

Do you even wandering philosopher-monk?

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try LaTeX

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What's up with that typewriter, Jose Manuel

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Enjoy your cancer.

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Got it for 5 bucks. The ink is fading out but Im too lazy to buy a replacement so I work with fading letters. Ive written this centurys masterpiece first two chapters on it already.

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might as well before he gets beheaded

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Is that masterpiece about terror/sci-fi? you seem to love it so much and i've been reading some gothic novels lately

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How do you mean?

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that's shorthand you dumb piece of fucking trash haha I'm jk

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you have the same exact toes as me...

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>anon angered someone who read the twits
lit af

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Everyone says I have weird toes. Feels good to not be the only one.

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We do have wierd toes :(
my feet are kinda more fucked though

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Big weird feet = vagina tearing
Be proud brother

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Disappointed because I only saw a few workstations in this thread.

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same. i live for this voyeuristic shit.

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research shows a messy desk increases creativity

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>vagina tearing
>on 4chan

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How did you lose your arms?

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reading Hemingway

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It is way cheaper to write on a typewriter then it is to print something out.

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It is also cheaper to shit in the woods.

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Elite lamp shade.

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I want a typewrite.
I also want the sweet release of death.

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Pretty comfy

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You could've got a macbook Pro for $200 more with an extra port and more usability

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Keeping it gutter

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Yeah, I was just rich enough to buy a mac but not rich enough to know what the fuck I was doing.

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just hit that bottle senpai

what's in it?

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Like many 4chan users, my room is a messy place, full of messy and misplaced things, with the /lit/ featuring peculiarity: some books books thrown around and/or just towering one above each.

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Probably his piss. All the more reason for him to chug the bottle.

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noice thread, keep it goin boiis

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Jesus Fucking Christ OP.

I have a futon and a laptop. Grow up Mr. Materialist. You don't need all that dead wood.

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Anon is correct.

This anon is not correct.

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I'm in a dorm at university.

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Goddamnit I fucking hate phone posting

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Hmmmm I wonder

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What'd you think /lit/? Just moved in and I know it's in need of a cleaning.

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>that taste in beer
pls be my gf

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I'd bet my bottom dollar that that is a girl's room

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To be more specific: New College?

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nice window view you got there

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How many featherless chickens do I have to throw at Plato to go Diogenes mode?

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if dubs u marry me

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are you 16?

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What is that THICC everyman's on the top of your bookshelf?

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what sets this apart as a woman's space?

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The complete works of Montaigne.

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Thanks lad.

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neatly ordered

subtly ostentatious, women are naturally ornamental and like to make things pretty

doll is a red herring, but the person clearly has a fag mug. way too girly for a man to be drinking out of. notice it's subtly nicely shaped and has a little design, it has a little aesthetic "twist" to it. women love that shit, everything women do they try to get something with a little "twist" that's "nice looking". men look at it and go "GAY MUG.."

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disgusting desu

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>I love dick
whats that

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how is it any more ostentatious or ornamental than >>9977710

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How are they in any way similar? OP's pic might be ostentatious, but it isn't at all ornamental. Femanon's pic is ornamental, but isn't really ostentatious.

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not optimal but not bad
couch and bookshelf were f r e e

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I love it. Are you an academic? It looks like you're translating something in that picture

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why would you guys purchase a typewriter? is it just to achieve this dated aesthetic so that it makes you somehow more whole of a person?
you both have word processors (computers) literally right next to your typewriters also, why do you guys fetishize redundant tech

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>Jose Manuel's foot.

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I use it to write letters to my qt3.14 penpal in France. It's a league ahead of typing it on Word and then printing it, but also not as tedious and messy as my handwriting it.

Of course, I'm not writing to her every day, so I usually use it rewrite my course notes. I sometimes use it to proofread drafts of essays by rewriting them on it. I don't actually use a typewriter to draft essays; that doesn't leave me much room to revise as I go along.

Why the fuck are you and so many other people getting so buttblasted at my having a typewriter? It's not like they cost a fucking fortune either; I found mine in fantastic condition at an estate sale for $10. Getting to experience what a typewriter can offer is worth so much more than a Hamilton. At least try it out before you start shitting on it.

I'm getting ready to switch my major to linguistics, so I'm just getting some preliminary studying done. I want a good foothold on the subject before I jump into the fray.

If you'd like me to, I can find the libgen link for the textbook in that picture.

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Why brush your teeth, you're just going to eat again. Why wipe your ass, you're just going to shit again.

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>I use it to write letters to my qt3.14 penpal in France. It's a league ahead of typing it on Word and then printing it, but also not as tedious and messy as my handwriting it.
yeah that makes sense I guess actually, personal yet neat and orderly

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Oh my god

I've been wasting so much money

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Interesting. To linguistics from what?

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My desk similarly has a lot of depth, but I've never thought to store books at the rear of it. I like the look of this so I might have to do the same.

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>that doll
wouldn't come to your house desk sempai

>> No.10002422

The summons will be in your mailbox shortly, fag

>> No.10002491

congrats, you're the 9,000th person to fall for the 2017 "dolls are so creepy lol" meme. grab a paper towl and clean yourself up

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>tfw masturbating in public
>tfw if curing my hunger where only as easy as rubbing my belly

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I'm coming from English; it just isn't fulfilling enough for me.

Your wooden furniture is quite nice. 10/10

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>I use it to write letters to my qt3.14 penpal in France. It's a league ahead of typing it on Word and then printing it, but also not as tedious and messy as my handwriting it.
>yeah that makes sense I guess actually, personal yet neat and orderly
It's normally considered insulting and impersonal to type personal correspondence. You need to be really bad at handwriting for it to be a courtesy.
t. Edwardian timetraveller

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No kidding, that's what I'm studying now. I'm third year in English and American Studies. Surprised you find linguistics more fulfiling than literature though, that's hard for me to imagine.

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>stuffed animals
>nice decorations
>superfluous lamp
>I Love Dick

I don't know senpai it looks cozy and nice so maybe I'm just daydreaming that a cute intellectual girl lives there.

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I like learning more than I do reading, I'm afraid to admit.

My experience so far as an English major has been pretty boring. It's just been a bunch of reading and writing—which is fine and dandy with me, I'm not failing any courses or anything like that—but I've been doing that all my life. It's hardly what I'm looking for when I'm after a worthwhile collegiate career. I'm not really learning anything new: I already know how to read, which books to read, and how to write. There's nothing new for me here.

Linguistics is an incredibly broad field that's relevant to my interests, while still being somewhat new to me, and that's exactly what I'm after.

I don't mean to talk shit about English, though. I might have just had shit professors, be shit myself, or a combination of the two.

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Nice one m8

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That's interesting, I haven't found it to be that way at all. I think my reading and writing skills have improved and I gain new insights all the time. Academia is my end goal, and having that mindset helps make the experience better. It's more rewarding and more interesting to study lit if you put what you're reading into the frame of ideas that matter to you. If you discover that you're interested in pastoral literature, for example, you should make an effort to read academic texts about pastoralism, take courses that are likely to be realted, talk to professors who are interested in the same thing, etc. That's been my experience and I'm very happy to be in English. I've also been lucky enough to have had a few profs and TAs I really liked and trusted and who had a lot of faith in my abilities, so that's definitely a factor. Doing the other major in American Studies has been good too because I totally know what you mean when you say you like learning more than reading, and it's been a lot of fun to take courses in so many different subjects under the AmStud umbrella.

Still, I'm surprised that linguistics is the second choice. I know if I had to do something else, it would be History.

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best reply

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1 of 2

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2 of 2

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>video games

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Just built a new exorbitant gayming computer recently. Using it to shitpost.

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comfy view outside the windows?

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room pic (old)

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other angle

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millenials are fucking degenerate

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Nice setup/10. I'd lose the books, though.

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Those guys across the street have a fucking forest on their roof? What is that? Also, I wish I lived in a skyscraper or really tall apartment building. Tfw California.

>> No.10004195

is that a Felix Potvin rookie card hiding behind snake?

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why bother showering or brushing your teeth? dingus

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Is that all you need to grow plants indoors?

>> No.10004711

yea it's a rooftop garden/park thing, pretty common in Manhattan

i have a much shittier rooftop but there's still some rows of plants and stuff

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that's max comfy, I'd be staring through peoples windows all night

>> No.10005222

Yes it is. Good eye

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Light, good soil and a little bit of love .

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Lemon balm and Basil are really good herbs to grow in a container too if you don't just want aesthetically pleasing plants.

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also getting some air filtering plants doesn't hurt.

>> No.10005236

The only thing you need to grow plants indoors is plants.

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>compares cleaning a desk to the horrifying complexity that is being alive

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I like the little Totoro figures in there

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letting the ideas flow

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I joint majored in Comp Sci and English, and found that things didn't get interesting until my third year. My uni is pretty small, so I found my favourite professors and took every class of theirs that I could. Turns out that the subjects I was interested in mattered far less than who was teaching them. I turned down Irish Lit to take Invention of Printing, and even though I'm not a fan of Swift, Pope, Milton, the history we read about and the students I worked with more than made up for it.

>> No.10005843

>he has fucking children toys

>> No.10006220

just need to organize and take a wet rag to the desk

>> No.10006232

Exactly. Someone here gets me. FeelsGoodMan

>> No.10006248

Who is that time magazine cover of? Tell us more about yourself. You seem to have good tastes.

>> No.10006279

Not him but looks like Nabokov


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Long time no see pringles poster.

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>>9997929 here, this was my desk last year, hope it clears up any misconceptions that I'm a grill.

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i had a girl over and she told me to get furniture

>> No.10007186

>lawrence and batille
>memorabilia stuck on wall
you're a dirty girl but still a girl

>> No.10007254

Are you referring to those faggy filters for people who roll their own cigarettes but are afraid of tar? He also has Kant and Junger. Homosexual at most, not a girl.

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>i love dick

>> No.10007262

Girls sometimes pretend to read Kant. Junger, though, maybe you're right.

>> No.10007272

I just saw a lot of ziplocks but turns out the front one has a toothbrush in it. It's either a girl or a faggot who always wears a scarf

>> No.10007709

Thanks. It is Nabokov like the other guy said. I study Postwar American lit in Toronto.

>> No.10007733

mah nigga. what have you been looking into in semantics?

>> No.10007875


>> No.10007885

>French books

Don't change anything, you already reached the superior spheres of taste

>> No.10007894

I work on my bed with just a laptop. 10/10 austerity while remaining 10/10 comfy.

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Because you're alive. It's a statement against the entropy gradient. You will have entropy enough once you're dead.

>> No.10009401

im impressed.

more pictures of the books please

>> No.10009484

>bad posture because of laziness and desire to be soft and limp at all times

not austere enough.

>> No.10010527

Do you ever just sit there and observe the lives of others across the way?

>> No.10010546

not really, once in a blue moon. i'd rather refresh /lit/ obsessively and stare at my computer screens instead

pretty sure i saw some couple have sex once

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>> No.10010704

>Twin peaks
My dude

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